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Found 62 results

  1. Guest

    Decision Ready Checklist

    I ve submitted a DRC to my 885 visa through an agent a of weeks ago, subsequently on line status was changed to application being processed further. Since, there was no update and now I am wondering whether my DRC was rejected. I asked about this from the AGENT and he said to wait but my question is, if a DRC is rejected would DIAC inform the agent? Any advice is appreciated.....:err:
  2. Guest

    Job Ready Program

    Hi Everyone, I just finished my Diploma in Hospitality and applied for my Temporary Residency.I am planning to start my own Restaurant.My question is can I use my experience as a chef in my own restaurant for TRA assessment and complete the job ready program and ultimately apply for permanent residency. Cheers
  3. Hello PomsInOZ fellows Me and my partner are currently on postgrad research visa subclass 574 which will expire in 10 days. We have prepared documents to apply for permanent residence since last year because there were times my partner thought he completed his thesis but then his supervisors would want changes so it went on and on until this July and he already got his PhD. We were over nervous and did everything to make sure there was no problem like skill assessment, health check, police check, IELTS and as a result when we're finally eligible to apply for PR everything is out of date :wacko: This time I did more research and read a lot from forums like pomsinoz so we decided to renew the police check and skill assessment but leave health check until we're assigned a C/O. We lodged our online application for visa 885 last month (August 2010). My partner recently got a job offer from a large company in a regional area, he accepted the offer and we have relocated for a few weeks now. Now there's an option for us to ask the company to sponsor for visa 857 so we can jump from cat 3 to cat 1 in priority proccessing. However my concern from reading our forum is that my partner then has to work for this company for at least 2 years. We're quite happy now with the job and the area, but like some people have experienced, circumstances might change like, for example if the company changes their management or if we got a much better job offer in a metropolitan area, etc. Another concern is timing, there are generally 3 steps in 857 application and the first 2 steps are done by the employer which means we can't control how long it will take them to finish what they have to do. And if I'm not wrong we have to lodge the application no longer than 28 days after our 574 visa expires, which leaves us only 1 month ahead. Then for lodgement there's no online option, meaning we have to gather all the original paper documents, photocopy, have them certified and lodge paper application. There are some documents our family sent us scanned copies for 885 so it will take some times to post them here. I also found out from the forum that we have another option for Decision ready checklist. If we do health check now, we should have all the required documents for 885 and so we can hire an immigration agent to check our application and sign the decision ready checklist for us. It will be beneficial as a proffessional will verify for us if our application is complete and correct and will (hopefully) speed up the proccess immensely. I prefer this option since there's not much more additional work for us other than doing the health check (which we'll have to do anyway) and find a good agent. But my partner prefer the 857 option since we don't have to pay extra fee and he feels more comfortable dealing with his employer than an agent, we did have bad experience with 2 agents before that's why we decided to do it by ourselves. I hope to hear some advice from pomsinoz fellows in regarding to which direction we should take. So sorry for my long post :wubclub:
  4. Guest

    Ready for First Entry :)

    Hello everybody! Finally managed to get things done, 175 visas granted faster then estimated So, now we'll make our first entry to Australia, Melbourne and hopefully it will be a very positive experience. Only - if anybody could help us in following questions: 1. Do I need to have any other migration documents except passports with us? We have already visa stickers in our passports. 2. After we activate our visas there, and we come back after couple of weeks, can we later travel there separately independently of main applicant or main applicant is a MUST to travel with? We plan to move smoothly, so half of the family first and then the other half.
  5. The News that it is a hung parliment is bad for the people who are waiting to hear if there on the new SMP's( If they ever now come). But there is now a flip side to this as now tommorow when the markets open the dollar will be marked down... untill a coalition is formed and some sort of unity is made.. my friend is trader in the mile and said on the phone earlier what i have just said. if you have then get your sterling ready to change in the coming days/weeks.. now is the time to buy AUS dollars and it was indicated to me that it could go to 1.87Aus/ 1GBP.. its got to be better than the crap rate we have had... The shoe is on the other foot now... more buck for your luck...:radar: cheers Nick..
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first post but been reading for sometime. We are a family of four and are ready to take the plunge to Brisbane. The house is sold, and during our trip to validate in December we found out which areas we liked and have already got schools sorted out. We are all desparate to go but my husband has suddenly decided that it is too risky to give up his job as he believes his chances of getting a job are virtually nil. We have decided that we really need to go before January 2010 as my eldest daughter has a place in a very good private school which will be offered to somebody else if she does not want it. My husband is a CIMA (CPA applied for) Management Accountant with 18 years experience in a large corporate company. He has never in his life been out of work and the thought terrifies him, with the recession getting worse his confidence is shrinking daily. We are lucky enough to have a pretty large sum of money in the bank from the sale of our house and were thinking about giving it a go for 6-8 months and hope to find work in this time. Having to return to England because of no work is our biggest fear, especially as we don't want to risk messing up our childrens education. I know you don't have a crystal ball but I would be interested to hear what those of you living in Brisbane think about the Job front especially Accountants. Thanks
  7. Guest

    Ready to start the process

    I've been to Oz many times but my wife and I are ready to start the visa process and will be hoping to get as many details about the process from anyone who can offer it. I look forward to chatting with you all:biggrin: David
  8. Hello,my boyfriend and I will be putting in our application for his spouse visa on monday.We have already got the medicals,police checks,3 stat decs,emails between us,and emails between myself and his family,pics of us together,pics of him with my family,travel interinary,personal statements. I have one question,we dont have joint bank accounts,or have bills that we both pay,I myself still live at home with my parents,we have spent the last 2 years going back and forth from uk to australia,and when we are in australia,we live with my parents.so as I dont really have any bills,how are we going to prove the finicial aspect of our relationship.thanks
  9. Guest

    Visa 485 How long??

    Hi all, I will be applying for Provisional skill assessment of Job Ready Test, but I was in concern that what would be the waiting period of TR Visa 485 once I get positive provisional assessment and apply for that visa. I have heard that currently students are waiting for more than a year to get TR. So at the end, is it like I have to wait for 1-2yrs to get 485 visa and then start with second step of Job Ready programme ? So eventually it will take ages to apply for PR:wacko: Any advice please...................... Thanks in advance.
  10. Guest

    Job Ready Test and Visa 485

    Hi all, I am will be applying for Provisional skill assessment of Job Ready Policy after couple of months when I finish my studies, but I was in concern that what would be the waiting period of TR Visa 485 once I get positive provisional assessment and apply for that visa. I have heard that currently students are waiting for more than a year to get TR. So at the end, is it like I have to wait for 1-2yrs to get 485 visa and then start with second step of Job Ready programme. So eventually it will take ages to apply for PR:wacko: Any advice will very highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Guest

    RSMS from 457 & TRA/Job Ready

    Hi, Heres my situation, I came to Oz on a student visa studying Horticulture, Once I had my cert III my work sponsored me on a 457, now Im looking for security and want to become permanent. Work will sponsor me for RSMS but can I just apply as things stand with cert III, I have been working for the company for 2 years next month, 20 hrs a week while student and full time since 457. As I didnt do the diploma will I need to pass TRA or would I need to do this whole job ready programme? Many thanks in advance if anyone can help at all.
  12. Can anyone help my daughter wants to apply for 175 visa & needs her hairdressing skills ass here in Ausse by TRA ass (job ready), on the TRA website it says there are 4 stages does she have to complete all 4 stages & it cost a bomb, any help or advice would be great,:shocked:
  13. Guest

    Stu and Mickey ready to rock

    We fly out from Manchester tomorrow morning at 9:20 with Singapore airlines, stopping off in Singapore for 4 hours before continuing to our new life in Brisbane...... Has anyone flown with Singapore?.....just wanted to know if they are uber strict on baggage allowance or if they will let you off for a pound or two........cheers Stu and Mickey
  14. mrfordy

