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Found 10 results

  1. Planning a move to Oz in Jan, can any one give advice on motorbike racing out in Oz? Just sold up my track bike and keen to get into racing when down under. Oops, Oz is a big place, moving to Sydney. How do the tracks compare with Brands and Cadwell park?
  2. whichway

    Cruelty of Goat Racing

    Every single time I see something like this I am appalled at just how disgusting people can be to totally defenseless animals. Attaching them to a "cart" that they can pull and race, running terrified. Pulling them by the horns, tie-ing them up by the horns, dragging them and generally completely abusing them for no other reason that human entertainment. And this is in Australia!!!! Absolutely disgusting. Tut tut tut:no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no: this sort of stuff really makes me mad:mad::mad::mad::mad: When these children grow up, will they have respect for animals if this is how they are taught to treat them (that is of course if the children themselves don't injure themselves hugely in the "race"). Oh well as long as everyone had a good day eh?:mad::realmad::no:
  3. Before we decided to emigrate I used to race greyhounds and once settled would like to get back into it in Oz. Is there anyone else out there with a greyhound/racing interest? Andy
  4. Hi, this thread is for racing fans, volunteers and everyone who wants to get involved in the sport. Cars, Bikes, Rallying everyone is welcome! I've been a track marshal in the UK for 3 years now go to a lot of BTCC events; and club races at my local track, Croft. I'm hoping this thread can be used to answer questions about what's happening in Aussie Motorsport; how to Volunteer as a marshal? Where the best circuits are? After Aussie V8's and the annual F1 what other races are recommended?
  5. Hello again, Is there anything equivalent to the UK Tough Guy / Total Warrior adventure races in the UK currently running in Melbourne? I’m planning on running the marathon in October but would like something a little less boring…barbed wire and fire is the way forward J Thanks
  6. Hi all, self explanitory really lol, ive just got all the stuff together to post to tra for my trade (hairdresser) to be asessed. going to send it all on monday, but i just dont think i have enough time to get everything lodged before the july deadline!! i mean i have all the paperwork needed and have downloaded all the forms so i can have them filled out and ready to go, but im just worried about after the tra reply with the possitive skills assessment. Im applying for state sponsorship to SA and im abit worried about their processing times. Any one else in the same boat, or can anyone give me an idea on how long they waited for their reply from SA on sponsorship????? my other half is a plumber and i just hope they see that both our jobs are on their skilled list and put the app through in good time but i think this is just wishful thinking. Thanks in advance lol.
  7. Guest

    Racing bike prices in Oz.

    Anyone out there into cycling? I don't know whether to buy a new bike in the uk and have it shipped out there when we come in a few months or wait. What are prices like for a middle of the range road bike? I don't need a carbon fibre frame just yet but a few mod cons wouldn't go a miss. I'd probably be spending about a grand in england. Also what are the main brands out there?? Sophie.
  8. It's that time of year again!!! Saturday 23rd of January the 37th Compass Cup is held. Including Australia's only Cow Race. Venue - Mount Compass - just follow the crowd. Details here on a web site............ 36th COMPASS CUP - Australia's Only Cow Race We regularly attend - a great day out. Very much a community/ Aussie/ no frills day out.Well worth a visit if you like that style of event Lots of fun / gentle and not so gentle humour. We normally sit up on the stands. Might take part in the odd event If a few are coming we might set up some shade tents Might see you there __________________
  9. Guest

    Car Racing

    while in perth about twenty years ago i went to some sort of speed way. does anybody know where in perth this is and what is the name of this racing? thanks michelle
  10. Guest

    Bike Racing Fans??

    As a family we are avid Moto gp and WSB followers. Does anyone know if they show these races on TV over there?? Going to races is one of the things we are going to miss the most when we go as we have a big group of really good friends and we are all into the bikes (including all the kids) and go to a lot of the races in uk and europe. We will of course go to the the rounds in Aus and maybe even Malaysia. Am hoping that as there are a few Aussie riders that it is possible to follow the racing from there ?????? Fingers crossed Lauren and her bike mad boys xx