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Found 71 results

  1. Hey guys! Thanks for all your help with my visa issues up to this point. My British boyfriend and I recently logged a de facto visa and your help was so appreciated. i need to be back in Australia in early feb to start back at uni and our partner visa isn't due to be finalized until early June. My partner is going to come with me on a tourist visa. since feb- June is 5 months it would be ideal for us to apply for the 676 tourist visa that allows stays up to 6 months. however- I've read people have been declined on this visa because of 'recent time spent onshore'.. he has been to Australia on a tourist visa in early 2011 and on a working holiday visa in late 2011- feb 2012... So it has been almost a year since he was last onshore. does anyone know if this will count as recent time onshore? Has anyone had a tourist visa 676 6 month granted with more recent time onshore? if its going to be risky we will just apply for the tourist visa eta which is automatic for Brits! (Right?) thanks in advance
  2. In the last six months or so there's been fairly substantial changes to the way your basic compulsory qualifications have been presented; you'll see an advert asking for "A generic, SGS and S1, S2, S3" but most of them have changed their names which is really going to confuse you when you go to apply for them, so here's a summary: The Generic Passport is the mining equivalent of the blue/white card, but is increasingly becoming known as Standard 11. It's increased from 1 to 3 days but you can get RPL if you've been active on a mine site and is now easier to get renewed because of this The BMA passport, previously known as an SGS is now three days long and can only be provided through BMA themselves these days. There's currently a huge backlog as there are very limited providers (4 weeks at the moment) S1, S2, S3 (basic supervisor course) has already been through a name change to G1, G8, G9 but has undergone another to RIIRIS301A, RIIOHS301A, RIICOM301A. It's normally 3 days but I've seen 4-5 days advertised too. Cheers
  3. I know it has been started and left after people have got there PR, but it could it could be a good idea to do another one.
  4. To all my NORTHERN TERRITORY APPLICANT friends out there... Lets just gather here and give the updates abouit the Recent time frames of Regional NORTHERN TERRITORY sponsorship and how difficult or easy is to get the sponsorship.Can we assume that the SMP will not change until July 2012? How many weeks does it normally take to get it approved... Get together and say everything abt the NT...Speak your hearts out folks ! Whether positive or negative views...all will be appreciated :biggrin:
  5. Guest

    Recent Work Experiencie

    Hi there! I've been told that in order to apply for a 175 visa you need to have 12 months of work experience after you have gotten your degree. In other words, it doesn't matter if you have worked for the past 25 years as a computer engineer, in order to lodge a visa you must have 12 months of work experience in the past 24 after graduation. Is this true? The reason I ask this question is because I've been working as a software developer for the past 6 years. I will be getting my CS degree on December and they are saying I cannot apply right after getting my degree because I don't comply with the "recent work experience" requirement. Please, tell me the person who has told me this is wrong... Thanks in advance! Pablo
  6. Hi there, I have a few questions regarding applying for a permanent visa for Australia. I am a recent graduate (in June) with a degree in Construction Project Management. I have been working as a Project manager for the past three years in my skilled profession. Do these three years count towards paid employment in a skilled occupation for at least 12 of the last 24 months? Before working as a Project Manager I worked as an Architectural technician in the same industry for 12 years. I also have a diploma. Does this have any barring on my application? Over ten years ago I worked for a year in Australian as an Architectural Technician on a working Holiday visa. Does this help my visa application? Thanks for your assistance.
  7. http://law.ato.gov.au/atolaw/view.htm?docid=%22AID%2FAID201153%2F00001%22 This Ruling might be of interest to some who maintain high quality contact with both countries. Note: It is recommended that those with complex tax affairs (those who migrate generally fall into the complex category, at least to the generality of tax practitioners and financial advisors) take advice from a competent tax professional about their personal tax position. Best regards.
  8. aklndnz

    Recent Work Experience

    Hi All, I have a question about Recent Work Experience. My situation is : I have got the Assessment (Land Economist) which I work from July 2008 till March 2010. and after March 2010 i have been promoted and posted in other position which is related to Import Export Documentation cehcking like Letter of Credits in local bank in Australia. So according to the IMMI website 12 months recent work experience in last 24 months. (I am covering 9 months from June 2009 to March 2010 in recent work experience. As my position change after that. I dont know if i am covering other three months? though I am still working in Bank in Australia. Please reply me if anyone have any information. as I like to apply Visa 176 or 475 (My brother is sponsoring me ) and i have suitable points to cover both visas. only worry is about recent work experience.? Regards MA
  9. khurrampc

    Recent Work Experience

    Dear All, Once again i am going to dump from my case please share some thoughts , 1st July is on hand. I have got sponsorship from victoria for the "Developer Programmer" and as well got recently the +ve ACS for the "Developer Programmer", ACS considered my expereience for Developer Programmer as follows. They have not considered my JD's which i provided on stamped paper signed by my immediate boss for the organization "Memon Medical Institute" as "Developer Programmer" , Though my title was there Database Administrator but being an experienced IT member (4 years 9 months "Analyst Programmer" in GAC Shipping , 10 months as Software Developer in Plexus) they have bestowed me as well software development. On the basis of this Memon Medical Institute JD's/experience i have been recently appointed in Parazelsus as "Assistant Manager Development" , how come Parazelsus hire me as "Assistant Manager Development" on the basis of DBA title , i was constantly in touch full time with development in MMI and developed various modules , on the behalf of Memon Medical Institute development expertise Parazelsus hired me as "Assistant Manager Development". Due to this i am not fullfilling DIAC requirment for the visa lodgmenet eligibilty "Recent work experience requirement" To meet the recent work experience requirement, you must demonstrate that you have been employed: •for at least 12 of the 24 months immediately before lodging your visa application. You must demonstrate means the employment have to be in your NOMINATED occupation? Who justify whether your recent work experience is in an occupation on the SOL if yours title/designation is not in SOL but your JD's are under diffrent title? And what criteria are applied to determine this?Does ACS's evaluation required by DIAC for "recent work experience criteria" or company letter head would be suffice regardless ACS count yours current experience related to nominated ANZSCO code or not. Could i apply for visa with this ACS letter to fullfill current work experience requirment or i need to demonstrate the employment reference or stamped letter.Please help me i am running out of time , 1st Jul is just at hand.
  10. Hi All, My name is Renil and I am from India, Toolmaker by profession. I lodged my PR visa application [VE175] in August 2008 and joined for my higher studies after couple of months. I did not work for the past 2.5 years and have been engaged in my full time studies. My IELTS validity is expired back in March 2010, in which I had 6.5 in all the 4 components. Can anyone please help me on below queries - 1] Can I apply for a state sponsorship for converting my visa application from 175 to 176? 2] If yes, Do I need to retake my IELTS for the sponsorship application? 3] On converting the application from 175 to 176, what date will DIAC consider for the recent work experience - 175 to 176 conversion date / initial visa lodgment date? Any suggestions on these queries would be a great help for me!!! Thanks in Advance Renil Thomas :smile:
  11. My partner and myself are looking at applying for a skilled sponsored (176) visa. We meet the points, however we just have a question regarding the recent work experience criteria. I understand its at least 12 of the last 24 months in the occupation which you are applying under. My partner has 6 months working as a child protection case manager in Australia. However the other 6 months were in a child care centre in the UK, which we think may not be eligible to count. How is the recent work experience assessed, does the experience have to have 'social worker' as the job title? Any help would be fantastic.
  12. I recently received my permanent residency. I am currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree at an Australian university. I know I have to pay the international student fee for this semester since I received my permanent residency only after the census date at uni. However, for next semester what fees will I have to pay? I know I am not eligible for a Commonwealth supported place as I am not a citizen yet but is there a different fee for permananent residents?... or do I still have to continue paying international student fees until the end of my course since I was not a permanent resident at the time I applied for the course? The new domestic fees will only apply to me for any new courses that I enrol in...? :confused:
  13. I received permanent residency recently. Currently, I am studying at a tertiary instituition. I do not work. I receive $5000 per month for my living allowances here in Australia from my parents who live overseas . I am under the impression that i do not have to pay tax on this money as it is just a gift from my parents and not money I receive from any income-earning activity. However, am I required to lodge tax returns to ATO eventhough I am not working? Is every Australian citizen/permanent resident legally obliged to lodge tax returns or is it just for people who are employed? I do not want to fall into trouble by inadvertently doing something illegal. Afterall, ignorance is not a defence when it comes to law.
  14. Hi all I've had recent foot surgery - (bunion and Weil osteotomy) and due to have meds in a couple of weeks. I have a discharge letter from the hospital after the op as I was a day case. Does anyone have any idea what info I need to take with me when I have my medical? I have my 6 wk check up at with the surgeon on Thursday - should I ask them for a copy of everything or will the letter with the date of surgery and the surgery discharge letter do? I've notice others in here saying they had to get case notes... Thank you for your advice :smile:
  15. Sherbetdip23

    Recent DIAC email

    Hi All In light of the recent DIAC letter that went out to some applicants on Friday informing them that they would be allocated a case officer within 3 months I just wondered who will be front-loading ther meds and doing Police checks? Or are people playing it cautiously in case it doesn't happen :wideeyed: How much do meds cost at Maidenhead for a family of 4 please? And Police checks? Is it alot to pay out? Thanks
  16. Guest

    Recent ACS Assessment Letter?

    Hi, I am aware that in the past ACS assessment letter used to show only relevant number of years of experience for the assessment as per ACS guidelines like 4 years from the beginning of the career for ICT gradute and 6 years from the beginning of the career for the people applying via RPL. For example I started working in Feb 2001 and got assessment in May 2009 but in ACS letter it showed from Feb 2001 till Feb 2007 and left out my 2 yrs of experience as I met 6 years by Feb 2007. Whether anyone, who got his/her ACS asseeement letter recently, can confirm whether now ACS shows full years of experience GIVEN THE FACT that effective July 2011 points will be allocated number of years of expereince of candidate. Cheers
  17. Hi Everyone As per the Australian immigration website they asked me to provide five main duties during my employment. I applied for ACS with a reference letter which contains very detailed information on all projects and its nearly 5 pages. Do I need to mention all those details in my Specific work experience and recent work experience letter? Does anyone have the sample format? Please help me.
  18. Hi Apologies if this has been asked before.... I had my ANMC Skills Assessment completed in Nov 2010 and now wish to register with AHPRA within the next few weeks (let the nightmare begin...:eek:). I have application form AGOS-04 - Application for general registration (graduated or trained overseas) as a Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or Midwife. I know i can request the ANMC to forward on the documents they received from me on to AHPRA, but what documents (if any) do i include in application AGOS-04? As those that are required the ANMC already have and can forward on. 1. Has anyone had any recent experience with this? 2. Do i request documents to be sent from the ANMC before or after applying with AHPRA? Thanks in advance:cute: Bev x
  19. Hi There everybody That's my first post but probably most important for me. O.K Lets start I Get the state nomination for 475visa, from NSW,my nominated occupation(1299-15 Welfare Centre Manager) is on every SOL list 1,2,3 and 4 , that's fine , but i have the issue with the recent work experience,my question is , it can be from any SOL List(1,2,3,4)? ,{As my present work exp.is just on list number 4(3421-17 Disabilities Services Officer)} or just number 3 or maybe just number 4, or maybe something different which i do not c.I know i have to meet recent work experience from any occupation from SOL(12 mth in the last 24mth), but how does it work for them IMMI AU? :wink: :biggrin: Please help
  20. Just wondering if DRCs are still being processed? Anyone got their visa grant recently through DRC?
  21. Hello, I got this message from some source, it is created three days ago, it's very likely that this will be the announcement of IMMI after discussing with ACS: So here are some points: 1 IT applicants with SA of 223179 ICT Recent Graduate(nec), can get into G3 if you review your skill assessment and get a suitable outcome 2 You have to do the review within 60 days after your SA 3 contradiction: applicants facing the 223179 -> G4 issue are applicants who got SA outcome before 1st July, which is more than 60 days from now, so no review can be done. 4 Applying a new skill assessment does not work as you cannot change your occupation. 5 Also, from ACS: "f you have already used the assessment outcome letter for Migration purposes, then the assessment process is regarded as finished and no Review request can be made." 6 HOWEVER, there is a PAID REVIEW which does not have 60 days limit(hopefully): http://www.acs.org.au/assessment/docs/PASAGuidelinesforApplicants.doc Read page 30 So, conclusion is, they KNOW this is not fair and they will be in problem if they do not solve it and people go the MRT way, but they tried their best to get money, if you are a 223179 applicant, according to their rules, you cannot get a review for free, you have to pay.
  22. We have decided we are packing up and going back home ! Have had our first quote for a 20ft container and £5,500 id say is steep !! We came out in June from the UK and paid £3,000 max !! Has anyone got a company worth ringing ?? Or some decent quotes that they have had.. Nic x
  23. Guest

    Change a recent ACS code

    heys how would i go about changing my code on the ACS letter? According to the IT agents in Austrailia which i have seen my cv, have said the code that has assigned to me is incorrect due to be Database Business Analysis.
  24. Hi, Me and my g/f are thinking of moving to australia but we're a bit unsure about the visa situation, i did one of those online evaluations and it says i'm ok but didn't give much info... Anyway I've got a bachelors degree in mech engineering, and i've worked in engineering for 6 1/2 years since graduating, from what i've read i think i should be ok, but if anyone else is in engineering could they give me their opinion please? My g/f i'm a bit more unsure about, we don't live together so we're not officially recognised as a couple. She's just graduated in June this year with a masters degree in maths, she's been struggling to get on a grad scheme anywhere so has just been working in a purchase ledger finance dept since then. What are her chances of getting a visa given she's a recent grad and not trained in a specific occupation?? Cheers!
  25. Hi all, I need guidance and advice about my current situation. I did my masters in IT (2009) from OZ and then kept trying to get a job in the IT sector with no success. I have previous experience teaching programming and database to high school students in my home country hence I landed up a job as a IT trainer in a college and after 6 months of working there I got a part time teaching position as a lecturer in my university (from where I did my masters). However I worry a lot about my future; mostly because, my family's financial situation has gone down the drain and I'm becoming very irritated and stressed. I grabbed whatever opportunity came my way because I needed the money to pay the bills and the rent. I really want to get into the IT sector but my visa condition (currently on TR) and lack of experience is posing a big hurdle:cry: . If I apply for graduate jobs, I never get a reply and few of those who have replied, tell me they want someone junior to fill the position. It’s a catch 22 situation :arghh:. I find myself depressed and frustrated each day. Looks like I will be forced to stay in a profession (Teaching) which I do not wish to pursue. I do like the job that I'm doing; it’s just that my heart is somewhere else. Will I ever get an IT job? Is there any employer who would wish to employ someone in my situation (No experience but determined to achieve my dream)? Do people who have no experience or wish to change their career have to forget about their dreams? I feel trapped. I guess my question is: I know there are a lot of people on this board that have a job in the IT industry; please guide me. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO????? I am lost :confused:. Thank you all for your time and patience. All advice will be much appreciated. Thanks again. P.S: Sorry if this is a wrong place to post the thread.