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Found 145 results

  1. Hi all, Just thought I'd let you all know that from the 3rd of Feb 2020, there is a new pathway for internationally qualified nurses and midwives to get registration. The old route was through filling AGOS-40 and sending notarised copies of the relevant documents. This form is no longer available, and it appears that the process will be electronic (Self-Check), however there is now a two-stage exam (MCQ, then OSCE) that some may have to undertake if it is deemed that their qualifications and experience are not commensurate to that of an Australian qualified nurse. Furthermore, as part of the registration process, all nurses and midwives will have to complete an orientation program. If you printed and filled in your AGOS-40 before Feb 3rd, and submit it before Feb on or before Feb 21st, 2020, it will still be accepted. See the AHPRA website for more details. https://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Registration-and-Endorsement/International/Applying-for-registration.aspx
  2. Hello, I am hoping to receive in-principle registration from AHPRA shortly, and am wondering: 1. How long after presenting in-office did it take for you to receive final registration? 2. Were you awarded a registration certificate? How long did it take for this certificate to arrive? Was it mailed to you? Kind regards, Daniel Cachaco
  3. Hi. I need to get a roadworthy on my car and just wondering if anyone knows if it will fail because of a small chip on the windscreen. Also the rear view mirror has 2 cracks in it and don't know if it will fail on this as many cars/vans can't use theirs because they don't have rear windows. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi all!! I am a primary school teacher, hoping to move to oz this August with my boyfriend whom is relocating with work to Perth. I am about to begin my TRBWA qualifications assessment form, and I have a query that I was wondering if anyone may know the answer to before I pay my $480.. I began my studies in University studying a Bachelor of Business Studies and French for two years, however soon realised that it wasn't for me, and transferred to the B.Ed course within the same university. I am wondering whether this will cover me for the four year tertiary degree dilemma? Here is their requirements: In order for a teaching qualification to be accredited as an ITEP it must meet the National Program Standards as outlined in the Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs in Australia: Standards and Procedures (April 2011) . 5.2 Qualifications in Teaching Recognised as Equivalent to an accredited ITEP The TRBWA will also accept qualifications in teaching that are equivalent to an accredited ITEP.The Board will generally recognise a qualification in teaching as equivalent to an accredited ITEP where it meets at least one of the following four criteria : 1.A qualification awarded on completion of a higher education course of initial teacher education that a)is of at least 4 years’ full-time duration or part-time equivalent duration; b)has at least one year (full-time or part-time equivalent) of professional teacher education subjects (including supervised teaching practice). c)includes at least 45 days satisfactory supervised teaching practice undertaken at a primary or secondary school or other recognised educational venues; and d)is comparable to an Australian Bachelor degree. 2. A qualification awarded on completion of a higher education course of initial teacher education that a)requires entrants to have a higher education qualification of at least 3 years full-time duration or part-time equivalent duration and that is comparable to an Australian Bachelor degree; b)has at least one year (full-time or part-time equivalent) of professional teacher education subjects (including supervised teaching practice). c)is of at least 1 year’s full time duration or part-time equivalent duration; d)includes at least 45 days satisfactory supervised teaching practice undertaken at a primary or secondary school or other recognised educational venue And e)is comparable to an Australian Graduate Diploma Pleeeease someone help me, as I am hoping so very much that my transcripts this will suffice. Thank you so much in advance! V
  5. As of the 4th of February 2015, all new applicants who have lived outside of Australia for more than 6 months need to apply for a International Criminal History Check, before sending their application to AHPRA. This check needs to include ALL countries that you have lived in from more than 6 months from the age of 18. Here is the link: http://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Process/Criminal-history-checks/International-Criminal-History.aspx Something to be aware of for new applicants or if your application will land with AHPRA after the 4th.
  6. Hi, I am currently applying for registration as a physiotherapist with AHPRA. The application states that if an applicants qualifications were obtained more than 5 years ago they are required to provide documented evidence that they have practiced physio within those 5 years. Can anyone help with what actual documented evidence they require?? Many thanks for any help at all!!
  7. nursealex

    Nurse without a clue!!

