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Found 145 results

  1. Hi anyone help please!!!!!! I send my nursing registration papers to AHPRA G.P.O. Box 9958 Sydney NSW 2001 this Address thru DHL and they are asking for contact nuber and a name to contact for delivery...why?..I have no idea.....anyone had similar problem before.... any other contact number for them...or any persons name to contact for DHL... Help please....
  2. Hi, I've spent about three hours trawling through google and the official website for a step by step guide to how to apply for nurse registration in Australia (I'm a mental health nurse), but all I've managed to do is give myself a massive headache. Does anyone know of a straightforward guide on how to do it all. I appreciate that it's a new system and so everyone is floundering a bit - but the whole thing is really confusing me. My main questions are what documents do I need to include with my application and is there any box I need to tick to say I am RMN not RGN? I know in Australia all nurses are duel qualified, but surely they wouldn't let me walk into an A&E department and get s job? I know that these questions will have been asked and answered before, but I have tried searching for those threads and can't find anything. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. I have just come off the phone to an agent who has just informed me that if I have evidence of secondary education in England along with my Nursing degree I do not have to sit the IELTS test (refer to Question 16 on the ANMC application for general registrationAGOS-04) , does anyone know if this is correct???? I have my IELTS booked for 20th Nov but dont want to cancel until I have this confirmed ...........
  4. Hi, I'm planning a sabbatical to Oz from April and sent my application form to AHPRA, which they received 5th October (I paid extra to have it tracked). What is the average waiting time, when do they take the money from your account and when should I start chasing them for a progress report? If it's going to take forever then I might do voluntary services oversees instead. I read one agency's website that stated 6 weeks to 4 months!! Thanks, Cath x
  5. Hi Guys There is few things on the form which I need your help... please help me... 3rd Question on Page 2 Passport type - Private or Government?? - is that mean normal passport or diplomatic passport? anyway I have a normal pasport as I am an ordinary person...so what u guys thinking??? 11th question on page 3 I am a Registered Nurse in UK...and I have Nursing degree as well, so I should fill just nursing degree details or I should give them all my educational details from school level. help plese..............I am stuck I have no friends know about this thing....:arghh: 17 th question page 5 What is indemnity insurance...is it must?? what should I put there ..yes or no...what you guys think..please help me... :shocked:
  6. I have had an idea. After a bit of surfing last night , I may have a cunning plan, a plan so cunning you could put a tale on it and call it a weasel! It seems that some people have trouble getting 7 in each section for the IELTS.After taking the test a few times they get the desired 7 in each section but its not in one sitting. It seems that NZ nursing council also require a 7 in each section as well BUT the results can be from any IELTS test as long as they are within 12 months of each other. Registration So me thinks it may be possible to apply for NZ registration and then apply to your chosen state under the mutually recognised scheme. QNC - Applicants from another state, territory or New Zealand What do you think? Or am i talking s@@T? JOHN
  7. Hiya all, I'm new here, but I'm in desperate need of some information. Being a Belgian, I have no idea how car legal stuff works in Australia. I hope someone can help me. Here's the story: my gf is in Australia at the moment, doing a 7 month trip. She's in Sydney, NSW, now and has just bought a 2nd hand car (a Ford) to make the trip. Cars come with necessary complications, like registration. She's got her Rego in NSW now; the Rego runs out December 30. She will, ofcourse, have to renew it for 6 months, but she won't be in NSW by then anymore as she'll be travelling. Question: How to handle this renewal? What are the necessary steps to take? I'm asking this because I've seen that between the states of Australia, there's quite some difficulty and differences in registrating and what's valid in 1 state, isn't necessary valid in another state. So, she'll have to buy a green slip, ofcourse, but does it have to be one issued from NSW or are there other ways to renew the Rego when in another state than the one your car is registered in? Also, if the vehicle requires a safety check, can it be done in any state or does it have to be one in NSW? What's the max amount of time permitted between safety checking and renewing the Rego? Also, how much of the procedure can be done online, and which steps require going to a specified place? (like a registration office) Any other info of necessary info I need to know about this? Many thanks in advance for any info or useful comments, Scaesar
  8. Hi, So we are finally getting started.... Having already had everything we would need for the whole Visa process cerified with a Solicitor, we have been told that to register with AHFRA we need the nursing documents certified with a Notary Public......more money:arghh:Anyway, I have been filling out the form and looking at what documents are needed........doesn't seem to be to many......have I read it wrong??? It states that we need : A cerified photocopy of Passport, A certified photocopy of Licence to pracice A certfied photocopy of Qualification Transcript of training(as I qualified, lets say a few years ago,(21 o be exact) have to have this sent direct from the NMC, surprisingly free of charge. C.V and statement of service is the original document (if I'm mistaken please let me know.) Evidence of secondary education and nursing program taught in English is also the original document, again if I'm mistaken please let me know. So all in all that is only 3 documents to be certified.......is this right???please let me know if I have forgotten anything. cheers. Colin.
  9. Guest

