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Found 40 results

  1. Hi Im new on here and hoping for some answers. Our medicals online show finalised for both of us, however mine show referred also. So which is it, finalised or referred? Im totally confused and worried at the same time. We`are so close to the end I just need my mind put at rest. Has anyone had this on their application also? Did it update to anything else or does finalised mean finalised and i should ignore the referred bit now? Any advice is very welcome and thank you in advance. Tasha:goofy:
  2. My medicals were recieved on 31 March 2010 and are still showing as refered. I got my xray done on 29th april and they showed as recieved on the 6th may, these have also been referred. Im pregnant which i guess is the reason they have all been referred. I had kind of thought the bloods and medical would have been changed to recieved when they inputed my xrays being referred. Its starting to freak me out now, but i keep telling myself if there was something wrong they would have told me by now :err: Does anyone know who i should call to find out about them, or an email addrss or phone number . Thanks
  3. We got our medicals done a couple of weeks ago, and our application status now has a new page on it. Everyone shows Health requirements Finalised, further medical results recieved,HIV blood test recieved. Except mine which says Health requirements outstanding :- this is because ive still to get my xray Further medical results referred HIV blood referred hepatitis Referred Are mine just referred because im pregnant ???? Im worried, they know how to put the ****ters up you.
  4. Guest

    Referred Medical

    We had our medicals yesterday and they were sent online. I checked our page before (can't help it I'm an addict!!) and it says they are received, the babys are finalised already and ours are waiting for the blood results to be sent. My sons have been referred (as expected due to heart condition). My question is to anybody that had their medical referred, how long did it take before you heard the outcome?? Thanks guys :unsure:
  5. Hello All, Can anyone help me with a query re online status of my visa application. I am in final stages of 175 visa application process and my medicals were finalised on 9/2/10 but my OH's were referred. OH's status has changed today, I will type below exactly what it says as I wondered if anyone else has similar experience and can explain to me what it means? 18/2/2010 Health requirements finalised 9/2/2010 Further medical results referred 9/2/2010 Further medical results referred 9/2/2010 Further medical results referred 9/2/2010 HIV blood test referred 9/2/2010 Hepatitis B antigen blood test referred 9/2/2010 Hepatitis C antibody blood test referred When I click on "Document checklist" it still says "required" for X-ray and medical examination. Basically it looks like the medical has been finalised but the other stuff hasnt been updated? I know for a fact that the blood tests are all negative as our panel doctor told us they were the next day when I phoned to check that he had sent medicals to Sydney?? So am pleased it says finalised but is there other stuff being done or does CO just update the top line and not worry about the rest? Can anyone clarify for me and help me out...I realise I am now OCD about checking the status of our application...I cant help myself!!!!:twitcy:
  6. I was wondering if anyone is waiting on their medicals, as mine has been referred to HOC since 22/01/10. I'm getting very worried now, seems to be going on forever. If anyone waiting still, or recently had theirs finilised I'd be grateful if you could post your timelines, It might give me some Idea of how much longer this agony is gonna last lol Thanks Angie :biggrin: 457 visa applied online 27/12/2009, meds 24/12/2009, meds recieved 11/01/2010, meds referred 22/01/2010.......waiting, waiting, waiting lol
  7. Weasie

    Arrrrhhhggggg... meds referred

    Have just found out that my son's medicals have been referred to the MOC. He has a food allergy, but that does not really affect him much. We now have a 4 week wait... Arrrrggghhhhhhh!!! Any advice? Is it worth speaking to the panel doctor who did the medicals?
  8. Guest

    medical referred

    Hi all, We are in the final stages of applying for a 175. Everything has been passed now except my husband's medical-he's the main applicant. We expected it may be referred because of previous medical problems. Just wondering if anyone has been through this process how long its likely to take and whether people had positive outcomes thanks em
  9. Guest

    Referred Medical!!

    Hi, could anyone please tell me what you need to do when you have your medical referred? I was checking our status page (a daily obsession of mine!) and was delighted to find that my medical along with my 3 daughters have all been received and finalised. Unfortunately, scrolling down a little further I discovered my OH's says "medicals have been referred to Australia for further processing". What does this mean? I haven't received an email requesting he attends for further tests. Does this mean we are likely to be declined? Any advice, please!! Glenda X:unsure:
  10. Hiya All Just hoping someone can put my mind at rest here! All our medicals have been finalised today except for my 11 year old son ... they have been referred! When we had the medicals they called him back for another XRAY. They asked if he had had a cold recently which he hadn't! They then said the second XRAY was fine and there was nothing to worry about so I am really concerned that he is the one that is referred. Has this happened to anyone else? Many Thanks in advance Jen xx
  11. Guest

    medicals referred

    HELP REQUIRED Hi Guys Please help me can some one shed some light on my medicals,i have just looked on my application page and on it it says that all i have had done on my medicals has been referred, what dose that mean dose it mean there is something wrong because my o/h and kids either says received or finalized:sad: Regards Woody PS surely if there was some thing wrong the doc would have told me but instead he said i was in good health
  12. Hi Guys, I just checked our online status and my OH who is the main applicant medicals all say finalised, mine all say referred! Should I be worried? I have read on here that the main applicant sometimes gets referred but I'm not the main applicant. I had to have a couple of additional blood tests do you think this is why its been referred? Or is there a problem with my results? If anyone who has been in the same situation and can advise it will be much appreciated! Thanks Shreen
  13. hi- I had skin cancer recently and thankfully cleared in June after surgery. I now have a case officer and been told to do medicals . I have some letters from GP about the cancer but I know the panel doctor will request a medical report from the consultant at hospital. Im worried as it says I have to do meds and police checks within 28 days. What will happen if it takes doctor longer than that to get report from consultant ? And what happens when it gets sent to Sydney to the MOC for referral ? I guess my case officer will be aware or do I email her ? Anyone who has been through this can help ? Thanks. :unsure:
  14. Guest

    Medicals referred - How long?

    Hi, our meds were received in HOC Sydney on 3rd July and finalised for 3 of us yesterday - mine have been referred as expected to MOC. How long will this take? anyone got an update on timescales currently as we are hoping to get this finalised before our 70 days is up for the CO in August. Julie x
  15. Guest

    medicals referred???

    hi all, i am just wanting your advice and reassurance really that all is well.............. my husband and the kids medicals all say finalised but mine........ they say referred for medicals, and all the necessary blood tests also??? i had an abnormal smear in which i have head loop diathermy recently, the consultant has written a letter for me stating it is not cancer and that there is not indication that this will cause problems in the near future! so what happens now, i have tried emailing my co but i bet hes really busy to be replying to an annoying woman like me whinging on about her bits and pieces!! please can anyone help ta lianne