    Hi, I'm a registered nurse planning on making the big move to Oz all being well next summer with my partner. I've just started looking into the registration paperwork for the AHPRA, and to be quite honest, it's giving me a headache! (Maybe why I've been putting it off for so long...) I have several questions, hopefully someone who's been through the process may be able to shed some light on the subject? The application asks for my priciple place of practice. Do I state my UK work address? It does ask for Australian principal place of practice, but I obviously don't have one as yet. IELTS - Will I need to do this? I have completed all of my education in England, and it states on my university certificate that the nursing course was taught in English. Thaks for any help and advice in advance :wubclub: Alex
  8. Hello All, My partner might be transferred from the UK to Australia by his company next year. I think it's a great opportunity for both of us and let's put it that way I don't think that refusing is really an option. However I am still doing my nursing programme and I have another year to go... So I'm not really happy with the timing... I know that life throws things like that and you have to embrace it but it's quite hard to think that I'll have made all those sacrifices for nothing. Has or is anybody else facing the same challenges on this forum... if you are, I'd like to hear from you. I was also wondering if anybody else had already faced this issue and was able to re-apply to a nursing programme in Australia with the transfer of their academic credits from their UK college ? Is it also true that once qualified and registered with the NMC a nurse needs to have at least 3 months of post-registration experience before registering with the AHPRA ? If anybody has some answers, I'd love to hear from them :-) Thx Geoff
  9. I was recently told about the ability to register a relationship in your chosen state (for me NSW) this process provides you as a defacto relationship for the purposes of any given law... I.e the defacto / spouse visa. This sounds wonderful although I wanted to know if anybody had done this and how much it had impacted on your visa applications. The other thing is that me and my Australian boyfriend are going back to the UK for Christmas, in which time ill be applying for an offshore defacto visa, both he and myself will then reside there until I am given any confirmation. Does anyone know if registration of our relationship is processed before we go back to the UK is worth it or a waste of time as ill be applying for an off shore visa?! I'm still going to wait for the 12 month requirement but wanted to register for the purpose of a bit more security and evidence that we are serious. what are people's thoughts on this process?!?! Thanks!!!
  10. I have my eligibility letter which i need to complete by going in person to the office, i planned to do this in August and start work on a 457 visa ( in process), however my current job has just offered me promotion in a new unit and i was thinking that i may put off Oz for a year..can i go to Australia on holiday this year, verify my registration and then return to work in the UK..then when i go to apply for jobs in Australia in 12-18 months time i will still be registered and ready to start?? Would that work out ok? I definitely still want to go to Australia and was really looking forward to it but now this opportunity has come up at home, i feel i should take this and go Oz next year, however if that would not be possible i will just carry on with my initial plan of moving to Australia this summer. Thanks for any info
  11. Sent all my documents off after months of making them perfect...then get told the transcript isn't right (even though it was) so i got onto uni and NMC to send out alternative, neither of which has been done yet but i got in touch with the AHPRA woman who's dealing with my application to just ask if anything else was needed, she didn't answer that exactly but just said "The application is with the nursing professional for assessment, once i have the result i will email you." So i asked if that means they have all documents required or if thats what their checking before they put it through to be assessed for eligibility? She replied "Assessment to see if the documents meet AHPRA requirements to allow the letter of eligibility to be sent" Does this mean they don't need the extra transcript now or what? And is that it now at the last stage before eligibility letter sent? i just don't know lol i don't want to keep asking her and i don't know what her answers mean anyway! Although the good thing is since that womans been emailing me shes been keeping me updated and replies to my emails within 10 minutes...even if i don't always know what shes going on about lol I'm so excited and feel sick at same time lol so am i just waiting to hear if I'm eligible or am i waiting to hear what other documents i need?? does anybody know? Thanks
  12. Obviously when you take your car over to the warm place , you have to get new plates according the their registration process. What I wanted to ask is are the plates the same size as European plates? Or different? What size are they? The reason being , my husbands car has two holes in the boot where his plate is attached by (I think, I should really listen more carefully) and he wants to know if the oz plates are smaller then these holes will be visible , some would like to get them filled in. You maybe wondering why all the fuss, this carbon black 5 series is his pride and joy.
  13. Looking to ship our dinghy (not the inflatable kind). A laser. Anyone had any experince with this? Licence required, for instance?
  14. Guest

