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Found 145 results

  1. Guest

    AHPRA Registration - when?

    Hi there. I am an allied health professional, I have had my skills assessed and have submitted a state sponsorship application. I keep reading/hearing conflicting information about when I need to register with my relevant board (under the AHPRA umbrella). As I am not likely to be in a position to move this year I am reluctant to pay out for Registration which won't be used. However I am wanting to get my 176 application lodged before 1st July if SS received, and want to make sure I CAN lodge a 176 without registration in place! Many thanks :confused:
  2. Guest

    WHV nursing registration

    Hi, Can someone please help me out. Having spent the previous year looking at visa options and discussing every possibility my g/f and I have decided to just take the jump; go on a WHV and get sponsorship whilst out there. Can someone advise how to go about getting your nursing registration for a WHV?? I had a look on the AHPRA website and couldnt find out how to register. Thanks
  3. I was put in touch with Geneva Health - recruitment agency and was advised to do the IELTs academic test, which I did, passed and I am now making a start on my registration paperwork. However, I've been thrown really as there is a box to tick to indicate whether or not secondary education was taught and assessed in English. Of course, I am English and was about to tick the box when I realised that I would have to provide evidence of this. However, my recruitment adviser told me that as I've done the IELTs test, I should tick 'no' to the question and provide my IELTs results. It seems a bit odd....has anyone else done this or can any advice be offered? I'm keen to get this out of the way!!!! Zoe
  4. Hey guys, I just got my permanent residency and I heard that I have to register wih centrelink, what is it? and what is it for? What other things I have to do after getting PR?
  5. Guest

    Nurse registration

    I have received my letter of eligability from AHPRA today :biggrin:. What documentation is required to take into AHPRA office regards proof of identity and criminal history requirements, as it is not clear on the website what is required. For you old timers like myself I trained in 1984 old school, no diploma, no degree but 26 years experience !!!!! so theres hope for us all .
  6. Hi Has anyone had a solicitor in the UK certify their AHPRA paperwork and had no problems?? The solicitor who certified all my ANMC paperwork couldnt understand why a JP has to sign and he says that a JP isnt as high up as a solicitor, is this true?? I just wanted to know that if i got my solicitor to certify the paperwork then i wouldnt have a problem later on down the line, anyone done this and not had any problems?? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone. At last the we all have a plan and a date to arrive later this year. November. I have permanent residency based on my nursing, which I am grateful for. Should I apply for my nursing registration for WA now or later in the year. Should I wait til I have a position to go to. How long does the whole process take. I have downloaded a huge amount of paperwork which I cant bear to look at yet.:goofy: Can anyone give me advice. Hospital of choice is Joondalup if anyone works there. Thanks, Lisa
  8. bellaboshade

    Nurse Registration Forms

    Dear All I am sure this question has been asked a lot in the past but am hoping someone can help me - my husband has been offered a job in Queensland and we are hoping (fingers crossed and paperwork completed! - to be out there before Christmas) - anyway, he was signed up with an agency who helped him with all his paperwork (Medical), what to fill in, where to send it etc and we have spent the past several months doing that. With regard to me - although I do plan to work once we are settled out there, we have two children and I want to get them sorted first - our youngest is only 1 so I want to make sure I check out the best care system for him and school for the eldest before I look for a job. Therefore I haven't signed with an agency as I imagine their main aim is to find you a job. Is it worth me nearer the time of us moving applying to the nursing and midwifery board of australia and setting that in motion or waiting until I am there - I guess I am wondering if it will be easier to start the ball rolling when I am still in the UK for chasing up paperwork, references etc. My second query is do I just have to apply to the nursing board as I would here in the UK or am I missing someone out? Many thanks in advance Tracy
  9. trace1

    Aphra registration

    AHPRA registration through at long last...took 4 months yaaaaaaaaaay!! lol Am a midwife...hoping to work in the Gold Coast so time to start job hunting
  10. sm79

