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Found 145 results

  1. Evening all, I have just been reading the ANMC website and it says we have to pay $630 just to get the nursing skills assessed using form B? Is this right or am I mis-reading something?:confused: The once they have sent us the letter of determination, do we then have to apply for registration with the relevent state before we send for the visa? or do we send for the visa, get that (we hope) and then apply for registration (in our case Qld) and does this cost more? We are going to fill in the form next week, so at long last things are going to start moving in the right direction. At long last! Regards The Tuckers
  2. LauraHaylor

    Dental Nurse Registration?

    Hi, My name is Laura and Im trying to find out if anyone knows if you have to be registard to work as a dental nurse in oz? In the UK it is illegal to work as a dental nurse if your not qualified and registard. Is it the same in oz and will a NVQ in dental nursing be a valid qualification?
  3. ..i know it will be on their website, i just cant find it! I'm sure i have previously seen it, but now i cant find the oversea's application...can someone help me??? Nic.x.x.
  4. I am in the (long) process of applying to register to practice as a nurse in Australia and would like to know from others who have been through this before me: The AHPRA ask for evidence (20 hours per year) of continuing professional development. They ask for this to be documented. I have certificates but am going to stuggle to demonstrate some of the training I have done from 2006 and prior to this. Has anyone else stumbled at this hurdle? How strict are they in the documentation? :unsure:
  5. Guest

    Nurse registration

    can someone please adivse on where i have to sent my nurse registrtion application form, do they all go to canberra and how long does it take?:wubclub:
  6. Hi, Where to go to register for Medicare and Centre link soon after arrival. :chatterbox: :eek::wubclub: many thanks, horizone
  7. Hi, Hoping someone can help. We have 176 visa and living in WA. Have been here nearly 4 weeks. I'm sure there were some conditions of living here as part of the state sponsorship, such as registering your address on arrival/completing surveys etc....... Has anybody done this or know what/where I have to go to do this?? Thanks Guys
  8. Hi all, Seen many threads from others (mostly nurses) so not sure why I'm surprised but isnt there some madness in it being more of a pain getting registered than getting the visa in the first place! Need a rant so figure PIO is perfect place! Not AHPRA itself I'm struggling with and my case worker is fab (even takes direct calls, a novelty after DIAC), just the system's weird workings. Takes forever for posted documents to get to them and they don't like couriers...my universities here are either being sooo slow at sending transcripts due to lack of computer records (it was 1997, not exactly pre-computers!) or not doing transcripts for my post-grad, just certifying letters that are not good enough for AHPRA. Feel like I'm going around in circles... And then been told I need endorsement as well as registration with AHPRA so a load more documents I have to get certified and send...need to find a JP this time! AAAHHH!!!
  9. dani5

    IELTS/nursing registration

    Just wondering if anyone can clarify for me: Do you have to sit the IELTS test before lodging an application to register with the ANMC? Just thinking that IELTS forward on your results directly to ANMC so surely they will need to have received your application prior to this? Thanks in advance!!
  10. Hi, We have been granted out 176 visa, using my skills as a registered nurse for our application. I have applied for registration , initially through ANMC but finalised with AHPRA. They sent me a letter to say that i had been successful and that i was deemed as being eligible for registration as nurse in Australia. They said i had to present myself at one of their offices by March 2012 and supply proof of ID and meet criminal record requirements in order to complete process. We are booked to fly out in feb 2012 to validate visas and have 3 week reccie holiday, and i intend to go to AHPRA office then. I have emailed the people and had reply today to say i need to take proof of job offer (i won't have one as not migrating for good till 2013), and proof of Oz address (we won't have one as will only be in rental). Do you have to have job offer in order to be able to complete registration process? Very confused and would really appreciate help, Thanks all Tania
  11. Guest

    Please help!!!

    Can Someone help me please!!!!!!!! I got Nursing registration eligibility letter from Ahpra and to complete the registration process they want me to submit my ID's with police clearence certificate to any Ahpra office in person within one year of this eligibility letter....lots of my friends in UK got the same thing recently...I think this is how Ahpra giving out registration nowadays...Anyway in my case I manage to find job and sponsorship 457 visa..So as soon as I reach Australia I will submit my documents with ID to Ahpra office to complete the registration process as Ahpra says..Does anyone know then I will be in the register straight away or I have to wait another month for that....did anyone go through this new Ahpra registration procedure... please help.......:goofy:
  12. Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I are currently sat around filling out her AHPRA registration form over breakfast, we're getting very stressed... :confused: I think we've managed to get through it all with the exception of one question. Hopefully someone here who's completed the reigstation themselves could help clear this up. State/territory/country is obviously England, but we're not sure what to put for Category and Profession. She's a registered adult nurse, so I thought that would be the category; her day job is as a practice nurse, so I reckon that'd be the profession. Am I far off? What did you put when you registered? The other one is the Period of registration. Start date is fine, but we're not sure what to put for the end date; should we leave that blank because she's still registered, or fill in the renewal/expiry date? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  13. Finally after 6 months - I got my AHPRA nurse registration. Today. Also today I have been given a time for a telephone interview (tomorrow 1pm) for a job in ortho at the knox private hospital. :biggrin: Anyone have any advice? or it would just be nice to get some feedback from anyone who works or has worked there? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, I've been offered a job as a registered nurse on the 457 Visa ( arranging my own visa) and I am currently just about to submit my form for registration to the AHRPA. I am worried after reading some of the threads on here that mention various abrieviations such as ANMC and ANMAC. i thought that i just had to register with AHRPA now as they have synthesised all the state boards. please can someone help me ? the fear about the billions of regulatory bodies with abrieviations has started to kick in. Thanks in advance for your help
  15. Guest