    Registration in AHPRA

    Hi, Applied for registration in WA PERTH befor sept 19th with all documents recieved only a mail stating that registration in progress wil contact incase needed ,payment for application done.Now almost 2 months pls guide me where to contact and whom to .I need you advise.URGENT:jiggy:
  15. i have been requested to prove licence to practice does anyone know if my statement of entry would be acceptable or would i need my pin card aswell? i ave just renewed so still awaiting the card to come through.:confused:
  16. Hi there, My husband is a dentist and he is going to apply for the limited registration of dentist at AHPRA. We feel quite confused for application and documents needed. 1) CPD Would it be okay if my husband only provides the record of the CPD activities? Is it a must to sign by someone else? If so, who will be the right person? What sort of activities will be counted? 2) Police Check? Does he need to provide any police check showing that he has no criminal records? 3) From Limited Registration to Full Registration He passed the OET in August 2011 and plans to sit the Clinical Exam of Australian Dental Council within three years. Does he need to sit the OET again if pass the ADC exam but the OET result is more than 2 yrs? The English standard is supposed to apply to all applicants for initial registration. 4) How long does it take to complete the registration? Thanks a lot for your help. Hope that everything goes fine!! Fingers crossed. Juliana
  17. ..i know it will be on their website, i just cant find it! I'm sure i have previously seen it, but now i cant find the oversea's application...can someone help me??? Nic.x.x.
  18. I am in the (long) process of applying to register to practice as a nurse in Australia and would like to know from others who have been through this before me: The AHPRA ask for evidence (20 hours per year) of continuing professional development. They ask for this to be documented. I have certificates but am going to stuggle to demonstrate some of the training I have done from 2006 and prior to this. Has anyone else stumbled at this hurdle? How strict are they in the documentation? (apologies for posting this before on the wrong part of the forum, I'm a newbie)
  19. I am in the (long) process of applying to register to practice as a nurse in Australia and would like to know from others who have been through this before me: The AHPRA ask for evidence (20 hours per year) of continuing professional development. They ask for this to be documented. I have certificates but am going to stuggle to demonstrate some of the training I have done from 2006 and prior to this. Has anyone else stumbled at this hurdle? How strict are they in the documentation? :unsure:
  20. Guest

    Nurse registration

    can someone please adivse on where i have to sent my nurse registrtion application form, do they all go to canberra and how long does it take?:wubclub:
  21. Hi, Where to go to register for Medicare and Centre link soon after arrival. :chatterbox: :eek::wubclub: many thanks, horizone
  22. LauraHaylor

    Dental Nurse Registration?

    Hi, My name is Laura and Im trying to find out if anyone knows if you have to be registard to work as a dental nurse in oz? In the UK it is illegal to work as a dental nurse if your not qualified and registard. Is it the same in oz and will a NVQ in dental nursing be a valid qualification?
  23. Hi, Hoping someone can help. We have 176 visa and living in WA. Have been here nearly 4 weeks. I'm sure there were some conditions of living here as part of the state sponsorship, such as registering your address on arrival/completing surveys etc....... Has anybody done this or know what/where I have to go to do this?? Thanks Guys
  24. Hi all, Seen many threads from others (mostly nurses) so not sure why I'm surprised but isnt there some madness in it being more of a pain getting registered than getting the visa in the first place! Need a rant so figure PIO is perfect place! Not AHPRA itself I'm struggling with and my case worker is fab (even takes direct calls, a novelty after DIAC), just the system's weird workings. Takes forever for posted documents to get to them and they don't like couriers...my universities here are either being sooo slow at sending transcripts due to lack of computer records (it was 1997, not exactly pre-computers!) or not doing transcripts for my post-grad, just certifying letters that are not good enough for AHPRA. Feel like I'm going around in circles... And then been told I need endorsement as well as registration with AHPRA so a load more documents I have to get certified and send...need to find a JP this time! AAAHHH!!!
  25. dani5

    IELTS/nursing registration

    Just wondering if anyone can clarify for me: Do you have to sit the IELTS test before lodging an application to register with the ANMC? Just thinking that IELTS forward on your results directly to ANMC so surely they will need to have received your application prior to this? Thanks in advance!!