    Teaching registration

    Hi, I'm sure this has probably been asked numerous times in the past but I can't find the information through the 'search' option. We will be coming to Melbourne on a 457 (through my work). My GF is an experienced primary school teacher and I have been looking into registration etc to enable her to apply for relief work when we arrive. It looks as though she only needs to fill in the relevant forms for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. This seems a lot easier than I expected so I am wondering if I'm missing something? Is this all that is required to enable her to teach in Victoria? If so, can anyone give an idea of processing times for these applications? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have applied for my midwifery registration from APHRA in january to work in Victoria. Does anyone know how long this takes, I was initially told that it can take up to 90 working days. Has anyone received their registration and how long did it take? Thanks :eek:
  12. Hi there Does anyone know how much it costs to register with the Western Austraia Nursing board or where I can find out. I have looked at the website and i cant see anywhere where it says on either the registration form or the rest of the website, am I missing something? I cant be the only person to be having this problem can I? Please help. Thanks
  13. Hi Apologies if this has been asked before.... I had my ANMC Skills Assessment completed in Nov 2010 and now wish to register with AHPRA within the next few weeks (let the nightmare begin...:eek:). I have application form AGOS-04 - Application for general registration (graduated or trained overseas) as a Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or Midwife. I know i can request the ANMC to forward on the documents they received from me on to AHPRA, but what documents (if any) do i include in application AGOS-04? As those that are required the ANMC already have and can forward on. 1. Has anyone had any recent experience with this? 2. Do i request documents to be sent from the ANMC before or after applying with AHPRA? Thanks in advance:cute: Bev x
  14. Hi there - I'm waiting to get my Australian midwifery registration - they received all my documents end of November....still waiting. Keep getting told "any day now!" - is anyone else having similar problems with registration? - it seems to take ages. I have a job lined up at Dandenong Hospital, and they would like me to start in April, which is coming increasingly closer! Geneva Health have been just brilliant at processing everything but this final piece of the jigsaw is taking ages. Frustrated.com! :realmad: Hope you're all having a good day Debs x
  15. hellsbells712

    AHPRA Eligibility or Registration

    It appears AHPRA are being as damned inconsistent as usual. Can people please add whether they have received "Eligibility to register" having to go to the AHPRA office in the state you are going to or actual "Registration" where names are actually appearing on the register. I am trying to find out if it's a state thing or just damned inconsistency with them, so can you let me know which capital city your application was processed in. The reason being is, Queensland are refusing to send my 1100 SS nomination form to DIAC because my name is not appearing on the nursing register. I received "Eligibility to register" on 10th Jan. Application processed in Brisbane. If you could just post Eligible or Register, followed by city. Hellsbells712 - Eligible - Brisbane I need as much info before I make my complaint to the ombudsman. Please help me, this is causing me so much stress, it just seems you get 1 thing sorted, then there is another problem. We have everything else in order for our SS 176 visa, meds and police checks done and meds finalised. Now planning on going out on 457 visa to sort registration out. Please all you good nurses out there help a fellow stressed nurse. xx H:confused::confused:
  16. Guest