    Nursing registration

    Over the moon just received an email from aphra to say i am now register to practice YIPEE. Just a few pointers I learned from this site. Keep on their case because if you don't they will not let you know if you need more paper work etc, I email at least once every two weeks. Also make sure you clarify with the NMC that they have sent your vertification over as this can also be a delay. Now for the hard bit and to apply for a visa, whic i am a bit nervous about a one off psychotic episode in 2007 which had me detained in hospital for 3 weeks. Everything okay now and have not been on medication for over two years, just don't want to fail the medical over this. Can anyone help me out with advice.
  16. Guest

    Wacot registration

    HELP!!!! I am currently completing my registration to wacot forms and I am a bit annoyed :realmad: at the whole stupid process, to be honest. Called WACOT regarding police check to be told that the one done to migrate is not good enough and will need to pay for them to do another one (even though not in Australia yet), and that a Teacher, Pharmacist, Lawyer ect who are registered in UK CANNOT witness any of my documentation it has to be a Justice of the Peace! Has anyone completed WACOT from the UK and if so please, please tell me how you did it, as it seems to me to be a money making process. Well mini rant over sorry if I sound like a nark!!
  17. My wife is a UK registered nurse; however trained in India and we have sent the application to AHPRA in the last month and received below letter from case office asking for additional documents. They have received now NMC verification and we managed to arrange for the evidence of adapataion competion (from NHS trust where completed adaptation) and also 'Pharmacology' unit (my school of nursing is sending me a letter confirming this). Only an issue is with my nursing council in India. I dispatched documents to India and my relative went to nursing council in India with verification form. But they refused to accept the application saying my registration with them was lasped in 2007 (that's true becoz I haven't renewed it after 2007 as I am here in UK since 2004). So if I want to verify and I need to renew it first and for that I need to be present in there office to prove that I am still exist. They have mentioned in the below email "A Certificate of Registration Status or Good Standing / Verification directly from Maharashtra Nursing Council INDIA" so they just want a letter from Indian nursing council confirming i have registered with them from 15 July 94 (first registeration date) to 30 March 2007 (registration renewed upto). But Indian Nursing council is not ready until my wife first do the renewal. We dont mind renewing it but don't know how much time it will take to first renew and then to send verifiaction. Would appreciate advice on this verificaion issue. Thanks and Regards, Mansawant Email received from case officer Dear XXXXX, We are in receipt of an Application for general registration (graduated or trained overseas) as Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or Midwife. We recommend for you to refer to our web site Registration/Registration Process/Proof of Identity in relation to an applicant who is currently overseas. Please be advised the following documents are still outstanding to continue the processing of your application: - Clarification of your Transcript of Training as it appears a core unit ‘Pharmacology’ was not completed in your Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery. A letter from institution stating this unit was completed in your course is required - Certified copy of evidence completing an adaptation program before gaining registration with Nursing and Midwifery Council UK - A Certificate of Registration Status or Good Standing / Verification directly from Maharashtra Nursing Council INDIA - A Certificate of Registration Status or Good Standing / Verification directly from Nursing and Midwifery Council UNITED KINGDOM Please provide the required documentation within 30 days from the date of this email to allow the finalisation of the assessment of your application. If you fail to provide such documentation by this date it will be taken that you have withdrawn your application. The Board will consider written requests (email acceptable) for an extension to this timeframe that details the reason for requesting the extension, and a proposed date for meeting the requirement. Should you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us via email. Kind regards, XXXXXXXXX Registration Officer Phone | 1300 419 495 Email | XXXXXX@ahpra.gov.au Web | www.ahpra.gov.au Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency G.P.O. Box 9958 | Perth WA 6001 | www.ahpra.gov.au
  18. Hi, Today, my oh received an email from case officer requesting following document. "Certified copy of evidence completing an adaptation program before gaining registration with Nursing and Midwifery Council UK". As far as we remember we did not receive any letter from NHS where she completed her adaptation course or from NMC in regards to completion of adaptation course. Please can someone advise us how we can arrange for this asap as she has got only 30 days to submit this. Mansawant
  19. landr

    Physiotherapy registration

    hi guys, New to the forum and looking for some advice. I am a permanent resident currently in England with my boyfriend. We are looking to come back to Australia next year but just looking at the options for his career. We are trying to find the best but also cheapest viable option. The partner visa works out better than a skilled migration visa for him based on the cost of visas. However, can anyone tell me if a skilled migration visa includes trades tests and everything needed that he wouldn't then have to do exams and clinicals with the board of physios? My last question is...is it still possible for him to register as a physio in New Zealand and then use the trans-tasman agreement to work in Australia or does anyone know if options like this have been scrapped. The cost different is quite substantial...its about £615 pounds for new Zealand registrations compared to about £2000 for Australian. I know this isn't the ideal way to go about things but it would save us an incredible amount of money. Thanks in advance for any replies Laura:smile:
  20. Hi there, Help if possible, from any Midwives who have recently applied for permanent residency, who havn't used an agent?! The more I look at the process for skills assessment and registration the more I confuse myself! I am a Midwife in England, have 6 yrs experience and want to apply for a permanent visa, could anybody tell me if the order of how to apply (below) is right please, Id be very grateful :wubclub: 1. Send off for verification to the NMC for them to send directly to AHPRA 2. Complete the AGOS-04 form for general registration with all documentation -Do I have to complete an IELTS test if I can provide evidence of being taught in English at Secondary and degree level? 3.Send off AGOS-04 TO AHPRA 4. Do I then have to apply for a skills assessment and is this with the ANMAC? What does this involve? Hope someone can help...Would it be better to use an agent Im now wondering?! If any Midwives have recently been through the process either way Id love to hear how you are getting on. Thank you Jodie x
  21. Guest

    Nursing Registration

    Hi all, My wife has just recieved her Nursing registration for New Zealand, however , due to the recent earthquakes we may be heading to Aus. My question is will her NZ Nursing registration be used in the application for emigration. Thanks Nick
  22. Hey guys/girls, Been looking at the forum and found it very helpful for a few issues iv come accross whilst planning to work in Oz, so decided to join up! I sent my CV off to a nursing recruitment company on tuesday and they got back to me today and said my skills and experiance are of a great intrest to them but i need to obtain my nursing registration over there first before we can go any further with my application. I did do some research before sending my CV but stupidly didnt realise that part! So i downloaded and printed off the application for overseas nurses (AGOS-04 form). Now this is where i am upto, and here is my problem.. Me and my girlfriend have been together 3 years but dont live together although she practically lives in my mum and dads house with me and has for 2 years we have nothing to prove so. She doesnt have a profession and would rely on me (I think) to get in to Australia to work. Would it be worth me sending this application form off yet and paying the application, registratation and assessment fee and not being sure whether my girlfriend would be able to come with me pending everything goes through ok? The company say that they will put me in touch with a migration agent but thats once i have the registration so really stuck at the minute with no one to ask. Any of you guys/girls experianced anything similar? Would appreciate any help, thanks!
  23. :confused:Hi all, I'm new to this form and am looking into coming to Aus. Spoke to some migration agents and was told I would need to get registration with AHPRA. I have been on the website and checked out all the info, however its no half confusing.... Has any1 been thru the process and can offer advice? btw i'm from the uk Thanks
  24. trace1

    AHPRA - Registration

    Ok here goes..sent my application and documents off to become registered in Oz in order to be able to work as a midwife about 11 weeks ago now..they have such a backlog have only just looked at them to tell me that they have not been signed by the correct signiaturory..I know midwives that have had their documents signed by a solicitor which is what I have had done, but AHPRA state that this has to be a either a public notary or a justice of the peace..it states on the interet that most public notaries are solicitors so am confused, can anyone HELP PLS lol Also I have sent a letter from my school stating that I attended senior school here in the UK and have given the results of the exams that I took, I had to pay a fee for this however this is not enough as it does not state that all classes were taught in English. Seems absurd as English is our first Language here in the UK, you would think that this would be good enough for AHPRA but is not. CRAAAAAZY lol:arghh:
  25. hellsbells712

    AHPRA registration

    Just wondering does anyone know when the 90 days starts counting down for your registration to be completed. :confused: I sent mine on 11 August, money got taken out of account 22 September, received email after 3 weeks saying they received my application on 29 September but I already knew this because they had taken my money. Keep ringing and they say everything is in order but still waiting !!! I know registration is supposed to be completed in 90 days but when does this start ?????? Please anyone???? x helen