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Found 43 results

  1. Guest

    Just Registered

    Hi all on Pomz In Oz ! We have just registered and have only just started our application for a Visa via a local Agent in Edinburgh. Initially we were going on a skills visa but recent changes in the MODL mean we are too old to do it that way now. Its now either State Sponsored or Family visa. Looks like a family at the moment so lets hope all goes well. Its great to read all the positive and negatives on the site. I have been looking for a while and enjoy reading all the posts. Keep up the good work guys. I think I will be a regular on the site. P.S - Planning on moving to Melbourne - any ideas for good schools in reasonable areas. Dont have a lottery win so looking outside the main city area, Mornington etc. Thats where the family is so better play it safe ! :spinny::spinny: JUST KEEP :hug: ON SMILING !
  2. Hi all. I just re ran the points test now that they've cancelled the MODL and I only make 110 points for a 175 Visa. I'm 33 with 2 years full time Registered Adult Nursing. Am i getting this right as i thought us nurses were in high demand ???? Or does this mean I can only apply for a sponsership ?? If anyone in the know could letme know i'd be very greatful Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm just a bit confused about the onshore spouse visa requirements for registered relationships (in Victoria). The immigration website says: The one-year relationship requirement does not apply if the applicant can establish that there are compelling and compassionate circumstances for the grant of the visa. For example: at the time of application of the partner visa, the de facto relationship was registered as a prescribed relationship in the relevant Australian state or territory legislation Does this mean that the requirements are waived (such as having lived together for 12 months) or that just the 12 month length is waived (i.e. you still need to meet the living together and other requirements, but you can apply as soon as they're met rather than 12 months after)? Thanks in advance
  4. Our client is a well-known not for profit large Private Hospital close to the city in one of Melbourne most leave suburbs. Current vacancies are: Orthopaedic/ Neurosurgery Day Oncology Scrub Scout Medical Gerontology Nurse Manager - Oncology Nurse Manager – Orthopaedics HealthStaff Recruitment provides a free service and includes: · Assistance with your nursing registration · Visa guidance and coordination · Comprehensive relocation service · Assistance with sourcing suitable accommodation · Assistance with sourcing schools if applicable Call our friendly consultants today on one of the Freecall numbers below or email your CV to: info@hsr.com.au Freecall from NZ 0800 223 381 │ Australia 1800 330 533 │UK 0800 047 0924│ Ireland 1800 422 011 │Canada 1866 286 7349 │USA 1866 317 4232
  5. Hello everyone! First time on here and looking forward to joining the community! Me and wife are looking into which visa to go for and in the meantime starting with the Skills assessment ... hope that's ok???, rather than looking for employment first. Thinking of 2010 as a time to head over to Oz. Any other nurses out there??? Have heard that there are some relocation packages in the back of the Nursing Times, but have yet to take a look myself ... any advice? should we go for the full visa??? Its like a minefield of info to go through! Dave!:jiggy:
  6. Hello everyone I was wondering whether anyone knows of any Australian Registered Training Organisation in England who could help with gaining an AQF in Information Technology? I know that there are organisations who do this for trades but cannot find any in information technology. TRA class this too as a trade. Many thanks
  7. I am disgusted to just discover that a woman on the internet who sells amateur immigration DVDs is CHARGING migrants for a list of Migration Agents based in Australia, who are registered with The Mara... this information is available FREE OF CHARGE on The Mara website, here: Migration Agents Registration Authority You can search on there very easily for an agent, for yourself, and can avoid being scammed! For those who don't know, The MARA is an acronym for the Migration Agents Registered Authority.
  8. Registered Nurses ! I want to tell you were I work there is position running for RN's but you will need to have a licence in as RN (Aged Care) in Brisbane. Very sorry but my Manager does not offer sponsorship. Located on the South side of Brisbane. We provided care & accommodation older people from diverse cultural backgrounds. We have a position for an RN's. Night duty and/or day & evening shifts. Applicants who are sensitive to the needs of older people and interested in progressing within their role are encouraged to apply.We offer family friendly, we are like a home environment and have flexible hours, salary packaging options, supportive management staff. If you are interested please email me for contact details: lookingforstaff@care2.com Hope to hear from you soon.
  9. colin&lorraine

    Clinical or registered nurse?

    Hi can anyone explain to me what the difference is between a registered nurse and a clinical nurse here in U.K. I am a band 5 but looking at job descriptions a clinical nurse band 6 appears to be more in line with my current post. Also when should I start applying for jobs Ive got my Queensland registration but not my visa yet. Thanks Lorraine:unsure:
  10. Hi All Please forgive my rant, but.... I see a huge amount of howling on the forums, some of it by Registered Migration Agents, muttering that people need “professional advice” in order to manage a visa application. Usually it is a preamble to suggesting their own firm (of course and understandably) but it is RMAs themselves who insist that people should use themselves or one of their RMA colleagues. In the last 24 hours, I have been involved with trying to assist a couple who are Poms in Oz Members (not marknhelen) to discover what has happened about their application for a skilled independent 136 visa. In good faith, this couple instructed a Registered Migration Agent in the UK, who and whose firm I am sorely tempted to name and shame on here, bluntly. Suffice to say that this agent and this firm is/are based and located in an area of the UK that I (a Southerner) consider to be “Up North” somewhere in England & Wales, because anywhere north of roughly Birmingham is “Up North” as far as I am concerned. I can confirm that the Agent involved is not any of the Agents/firms that contribute to Poms in Oz, and is not Shirley & Sheila from Australian Migration Associates either. The culprit in question has never posted on Poms in Oz and has never been mentioned on Poms in Oz. Nonetheless, this Registered Migration Agent (I have checked his MARA registration) was hired. The 136 application was lodged by him sometime in 2007. In November 2007 the Agent advised the couple to arrange their meds and police checks, which they duly did. In January 2008, his clients contacted him to request news. He said there was no news because he was waiting to hear back from them. What about? He allegedly said that a CO from the ASPC had made contact with him early in December 2007 requesting further information about the main applicant’s work. OMG, plainly. A month had elapsed during which these patient clients were unaware that anything was needed from them. The Agent told them not to worry. He would obtain an extension of time from the ASPC and all would be well. The clients leapt around, gathered the additional information, sent it to the Agent and hoped all would be well. This was all done by mid-January 2008. By yesterday, when the couple made contact with me, they had been informed that the Agent and the ASPC required no further information, but that the reason for the resounding silence from the ASPC ever since was because DIAC has run out of skilled PR visas for the 2007/8 Program Year. I said, “No they haven’t. Alan Collett of Go Matilda contacted them very recently. They confirmed to him that they still have visas available. Here is Alan’s recent news article about it and I am 99.9% sure that he would have updated that article if the situation has changed since it was published.” I suggested that the couple should phone the ASPC themselves and find out what is going on – or not. I learned today that they rang the ASPC and were told that a decision on their application had been made in early May 2008 and that their Agent had been notified of it, but that since they had ticked whichever box on the form requires all communication between the applicant and DIAC to go via the Agent, the ASPC chap could not say any more. He suggested that they should lodge Form 956 if they wanted to instruct DIAC to communicate direct with themselves instead of via their Agent. They found, completed and e-mailed Form 956 to the ASPC in the wee small hours of this morning and I am informed that the ASPC e-mail system has sent a receipt for it. Early this morning, I said, “OK. Ring up Australia House next, confirm that Form 956 has seen sent, thump the table with them and demand that they tell you what this Decision of early May 2008 says.” I learned this afternoon that Australia House were very helpful, confirmed that the Decision had been to grant the visas, and that the e-mail containing the Grant letter had been sent to the Agent on this same day early in May. Australia House rang up the Agent, I am told, to ask why he had not informed his clients of their good news? The Agent claimed that he “did not receive” the e-mail from the CO. Hello? Why did the e-mail not bounce back to the CO with the usual “Delivery Failed” message then, if this bit is true? I can see a “delivery failed” message in my own inbox readily enough. I do not believe for an instant that the VITAL e-mail was not received. So – here is an RMA whose e-mail arrangements are so inefficient that e-mails from DIAC fail to reach him, and seemingly ASPC Officers are so equally inefficient that when the message “does not reach” this Agent, the CO is unable to discover the fact and so does nothing about it? Why doesn’t my humble little PC let me down in the same way? When every communication that I have ever had from DIAC has never failed to arrive like clockwork? When their computer is the envy of every other Government with an Immigration Policy because the thing works like a charm? When their website is so well managed that it hardly every breaks down? When the mainframe machine in Canberra never seems to give up the ghost either (and anyway probably has a clone in the same way that NASA have 2 machines for the Space Shuttle, so that if one of the machines packs up there will be an instant switch to the other)? I’d say that DIAC probably employ the very best IT wizards on the entire planet, working with the best possible type of hardware and software. This sort of nonsense – and sheer dishonesty – brings the entire Registered Migration Agency profession and its governing body the Migration Institute of Australia into the most abject possible disrepute in my firm opinion. It is up to this ‘profession’ to do something about it and the best way that I can help to see to it that that damned well HAPPENS is by posting the information on here. The lot of them can remain under suspicion until the MIA/MARA gets up off its bone-idle butt and DEALS with some of its own renegades instead of shrugging this sort of thing off as an ‘isolated incident’ and letting it go. Registered Migration Agents and MIA Affiliate Members (anyone whose credentials I can check via the MIA & MARA websites) are welcome to contact me in confidence and I will tell you the name of your Registered Culprit. The very least that any of you can do on behalf of the British public whom you seek to serve is to join me in making a FUSS to your own governing body instead of quietly turning a blind eye. I have seen this happen too often now, and this one is getting very close to being the final straw with my patience. Grrrrrrr. Gill
  11. Guest

    Registered Nurse assessment

    Hi guys ! Can anybody point me in the right direction ? To be honest, I am confused:unsure:. I sent off my application form for assessment of nursing qualification gained outside of Australia to Nursing Board of the Northern territory. As I know, my papers were arrived 22 January of 2008. In May I was informed that my file was forwarded by Nursing Board of the Northern territory to the ANMC. Does somebody know for what purpose my file was forwarded to the ANMC ? I have this question because I know that the ANMC conducts an assessment of Registered Nurses and Midwives who intend to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration category and does not provide a registration. To be eligible for registration, RN should contact directly to Nursing Board of states.
  12. Hi everyone, I've got a problem that maybe me being stupid or AU post issue. According to the ACS website, my application has a status of "with assessor" and has a registered post number - it has been like this since Thursday. However, I cant track the registered post on AU post website Welcome To Australia Post which I'm assuming is what they use. Has anyone tracked the letter from AU? Cheers Rob
  13. I myself a Nurse and work in the same Aged Home for the pasted 21 years in Brisbane. I love working in the same place and will never go anywere else. We have lots of Nursing staff that come to work and live even very far from there homes and will not work anywere else despite the distance travel time is very consuming . There are positions for RN's if you are interested working at my work place. We have Night and Morning Shifts. RN's that are looking for working in a warm & friendly family environment. Our homemade meals are free to all staff. Hope there are some RN's here would like to come and check it out. All welcome Essential Requirements: Post Graduate Qualifications (preferred not essential) Current Queensland Nurse Registration Current work visa All Candidates are required undergo police check. Communication Skills Just email me and I will email you contact details. Cheers for now. Libra Nurse
  14. Hi Everyone, I sent to my local medical centre and asked if they were taking new patients and she said no, so I went to a larger Medical Centre in Robina and she said a few of the Doctors were taking new patients, I asked if we could register with one of them, she said I would need to phone up for an appointment when I needed one and you don't 'register' beforehand. Was just a bit worried as I have two small children, do I just have to wait until one of us is ill, what if they both go to the Doctors but me and my OH don't need to go for ages then they stop taking new patients? do I then have to find another Doctor for us?? any help or advice would be appreciated. Liz
  15. libra nurse

    Registered Nurses !

    We are currently looking for Registered Nurses. We have a position for an RN. Night duty and/or AM shifts in Aged Care Home. We have supportive management staff. We are located Southeast of Brisbane. If you are interested please email me for contact details. Hope to hear from you soon :jiggy:
  16. My wife has applied to do hairdressing at a college on the sunshine coast,2 yr course.Our aim is to apply for PR on completion.We have heard the college has to be registered for migration purposes.Not sure what this means,and not sure what difference it makes if you finish with the same qualification.Can anyone help with this query. Thanks Nigel
  17. considering emigration through family sponsorship, in very early stages of information gathering. would love to hear from anyone who has had experience in this specific area. My daughter has hydrocephalus and had a shunt fitted when she was 2, no problems since and is now almost 14, attends mainstream school with no special arrangements other than to avoid contact sports. We are worried that we will fail at the medical stage, we had information - not sure if urban myth- that if you are likely to cost the oz gov more than $20k you're not welcome! worst case scenario if daughter required new shunt don't know what cost implications are. can anyone help???
  18. Guest

    Just registered!

    Hi Just a quick message to introduce myself to the site. I've been checking the forums for weeks now so thought it was about time that I registered myself and got involved! I am planning to relocate to Sydney area in 12 or 18 months with boyf who is applying for work there. We are hoping that once he has the employer-sponsored visa package (fingers crossed) then I will be able to tag along as a 'de-facto' partner - we have lived together for almost two years already so hopefully this won't be too hard to prove. If anyone has experience of this type of visa application then any advice would be very welcome! Thank you, Erika PS Also hoping to relocate with dog! Is this a straightforward procedure or are there complicated quarantine rules?