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Found 145 results

  1. Hi all, We - my better half, our two kids (13 and 7) and I - are moving to Melbourne in the beginning of July (I've got the 457 visa). My wife is an R.N.B.A. and, obviously, wants to acquire registration in VIC. We have already read all the available materials on the net and this is what we found so far: She will need to pass English test, either the academic IELTS or the special exam for nurses (BTW, I assume the latter is the easier one, is this correct?). She needs to provide a work reference (will be taken care of). She needs our (Israeli) registration board to send the statement of good standing directly to the Nursing Board of Victoria (this one is already taken care of). She needs some sort of approval that her professional qualification matches the equivalent Australian one. Now, the last point is the tricky one. Obviously, we'll have all her diplomas and syllabus translated and notarized, but is this enough? We heard there is a need to approach some medical college with these materials, so they can examine them and make their verdict whether her qualification can be approved as is, or she needs to undertake some courses/exams. But this is all we know. We have no further details about this procedure. Does anyone here have any experience of such kind? Any info/advice will be highly appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I've finally passed the ielts, got all the paperwork photocopied & certified & I'm trying to fill in the QNC application for registration form & have got stuck immediately. I want to register & work as a midwife (although I have both nursing & midwifery registration with the uk NMC) but which box do I tick? 1 Authority to practice as amidwife 2 Restoration/endorsement (RN) midwife 3 Endorsement (RN) midwife Please Help :arghh: Ellie xx
  3. Guest

    QNC fee for registration

    HI can anybody tell me the right fee for QNC registration please. I have all my ANMC documentation and IELTS results with them. I was told that the fee is $252, is that right and can someone confirm this, ruuning out of time confused by their web site.
  4. Just need some advice to what to send after successful ANMC (which has all the relevant docs). Do i just need my fee 252 dollars, declaration with witness and my already sent IELTS:biggrin:
  5. Guest

    Verification of registration

    I am currently applying for the state sponsored 176 to head onto Bribane. The ANMC ask for a document named a Verification of Registration letter?? How do I get one of these and do you think from reading the passage below (taken from ANMC) document that I need to write to the NMC in the UK for one??? "A Verification of Registration is a letter confirming registration and good standing of a nurse or midwife. It is provided by the organisation responsible for the registration of nurses and midwives in your country. Verifications must be sent directly to the ANMC by the registering authority. Verifications sent by you will not be accepted" CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE :goofy:
  6. rockola57

    Car Registration change/owner

    Hi,just bought a car for $4,000,private.When i went to change registration to me,charged $121.00.So the robbin' bleeders charge a percentage of what you pay for a car to change ownership!Feckhin ell,like someone else on here said last week,it's a wonder you are not charged to breath here!:sad:
  7. Hi We have brought our TVR sports car with us, it has had all the paperwork done and passed inspection. We live in South Australia. The husband just went to get get the car registration and collect the number plates and they are asking for a whopping $2300!! they say the reason the fee is so high is because it is a first time registration and we need to pay stamp duty. The car is a 1993 model (so not new!) and street value of $20-25000. So hardly the latest model. Would be grateful if anyone has had a new imported car registered recently how much they paid? Maybe this is how much it costs, but in none of the research we made this cost was mentioned to be so high. We paid less for shipping and import duty combined!! tx in advance
  8. Hi Hope someone can help me. I'm a registered nurse. Done IELTS and just submitted for skills assessment by ANMC. Was planning to go for 175, but recent changes mean don't have enough points now (I'm 44 next month), so will now be going for 176 if can get Qld SS. can anyone advise re next steps after i get my skills assessment ? Do i have to apply to QNC for registration before i can apply for state sponsorship? Am worried about timescales as only have 13 months to get 176 appl submitted before i am 45.
  9. Hi I just wanted to let everyone know that the registration of a defacto relationship short cut that everyone was looking at as a way of bypassing the 12 month relationship requirement for the defacto visa doesn’t work in Victoria. My partner is here on a working holiday visa from the UK, we’ve been together for more than 12 months and have lots of evidence to support that and we wanted to register the relationship formally just to help speed up the application. We registered it in Victoria with BDM in mid Dec and they just notified us that it was unsuccessful as he is not a permanent resident. They said they got suspicious because they received so many applications in Dec that they investigated and they’re now following it up with immigration to change the info on the immi website. :mad: They refunded the application fee at least but said that it isn’t something they’d normally do. So it’s back to the normal application and evidence gathering route for us! Good luck to everyone with their plans!:hug: sarah
  10. k3nj1

    name registration

    Hello Is it possible for my Japanese fiance and myself (Brit) to register our marriage in Sydney? We'll be getting married in Tokyo next October but would like to register it here first if possible so she can change her name asap. Thanks
  11. Consultation paper for registration standards for nurses and midwives issued by the newly formed Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia is now available at: http://www.ahpra.gov.au/documents/consultation_papers/Nursing%20and%20Midwifery%20Board%20of%20Australia%20-%20Registration.pdf Anyone interested to lodge a submission can do so by 24 Nov 2009.
  12. Hi, Have picked up info about the moving planet website on PIO. I am feeling a bit thick really as can't work out how to register - nay advice anyone!!! Huge Thanks, Lyn:arghh:
  13. Hi, can anyone tell me how to contact moving planet to register with them. Or can anyone give me their email address? I have looked at their site but there are no contact details on it, even under the contacts tab!!
  14. Guest

    Moving Planet registration

    Hi everyone Am really sorry caue i know this has been covered before, but i am trying to register on the moving planet website, but for the life of me can't do it!!! It says to email them for registration, but for the life of me i can't find an email address???!!! Probably just me being completely blind, so if anyone can point me in the right direction i would be very grateful. Many thanks Claire
  15. Guest

    Physio Registration

    Hi, I'm a UK trained and based physio looking to relocate to WA with my husband ASAP. We visited recently on our honeymoon and fell in love with WA. We are at the very beginning of the visa and application process and have already realised that i need permanent registration as a physio in order to work in WA. Has anyone gone through the NZ registration route, in order to automatically get WA registration via the trans-tasman agreement, and do you have any tips for us? Or, has anyone been through the examination skills assessment for physio? Thanks, helen
  16. Hi there, does any know how long it usually takes to hear back from the board about nursing registration. I sent my documents off on Monday and obviosuly I am not expecting to hear anything yet but I just wondered if anyone could tell me how long it takes for post to reach australia and how soon they heard back. Ive applied to WA board if that helps. Also I was going to ring to see if they had arrived but not sure how long it takes. Cheers
  17. Hi all, I'm in the process of applying for state sponsorship through Victoria. I've had my qualifications passed by Teaching Australia but Victoria asked for me to register with VIT (Victoria's teaching authority) before the sponsorship process would continue. Well, I've done this and I've had an email confirming I'm registered and my name has appeared on the list of registered teachers on VIT's Website. Well I've forwarded the email to Victoria and they've replied asking for me to email the 'VIT' once received. Any idea how long this takes to come through? According to their site I became registered on 25/2/09. I'm just getting a little nervous as I applied for sponsorshp in November 08, they keep the application open for three months and secondary school teacher was removed from their shortage list back in January!? Thanks, Dave
  18. Guest

    NSW nmc registration problems

    Hi skills assessment passed August 08, telephone interview 1/10/08, got job offer for Regional Sponsorship. Applied for my nursing registration begin Dec 08, was told needed to send in GCSE results to prove English competence. Been waiting for copy of my GCSE certificate which came yesterday. Received email today stating some of my paperwork not certified, what a bummer, but also stating that my nursing diploma transcript doesnt show practise placements for Aged Care. I thought all our medical placements included elderly care which I have explained to NMC and we dont have a separate one for Aged care. Theyve said they may not accept my registration or put restrictions on it. Anyone else had the same problem:arghh:. We seem to get past one goal post and then come up against another. I could quite easily give up, but I wont. Didnt think it would be this difficult. Hope the visa process is a bit easier. Anyone now how long it is taking for a Regional Sponsorship visa to go through at the moment. House on market 12/12/08, awaiting registration b4 i can send of visa.:arghh:
  19. Hi this is going to sound pretty silly, but my agent confirmed that I need to have been registered as a teacher for 12 months before I can apply for my TA assessment, which I already knew from this forum. However, I have just been going through my paper work and my QTS certificate is dated 1st August 2008. Does this mean I can apply from then or do I have to wait until September? I need a reference from my head, I am leaving my current school in April so should I get my reference now or get one from the head at my new school? I am still an NQT and will be until July/August. Other thing... in the UK it's soon to become a requirement for teachers to have a Masters Level qualification. Is this also the case in Australia? I'm about 1/2 way through my MA and will be 2/3 through when I apply for my skills assessment, how would I put this on the application if I don't yet have the full award? Lastly, this is for my brother as well, do we need our GCSE and A Level certificates? Arghhhhh my heads all over the place! :arghh:
  20. mr luvpants

    ANMC registration

    I have read something on another forum that said that you dont have to get your skills assessed for a 176 visa. Is this true? I dont hink it is to be honest? its too late to phone a migration expert! JOHN
  21. Hi.Has anyone experience of registering with the Nurses Board of Victoria?My registration seems to be taking forever and is holding everything up.
  22. Hi I'm applying for midwifry registration in Victoria and I've fallen at the first hurdle!!!! One of the first questions on the application form is to tick a box stating if you are applying for 'general' or 'specific' registration. This is in accordance with the Nurses Registration Act 2005. I've looked at that act and for the general it states that if your qualifiication is recognised by the registration board then its general but if you look at the specific one it mentions direct entry midwives (which I am). Is my qualification (DipHe in Midwifery) recognised?? Which one do I tick?? Can any midwives out there who have applied to Victoria for registration help? Thanks Carol
  23. Hi All, New to PIO so hello to everyone! I am currently living in UK. Have PR visa in place and have already validated. Registered with Western Australia but wish to transfer to Brisbane. My question is: Can I be registered in two different States? If not, is it a complicated process to cancel one (WA) and re register with Queensland Health? Sorry if this sounds a silly question. many thanks :smile:
  24. Can anyone help?? I have my PR 175 visa and am wanting to go to WA to work as a nurse. Registration is sooo confusing! I am not sure if I have to get everything sent over again. i.e. transcripts etc. When I have already sent them to Australia to be ok'd! The ANMC have already approved my skills or I would not have the Visa in the first place! Is there not a simpler way? Can I not ask the ANMC to send all the stuff to WA?? Nurses - please help!!!!!!!
  25. Carlie and Ryan

    Registration as nurse HELP

    Hi I am new to the site :chatterbox: I am currently applying for registration to the nurses board in western australia (? to work at peel health campus hospital)and unable to speak to them for advice. On the registration form it states the verification of registration needs to be forwarded directly from nurses board. ?? do I have to contact the NMC to send this or will nbwa contact the NMC direct. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Carlie