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Found 40 results

  1. I've been keeping up with everyone's experiences and thought it time I shared mine. I'm travelling on a 457 as a secondary applicant, my partner is an academic who has been offered a job in Melbourne. We lodged the application ourselves after the visa nomination was granted. In retrospect we should have applied earlier as I didn't realise until after it was lodged that you can submit the application before nomination has been granted! Submitted all the documents at the time of lodging, paid the fee and waited. As a healthcare worker I knew that I would need a full medical, x ray and blood tests and arranged this just after submission. My OH who has a medical condition was requested to have a medical later. Here's the time line so far: Application submitted 29/05/11 Fee paid 29/05/11 Health requirements outstanding (person 2) 29/05/11 Medical examination required 29/05/11 Medical results received 23/06/11 X ray results received 23/06/11 Hep B, Hep C, HIV results received 28/06/11 Application processed further 14/06/07 Further information required 14/06/11 Health requirements outstanding (person 1) 14/07/11 Further medical results referred 14/07/11 Blood tests referred 14/07/11 The question I do have is what is the difference between my medicals results that are shown as received (submitted through ehealth) and my OH's who are shown as referred (sent by snail mail). Have mine been looked at yet or is that still to come?:realmad:
  2. Is anybody willing to share their reasons for being declined on medical grounds, or if you were referred, then accepted. Id like to hear all different views/cases as I dont think anyone would have the same issue as me, but your stories could give me an idea of my outcome. I'm asking this, as I am concerned my medical may be referred for the following reason. 3 years ago I went into hospital for a minor operation, which went wrong resulting in me having Septicaemia and fluid building up on my left lung as a result of several abscesses. This required me to have open surgery twice. I am fully better now, and have been for the last 3 years. Other than a kidney stone, that I have just had blasted this week. Can anyone tell me if they was referred, or declined, for any of the things I have mentioned i.e scar tissue etc. As I have scar tissue around my stomach, and there may be scarring where my lung filled up with fluid. Thanks for your replys
  3. Hi everyone. I'm a 33-year-old woman from the US. I will be applying for a PMV so I can move to Australia to be with my fiance, who is a US Citizen, and is (hopefully!)about to get his Australian PR. I was hoping someone more experienced than I with all this could give me advice on how I can best go about all this. He lodged his ENS 186 back in August, and right now the estimated processing time for those is six months. I'm hoping against hope it might be sooner than that. Of course, we can't apply for the PMV until his PR comes through. I am pretty positive my medicals will have to be referred as I have a few chronic conditions. I know that's going to add another 6-8 weeks onto the processing time for my visa because of GH. What can I be doing NOW to keep processing time down when we apply? I think I should front-load my medicals, but it's hard to know exactly when to do that when he doesn't even have his PR yet. I'm a little concerned about doing it TOO early, as I read somewhere that with some people, if you have certain conditions, your medical can actually expire earlier than the standard one year and you might have to get it redone. But on the other hand, I don't want to have to wait an extra couple of months because I didn't front-load. I was also told that having documentation from my current specialists on my chronic conditions when I go to see the panel doc can be helpful. Does anyone have any guidance on what that information needs to be, what form it needs to be in, etc.? I want to do everything I can to make things easy as possible for GH/DIAC. Thanks so much in advance for any advice you all can offer.
  4. Hi, just wondering if anyone else has encountered the same issue. Both myself, husband and eldest sons medicals have been finalized, but my 3 year olds has been referred to Australia for further examination. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur but was seen by a pediatrician here and we were told that it was absolutely nothing to worry about and wouldn't cause him any problems, it has never bothered him at all and was only picked up on once when he had a chest infection, the letter from the hospital stating all this has been sent to them. Just wondering if anyone else has had their medicals referred and if so how long it took to get a response and if it caused any other problems, it is the only thing that needs checked off for visa to be granted. Would appreciate any advice anyone can give me :cute:
  5. Hello Pals, We know there are many cases here in PIO estimating the timelines after getting through to the 'Further medical results referred' status. So please put in your dates here for an estimate of the current processing time at H.O.C. It helps! Mine have been referred further on 05/11/2011. Thanks
  6. hi everyone, have a query which i hope some one will be able to help me with. we are in Oz and applying for ENS visa. Went for my medical and have received a letter referring me to the health undertaking service for TB testing. Now, this has come as a shock and am left wondering where this leaves us with our application. I do have an abnormal x-ray due to a bad case of pneumonia. This was declared for our last visa and was passed through the radiologist and then LCU with no probs. Thought there may have been an issue then, but since there wasn't put it out of my mind. Now, after medical here, again declaring the info and showing letter from my old consultant regarding the pneumonia I have received this referral and need to attend the chest clinic as a suspected TB case. Have never had TB, have been immunised against it, and only have abnormal xray due to lung scarring after the pneumonia, which I have already demonstrated to them. Am obviously really concerned now that this will affect our visa application and am wondering if anyone has experienced this? many thanks