    ready made home

    :cute:Hi folks We are hoping to be moving over to WA in the early new year, we are bringing as little as possible. Im sure someone told me once that it is possible to rent property specifically aimed at immigrants. These contained everything in them, does anyone know about these properties and where we can find them? Many thanks Penny n Paul:smile:
  15. Hi, we are in the extremely early stages of looking at emigrating. I believe I can get a skilled visa and that my wife would be able to work as well under my application ( tell me if its different, please! ). Anyway, we are contemplating Melbourne as an area due to the fact that 3 old school friends live in the area so at least we would know some people straight away. Also, the area has a few companies like the one I used to work for ( just gone into administration ) so there's a chance of working for these. Are we doing the right thing wondering about Melbourne or should we look at other areas as well. Thing is we haven't even been to Aus, just know about it from Friends who have visited on holiday and friends that live out there. Can anyone gives us some good family orientated areas in the Melbourne area? We have 2 girls ( 6+4 ) so good schools are a must - and the missus would love a pool ( or should we live closer to the beach? ). Would it be better to live in a hotel for a week or so to find a good rentable property and do some more research whilst out there? Does anyone know about what type of containers are used to get our stuff out there? I have experience of importing from Malaysia and was even wondering about orgainising it myself. Any advice, absolutely ANY, would be much appreciated - such as pics of places, websites to review for research. I have just finished reading Get A New Life which features Paul Goddard who is in NZ - what about NZ instead of Aus. Is it more a place to retire? Please help.:jimlad:
  16. Hi All, A little update !! The whole visa process started Jan 07, TRA passed & applied 136 April 07, House for sale May 07, visa Granted Jan 08, Validated visa May 08, House sold Dec 08. FLIGHTS BOOKED 11TH SEPT :jiggy:PERTH HERE WE COME !!!! It's all been a very long time coming [ four months short of three years ]we would like to thank you all for your words of wisdom along the way PIO has been a real life line along the way. We have a holiday rental for six weeks in Mindare [we used hoiliday lettings], so will have time to settle a little without to much panic of sorting everything out. Have booked Doree Bonner for our removals 20ft container,found the competitive and very helpful and wasn't put under any pressure by them. Have sorted a leaving party after alot of pressure from friends, we just wanted to slip away quietly as hate saying goodbye at the best of times. Hotel booked at Heathrow for the night before our flights as my eyes go really puffy after crying and with all the final goodbyes especially as I will be leaving my two boy's { 25& 23] boy that is going to be so so hard.:cry: Thank you all again for you help when asked, your encouraging words and reasurance and those great Essex meets [KPnuts] Can't wait to meet all you Poms in Perth Goodluck to all still on this rollercoaster it will happen it just take time and lots of wine, but your time will come. Love to all Jackie, Bruce & Matt xxx
  17. Hi folks, we had a meds done on the 27th May. and I was wondering how long did it take from the date you had your meds done for the doctor to have it all ready to be sent to HOC, in Sydney. The doctor did say it would be 7 to 10 days, 10 working days will take us to next Wednesday but with the amount of money you pay them, I was hoping it would be sooner. Thanks Mandisfam who is fed up waiting.....:cry:
  18. Omg I have so much crap! Where does it all come from??? I have done four trips to the tip and two trips dropping stuff off at the charity shop and that's just today!!! The house is such a mess, stuff everywhere and I just can't see an end to it! And to make matters worse we have family coming round tonight to celebrate hubs birthday! Ahhhhhhhh! Deep breath! And relax Emma X
  19. Finally, after waiting for so many months, I finally got the visa... Jul, 2007 : Decided for Australian Immigration Nov, 2007 : ACS Documentation Completed 11 Dec, 2007 : Sent Application to ACS 16 Dec, 2007 : ACS Acknowledgement Received 17 Dec, 2007 : ACS Asked for Additional Documentation[bank Draft of $360] 08 Jan, 2008 : ACS Acknowledgement of All Documents 22 Jan, 2008 : ACS Decision Made [C# Specilist MODL] 29 Mar, 2008 : IELTS Done (15 Points) 16 Apr, 2008 : Online Application 175 Lodged 23 Mar, 2009 : CO Assigned 28 Apr, 2009 : Medicals and PCC Done 15 May, 2009 : Medicals Received by DIAC 24 Mar, 2009 : Medicals Re-Done 31 Mar, 2009 : PCC Re-Done 21 May, 2009 : Visa Granted All the people who helped me, guided me and stood next to me in this long journey, I thank you guys. Special thanks to Gill. Wishing best of luck to all the applicants and all who have been granted the visa.
  20. To anybody & everybody that has the time to read & respond, This is my first time posting so apologies if it does not flow very well, I have so many questions that I thought I better split them into separate threads. So to my first dilemma, should I migrate? A pretty fundamental question I am sure you would agree and one that I have been struggling with since getting my skilled worker VISA back at the end of December. I know that at the end of the day the decision is mine to make, but would be interested to know what others think, and if nobody responds then that's OK too as I will try and do some soul searching whilst tapping away at the keyboard. First a little bit about me and my plans: Family man, good health (although I would say "could" my wife would say "should", loose a few pounds), 38 years young (with visions of living until my time is up), Hard working, IT Infrastructure Manager, with 20+ years IT experience, currently got a great family, nice house, good job, nice car, let the weekends pass me by and do not spend enough quality time with my wife and children, but I could probably potter around the North West of England for the next 40 years with the occasional escape to Oz, US and the good EU. Or, I could burst the comfort bubble, that surrounds me and my wife and think about starting a new life "down under", hopefully revaluating my life and investing time & energy in those that matter and hopefully having some fun & new experiences. At the same time perhaps giving my children a chance to experience a developing schooling system and escape the sadly failing UK education system, whilst replacing the often "can't do" and "successful people are bad people" attitudes they get bombarded with everyday at school, newspapers, TV and sadly by me and mum at home. I do not have rose tinted spectacles (mine are the reactor light type) and know that in the end "life is what you make it" not "where you live it", although strange a little more sunshine seems to encourage my spirits to get things done and get out and about, and I think that now brings me to my concern, will I get work, will I try and create the same comfort bubble as in the UK, will we fit in and settle in. If I had done this a couple of years ago before the "global economic decline" then I think my thoughts would be, I can get a job the other stuff will fall in place, but now I wonder how challenging the "getting a job" part will be? I am lucky that I have family in the NSW area that are willing to give us some support when we arrive (lodging, house hunting, contacts, etc) but still I am worried. So, what to do, play it safe'ish in the UK and run the risk that in X months my job disappears anyway and by then my visa has expired or take life by the arm and lead it into uncertain maze? Your feedback welcome, sadly this will I guarantee lead to question 2.....probably another epic!!! Cheers Paul
  21. Vymn

    Getting Ready to go.

    Anyone got any ideas what we should stock up on to take with us? Our visas have been approved on Monday (yippee! and aaaggghhhh!) we are going to be leaving in the second week of April - so have been busy thinking what to buy before we go. I have heard kiddies clothes are quite expensive so have stocked up on George t shirts, shorts and tops for kids, but have been thinking bout getting a years supply of contact lenses and also some new pillows and a decent hair cut (i know I am a bit random!). Am I getting stressed for no reason or are there other things i should make sure I buy before we get here? Vymn
  22. Ok... Booked medical etc with the thought that i'd have everything else by the time that it was done... Well... Everything *I* have control over is done... however the OH's mum and best mate have not yet sent their 888 forms back to us... (the best mate has had his over a month!!) Anyway - confirmation arrived in the post this am that my blood tests were fine and my medical certificate is happily on it's way to London... (even sent a tracking number ) So - what do I do?? I'm not going to be able to send the rest for at least a week - and thats if both Aussies post their stuff tomorrow... What will immi in London do with my completely random out of the blue meds? Should I do anything? *panic*!! :arghh:
  23. Guest

    All ready to go now !!

    Hey all, just thought id share my good news ! My visa was accepted last friday and paid for flight today. Il be arriving in perth on the 28th jan, cant wait ! I just need to find a house share now ! If anyone knows of any, feel free to point one out ! Mattyboy
  24. Hello We are almost ready to do our first transfer of money to Westpac via OzForex. However the account that I am transferring the money from only accepts transfers in person whch obviously won't be an option once we arrive in Australia. What type of good interest (for around £40k) UK accounts are other people holding their money in whilst living in Australia? Grateful for all replies. :v_SPIN: Jo :spinny:
  25. Because the aussies are paronoid about it and the adverts keep" coming" :biglaugh: hard and fast. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]