    RGN Registration

    Hi i'm new to Pomsinoz. I am a qualified nurse registered as an RGN in 1995 but have got Diploma qualifications in Neonatal nursing and am also working towards a degree with the open university. Does anybody know if the aphra are accepting RGN for registration as I have got loads of diploma credits but no actual DipHE certificate. Hope some one can help. We are just getting together documents for skills assessment at the moment for 176 Visa. Thanks Jo
  10. Hi guys I am trying to complete my AHPRA registration along with my application for a 457 visa at the same time. Has anybody else got experience of the form required for general registration with AHPRA? It states that 100 point proof of id is required and if applying from overseas a passport with an Australian visa is needed. As I havent got my visa yet, I cant provide this, therefore cant get registered! My employer wants me out there asap but im stuck until I have fathomed out what to do. Trying to contact AHPRA is impossible! Any ideas greatly appreciated.....
  11. Has anyone had their registration from the AHPRA through yet? I was under the impression that it took over from the the state registration boards on July 1st 2010 so would have thought we would have heard something by now? JOHN
  12. :policeman:Does a Software Engineer require licensing and registration with ACS to worj there?] ?
  13. bernie inn

    Engineersaustralia registration

    I have applied for a 119 RSMS and have a case worker. He has requested registration information to engineersaustralia not a skills assessment but registration. Has anybody had any experience of a request like this? Was it easy to get from the uk. I have emailed engineersaustralia but they just gave me information about skills assessment, and skills assessments aren't required for RSMS visas. So basically I'm just confused all round really can anybody help?
  14. Hi, Can someone help....I am about to send all my documents for registration and have read on PIO that it has to be a Notary Public who certyfies everything. I have already had everything certified with a solicitor.........has anyone managed to gain registration and was it a Notary Public or solicitor who certified your documents?? If its a notary Public anyone know any in the Wakefield/Leeds area?? Cheers. Colin.
  15. Guest

    nurse registration

    Hi All do nurses from uk have to do a college course in australia before they can register and work in oz it is just i was reading something about Pre-registration programs for overseas qualified nurses, but could not really understand it. It is just i have been offered a job as enginner in melbourne and my wife is a nurse but we could not afford to live if she could not register and work right away.
  16. Guest

