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Found 359 results

  1. leelee 18

    North lakes qld 4509

    Hello does anybody live in north lakes or have any information on it? do you have to pay for schools? prices of renting/buying , my husband is a carpenter whats the work like here and rates? :rolleyes:
  2. Hi Everyone I work for a bingo company who runs bingo in the UK but we are looking for Bingo Chat Hosts locally here in QLD. You can spend most of the time working from home - you just need a PC and a very good connection. But we need people to be able to pop into our Brisbane office from time-to-time for training. We're looking for people who love bingo, who love to have a bit of fun, and who are computer savvy. Previous experience as a Bingo Chat Host is not mandatory, but will be considered favourably. There's a few roles going and we do offer training so don't worry if you haven't done it before. Just contact me through this pomsinoz site if you're interested. Regards Chris
  3. grada

    475 QLD Cat 5 New Applicants

    Hi, We have been trying to get a visa since 2005. We have had deal with to the constantly shifting skills lists and eligibility criteria which has affected our progress. To cut a long story short we now have State Sponsorship with QLD for the 475 Regional Visa that arrived the other day, for occupation not on the CSL (Pre-Primary Teacher) which puts us in Cat 5. It took us so long to get the sponsorship (applied in May), and very pleased we now have it, but after reading all the recent news about processing those on the CSL, then looking on DIAC's timeline that for new non CSL applicants, we could be waiting until after 2012 (3 yrs) for applications received after Sept 09 changes (the visa itself only lasts 3 yrs!). I have also heard that they are scrapping the CSL list, but does this mean that they will not be using it as a priority processing tool after Jan 2010? If so where does that leave new category 5 applicants, and does that same timeline apply? The visa charge is $2,525 which we need to pay, and we have got this far, so we are keen to progress as it has been our goal for such a long time. I am just confused as to whether to submit the application, pay up and see, or are we just in for another long wait, as if we will not get looked at until 2012, that will be 7 yrs of dealing with migration, having already had to adjust to the changing goal posts just to get halfway! Is anybody else in a similar conundrum?:wacko:
  4. Hey everyone, I'm 6 months into my 1st WHV, currently staying and working in the Brisbane Metro area, but I'm now looking for something different. Unfortunately, I'm not sure of the right places to look, so can anyone point me in the right direction for finding work in regional QLD. I ain't bothered what it is to be honest, however my downsides are no skills and I don't drive. Any pointers will be much appreciated
  5. Hi!! Just wondered if anyone had first hand experience of dealing with recruitment agencies in QLD and if they had any good recommendations or ones to avoid? TIA :biggrin:
  6. Hi My son will be 4 in July and will be starting school in the UK this Sept. We are moving to Townsville in Oct :biggrin: and I know that according to QLD rules he won't be eligible to start Prep until Jan 2014,as he misses the cut off date by 6 days (d.o.b 06/07/08) I know there are exceptions whereby they will allow him to start a year earlier, do you think this would be possible in his case due to the fact that he will already be attending school and is only a few days over the cut off? Does anyone have any experience in QLD on this issue? Many thanks in advance Zoe x
  7. hi guys im leah and im 15 years old. me and my family are moving to redcliffe area, QLD in 8 weeks and was wondering if there was anyone who i could talk to about australia and schools and stuff. thanks leah :biggrin:
  8. cowgirlfromhell

    Costs of Living Perth v's Cairns

    Would love to hear from anyone who could help me with info on the costs of living in North Queensland....yearly rates, bills etc Has anyone moved from Cairns area to Perth or vice versa? Thanks Kate:confused:
  9. MACKAY HARBOUR ENGINEERING PTY LTD METAL MACHINIST/CNC MHE has been operating in Mackay for over 18 years supplying precision machining to the Mining, Earthmoving, Sugar, Agricultural and Marine Industries. We pride ourselves on fast turn around for our clients and due to rapid growth we require a Trade Qualified METAL MACHINIST / CNC to work on a variety of Manual & CNC Mills, Lathes, Vertical/Horizontal Bores. The ideal candidate will have the following attributes: - Trade Qualification - CNC operating experience - Vertical/Horisontal borer experience - Turning, Milling, Drilling, General Machining - Be able to work of drawings - Commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. On return the company offer great conditions, uniforms and a good hourly rate with overtime and a permanent position after qualifying period. Pay Rates: from $30.00 to $40.00/hr + penalties. Work: 38hr/week + overtime. Accommodation maybe available. If you think you've got what it takes to join MHE team then please PM for contact details
  10. Hi Peeps Funny...when i was in the Uk i was on this site daily, since iv been in Oz its got less and less...till i cant remember the last time. Think this is prob the last post ill make...think its a kinda goodbye. We have had hell of a rollercoaster setting up life here...(please see old posts) but its settled down now. its not wow wow awesome like the start and its not rubbish im coming back to blighty......its just home now and where i feel we all belong. The four best tips i can give anyone are: 1 - Expect setting up here to cost AT LEAST double what you budget. 2 - YOU will need to make an effort to make friends, they wont come to you....But its worth it when you get there. 3 - You WILL get homesick at some point, dont pack up and leave after 6 months, It takes real time to settle, If you give it anything under a year your a fool....!!! And i dont care what backlash i get its a FACT...it takes time. 4 - Ship everything and i mean everything...It costs the earth to replace all your pegs photo frames plant pots casserole dishes etc etc .....bring the lot. We love our life here but it does comes with some set backs...The Night life is really pretty poo...think bad 80's wedding, food costs a fortune and its dark year round by 7pm latest. They are the ONLY floors to living here in my opinion the rest is all good and outweighs the UK by just silly huge amounts, id NEVER go back. Good luck to you all and im happy to help anyone ....send us a PM Colette
  11. Hi Everyone, I have a client looking for several drillers - from Manager, SIS Drillers and Offsiders, Supervisor and Drill Fitters. We have excellent packages on offer for all roles including some relocation assistance. Anyone out there? Would love to hear from you - thanks Adam
  12. kellyjamie

    Genesis College - Bray Park QLD

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone knows anything about this school in Brisbane. We visited it when we done our reccie and really liked it just wondered if theres anyone got anything to add? Thanks k:wubclub:
  13. Hi, My family and I are looking to move to the Sunshine Coast after living in Auckland for over 8 years. I have 3 teenagers and am looking for a good High school for my 2 boys (ages 14 & 15). I like the look of Mountain Creek State High from there website but would appreciate any advice anyone could give me. Thanks Emma.
  14. From midnight tonight anyone living in SE Qld can 'go for it'.
  15. Hi we are back and forth with the idea where to live when we apply/arrive next year...... Other half is a nusrse, i will be house husband (dreaming of course - will end up doing anything around school hours) and we had first set our sights on sunshine coast. comparsion came with rainy season, humidity, and then the need for kids ( 3&5 ) and wife to have it bearable to live in. I am not bothered where we live as long as its QLD, or Tweed heads. Can anyone give advice on where its bearable for fair skin family Coolganta or sunshine coast, or further in ipswich or coofs harbour ? Could we survive in townsville, We will be going on a RSMS. Helpful advice any one ?
  16. Guest

    change from WA to QLD

    Hi, Just after a bit of advice for a friend please? My friend is about to gain his 176 SS visa for WA, although he is now thinking he would prefer QLD after he has done some traveling. I understand that "officially" he should go to WA for 2 years and then he came move to another state. He has a job offer for a company in QLD also? Can anyone give some advice on how immigration look at this? and what his options are?? thanks!:notworthy:
  17. Hi folks, Sorry if this has been answered previously but I've had a look and cannot find an answer to my specific question. I'm from the UK and have been offered a job in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I'm about to fill in my visa forms and have to start thinking about healthcare cover for my family (myself, girlfriend and 2yr old daughter). As many of you will know, I require private healthcare for my family in order for my visa application to be approved, even though we will not be in the country to use it. We are eligable for Medicare through the reciprocal agreement as we are from the UK but this doesn't apply until we are in Australia. In light of all this, I'm looking for the cheapest private healthcare cover around, that still meets the requirements of the 457 visa: does anyone have any experience of which insurance companies are the cheapest? The plan is to reassess my healthcare options when in Australia and just pay for the cheapest product available for visa purposes. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions on any of the above? Thanks, Dariuzthepole
  18. Hi Everyone, I am a British / Australian expat living in Ireland and I specialise in recruiting to Australia having lived there for many years. I specialise in placing Civil Engineers, Construction, Oil and Gas specialists, Coal and Metalliferous mining people -both surface and UG. I do both white and blue collar roles. Would love to hear from anyone from these industries who might be interested in a 4 year secondment or something longer. Best regards, Adam Weatherley
  19. Hi, is there anyone on this whose child/children goes to or has gone to Caloundra State Primary School? We are currently in Gympie and looking to move to Caloundra in two months time, we can't decide whether to send our daughter (who will be commencing Grade 1 in January) to Caloundra State Primary or Meridan State College. Can anyone shed any light on either of these schools for us? Thanks.
  20. zk2102

    Year 11 in Australia

    Hi I am using my mums acount to post this question. I am 15 at the minute and im on course to finnish my GCSE's in June 2012. We are planning to move to QLD in Jan 2013. However I am unsure what year I will go into. Some people haave said they went straight into Australian yr 11 after their GCSE's, other say they had to go back a year into Australian year 10. Im confused :confused: What year will I go into? I will turn 17 in Feb 2013. I am on track to get A's in my GCSE's. Any answers would be appreciated, thanks :cute:
  21. Hiya there, just moved here on a 457 visa, and looking at options for my son who turns 4 in January. Would I be able to get any rebates from the Qld government to pay for kindy? Or would I have to pay for it myself?
  22. Hi................ We are looking at these areas, basically because i would like to be near a big hospital as i am a nurse, i would like to be close to the night life in CBD, and CBD as my partner will be driving a cab for Black & White Cabs, and we can always hop on a train to the Gold Coast when we wish, being close to Roma Street Station... We are coming over for a year, maybe longer, but we will need a fully furnished two bedroom air conditioned house for twelve months, any thoughts and opinions most welcome. Look forward to meeting any expats when we arrive......... Any thoughts on this property? http://www.rs.realestate.com.au/property-apartment-qld-spring+hill-404812940 Thanks
  23. stokie33

    Fifa 12 Uk Version Ps3 In QLD

    Brand New(still got wrapping) sent over has a present from relatives in the uk i needed the xbox 360 version retail at $88 will sell for $60 location Ormeau Qld
  24. In the last six months or so there's been fairly substantial changes to the way your basic compulsory qualifications have been presented; you'll see an advert asking for "A generic, SGS and S1, S2, S3" but most of them have changed their names which is really going to confuse you when you go to apply for them, so here's a summary: The Generic Passport is the mining equivalent of the blue/white card, but is increasingly becoming known as Standard 11. It's increased from 1 to 3 days but you can get RPL if you've been active on a mine site and is now easier to get renewed because of this The BMA passport, previously known as an SGS is now three days long and can only be provided through BMA themselves these days. There's currently a huge backlog as there are very limited providers (4 weeks at the moment) S1, S2, S3 (basic supervisor course) has already been through a name change to G1, G8, G9 but has undergone another to RIIRIS301A, RIIOHS301A, RIICOM301A. It's normally 3 days but I've seen 4-5 days advertised too. Cheers
  25. Hi We are thinking of moving to QLD in 2013. At the moment in the UK my 12 year old son plays full time tennis. Do you know of any good tennis clubs/coaches/academies in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. I know there is the Pat Cash one on Hope Island, but looks quite expensive. Thanks heaps