    Further Medical Results Referred

    Any thoughts anyone??? Had meds sent & uploaded by EHealth & this is listed on my case: 04.03.2011 Further Medical Results Referred Could it be that something has been queried?? hmmmm
  8. Viv n Rick

    Medicals referred

    Hope this puts someones mind at rest, it did it for me! Hubby, 2 kids and me had our meds etc. on 16/11/11, at Manchester. Lovely staff, very efficient, and Dr. Smith was very professional. We knew before we left that the medical and urine test was fine. We asked when results of chest x -ray would be available, it would take a couple of days, but if there was anything wrong we would be the first to know. My hubby is being investigated by our GP for a stomach problem, his scan is on Friday, so our GP will have to send the results of the scan to Dr. Smith, to forward to DIAC. Ladies over 40 be aware, you will have a breast exam at the medical. This morning I checked for progress on DIAC website. This is what it said, Person 1 Hubby 29/06/2011 Health requirements outstanding 31/10/2011 e-Mail sent to you 29/06/2011 Medical examination required 18/11/2011 Further medical results received 18/11/2011 Further medical results received 18/11/2011 HIV blood test received Person 2 Me 29/06/2011 Health requirements outstanding 21/11/2011 Further medical results referred 21/11/2011 Further medical results referred 21/11/2011 Further medical results referred 21/11/2011 HIV blood test referred Person 3 offspring 1 18/11/2011 Health requirements finalised 17/11/2011 Further medical results received Person 4 offspring 2 18/11/2011 Health requirements finalised 17/11/2011 Further medical results received I was horrified that my medical result was referred and not Hubby's, after all, he was waiting for scan and results. I began to contemplate the amount of wine I am capable of consuming and how many fags I have smoked, ( all for medicinal purposes of course, reckon it's better for a self employed body than Valium, and more enjoyable!) Anyway, drove myself crazy with worry, then decided to ring Medigration, where we had the meds. I left a message and had to wait for the call back, expecting them to say the blood test only showed alcohol and the chest x-ray was not clear because of the smog clouding the picture!:arghh::arghh: Lovely lady rang me back. Apparently on one of the many forms we have submitted on this journey,, my surname has one misspelled letter and does not agree with the spelling on my passport!:swoon:I have now had smelling salts and recovered from my faint, although my Hubby's scan is not until Friday. Still, think I will have a glass of Shiraz to celebrate!
  9. Guest

    Medicals referred

    Anyone had their medicals referred? If so what does it mean and what happens?
  10. Hi all, just wondering how you know if medicals have been referred? What will it say? Will it say 'medicals referred', or 'further medicals required etc....'? Thanks, Lucy.
  11. Janie101

    Medical referred

    Hi everyone. Just after a bit of advice. Our son's medicals have been referred (we did expect this to happen) but what happens now. Is the information we provided just looked at by another doctor or do we need to see another doctor? Thanks Jane:biggrin:
  12. fossda

    Referred to Met

    Hi all Just wondering how long is the average wait for medicals going from referred to 'met' Youngest sons have been referred as expected - just wondered what sort of timescale we are looking at now Many many thanks Rachel x
  13. Hi, Does anyone have any idea of the current processing timelines for medicals that have been referred? My OH were finalised 01 Jul and mine were referred. This is all that stands between us and the visa. Any advice on here would be appreciated before I email global health with an enquiry. Thanks peeps Yoyo x
  14. Well it's been quite a night. My husband and my daughter's meds were uploaded and finalised last week. My newborn son's (Noah) were couriered last week and arrived on Monday. Mine were uploaded on Tuesday and referred on Wednesday (not sure for what?). Before I went to bed last night my referred meds were changed to finalised. Noah's meds were finalised when I got up at half 3 this morning to feed him. Then when I woke up this morning to an email from our agent stating our visa has been granted! Our case officer has been great the whole way and must have been waiting to push that grant button as soon as he got confirmation of Noah's meds! We are so so happy but not looking forward to telling the parents that it's actually going ahead. This has been such a long process (despite what my timeline may suggest) and a dream that began 6 years ago has finally been realised! I'm off to have some champers now!! Natalie
  15. sedgecl

    Medical Referred...:{

    Hi Not sure if anyone out there has had the same thing, but our children have received clearance on their visas, OH and I medicals have been referred. It has been 2 weeks, I know that there are a lot of bank holidays this month, but do you think that it's anything to worry about. Hope you all had a great Easter and didn't get too burnt. Thanks
  16. brideycollette

    Benign Lumps ...Meds referred

    Hi Guys , I thought i would mention this and also ask if anyones meds have been referred to Australia because they have a benign Lump ? I have provided my consultants letter to say it was benign and was clear of any cancer . I suppose i'm just wondering do they ask for more info ?:biglaugh: or am i being a complete stress head Brides x
  17. mine do not say anything except received what does that mean and also my sons is still not on there after a week is that the norm
  18. jonneeb

    Medical referred? What now?

    Hi, After completing all the Medicals, PCC's etc. Medicals arrived in Sydney nice and quickly, wifey and childrens medicals all OK but mine, main applicant, have been referred, I assume it's because I'm on some prescription meds which the Dr. at the Medicals said was absolutely fine but he asked for supporting info from consultant. Duly supplied this from my own Dr. and sent to Meds centre for despatch with results. Visa agent says the medicals are the property of the SA government, fair enough, and I havbe to wait for the outcome! Not helpful when I asked what the reason may be. Emailed CO, automated response. Does anyone ahve any advice etc. about medical referrals? Why they get referred, duration for a resolution? Visa denied?? Starting to think it could all go down the pan. Thanks.
  19. Hi Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times, but why are medicals referred? Mine has been, but OH has been finalised. Neither of us have any illnesses, but as a nurse I had to have hep B and c blood tests, so wondering if nurses routinely have medicals referred? I know results are okay as medical centre said they would contact us by last friday if any blood tests were positive (not sure why I spent friday panicking the phone would ring!) Any help thanks, am currently on night shift which means I get a chance to check on line a lot overnight, which is baaad for my health! :wideeyed: Gill x
  20. I got CO on 14th feb and I did my medical on 15th... on 2nd march it convert into referred... can any one tell me expected time to finalized ? I know it vary from case to case.. but in normal condition ?:mad:
  21. Hi All, A little bit anxious now and would appreciate any help/advise i can get. Meds been referred and hasn't been finalized till now - a full 5 weeks:mad:. Anybody out there in the same boat? Hadn't heard anything from MOC (will they contact by email if there's a problem?). Panel doctor assured everything was ok when the meds were sent, so don't know why it's taking so awfully long to have it cleared. Wanted to believe it's all due to some backlog, but I haven't read from PIO anyone who's waiting as long as I am. Thanks.
  22. Guest

    Medicals Referred

    Hi My hubby's meds are showing as referred whilst mine and our sons are showing met - do we need to worry about this. The only thing with him was high blood pressure and they did an extra blood test for that - kidney function which was fine.
  23. Guest

    Referred Medical.

    My status shows that my medicals have been referred. When I had them done my blood pressure was a bit high. Can anyone shed some light on how long the referrals take and if I should be concerned. Thanks.
  24. Guest

    Medical Results Referred

    Hi, im new to all this. I just checked my online application and is says everything is met for my wife and child but that my medical results are referred. Could there be something with me that i don't know about. Or is this normal procedure. :skeptical::skeptical:
  25. Hi, Please advice within how many days does an application gets allocated/referred to a case officer. Thanks.