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Found 119 results

  1. I am an FCCA with 15 year PQE currently working as a divisional FD for a major UK residential developer, an industry I know loads about having worked my way up from Mgt Acct to FD over the last 15 years too. My specilaity is business planning and the understanding the operations side of the business. Having passed all the various tests (digging up my old quals and modules, etc) I got a family 175 visa late last year for me, my two young boys and my wife who is a nurse in the mental health field. We went over to have a look-see and holiday in December to Sydney and Melbourne and just got back, but obviously took the opportunity to validate our visas and now have 5 years to move - either before we get too old, or depending on what people advise here. So where to apply to, how to go about it, and what city or state should I be trying? (Bearing in mind my speciality is residential / construction) Sydney though beautiful was way too expensive but Melbourne looked good. Any ideas or advice please?
  2. Hey guys, I'm the State Manager for TM WA and looking for experienced recruiters to join me in Perth. For consultants with the right experience and background, I am able to offer 457 visas Please message or PM me for further information...... Are you an experienced, possibly senior Recruitment Consultant, looking for new ground and an opportunity with a true Executive recruitment company? At TM, we believe that our innovative people solutions, quality processes, teamwork and willingness to "go the extra mile" are the reasons why we maintain our success. We continue to grow with an impressive client base and focus on technology innovation. As part of the Vedior group, we pride ourselves on being an innovative and progressive people solutions organisation. We offer our clients a customised recruitment strategy that focuses on Consultant industry specialisation, excellent relationships with both candidates and clients alike and importantly, achieving results! We have a number of preferred supplier relationships with large multi nationals and are proud of our reputation in the market. We currently have consulting opportunities in several segments of our business, including Banking & Finance and Sales and Marketing. Whilst a background in recruitment consulting is advantageous, if you bring a business development/client management profile and want the financial rewards for your efforts, this could be your next career opportunity. You will need to be excited by challenge and enjoy working in a collaborative team environment. A competitive remuneration package will be negotiated commensurate with your skills and experience (and we have a fantastic commission structure in place)Back to top
  3. Hello, I'm currently on a Working Holiday Visa from the UK and currently looking for IT work in Adelaide. Now there haven't been many jobs on seek, probably due to Xmas+ new year hols etc, but I applied for one via Hays the other day and registered with them 2 days ago. My Hays agent advised me to not apply with other agencies ( :wink: ) and that work will come in a couple of weeks. I have looked on their site and there's still not much on there, (it's only been a few days of course) .....but I there a few more jobs on seek via other agencies, that I want to appy for. And so I'm being conceded... Is registering with Numerous recruitment agencies a negative thing? or posative? I am aware that the agent OF COURSE will not want me getting work via somewhere else. I am also aware that some jobs posted on seek are duds and are merely fish nets to obtain a job seekers registration. So can anyone share there experiences? And advice? If so, please state what work you were looking for as i feel that helps.... Thank you :notworthy:
  4. Hi I'm a recent architecture graduate looking for 457 sponsorship in Sydney. I'm on a tourist visa at the moment while I hunt around for jobs. I've tried to find out as much as I can about the 457 Visa so that employers know my situation but I'm still very confused. Speaking to others who have done it it appears costs are very high for the employer around $5000 but from looking on government websites I can only see a $350 fee for becoming a registered sponsor, a $70 nomination charge and then my own $265 visa application fee. Where does all this extra charge come from and who has to pay it? I'm finding it hard to find an employer willing to pay this kind of money for a new employee yet so many others seem to be able to get the visa. I was wondering how easy it is to get sponsored through a recruitment agency who would already be a registered sponsor and know all the ins and outs of the process, has anyone else done this and does it also cost a lot of money??? Thanks Anna
  5. neilharrison_253

    Recruitment cycles..

    Hi all Quick question, does Australia have recruitment cycles in the sense of times when companies are less or more likely to hire. I.e. Is it better to come out November / december or January / February ? Am trying to time our trip so as to have best chance of finding available positions? Regards
  6. Ok, I am apologizing in advance as this will be a bit of a rant. I have always had a problem with recruitment agencies in Australia. Whenever I was looking for work, I looked on Seek and tried for everything, normally with the lovely automated response that the position had been filled. I never have trusted recruitment agencies myself, and now that my OH is out of work, he has been applying for jobs on Seek through recruitment agencies. Well so far, what has happened, has just confirmed my suspicions about recruitment agencies. OH applied for a job on seek through a recruitment agency, had a telephone and face to face interview with the company that was supposed to be hiring, only to be told today, that the job is on hold for god knows how long.... my question is why put a bloody job on seek if it is to be put on hold, and why go through the drama of interviewing people. He also applied for another job on seek, again through a recruitment agency, and was told that there were 2 companies hiring... found out this week, that oh, the jobs are not there. Why oh why do these recruitment agencies put on jobs, and then you find out that either the job is on hold, or that more than likely the jobs don't really exist. Sorry this gets right up my nose.... job hunting is stressful enough without phony jobs being advertised. I now have my husband seeking jobs back in Canada.... who knows, maybe jobs really exist back there.... can't help but to try.. for they certainely don't exist on bloody seek.com here. Sorry rant over. Cheers Karen
  7. Hi all, Im looking to put together a list of any Australian recruitment agencies who specialise in recruiting migrant workers . It should be helpful to everyone who are in the situation of job searching while abroad. I've only found JPA Recruitment but they don't seem to have a lot on their page. Although I'm thinking of emailing them anyway so I will let everyone know what they say. I'd like this post to help other people in the future so I will add all links to the bottom of this. All advice/tips/links would be appreciated. Thank youuuu Alex :smile: Links: http://www.finrecruit.asia
  8. Hi, Could anyone recommend PR, marketing, advertising recruitment agencies in Sydney? Thank you!
  9. I've just got off the phone to a healthcare agency in Australia and was told WA are not taking overseas nurses and midwives for the next 12 months + Anyone heard this? there is nothing on the internet :confused: Jo
  10. Hi all :biggrin:we are sooo excuited, having a few problems with some family members that dont want us to leave but im sure it will be easier. I teach PE and was a little disappointed to read that there are not many positions available unless you live in the middle of nowhere. Any PE teachers out there who can fill me in? However looking at seek.com there seems to be lots of jobs for recruitment consultants, does anyone work in this industry and how do you find it? We are over in April and hope to seek out jobs and maybe a few interviews, however we are moving over in sep, not sure if positions will be held for that long??? thanks in advance XXXX:hug:
  11. mandymcqueen

    Recruitment Consultants

    Hi Guys Just found this advert on Gumtree (Brisbane) and thought I would pop it on here incase it is an option or could be helpful to anyone out there. ocation: Brisbane Package: $60k to $70k (+) superannuation (+) commission (+) LAFHA Sponsorship arranged (if applicable) Our client has solid reputation within the Brisbane technical recruitment market. They provide a niche service offering to clients in the Manufacturing, Energy, Construction, Infrastructure and Consultancy industries. With the upturn in the market our client is looking to grow it's existing teams and capitalise on continued market confidence. Specific areas of need include; - Construction and Engineering - Supply Chain and Logistics - Rail Our client seeks the services of a solid Recruitment Consultant who has a strong understanding of terminology, has consistent billings, has the ability to nurture existing client relationships and develop new business. You will have excellent communication skills, confidence and the ability to build credibility quickly. Our client offers a dynamic work environment where success genuinely breeds success. Our client offers a competitive commission structure that incorporates an individual and team component. If this role is of interest then please don't hesitate to contact carrigan@csalliances.com, phone (02) 9818 8844 or 0408 350 484 Confidentiality guaranteed. the link is Recruitment Consultant - Construction and Engineering - HR Jobs Brisbane - Human Resource Jobs - Gumtree Brisbane Free Classifieds
  12. Hi everyone, hope all is well! I after a bit of advice, my husband and I have now recieved our Visa and my registration is about to go through so naturally ive started looking for a job, I have contacted loads of hospitals directly, queensland health, mater ect ect and sent a covering letter and cv. Just wandering should I also apply to recruitment agencies too. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for looking :biggrin:
  13. bungeeman

    WA Police recruitment

    Hey all, I have been continuously checking the WA police recruitment website and nothing has changed on there for ages now. Just wondered if anyone has heard any rumours or has an incling as to weather or not they are going to recruit from the international pot again? Seeing as the new SOL has dampened our chances of a 175 visa, this may be our only other option... which suits me, as I want to continue my career over there Cheers Ben
  14. Has anyone used a recruitment consultant in Perth - which ones are the good ones?
  15. back in december i was contacted by an agency in england saying he,d seen my cv and reckoned his australian counterpart was confident he could get me an employer/sponsor within days like a muppet i paid him and you guessed it nothing since just wondered any body else any experience like this , just spoken to another one do any of them actually find people jobs ?:jimlad:
  16. Hi Is it worth registering with a recruitment agency to try and find a job? Can anyone recommend any good ones, particularly around Perth? Is this a good way to get your CV out there, or would you recommend doing it all off your own back?
  17. Hi, I wondered if anybody knows whether or not migrants on 175 visa are eligble to apply for these. My son is in his last year of university and has seen some government schemes which he is really interested in, but I do wonder whether 1) he is eligible or 2) if anyone knows of someone who has been sucessful in getting one. Any info would be great Thanks
  18. Guest


    Hi All, i am working in Recruitment and would like to make a move to either OZ or NZ ideally NZ. i understand that this is not on the skilled list but i was wondering if anyone knows if i will be able to secure a role before traveling / migrating? if anyone knows of any recruitment firms that i can contact i would appreciate it greatly. many thanks
  19. Calling all pommie football fans on the Gold Coast that miss the one good thing about the uk. Gold Coast United is the fledgling A-League team on the Gold Coast (currently in its first year of operation). I have been a Brisbane supporter for 2.5 years, but am moving to Gold Coast in Jan and will be within 3 mins bus ride of the stadium, hence my loyalty has quickly vanished and I already own the Gold and blue top of GCU. The fan base still has room to grow, although it is doing very well for its first year and the team itself is doing amazingly (currently 3rd). The stadium is in Robina, next home match is on 9th Jan. All comers welcome, and if you fancy a drink before the game, the supporters group meet in RQ's pub in Robina before hand, with a free bus put on to take you direct to the stadium. It's not like the footy used to be/can be in the uk in that it is very family friendly and there is no agro. I took my 3yo daughter to the game on boxing day and she has been going to the Brisbane games since she was 2yo. So, if you are interested, give it a go, come along. Any questions, just let me know (I'm still a newbie to this club so my answers may be delayed/second hand!). The finals start in Feb/March and GCU will def be a part of that. The atmosphere should be great in the fantastic brand new stadium. Hope to see you there/hear from you soon! :yes:
  20. CARPENTERS, nurses and geologists are in short supply as Victoria grapples with a shortage of key skilled workers. The housing industry, buoyed by the economic recovery and government handouts, is begging for school leavers to consider a building apprenticeship. TECHNOLOGY company Renewtek is feeling the pinch of a countrywide skills shortage. With a national survey showing that 76 per cent of bosses have reported trouble getting skilled workers, group managing director Fergus Porter says his company expects to be forced offshore to recruit the specialists it will need when demand picks up. And what is being done to address this by federal and state governments, apart from clamping down on migration....?
  21. Guest

    recruitment agents

    Hi i feel i must just share this with site in case anyone else is in a similar situation to ours in the UK, i am a mental health nurse, i posted my CV on varrious websites from the UK and was lucky enough to recieve quite a bit of interest. We did not have any real plans or ideas where were heading.Then out the blue one evening i recieved a phone call from a firm called PMC austalisia recruitment and consulting, he offered to help me and circulate my CV for positions in Melbourne, i was a little scepticle as he seemed to promise the world. However this firm were amazing, he got me an interview, personally inspected houses for us to rent, met us at the airport in a huge car as we had 10 cases. helped with tax file system etc, gave us a house warming gift. if anyone is in the early stages of the process and has similar circumstances to what i descibed above then deffinatley check this firm out, i am now in Melnourne, in a 4 bedded rented house, close to schools, shops and the train line (not to close), full time employement, all from answering a late night phone call in the UK.
  22. Hi All, When I first move over to Sydney I'm just going to look for some temp office work. Does anyone have any Recruitment Consultants that they can personally recommend? Thanks
  23. Title says it all. I am trying to register with agencies before I move to Australia, so can anyone help with the names of recruitment agencies that deal with accountants? Something I have noticed is that some (perhaps most) agencies do not like have CVs or resumes sent "on spec". Is this typical? Regards, M.
  24. mr luvpants

    SA police recruitment

    Just in case anyone is interested. SA police have opened their recruitment lines again for any serving UK officers looking for sponsorship. But get in quick! JOHN
  25. Hi, I wondered if anybody knows what the situation is with nursing posts in Perth. I had been offered a post at the Royal Perth only to be told that it had been frozen and they would get back in touch with me when there was more news. I haven't heard anything!! Is it just me??:sad: Any news about the nursing vacancy situations in Perth would be welcome. Thanks