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Found 71 results

  1. Hi, Me and my g/f are thinking of moving to australia but we're a bit unsure about the visa situation, i did one of those online evaluations and it says i'm ok but didn't give much info... Anyway I've got a bachelors degree in mech engineering, and i've worked in engineering for 6 1/2 years since graduating, from what i've read i think i should be ok, but if anyone else is in engineering could they give me their opinion please? My g/f i'm a bit more unsure about, we don't live together so we're not officially recognised as a couple. She's just graduated in June this year with a masters degree in maths, she's been struggling to get on a grad scheme anywhere so has just been working in a purchase ledger finance dept since then. What are her chances of getting a visa given she's a recent grad and not trained in a specific occupation?? Cheers!
  2. Guest

    Change a recent ACS code

    heys how would i go about changing my code on the ACS letter? According to the IT agents in Austrailia which i have seen my cv, have said the code that has assigned to me is incorrect due to be Database Business Analysis.
  3. Hi all, I need guidance and advice about my current situation. I did my masters in IT (2009) from OZ and then kept trying to get a job in the IT sector with no success. I have previous experience teaching programming and database to high school students in my home country hence I landed up a job as a IT trainer in a college and after 6 months of working there I got a part time teaching position as a lecturer in my university (from where I did my masters). However I worry a lot about my future; mostly because, my family's financial situation has gone down the drain and I'm becoming very irritated and stressed. I grabbed whatever opportunity came my way because I needed the money to pay the bills and the rent. I really want to get into the IT sector but my visa condition (currently on TR) and lack of experience is posing a big hurdle:cry: . If I apply for graduate jobs, I never get a reply and few of those who have replied, tell me they want someone junior to fill the position. It’s a catch 22 situation :arghh:. I find myself depressed and frustrated each day. Looks like I will be forced to stay in a profession (Teaching) which I do not wish to pursue. I do like the job that I'm doing; it’s just that my heart is somewhere else. Will I ever get an IT job? Is there any employer who would wish to employ someone in my situation (No experience but determined to achieve my dream)? Do people who have no experience or wish to change their career have to forget about their dreams? I feel trapped. I guess my question is: I know there are a lot of people on this board that have a job in the IT industry; please guide me. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO????? I am lost :confused:. Thank you all for your time and patience. All advice will be much appreciated. Thanks again. P.S: Sorry if this is a wrong place to post the thread.
  4. Guest

    Proving recent work experience

    Hi, we are in the process of filling in our Vetassess forms for my partner, he is a self employed joiner, and we are concerned about the recent work experience part. Last October he was involved in a car accident, the man behind him didn't leave a large enough gap, and when my partner slammed on as the car in front of him decided to stop dead to let another car out (on a 60 road), the car behind went into the back of his van. He was on his way to a new contract (should have lasted at least 12 months), and because he was unable to start the contract (hospitalised with whiplash), he lost the contract. He was unable to work from november until february (save for a few small jobs) had a new contract from february until the end of April, was unable to work due to ill health for a month, and has been struggling to find work since. He's had a few small jobs, but as he always used to contract out to sites, he hasn't really got a large client base, and the people he used to get the contracts off have found someone to replace him following his accident and have no work for another Joiner. Is this going to cause us huge problems?? We can provide references for all the other jobs he has done (including some jobs he did for friends and family and never charged for). Also, if he was able to secure a job over there (this might be a possibility as he has family over there who have links to construction and joinery businesses), would he still need to obtain the vetassess certification? Thanks in advance Karen
  5. User Name

    SMPs and 2231-79 ICT Recent Grad

    Hi Guys, Anyone knows if SMPs have any chance of rescuing some of us from this cursed group 4? I can't picture any state wanting fresh grads with no specialisations but many in group 4 are looking for SMPs as last hope to get out of cat4. I am not sure how SMPs work, but suppose a state picks 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec or 261314 Software Tester, which maps to 2231-79 (nec). Will it be possible to move into cat 2 in that instance if we have 2231-79 (ICT Recent Graduate)? Thanks.
  6. Howdy folks, Let me give you a brief introduction about myself and what I have in my mind at the moment. I am a recent masters graduate from VIC and currently working as a full time employee in the ICT industry(started working full time after my final semester results were announced) My student visa would be expiring soon and in order for me to continue to work in AU, i am looking for a visa which would allow me to do so. I have rounded down on two options at the moment. A. Apply for a Skilled ? Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 485)[Referred as 485 in the future] - which would allow me to work here in AU for 18 more months. B. Apply for a Skilled ? Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885)[Referred as 885 in the future] - which would allow me to work here in AU permanently. But, as per the rules of IMMI, for one to apply for an 885, one should have their skills already assessed by the ACS. At the moment, ACS takes upto 12 weeks to come out with a result for a skills assessment application. This time line is too much for me as my student visa expires in less than 2 months time and I cannot afford to wait for the ACS assessment to come through and then apply for my 885, which would be too late as my student visa would have expired. Hence, my present situation is that I have to apply for a 485, which enables me to apply for the same without the skills assessment result (I am sure everybody knows that here) But, there is another situation. My course was very closely related to the ANZSCO code 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer. Unfortunately, the above code doesn't exist on the Schedule 3 but exits on the Schedule 2 of the SOL. (Skilled Occupation Lists (Formerly Known as Form 1121i)) Also, ACS states that one has to have had atleast 65% of the course content related to the nominated skill to order to get positive skills assessment. I also have seen the ANZSCO code 261112 Systems analyst on the Schedule 3 which "I feel" that my course has taught me(I make this statement after referring to the job description found here and here) and in addition to my course, my current job role is very similar to the System Analyst job description(even though the job title is a little different) Now, below are a few questions in my mind. I hope someone would be kind enough to explain in detail and help me out. A. If I apply for 485 visa now and nominate my skill from Schedule 2 - ANZSCO code 263111(which I am sure ACS would come out with a positive skills assessment), what are my options after 18 months? Is Employee Nominated Scheme the only option for me?? or would I be able to go to ACS again to get my skills assessed as a System Analyst which is on the Schedule 3 - ANZSCO code 2631112 and apply for my 885. B. I apply for a 485 visa now and nominate my skill from Schedule 2 - ANZSCO code 263111 and once ACS comes out with a positive skill assessment for that code, I apply to ACS again immediately for skills assessment as a ANZSCO code - 261112 Systems analyst (after showing ACS the recent work experience which is closely related to the Systems Analyst field). If ACS gives a positive skills assessment for ANZSCO code 261112, would I be able to apply for my 885 immediately using the ANZSCO code 261112 , even though my 485 is still being processed under the ANZSCO code 263111?(I would want to apply for my 885 immediately as it says on the immi website " This visa allows overseas students who have completed their course studies in the last 6 (six) months in Australia and holders of certain temporary visas to apply for permanent residency." I would really appreciate if someone could answer my queries here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers..
  7. Guest

    recent visas with HIV

    hi has anyone been successful or know of anyone getting a visa to Oz with Hiv recently? or does anyone know if its possible to get a skilled visa if you are Hiv positive or does the discrimination still apply? thanks
  8. I made a phone call to DIAC this morning in hoping they can give me some positive feedback about my 886 application, since i have nominated a wrong occupation 2231-79(nec) and i just want to change it. This is what i've been told: 1/ Cant change nominated skill 2/ Cant apply for another onshore skilled migrant visa (graduated more than 6 months) 3/ cant transit to SMP 886 when being released. 4/ cant apply for 457 long term working visa, salary does not meet current market threshold which is $47220 5/ last questions i asked, how long for waiting if in CAT4. firmly answered 3 years. No more hopes, like fell into an indefinite hell.
  9. To all memebers, who r in CAT 4 and applied 885 ICT- recent grad. We should come togethar and try to do something we can. share ur information here. thanx CAT (4), 885 applied 2008 AUG (1st week) , ICT - Recent graduate NEC, IELTS 7.5, No CO
  10. Reading through stories of some of our fellow forum members going through really tough times migrating to Australia is heart-rending. However, I cannot help but notice a significant number of people with the view of "The Australian Government had promised us the visa if we did this..." (esp. some ex-students). When, perhaps one time too many, it was never ever the government who 'promised' any visas, but their smart cookies AGENTS who are too keen to recruit clients and would say almost anything, including those patently untrue. And weren't they these agents who recruited people from certain countries 'en mass', as in thousands, through the 'easy does it' loopholes, resulting in a massive shake-up which then severely affected many genuine applications in those couple of occupations! This is not a blanket statement about ALL agents. Of course, all due respect to the good agents about. :notworthy:
  11. virtual_bajwa

    Lecture on Recent Legislative Changes...

    This session will discuss the recent legislative changes implemented on 1 July 2010 and specifically consider: • Differences between ASCO and ANZSCO; • Exact and partial matches between ASCO and ANZSCO occupations; • Description of occupations tasks; • DIAC endorsed ASCO-ANZSCO correlations; • Skilled Occupation Lists for GSM, Employer nomination, Subclass 457 & Subclass 442 (Occupational Trainee); • Skills assessment arrangements; • Other transitional arrangements; and • DIAC FAQs for Migration Agents. Venue: MIA National Office, Level 3, 83 York Street, Sydney Time: 3:30pm - 5:00pm 13 July 2010 Speaker: Andrea Christie-David, Lawyer & RMA, Education & Training General Manager, MIA
  12. After the realease by DIAC of the correlation between ASCO and ANZCO, can anyone confirm that all 2231-79 Computing Professionals nec classification (ASCO) occupations are equivalant to 261399 Software & Applications Programmers (ANZCO), which is on the new SOL. I may be misreading this but it seems plainly obvious that this is the case. Hope so. Cheers.
  13. Guest

    ICT recent graduates fate

    Hey, Can any one please tell me that is an ICT masters student studying a 2 year course accredited by the ACS at the professional level eligible to file for a PR(885) on the basis of the new list which is introduced.I have held the tu-573 on 8th of feb 2010.Can I file for Subclass 885 after completing my studies in july this Year.
  14. Hi I am a mature student and have just completed a BA in applied Social Studies. I undertook 3 placements, one in childcare year 1, education welfare project worker year 2, and child welfare team in the Social Work Department year 3. I have some experience working in youth work. Before returning to college, I have previous experience in the IT and banking sectors. What would could I get in Australia with Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies??? anyone have any idea's?? of what roles are available to people with this sort of degree and maybe how much in general I would be paid....??? any advice much appreciated.
  15. gaz n family

    Slight niggle with recent TRA approval

    As we all know the skills list closed and a new one has been released. But we applied for the skill assessment using the old list code numbers. My employment is still on the new list but under the new list it has a different number. now having received our successful TRA today, the letter is quoting the old serial number. Is this an issue?
  16. Hi everyone, I just want to share this link to the updated website of Immigration SA with the latest developments/changes. Make The Move :: General skilled migration cheers! :biggrin:
  17. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anyone else has made this document available, but I thought I would add a link just in case. Read the skills Australia Document. Page 82/83 The document is over 100 pages long - so happy reading!! Michelle
  18. Dear All, My name is James, I have lodged my application for an Independent PR visa "VE175" in "January 2008". After visa lodgment, I discontinued my job and joined for my studies. My Nominated Occupation is “TOOLMAKER” I have a plan to lodge an application for sponsorship from West Australia and I am gathering information on state requirements. I will be grateful if I can get some information on below queries – 1. Recent Work Experience for State Sponsorship - Recent work experience (12 out of 24 months in a nominated occupation) for Sponsorship, what date will be considered by the state? January 2008 [Visa (VE175) application lodgment date] Or February 2010 [sponsorship (for VE176) application lodgment date] 2. IELTS Validity - My IELTS Validity expired in December 2009, do I need to retake my IELTS for sponsorship application? Your help and suggestions would be much appreciated… Kind regards James :smile:
  19. Below are links to new Comlaw information on: 1 Which occupations will require a new skills assessment after 1 January 2010, and 2 Which offshore applicants will need to have worked for 12 of the 24 months before the date of the application in the actual nominated occupation. http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLa...020AF17?OpenDocument http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLa...09143+-+LI+-+JRT.doc http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLa...143+-+ES+-+Final.doc No need for offshore applicants to obtain a new skills assessment as far as I can see. Cheers, George Lombard
  20. Dear All. I know there is another post talking about this issue, BUt I am still confused. Which occupations require the recent 12months actual work experience after Jan 2010? All? Trades? My nominated occupation is IEA Electronic Engineer (CSL) Does it affect? Thanks for your advice! Regards, Jessi :wacko::wacko::wacko:
  21. Had to share this with PIO, so funny!! :biglaugh: Taken from Dangerous animals keep tourists in Australia on their toes | The Courier-Mail By Rory Gibson January 14, 2010 11:00pm THE mad bat of the Town of 1770 was the tipping point. Until then I had been successful in reassuring my brother-in-law that he would not be sent back to England's green and pleasant land in a coffin, the victim of an unfortunate encounter with Australia's wildlife. A lot of foreigners think Australia is a deadly place because of a perception that every living thing here has the capability of inflicting upon the unwary an agonising and messy death. Sure, that may be true of Brunswick St at 3am but, by comparison to other continents, our wildlife is pretty tame. But that's not the general wisdom. Popular travel writer Bill Bryson summed up why visitors from overseas think that their first steps outside the international terminal could be their last in his book Down Under: "It has more things that will kill you than anywhere else. Of the world's 10 most poisonous snakes, all are Australian. Five of its creatures – the funnel-web spider, box jellyfish, blue-ringed octopus, paralysis tick and stonefish – are the most lethal of their type in the world. "This is a country where even the fluffiest of caterpillars can lay you out with a toxic nip; where seashells will not just sting you but actually sometimes go for you. Pick up an innocuous cone shell from a Queensland beach, as innocent tourists are all too wont to do, and you will discover that the little fellow inside is not just astoundingly swift and testy, but exceedingly venomous. "If you are not stung or pronged to death in some unexpected manner, you may be fatally chomped by sharks or crocodiles, or carried helplessly out to sea by irresistible currents, or left to stagger to an unhappy death in the baking Outback. It's a tough place." All right Bill, all right. Don't go on about it. The English don't have much wildlife – a few badgers, the odd rabbit – so they are fascinated by ours. Except when it is within cooee of them. My Pommy in-laws have just been visiting for three weeks over Christmas/New Year, and for two of those weeks we were ensconced in a house adjacent to a national park and near the beach in northern New South Wales. The first sign of nerves emerged when a local woman told Scotty, a big, boofy rugby player from the Home Counties, that the kangaroos feeding on our back lawn had been known to become aggressive, and to keep an eye on his two-year-old and four-year-old when they were around. There were some big, muscular male eastern greys among them and they would have done some serious damage to a kid if they got antsy, so that was the end of the morning walks with the toddlers to see the roos feeding. We bought Scotty a three-day learn-to-surf course for his Christmas present and afterwards he would join his Aussie nephews for a dawn surf at what is a reasonably isolated beach. Certainly there are no lifeguards and you can't see any buildings. He was very interested in sharks (out of self-preservation, not scientific curiosity), so we told him all the available lore we knew – early morning and late afternoon most dangerous times to be in water, don't surf alone, stay clear of river mouths, avoid murky water, etc – but assured him shark attacks were very rare. Except that that week a shark attacked a diver on the Barrier Reef, mauling his hand and forearm. "It was just an inquiry nip," the diver, John Pengelly, blithely declared. Quite right John, nothing to worry about except that it put the fear into our Englishman. A couple of days later a fisherman caught a large bull shark in little more than a gutter 15km upstream from Noosa, and it was all over the news. The next morning we had the beach to ourselves, it was drizzling, overcast, a bit foggy. Perfect shark attack conditions. "Why are we the only ones here?" a worried Scotty asked, lying on his board with his legs in the air. "Just lucky, I reckon," I replied. I much prefer shark rage to surf rage. As scared as he was of sharks, he was terrified of spiders, a real arachnophobe. So, as if on script one morning a large redback crawled out of my wetsuit as I was about to put it on. It must have sought shelter there from the incessant rain while it was hanging on the line. Scotty's eyes made him look like ET as he took in the black body with the blood-red slash on its bum. "What will we do with it? Kill it?"' he inquired as I looked around the carpark. He was horrified when I found what I was looking for – a car with NSW number plates – and put the spider on it. I had to explain about State of Origin. You wouldn't believe it, but on the front page of the next day's Clarence Valley Daily Examiner was a photo of a small but venomous snake that had been killed by a redback after it was caught in its web. Scotty, by this time fearful about leaving his room, had also had to come to terms with what a box jellyfish was and the fact that one had nearly killed a young girl 20km from the sea in a central Queensland river. It took a lot to convince him that they didn't travel as far south as Yamba. The several drownings that made the news over this period, while obviously tragic, were almost reassuring in that the victims did not die by fang or claw. But it was the mad bat of the Town of 1770 that bit three people in unrelated attacks, and the description of it crawling down a tree branch with its glittering eyes fixed on its victims, that convinced Scotty that Australia was indeed a hellhole. Back in Brisbane, having a drink on the veranda, we watched the wonderful sight of the fruit bat colony at Enoggera take off for the evening feed, flying in their thousands over our house. The look on Scotty's face was priceless, his mind clearly mulling over the possibility that one of them would swoop for his jugular. He and his family left soon after, sprinting for the plane with what I believe was uncalled-for haste. I hope they don't go spreading any misconceptions about our wildlife.
  22. Hi I am from the UK I applied for PR based on my 1 year relationship with an Australia i recently got my provisional resident visa which means after 2 years I am assesed and then should hopefully get PR. I have developed some mental health problems. I have a medicare (interim) card. I am scared to go and see a psychologist.. on medicare because I am worried the government will say i am in poor health and reject my visa Is part of their assesment, after the 2 year provisional period, to check with my doctors to find out about my medical problems. If I am claiming from medicare is that going to "go against me" since I am using public funds? Something tells me, since I already passed the health checks for the current visa they wont be able to consider and recent health problems.. perhaps they are not allowed to descriminate against me for that... or not. I hope someone can advise!!
  23. Guest

    recent perth arriveee

    well we finally made it touching down in perth on the 12/11/09. after 18 months of emails ,photocopying ,witnessing ,police clearing and hair pulling ,now our wish was that it would be worth it. we flew with singapore and they couldnt have been nicer . we were allowed 40kg per person baggage allowance as we were on one way tickets ,we flew on the new airbus and it was the lap of luxury with plenty of entertainment for the kids and also plenty of refreshments. on arrival we were met by my wifes brother who had purchased a people carrier for us(final payment on the dowry lol:cool:) we had booked a holiday home at coogee and this was our base for the first 2 weeks. we looked at 3 houses and applied to rent one them ,and after 2 days of waiting we were informed by the estate agent that we had been successful in our application,however it would be 10 days before we could move in so we rented a lock up and proceeded to aquire second hand beds and furniture thru the quokka(our bible) and the weekend garage sales so on dec 1st we moved in to our new home for 12 months at least party on:arghh:
  24. Hello, graduated in June(Computer Science bachelor then postgraduate diploma in Computer Science from Melbourne University), and applied for TR, I got my skill assessment from ACS to be a recent graduate. Now I got enough IELTS marks for applying PR, but my question is, as my case will be looked at at the end of 2011, my ACS skill assessment will definitely expire then, so does it mean I cannot get a PR in this way?
  25. Hi. Ive been in AUS just over a year on a sponsored 457 in an ITC role. Ive recently received some information and seen alot of talk of recent changes to the minimum salary for existing 457 visa holders. Im really trying to find out how this affects me as im not getting much info from my employer and am concerned they wont be willing to raise my salary to meet the new requirements. Im currently on $49 K. Any advise would be much appreciated. TIA :confused: wil