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Found 349 results

  1. Hi folks, looking a little advice.. Wihtout boring you with all the details our original 457 sponsor from early March let us down. Five weeks ago O/H got a further job offer in Melbourne from a 2nd potential sponsor. They are an already approved business sponsor but have only just lodged nomination. Our paper 457 is submitted from early June (was ref original sponsor, sponsor details now ammended), and we have just been allocated a case officer according to immigration. Prob is I am now over half way through a pregnancy and realistically cannot fly long haul after 2nd wk of September!!! Starting to sweat it a bit as hoped nomination would have been in a few weeks ago!!!! :mad: Anyway immi suggested this morn our C/O may not have requested any further docs as yet as may be awaiting the nomination to be approved. O/H in building trade and so shouldnt need medical. Query is have a daughter age 13 yrs who will be attending secondary school, (may she be required to have a chest x ray)?? Also may I be required to have Hep B bloods done as pregnant? I have meds booked for 8th Aug and they are booking 5 weeks in advance so if miss these may have a wait before can get next slot. Should I maybe read in between lines (in anticipation of C/O requesting) and have 13 yr old chest x -ray done and my Hep B test done if C/O does not make contact and request these before 8th Aug then as opposed to miss medical date, given Aug is a really crucial month for time scales to keep this moving.. Am in ireland and only two providers covering medicals for visa. Any advice would be grtly appreciated folks, any at all??
  2. Hi We are moving to Sydney in September (I'm Aussie but my husband is British) and when we arrive I won't have a job and my husband is self employed so I wanted to know what others have used when looking for rentals? We will have funds we can show in our account from the sale of the house but I know they often ask for references from previous rentals or employers details both of which don't apply to us. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can shed any light on what to do? As for the 100 points of ID what can you use if you don't have anything with a fixed address on it? And is it 100 points for my husband and 100 for me or 100 in total? Thanks all. You think I'd know this being Australian but yesterday I became a British citizen as well after being here for 12 years! :jiggy:
  3. Hello all.... Unfortunately our shipping experience hasn't been a great one which I will elaborate on in another post. My query here is with regards to how you go about claiming. We are with Insure Your Move and I was wondering if those of you who have claimed have put your claim in AUD or GBP. It will be a nightmare to claim in GBP and then have to purchase again in AUD due to the exchange rate. Also not sure how to estimate damage done to furniture such as impact marks to wood....it can't be repaired and the chairs are very old and can't be replaced??? Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Spencer
  4. Guest

    2nd Year Visa Query

    Hello, I have a quick query. I am currently on a one year working holiday visa in Australia and am working as an Engineer. My next options are; 1. Complete three months rural work or 2. Obtain Sponsorship. I am wondering If I complete my rural work to obtain my second year visa but don’t utilise it and instead get sponsored, can I finish my sponsorship say after two years, leave Australia and then come back on my second working holiday visa? If yes is the answer, can I obtain sponsorship at the end of my second year working holiday visa again? Thanks for your assistance.
  5. Hi, Can any one let me know that What is the official confirmation that the online sponsorship form filled by my sponsor have been accepted by DIAC. Does the sponsor get any confirmation number or any status change in original Application status page? Regards
  6. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone knows at what point I upload form 1277 (sponsor details)? There is no mention of it in any literature I have received. I am nearly there with the rest of it. Just finishing off form 80. Thanks M
  7. Guest

    Spouse Visa PR Query

    Hi Guys, I recently moved to Perth with my wife. She has been a permanent resident for a while, and her mom and dad are both permanent residents and have lived here for 4 years. My wife and I lived in the UK previously, and have been in Australia about 2 months. I am currently on a WHV, but intend to apply for a spouse visa onshore. We are currently waiting for her nursing rego to come through and live with her parents, do you think we will run into trouble applying for the spouse visa as we have been over here for such a short period of time? Also, I have read that if you can prove a relationship for 3 years or more, then permanent residency is granted over temporary. Is there any truth to this? As you can imagine, trying to find a job with a temporary visa is not an easy thing to do. We are however both currently employed. Thanks Jord
  8. chris2011

    Visa application check-list query

    Probably an obvious question (although in my experience the obvious answer is not always the correct one when it comes to applying for a 176 visa!)... Q. When the status of check-list items changes from "requested" to "met", does this mean that you have passed/qualified for that particular eligibility requirement and once all check-list items have changed to "met" you will, in theory, have qualified for a visa and get your grant letter? OR does it actually mean that once they have all changed to "met" your CO will then assess your application and only then decide if you will get a visa? :wacko: With only our medicals outstanding (but done and being couriered) and all other items of the check-list saying "met" it would be good to know whether it all now hangs on the medicals. Thanks.
  9. Hi can anyone help? Our status on our ss application for SA changed last week to say it had been assessed but next to decision it says no decision yet. In the meantime other people are getting approved straight away. Has anyone else had thus then gone on to get approval, if so how long after. This is our last chance to get to oz as not on Wa smp and lodged in 2009 cat 4 so if anyone could put my mind at rest as I am getting stressed about it all now. Michelle
  10. Hi there We're looking to relocate to Brisbane from Christchurch NZ at the beginning of next year. We're Brits and will have been living here for 6 years by then (citizens so need to sort out visas etc, thank God). I will be dragging my kids screaming and kicking with me as they cannot understand why on earth we want to leave here (despite the earthquake and continuous aftershocks) - especially my 13 year old who is in year 9 at High School (they start high school in year 9 in NZ) and absolutely loves her new school. I really do have to make sure we make a sensible choice re high schools (private is not an option, I'm afraid) as I don't want to have to move her again - the kids have all had more than enough to contend with recently! Looking roughly around the Redcliffe area (we're fairly flexible though), what are the high schools like? She's in the top stream, is quite nerdy, loves books, English, art and music - not remotely sporty!! If anyone could help, I'd be grateful. Many thanks in advance! Kate PS I can't believe how cheap properties/rentals are over there compared with here!!
  11. Guest

    Visa query

    hi had a working holiday visa issued last year but never used it due to circumstances,im reapplying now do i apply for first or second one not sure thanks:wacko:
  12. hi im a plumber/pipefitter with 14 years experience but no paper work im looking at sites for a TRA assesment way has anyone got through skilled visa this way is it possible
  13. Guest

    40SP query

    Hi Just a quick one (I think). Completed most of my 47SP but obviously have to send 40SP. My australian OH has been living here in the UK for 8 years so how does he demonstrate how he will support me when we go back to Oz (hopefuly together once we have y Visa!)? Does he justify this in the requested statement and talk about family support etc or do we need to do something more? xx:unsure:
  14. paulette

    Query about 457 sponsership visa

    My son is hoping to get a company to sponser him on a 457 visa in Australia the last company he worked for employed him for 7 months as he didnt realise he could only be employed for the 6 months does any body know if this will effect his application for the 457 visa
  15. theskeers

    Query About Work Experience

    Hi there hope someone can help please. Theres me my wife and 2 children looking at starting the visa process by the end of the year. My wife would be the main applicant (she is Plumber/Gas Engineer) but she has been on maternity for last 12 months and wont be starting work again til September so in all she would of been out of work for 16 months(12 of which were maternity). So my question is, Is maternity classed as being out of work so she would need to go back to work for 12 months before we can start the application process??? Hope that makes sense Cheers.
  16. Stulatics

    Dopiest query of the day

    Hi, I am aware how juvenile this query may sound but I will press on anyway. Does anyone know the faxing code from Australia to England. I need to fax something home sharpish as part of my 457 application. Been doing a quick search on Google but it seems to be coming up with different answers, so I thought I would come on the ever-helpful PIO for help. Any assistance greatly appreciated! Stuart x
  17. reddebz

    Medical query

    Hi, Im hoping someone can tell me what we are physically required to do for the medical. My husband has hurt his shoulder and has AC joint seperation which means he has limited movement in it at the moment but will mend itself over time. Theres nothing that can be done for it apart from letting it rest (the silly bugger fell off his push bike when drunk!). Do we have to do much in terms of moving our bodies or is it mainly static stuff?
  18. This is my first post on this forum so please excuse any silly questions. I have had my permanent residency visa since January and I was offered a fantastic job in Brisbane and I start next month. My wife and three children will be joining me at the beginning of July. Our children are 13 years old and 5 year old twins. My offices will be in the CBD. Can anyone recommend any suburbs that will be within a 30-40 minute commute of the CBD and no more than a 20 minute drive to some decent private schools for the kids (preferably Catholic or Anglican due to our religious preferences)? Can anyone recommend any decent schools? We would like a 4 bedroom minimum house for hopefully no more than $1,000 per week (though would love to spend less). We truly weren't expecting Brisbane to be an option in my field so we had not done a huge amount of research on it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  19. NickiB

    Medical x-rays query

    Hi All, I lodged my application on Friday for a Partner Visa and am obviously going to have to undertake medicals in the near future. I was just wondering if everyone is required to have a chest x-ray or if it is contingent on age and medical history? I am trying to work out how much a medical is going to cost me at Manchester and I know x-rays are an extra £75 so I am hoping I wont be asked for one!:tongue: Does anyone know? Thanks, Nicola
  20. Reggie85

    Visa Query.

    Hello Everyone, Wondering if anyone might be able to help me. I'm currently trying to transfer over to Oz with my job and seems to be going well. However my girlfriend (37 years old) obviously wants to join me down under. But her occupation has recently been removed from the list. She will currently only be able to join me with a tourist visa under which she will be unable to work. Is anybody aware of any alternative options which will allow her to travel with me and work while in Oz? Thanks for any help.
  21. Guest

    RSMS 119/857 Visa Query

    Hi All, I have few questions regarding the RSMS Visa Subclass 119/857. I have got my nomination approved from the Center of Excellence which is the second step for RSMS Visa and now I am eligible to file my Visa application. But the issue is that I have my mother as dependant in the Nomination form which was send to the Centre of Excellence and she is holding a tourist visa subclass 676 and is currently here in Australia with me, while I hold a Class VC- 485. I understand that both the main applicant and any dependant needs to hold a qualifying visa for RSMS and a tourist visa is not a qualifying visa(Qualifying Visas - Employer Sponsored Workers& Immigration). So, I'll have to go for an offshore RSMS subclass 119 visa, is this right? I would really appreciate anyone can help me with the following also, Evidence for substantiate dependency What is required in the evidence to substantiate 'dependancy' for an eligible relative (my mother in this case)? Health Requirements Is it necessary for the dependant to provide Health Requirements at the same time when the application is being made. Does that mean I have to get her medicals done before applying the application? Character certificates Regarding the AFP and Police character certificate of the dependant, are they required at the same time when the application is made OR I can file my application and then provide these at later stages? Qualifications Regarding my qualifications I have my degree assessed by ACS(Australian Computer Society) is there any time period that it is valid for? English Evidence How long is IELTS valid for? Will really appreciate some advise and help. Thanks Andy
  22. Guest

    Emergency Visa Numbers Query

    I like to make sure that in the event of my demise or illness that my affairs are in order for my family's sake. Our Wills are in already lodged both in WA and in Tasmania and my children have the said copies. My husband is an Australian so its a different ball game .... but should I be taken seriously ill on my death bed etc I cannot find any information on the various web sites that allow my children on a Friday evening for example to obtain an emergency visa. I see emergency numbers are in places for Australian citizens only which are... After hours emergency contact FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY, Australian citizens requiring urgent assistance outside normal Consulate office hours, including weekends and public holidays: Call (+62 361) 241 118. Follow the instructions (press 4, wait for the information recording to begin and then press 6), this will connect you to the 24 hour Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra. * Alternatively, call the Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra directly on (+61 2) 6261 3305. I am fully aware of the on line tourist visas , but also noted to my dismay this year this was a considerable delay in obtaining these... Anyone got any ideas please? Susie x
  23. Guest

    Help. Parent Visa Query

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum so apologies for the long winded query. My partner and I are planning to emigrate in about 18 months' time to Melbourne. I think this is going to be fairly straightforward as I have dual nationality so he would just need to go on a spouse visa. We also have a son and I am currently in the process of seeing whether he qualifies for dual nationality as well. The problem we have is that my partners father recently died and as an only child he would like his mother to come with us, she is actually very keen on this idea and, to add to the situation (!) his nan also wants to go! She already has a son in Melbourne to sponsor her. However, neither of them have any substantial amounts of money and would have to apply for a non-contributory aged parent visa. Our problem lies in the fact that this is going to take years and, I hate to say it, but his nan probably wouldn't be around to obtain her visa. My partner's mum is 65 so at a guess she is going to be nearing 80 before she got hers. Is there anyway that they can come out and stay with us on concurrent tourist visas while they waited for their visa applications to come through? How many 12 month tourist visas or ETAs will the authorities issue for someone? I hope that this all makes sense!
  24. Hi can anyone please help me with a couple of queries that I have. I'm new to this PiO website process so please be gentle !! I'm considering applying for the 175 visa prior to the July 1st change. I think I get the 120 points depending on the partner skills section. So prior to shelling out on the visa I would really appreciate if anyone can advise me if I'd be able to claim the 5 points for my partner's skill. Assuming I have looked at the right SOL her occupation could be assessed as; a. Marketing Specialist (ASCO Code 2221-13 on schedule 1) b. Sales & Marketing Manager (ASCO Code 1231-13 on schedule 1 or ANZSCO Code 131112 on schedule 2) c. Advertising & PR Manager (ANZSCO Code 131111 on schedule 4) Can someone please reassure me that I am looking on the correct and latest SOL as I've seen a couple of different versions now and I'm also unsure as to what the schedule no. refers to against the occupation codes as I'm wondering if her skills are actually not on the SOL but on a the regional / state occupation list which might mean her occupation would not give us the 5 points we need. The 5 points makes the difference between getting 120 points (that's assuming I'm capable of scraping a 7 on the IELTS test instead of needing to hit an 8 after July - LOL!!) Can anyone also advise how long would you need to allow for your skills to be assessed and approved by the relevant assessment body (in particular by the AIQS and for my partner the AIM or VETASSESS). From the application form it would appear extremely straightforward but as with most things nothing ever runs smoothly and I would hate to apply to find out that it can take a few months for the assessment to be returned approved to include within the visa application. Would it be reasonable to assume a swift turnaround on the approval from the assessment body ? Anyway, hope someone can help me Many thanks James
  25. csdub

    ACS online form query

    Hi All, Just wondering how to fill out the Relevent Experience part of the form? It looks for Position, start and end dates, organisation and details and gives you an option to create as many of these as like. Do you list each project you worked on or just the companies? I have only worked for one company so that will be a pretty short form if i just list the company. Slightly confused about what to do!! :wub: Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cara