    NMBWA registration

    Does anybody know what the timescale is for receiving your nursing registration certificate after all documentation has been sent to Australia? ( all done by mid August) We are only waiting on this then we can lodge our visa application. Thanks
  17. Flipping Nora I'm trying to fill out the NMC verification form to register as a midwife in WA, it say's you can list up to 5 authorities (£34) Therefore I was going to put NMBWA, ANMC and AHPRA Obviously WA is not part of AHPRA yet until October? But I was thinking if it took a while for the NMC here to send them on then I could put AHPRA down as well to cover all bases. But there is no contact for WA and it says to contact NMBWA. How long does it normally take to send them through? and would the WA board send them over to AHPRA if I missed the deadline. HELP :arghh:
  18. Hi all, I am soooooo confused:arghh: Can anyone please tell me what address to write on the IELTS for the national registration. I have looked everywhere and cant find it. Don't want to send it off with the wrong address. The address I have for ANMC is: PO Box 873 Dickson ACT 2602 Australia. thanks. Sharon.xx
  19. Hi Can anyone help me please just trying to find out the fee for my application and registration to the Australian nursing board but I cant open the document on their website! :arghh: Does anyone by any chance know how much it is for each, its only thing left to do on my application and really really want to send it off!!! Thanks very much Lara x
  20. I applied for registration with the QNC and because they recived my verification from the NMC one day too late (somehow it tool 5 weeks to get here from the UK) my application has been passed over to AHPRA. cant get any sense/info from AHPRA so wrote a letter to the QLD department last week. Wondered if anyone else was in the same boat? I have orientation at nambour hospital this thurs and fri but god knows when i can start, worried they will retract my job offer if i dint get my rego soon... Annie:unsure:
  21. Hi all Just got off the phone from my uncle In WA who is a Hairdresser. My OH is WA SS for this trade and we are effected by the new processing order. This Bill if passed will make current rules that Hairdressers In Wa need to be registered obsolete. One Interesting exert is listed below. I have highlighted a strange point. !! Why deregulate the hairdressing industry? Since the Hairdressers Registration Act 1946 was introduced, a range of consumer protection, education and training and occupational health and safety laws have been put in place that provide a sufficient regulatory framework for the hairdressing industry. The current regime in Western Australia is inequitable because it does not apply to all areas of the State. Western Australia is the only State or Territory that has a registration scheme for hairdressers and a statutory board to administer that scheme. The proposal would reduce red tape by removing barriers to entering the hairdressing industry, reduce costs to small business and assist in addressing skills shortages. So a Bill might be introduced to help with Skills Shortages in WA . Surely dealing with experienced applicants in the pipeline is a quicker way to address this skill shortage. This is telling DIAC what everybody knows and that is that WA need hairdressers. My uncle feels that this Bill would make skilled workers leave the Industry as wages would be driven down as a result of people with little knowledge getting a job in a salon. Maybe this is positive and proves the shortage in WA and therefore allowing the Trade on the SMP or is it a negative as Evasn will be thinking anyone can be a Hairdressers. Any advice from ALan Gill George et al would be welcome. This is the link www.parliament.wa.gov.au/web/newwebparl.nsf/iframewebpages/Bills+-+All You have to type in the above Named Bill. Fingers crossed Shane
  22. Can anyone tell me how long the Nursing Board of Victoria take to process applications?I cannot progress further with my 457 until I receive confirmation from them. Colin
  23. Hi I've had my skills assessed by the ANMC and now need to register with AHPRA. With all the changes, can i still request the anmc to forward my file so i don't have to get everything certified again? If the answer's yes, when i complete the application form for ahpra, do i just add a note where it requests documentation and state that the information will be sent from the anmc? I've emailed both departments and haven't yet had a reply and i just want to get on with it now. I contacted a maternity department in NSW and everything seems very positive regarding jobs, however they don't proceed to interview unless you're already registered. Has anybody else experienced this or are they just trying to fob me off?? :wink: Cheers x
  24. Hi Good day I am gonna apply for Queens land sponsorship, Studying QLD required docs I saw this Made contact with the relevant licensing or registration body for your nominated occupation and met requirements to allow you to work in Queensland – www.immi.gov.au/asri I am a civil engineer and have already obtained EA positive skills assessment as a civil engineer, How would I satisfy given condition ?:eek: Regards :wubclub::hug:
  25. I am not sure if this is too specialist a question but thought I would throw it out there anyway. As you may or may not be aware registration for health workers becomes nationalised from July 1st. Does anyone know what happens then? i am not currently registered with any state boards as we dont know which one we will settle in. We fly out in November on a 175 visa. I can't find anything on the websites about how to go about registering once it is nationalised. Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks!