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Found 94 results

  1. Sorry, put comments into wrong thread - meant to be migration issues!
  2. Im trying to arrange a 457 VISA, can anyone tell me please weather you get the equivelant australian qualification. Im a carpenter and have been for 6 years now though have been working only part time due to finacial reason and needing a second job etc, i dont really want to take the Vittess skilled accesment due to not being up to speed or failing on something stupid on the practical. my qualification is City&Guilds reconized so could i take a test over in Aus after being there a while and obvioulsy feeling confident again that id pass any question or task giving to me. just wondered as this could cut down the time that i need in Aus before i could apply for PR. Thanks
  3. My son is at college completing a BTEC National Certificate in Sport, do they have any qualifications on the same lines, he's going to be 18 yrs old when we arrive in Australia, will he be able to continue this course at a college or high school? Anyone out there can help? This is one of our issues about going to Australia.
  4. We have been in melbourne for almost 3 years on hubbies 457 but employer has just been turned down to sponsor for PR due to hubbies profession. So we need to explore other ways of getting PR. In 2006 I did half of an Australian Diploma in Business Administration, I have now decided to finish it, then go for vettasess assessment as an Office Manager which is the position I am currently employed in here in Oz. My question is wether Vetassess will say that the diploma has to be completed in a certain time frame or does the length of the course not matter. Due to RPL etc I will probably complete the course by flesxible delivery within the next 6 months. Does anyone know if the length of a course is relevant or is it just the result. Not sure if Vetassess will answer this kind of query prior to submitting an application. Tracy
  5. Guest

    Nursing Qualification Query

    Hi everyone, Myself, my wife (and 2 kids) are looking to migrate to Oz with my wife being the main applicant as she is a nurse but have a question that we were wondering if anyone can help with. She is a registered nurse who attended a UK university (UWE) and completed a diploma of higher education in Adult Nursing in 1998. She has been employed by the NHS ever since and for the past 8 years has worked in A&E (Accident & Emergency). She also has a module towards a degree in Emergency Nursing. I was looking on the Nurses and Midwives Board of New South Wales website and they were indicating that only nurses with a degree were automatically accepted and others went into an assessment pool. Does anyone know if this is the same in other states in Oz? Also will she, as the main visa applicant, have to have a job lined up before get out there or do they allow you to travel and settle in initially and then look for work. I'll appreciate any help you guys can give. Thanks, Jeff and Emma
  6. Going to study for a diploma in business using RPL which requires me to have 12 months post qualification experience before I can apply for a 475 visa. I want to select the office manager as my vetassess nominated occupation. I have 4 years managerial experience and can fulfil the work experience requirement. The only question is does my 12 months post qualification need to be office management i.e managing employees. I work in a sales and marketing role now and so meet all the office manager checklist apart from managing employees as in direct reports. Do I need to change my role back to a team manager role to fulfil this requirement? Any help greatly appreciated, dont be shy :smile: Thanks Ben
  7. I'm doing the electronic Visa Application ( just to see what papers I will need once ACS comes back with a hopefully positive response ) : I'm now at "Details of applicant overseas qualification" And I have a question as to what MCSE exactly is. I *think* it's a trade qualification, but it's also a qualification AND it's a diploma too. Anyone can shed some light ? Doing some thinking. MCSE could be a diploma and the individual courses ( like Exam ID 058 ( networking essentials ) could be a trade qualification ? )
  8. Hi can any one help, we have applied for a qualifications assessment through Vetassess we know this can take up to six weeks, we are doing this ourself and not through an agent for this stage. How are we informed of the decision? Do we get sent paperwork or just emailed a reference number etc. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris
  9. help im just about 2 complete a marketing management degree and im off 2 oz on a working holiday visa to find a job to move out 2 but im worried as i have no full time experience in my field, i have only done a few part time jobs around my field while attending uni, is it still possible for me to find a good job that will sponsor me to move to oz??? any advice or info will help me so so so much
  10. :goofy:hi,yet another question. i have a GNVQ ADVANCED in health and social care, does anyone know what the equivalent is in the Australian system. any info would be appreciated,and how much would it cost roughly to have it converted.
  11. Hi all, A question for anyone. I've been told that you need a degree for any job that scores 50 points. Just wondered if any one else knows about this? Cheers
  12. HI I am a qualified Cemap Mortgage Broker and am in the process of moving to Australia, I have gained my VETASSSESS points for my visa through my previous experience and qualifications as a HR Manager. I have since become a mortgage advisor in the UK and passed Cemap 1, 2, and but am now wondering whether these qualifications are going to be recognised for me to continue in the mortgage industry in Australia. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks L
  13. Guest

    carpenter without qualification

    Can anyone help me pls ? I am currently speaking to a few agents about migration to australia. And have been told that because i have 7 years of carpentry work under my belt i would have no probs getting into australia without qualifications as long as my references are all good. Has anyone else done it this way ? would be god if someone got back to me
  14. Hi there, I am new to this site and have found it very helpful! Does anyone know if the MCSE is valid as an IT qualification for the skills assessment? Everyone I have spoken to has a different opinion about the MCSE! Also, I have heard that I will need to write 1000 word essay for the skills assessment - is that true? Cheers Hayley
  15. Guest

    Qualification compatability??

    Can anyone help? I am a beauty therapist and want to know if my NVQ 2 beauty certificate is compatabile with qualifications in Australia. I am currently studying for my NVQ 3 in middle of exams at moment. :arghh: !!!! I am also presently working in a spa/beauty salon in the UK as well as working for myself. I want to continue my career in Australia, otherwise it will be a waste the past thee years of studying for a career I am very much enjoying. I am very reluctant to give it all up. I have searched high and low and have contacted Beauty Colleges in Australia but to no avail or response :confused: Joanna
  16. Guest

    Qualification Recognition List

    Hi folks! Can anyone out there advise me as to whether our UK qualifications obtained both at school and work need to be recognised in Australia? We are just deciding on which migration agent to use after researching many but i'm trying to get ahead of the game a little. My OH is a joiner and I hope to continue working for the police but it would be useful to know whether the qualification recognition service is worth paying a subscription fee for. Thanks in advance, Candy
  17. Hi all, when filling out the "Free Assessments" they ask if your qualifications are Degree/ Diploma/ Trade Certificate, but my qualifications are all BTEC ONC's or HNC which I don't think fall into these choices? any advise folks?? Regards Ian
  18. Hi all Me and the family will hopefully be emigrating next year using the wifes nursing qualification to get us to queensland. I'm just about to start my C&G 2330 electrical Installation Part 2 and should finish it by the time were ready to go, but does anyone know if i'll be able to do something equivilant to Part 3 out in australia as we cant wait another year for me to do it here. thanks
  19. Pensions in Auz I am just after some general information, moving to Auz in Feb 2006, I am lead to believe that as I have contributed to the British State Pension for over 12 years, when I come to retirement age I will have to claim a small amount (yeah a very small amount from the British Government" when i reach retirement age. I am sure that I read somewhere that you have to be contributing to the equivalent to the State Pension in Auz for atleast 10 years before I would be able to qualify for any benefits at retirement age, don't worry once I get there both my partner and I will get a pension set up asap, as got some company scheme may wish to transfer. Can anyone advise. Bet