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Found 359 results

  1. I think that we have everything we need for our application but I have 3 queries - 1. How important is the joint financial proof, he works I don't, I still have my own money left (a bit lol) and he pays rent, food and all the bills - I don't drive so we don't share a car and apart from a recently opened joint bank account we have very separate affairs at present. We have both written statements to this fact but apart from that we are relying on the other aspects of our relationship (ie: our recent wedding) 2. Can I present everything stapled together and in a plastic Consatina folder? 3. I aim getting to the immigration office quite early in the morning as I don't have an appt - any advice? Thanks Claire Brisbane
  2. Hi I just heard on the news that AU is on Tsunami alert following the earthquake in chile. What is the situation down under? Everyone please take care and be careful until the threat has passed. Kind Regards
  3. Hi guys Our Qld ss was approved begining of Jan 10, just wondered if anyone else who has had theirs approved heard anything yet about meds or c/o or anything for that matter!!!! Its such a long process and im getting fed up now :daydreaming: My eldest turned 16 in January and im getting worried he wont wont to leave for Oz if it takes too long! If anyone has any idea on how long ya recon let me know! Hubby a carpenter/joiner last time I checked we were Cat 5 on list!! Cheers Jan & Dave:arghh:
  4. Generalis

    Qld Driving Licence

    Bought a car from private seller not collected it yet but do we need a qld driving licence to register that we own it? Dont want to get licence as will be moving in 3 weeks and not sure if we got licence in address name we are at the moment whether we will need to pay to change address. anyone know? Thanks Sam
  5. mr luvpants

    Car from NSW to QLD?

    I still have not got my head around rego etc!:chatterbox: If I bought a car from NSW, how much hassle would it be to get it registered in QLD? many thanks in advance JOHN
  6. Hi Hope someone can help me. I'm a registered nurse. