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Found 359 results

  1. Has anyone made the journey from Adelaide to the Gold Coast in a car. We want to go via the great ocean road. Can anyone tell me what the roads are like. We have a Hyundai Getz and where going to trade it in for something bigger but want to save our dollars! What do you think. thanks Lee
  2. Guest

    Work for gas fitter's in QLD

    Hi peeps Just to set the record straight, yes I have found a job in QLD (within 5 weeks of arrivng here) and yes there is work for plumbers and gas fitters out here. To all those who have quiped about there being no work in Oz....your talkin out of your fecin arse.....I found a job cos I was prepared to go out and do anything.....so stop fecin moanin and get on with what realy matters.....living your life.... madplumber
  3. I'm applying for Queensland sponsorship & I'm thinking of the north of the Gold Coast. I was thinking that this would give me the option of working in either the Gold Coast or Brisbane. I have previously lived in Manly in Sydney & I'm looking for a simular sort of area. I was Looking at maybe Hope Island. Any sudgestions welcome.
  4. calNgary

    Car for sale - Qld

    Unfortunately i am having to sell my baby, bought her on arrival to Oz and she hasn't missed a beat. Always serviced and will have a major service( timing belt etc) before she goes. Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2005 model, 4 door, manual, silver, alloy wheels, very economical $12,000 (same as in pic ) [ATTACH]1354[/ATTACH]
  5. Generalis

    Work situation in Qld

    Hi wondered if anyone can tell me what work situation is like over there at moment. Hubby is accountant and I'll work as PA (maybe) dont mind what I do really. Will be arriving in February and just monitoring situation. Been told that oz arent in recession and things good over there??? Thanks Sobera
  6. Hello all, I'm looking at doing certificate lll in carpentry next year at acacia ridge, i was just wondering if anyone has done this course, and their thoughts towards this. I have been running by own home improvement business in uk for the last 7 years, where i install mostly upvc windows/doors/conservatories. i have carpentry skills in internal doors,skirting,wooden flooring, so i feel i have a head start for the course. My questions are: what standard a carpenter will i be after this course, and what sort of wage could i command on average. Also, i already have the ability to do certain modules ( i:e: installing windows and doors) can i speed through the course, or do i have to sit through the modules anyway. thanks for reading.
  7. Guest

    QLD State sponsor

    Hi, I wish to apply for QLD SS. 1. Do they have an online application ? 2. Generally what is there response time ? 3. Do they have a IELTS score required for SS ? IF YES, What is the IELTS score min requiement for IT prof's(ACS ACSO - 2231-79) ? Any help would be much appriciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. calNgary

    New QLD road rules now in place

    As some of you may be aware QLD made some changes to their road rules this month, the major changes are ,,, fog lights — turn off fog lights in clear weather. If you drive with fog lights on in clear weather you risk being fined A$40 single centre line — don't U-turn. If you do a U-turn over a single continuous centre line you risk being fined A$180 and three demerit points seatbelts — all passengers must wear them. If you drive with a passenger of any age without a seatbelt or child restraint you risk being fined A$300 and three demerit points wheeled recreational devices — if you ride one when and where they are not permitted you risk being fined A$40. For full details please look at this link Queensland road rules Cal x
  9. Guest

    QLD bound Midwife

    Hi all and may I say what a fantastic forum to have discovered,it is my new best friend. ME-Midwife(43).OH-Business owner(45),3 boys 14,12,6..........long story but we are British and living in South Africa for 16 years deparately trying to escape.We got a business visa 163 last year but due to the dreaded economic downturn have been unable to sell business or house.I returned to nusring in 2007 after a long absence otherwise we would have gone on my skills.Since we have not budged,I now qualify for a 176 hopefully and have done all the ANMC,IELTS,QNC things and currently in the looooooooong queue for SS.
  10. Hi all.,., I have just recieved SS from QLD but fall on the 2012 plan being 5th ranked on the non CSL.. (arghhhh) ,,,,, Do I still apply for the visa? - It will be for the 176 Permanent State Sponsored visa (so PR when finally processed) I dont have any other options really do I? (apart from Employment Sponser - Architectural Technician) .,., I`m just asking before i folk out the requested. $2525 .... Not sure how to start the ball rolling on the Employment Sponsor - so advice / ideas / JOBS on that would be of great help also folks.. (as i understand a one off visa switch can be done costing nil) Thanks.
  11. Guest

    Animal owners qld

    Dont forget to watch out for those horrid things called tick my little dog has one and is now in the vets (poor thing) was horrid to see how it affected her i just hope she gets better so all of those out thier that dont know about these horrid thigs either look them up online or have a word with your local vet julie xx
  12. Hi, Which State high school is good in terms of OPs results? Thanks
  13. Guest

    Car costs QLD

    What sort of charges are there for cars ie Rego etc... and is it by number of cylinders? Is their a compulsary annual vehicle chesk and how much is that? Thanks for any help we are in SA and are looking at changing our car. Cheers Lee
  14. Hi, Have recently moved to the Springfield Lakes area from South of England. I am 26 years old and have moved over with my boyfriend. I am looking for anyone in the area who would want to meet up as i am seriously missing female company! I am looking for work at the moment and am going crazy sitting at home all day and night with only my boyfriend to talk to! If there is anyone of a similar age to me and would like to meet up please let me know!
  15. the dougans

    slacks creek south east qld

    hi we having been looking into slacks creek as a poss suburb to live due to easy access airport , city and ikea of course lol. anybody been or live here? thanks
  16. Troy&Kim

    Were to go QLD RECCIE

    Hi PIO Were off to Brisbane to have a good look around, have been before 7 years ago, we loved it, but this time where of to validate our permanent 176 visa's and have a good look around the surrounding areas. Last time we were there we did drive up to Hervey bay to go whale watching etc, Nossa as well. But this time around we want to try and find somewhere were we would be able to settle when we finally move. We would like to live in a nice area that has all amenities, shopping centres etc, all the things that you get in a small town, preferably near the coast. Could be anywhere but now more than an hour and an half from the city. Also my wife who is a registered nurse would like to continue to work with the elderly, Dementia unit as she is a unit manager of a large nursing home in the UK and also in charge of the nursing. Is there anyone who could give my wife some information or we could meet someone while on the reccie there? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Troy
  17. Dear All, The information given by the members, regarding the receipt of state sponsorships from WA and QLD on the exclusive threads, seem to be non-updated. As I have observed, the sponsorships received from WA during the period 17 Aug 2009 till date are missing whereas there has been no mention for the QLD state sponsorships received after 30 June 2009. I request the remembers to update the information regarding the state sponsorships received by them, to give a fair idea of the current processing times and help assess the status of the applications in queue. Please reply on this thread only to ascertain the latest state sponsorship received by anyone either from WA or QLD alongwith the date of application/category or skill. Thanks and regards, Nitin.
  18. calNgary

    New Qld Tourism Ads

    Queensland have just released 4 new ads to boost tourism, i personally don't think they are too bad but the media have slated them . ''TOURISM Queensland's new TV ad campaign has been labelled "embarrassing" and an "abomination" by Australians. The $5 million tourism ad featuring music by The Monkees caused Aussies to question whether Premier Anna Bligh has "lost her bananas". The four TV advertisements feature reworked lyrics to The Monkees' tune "Hey, hey we're The Monkees" to become "Hey, hey this is Queensland". The music is accompanied by "Best Job in the World" candidates enjoying themselves at various locations. You can watch them here,,, Hey hey, it's a new tourism ad- Local Cairns News | cairns.com.au What do you guys think??????? Cal x
  19. Has anyone spoken to Queensland and received any updates as to whether they are going to change their occupation list for state sponsorship at the end of the month? And whether they are still accepting people to change over? We are one of many who are looking into changing our 175 to a 176 visa and there are so many different stories going round at the moment, it would be nice to hear what is really going on. I would have called them myself, but as its the weekend I have left it too late! I would be very interested to hear what they may have said and any information which you may have would be appreciated. Many thanks Taz
  20. PommyPaul

    Yay here comes summer to se qld

    33 degrees by monday, seriously though its been a long cold winter, will be nice to get out of the jeans and jumpers :cool:
  21. Guest

    Qld's version of Manly NSW

    I'm applying for Queensland sponsorship & I'm thinking of the north of the Gold Coast. I was thinking that this would give me the option of working in either the Gold Coast or Brisbane. I have previously lived in Manly in Sydney & I'm looking for a simular sort of area. I was Looking at maybe Hope Island. Any sudgestions welcome.
  22. HI EVERYONE WHO KNOWS US, We arrived last week in the Sunshine Coast and we are at the moment staying in MOOLOOLABA, We have managed to find a new home in MOUNTAIN CREEK, which we are really pleased about as both our children Ashley age 13 will be going to the High School and Niamh age 7 will be going to the Primary schools in MOUNTAIN CREEK, we will be Living about 5mins away by car, WE HAVE HAD A LOVELY INVITE to a BBQ by one of my PIO FRIENDS, AND WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING UP WITH THEM, Iam so happy things are starting to come right for us at last, the children are really happy to, all we need now is our furniture to arrive next week and we can start to live the dream we have always wanted.
  23. We just wanted to say Thanks to everyone we have met via this website,we have made some fab friends and definatly will stay in touch, hopefully you will come to us for a visit some time soon. thanks to Olly (RUTH) FOR taking us under your wing and we have enjoyed all those trips out for coffee and lunch.Also LESLEY (Alimay68) for organising the wonderfull meaL with everyone down aT the shopping town hotel, a great night it was and especially THE SCOUSERS( JOY AND FAMILY) FOR ALL the get togethers we have had, enjoy your holiday in england.Good luck Jaq4chop (jaqci in your new home )hope to see you one day at our house in qld. Im looking forward to meeting all the new people on the sun shine coast , we are all packed up and ready for our flight on sunday, im excited , nervous and looking forward to life in QLD.Thank you everyone for your your support and friendlyness speak soon RIKKI MARK ASHLEY AND NIAMH XXXXX:jiggy::hug:
  24. Hi - I'm migrating very soon, and need a job in this or a related field. I've worked in the UK motor trade for many years, on sales, business development and management, and have also been active in overseas property too. Looking at jobs in - Car Leasing & Finance Car Sales Car Warranty Thanks for any help in advance ! Mark Baker
  25. Hi When we went to Aus in January Warren changed his licence to a Queensland one. He is now going back to Gold Coast and has booked car hire with East Coast Car rentals. Can he use is Queensland driving licence for the car hire. We ask this because the dozzy sod as just been notified that he was caught twice on one day by the same speed camera.:eek: So now he will have to send his uk licence off to be awarded his 6 points. As he fly's on Saturday we dont know what to do. So can he use his Qld licence for hiring the car? Thanks Jill xxx