    nursing registration

    Can anyone tell me how long it takes for AHPRA to process your registion. Thanks
  17. I am trying to find some nurses who have been granted Queensland State Sponorship pending AHPRA registration or eligibility to register. If you are out there can you please let me know. I need this sorting for my 176 visa. QLD are refusing to send my form 1100 SS nomination until I actually have registration. This damn nursing registration is the only thing holding up my visa. Meds finalised when QLD SMP released in DEC. I was granted QLD SS last August, SMP criteria for nurses says "eligible to register as a nurse". On the 10th Jan 2011 I was finally given eligibility from AHPRA after a long, tedious and frustrating 6 months. But now QLD are saying this is not acceptable. I need actual registration. Why bother putting "eligibility" when they won't even accept this. BUT AHPRA are not giving out registration, what they are doing is giving you eligibility to register. And when you turn up at the office in brisbane or the state where you will be working, they will issue you with your certificate. PLEASE PLEASE surely I am not the first nurse for this to happen to???????? If I am, why am I ????? I could cry:cry::cry: at this very moment in time as I am so cross at this whole situation.
  18. It looks increasingly likely that my wife is going to be made redundant, however this is not a certainty. If she does get made redundant we plan on moving to Australia. However if she doesn't we can't really afford it. I'm a Australian citizen (and recently got my passport), but was born and educated here in the uk, including my nurse training. My question is, is there any advantage in applying for Australian nurse registration "just in case" in order to make the process quicker should she get made redundant? We plan on coming over at some point in the next five years anyhow, so is there a way to keep the registration ticking over until we can come, or is it a case of once applied for you only get a year to take it up? I would still be practicing in the uk should we not emigrate. I'm not so much worried about the fees being lost if we end up not coming at all, but I don't want to apply now if I then have to apply again if she gets made redundant in next years cuts rather than this years. I've tried looking at the website for this information but it's very user unfriendly. Thanks in advance for any advice or help.
  19. Is there any nurse out there who has received actual registration with AHPRA before a visa grant. Or do we just get ELIGIBILITY to register as overseas applicants. I am a 99.9% sure it is the latter BUT QLD will NOT send my state sponsorship form 1100 to DIAC for my 176 unless I have my registration. I received my eligibility letter on the 10th Jan. They are just not accepting AHPRA don't give registration to offshore applicants. So my application with DIAC is sat God knows where, when everything else is all in order for the visa. I am so frustrated, mad, going crazy, you name it. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: Just when you think you are getting somewhere!
  20. Aphra have updated their website today and this is going to be the FINAL word on assessment. Go to www.ahpra.gov.au and on their home page on the RHS under NEWS and click on Update for International Nurses and you will get all the information there. Update for International Nurses (178 KB,PDF) Hope this will clarify things for everyone. Adele
  21. Hi everyone, I will be applying for a 176 visa, sponsored by a relative. Do I need to apply for nurse registration with AHPRA prior to applying for this visa. Or is this only the case if you are applying for state sponsorship, so confused! I was hoping to complete IELTS, complete Skills Assessment (ANMC), apply for 176 visa then apply for nurse registration at a later date. Any advice would be great thanks:cute:
  22. Hi :smile: My wife is a Primary School Teacher and I have read that she needs to be accredited in QLD to teach there and also need some kind of permit to work with children. So, she is thinking of applying online. Is the link below where she needs to apply please? Applying for Teacher Registration Is there anything else that we need to know? Thank you for the info! Cheers B!K3R
  23. HELP! I wish to register as a newly qualified midwife in oz as soon as I obtain UK registration, is this possible??:confused: AHPRA state: Applicant must provide certified documentary evidence from their current and previous employers that they have practised nursing and/or midwifery within the past five years preceding their application, as defined in criteria of the NMBA recency of practice registration standard The only experience I will have had of midwifery will be by training. I do however have two years nursing experience. Can someone please advise!!:chatterbox:
  24. :chatterbox:Hi All Please Help me... I send my Application for Nursing Registration to AHPRA Sydney 2 weeks ago, they got it in 3 days( which I knew from DHL tracking) ..BUt they havent taken fee from my credit card yet?? any idea why?? anyone know usually how long it will take to get a reply from them?? once they took the money will they give any refernce number...when I ask NMC UK to send my verification do I get a reference number or just send it with my name and they will sort it out.........please help... Thanx all:swoon:
  25. Nurses and midwives please help me to get the paper work right. I am a nurse and midwife planning to move to Perth. I am just gathering all my paper work for my skills assessment with the ANMC. 1) I have requested verification from the NMC to be sent to ANMC and NMBWA. is this correct? 2) I am not planning to come to Oz till Jan 2009 so am I right in thinking that it is not necessary to register with NMBWA till nearer that time. 3)Do I need to send all my certificates for nursing AND midwifery if I am coming to Oz as a midwife and do I send them all to both agencies? Sorry this is so complex but I want to get it right. If you have the answers please feel free to give me step by step instructions...I won't be offended Thanks Judith:nah: