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Found 119 results

  1. First post of what I hope to be many as my OH and I are currently half way through the recruitment process with Leighton Contractors who have been on a recruitment drive in the UK for Rail Engineers and Managers (via Hays Global Recruitment) Has anyone else out there any experience of moving over to Aus either with Leightons' or another company on a sponsored work visa? Just intersted how the process worked and the work related issues etc? I suspect the posts regarding housing, childcare (two small folks at 2 and 4) and the other practicality style advice will need to be posted elsewhere but for now, the work one is a start. All very confused and bewildered about how things would work but excited all the same :wacko::jiggy:
  2. Hi All, This is my first day logged on to 'pomsinoz' so forgive my ignorance if I'm going about seeking advice in the wrong way. :unsure: My family and I are in the process of applying for a state sponsored visa with 'western australia' because they are the only state that are sponsoring IT project managers at the moment, but we'd prefer to be in Melbourne or Sydney, but the only way I believe that we can get there is via an employer sponsored visa, which leads me to my first post, which is, "does anyone know of any recruitment agencies that specialise in employer sponsorship"? I've been searching on the 'SEEK' job website, and have been sending unsolicited e-mails to all of the agencies registering jobs with a covering letter and my CV, but had little response. Thanks in advance for any help or advice, John
  3. Ghost jobs - recruiters fight the downturn The slump in the job market has hit recruiters, forcing some to cut staff, or even resort to questionable methods as competition for survival heats up. The recruiters association recently released a survey showing that less than half of the 179 members polled are confident of an improvement to their business in the next three months.
  4. hi there ..we re due to move in september. My hubby is a carbon fibre specialist working in aerospace here in Uk at mo and as he s a contracting here he was wondering about agencies to contact in Oz ...specially in Sydney ... can anyone help ? cheers lou x
  5. Hi folks, Just seeking any advice of good recruitment agencies in Melbourne that would specialise in the Banking/Finance sector. I found a few on google and have e-mailed them yesterday looking for advice, the ones i've contacted are 1) Cherry Solutions 2) Hays 3) Steve Semmens (though I think he's the Brisbane area) 4) WH Marks Sattins So if anybody has used them or any others and could recommend someone within these companies to contact by phone I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Trish :idea: (really need to get up of me arse and clean this house now!! Can't get off this site!!)
  6. I have been trying to find a specilaist IT agency in Perth via Google but can't find any that I would really call specialist. If anyone knows of any, especially ones that deal in software development and can pass on details I'd be ver grateful. For the moment I just want to speak to them to find out what the market is like and to try to get an indication of salary etc based on my skills and experience. Thanks, Andy.
  7. Hi All Myself and my other half are just about to apply to SA Govt for sponsored visa as an Office Manager. I am trying to get all the research together for our application, and in terms of employment am struggling to get anyone to help me with suitable/suggested employment opportunities when we get there including info like job title, possible earnings etc. This is vital in our research section!! I have emailed around 10 recruitment consultants but have received nothing back from them. Does anyone know of any good agencies who would be helpful in this instance? I have been in touch with some of the big international recuitment consultants like Hays & Manpower who have not helped in any way. I have found this rather strange as the SA Govt obviously think there is a shortage of Office Managers and have put it on the wanted skills list. Is there any other info we need to put on our research application apart from this & housing etc. Apart from the fact that Adelaide looks great of course. We are thinking of around Noarlunga so we can get into the city quickly but still have the work / life balance that we want - beaches & parks etc. Thanks in advance for any help. Mark & Clodagh
  8. Hi Folks, I am moving out to Brisbane with my Australian girlfriend in May. I have worked in recruitment for 5 years and want to continue in the same way. I have a working holiday visa. How easily do you think I will find work? Will the fact I am only on a working holiday visa hinder me? Thanks in advance for your help. Russell
  9. Hi Folks, I am moving over to Australia with my girlfriend,who is Australian. I have one year working visa. What's the market like for people in my situation? Do you think I should find work quite easily? Russell
  10. What are the main recruitment agencies and websites for Australia, and in particular, the Central Coast of NSW? I know there is Seek, Career One and MyCareer but of those three only Seek seems to be updated or have any somewhat suitable jobs on. Are there any others which are good? Footprint Recruitment are TERRIBLE and even though I've registered with them there is never anyone available to talk and they never return calls however many times I ring and I have just about given up on them! Long shot now but I don't suppose anyone has any sort of work going on the Central Coast which is admin, customer service, media, reception or even shop work?!!
  11. Hi there guys! Can anyone recommend any IT Recruitment agencies and those specialising in exec recruitment based in Perth? We were just wondering if whilst we go through the normal routes, we also keep our options open for any sponsorship opportunities in Perth. You might tell me this is not possible so I respect your opinions!:wink: Bye for now folks. Nicky
  12. For those in Queensland you will be aware of the huge amount of flood damage. Not only has it affected residential properties it has also damaged infastructure. This is often put out to tender. The Queensland Government has an etender website. You can view what tenders are coming up and who has been sucessful in obtaining the contract. If a company has been awarded a contract they have guaranteed work for a period of time. Contact these organisations. Local councils also have to put work out to tender as do all federal, state and local government. Recruiters have to find positions to fill - not just candidates - this is one of the things they do to source vacancies so they can see which companies have a recruitment need. We recently helped someone open up pathway E by coming here to be assessed by TAFE. We suggested he come onshore as it would also give him the opportunity to meet with local companies. He has had more than one job offer and is a tradie. He did this by approaching companies directly. As mentioned in previous posts we are not an immigration company - we are a consultancy helping businesses in Australia with their skills shortages by using a whole range of solutions.
  13. Hello - I just wondered if anyone could recommend any recruitment agencies which I can sign up to? Im currently a press officer in the UK - so ideally would like to contact an agency specialising in media or PR. Im really keen to move to NSW, but finding a job is proving very hard! Many Thanks
  14. Hello - I just wondered if anyone could recommend any recruitment agencies which I can sign up to? Im currently a press officer in the UK - so ideally would like to contact an agency specialising in media or PR. Im really keen to move to NSW, but finding a job is proving very hard! Many Thanks
  15. Hi All - Hope someone can help. It seems like a really stupid question, but I can't fathom out the answer on my own! OH and I have found LOADS of structural engineering jobs all over Oz on different recuitment web sites. In fact we have found so many, that we are sceptical that the jobs have not been duplicated (in some instances 5 times). Does anyone know whether companies use multiple recruitment agencies to find staff, or whether there really are loads of jobs in this field over there. Also, OH registered with a couple of recruitment agencies and was told by agent that this was not the done thing and that he should only have registerd with one?!? This can't be true can it?? Please can anyone shed some light on this one??? Cheers
  16. Does anyone know of recruitment agencies that assist recruiters or resourcers with overseas experience, looking for jobs in Sydney? (I am a resourcer from India, moved to Sydney recently.) Thanks
  17. Hi, I am just at the beginning of the process and was wondering when is the best time to send my C.V to recruitment agencies. If I send it to early will it be forgotten about by the time we get their or should I do it now in the hope that they will be able to sponsor me. The latter is said in hope. Also what format should be used for C.V’s is the U.K type ok or does someone have any links or samples of what is expected. Thanks, and look forward to your replies. Anne
  18. Hi Guys! I am currently looking into moving to Melbourne with my wife (a nurse) and our two girls 4 and 8. My wife is still a bit unsure as to my employability and this is holding her back from submitting our application. Can anyone shed any light on the job prospects for someone like myself in Melbourne. I'm currently a Recruitment Manager with 16 years experience in recruitment. I have a post graduate diploma in Personnel Management and will complete a Masters in Human Resource Management this year. Any assistance you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. Looking information around companies that might recruit and also salary scales. Thanks Adrian
  19. Were moving to Brisbane in November (hopefully) and my husband is an electrician and trying to find a job before we arrive. Can anyone recommend any recruitment agencies. So far the jobs he has applied for they all seem to either want residency or asking if he has the queensland license. Also does anyone know how we get the license?
  20. Hi all Can anyone recommend a tried and tested nursing recruitment agency that covers Queensland, particularly Brisbane? Regards, Heather :hug:
  21. Hi All, I'm in Banking and have been on a 457 through a Sydney recruitment agency since July 06. I had intended to go de facto with my partner early next year. She's a kiwi and I just found out last week that she's a "non-eligible NZ citizen" as she's only been in the country since 2006. Sounds like I now have to get PR off my own bat which I should just qualify for (hopefully) through the points sustem with my degree and 10 yrs experience. What are the ways I can get PR? Can I apply somehow through my agency as I've been working for the same company through them for over 2 yrs? Thanks for your help in advance. Z
  22. Hi, Looking to move out to the Brisbane/Gold Coast area- work in Brisbane in Recruitment. Does anyone know how the industry is doing over there? Plus any hints and tips for securing a role with being a pomme, has anyone found this hard?? Teejaybee
  23. Guest

    Recruitment agencys in Sydney

    Hello all! I'm looking for contacts / email addresses / websites in Sydney for temp work when I go out on a WHV next year, Anything office or carpentry based would be ace! Thanks in advance
  24. Or even more than one? The GF has her job at the Royal Northshore already and seeing as we're moving in about 6 weeks I need to get my CV out there so I can get some interviews sorted. I've found a few online agencies but have always had more luck when picking an actual agency and seeing what they can offer me. ....so any of you techies out there got some agencies I should go to....or even steer clear of? Thanks in advance for the help. ;-)
  25. Hi, Is anyone aware of any impending recruitment roadshows in the UK in the next couple of months?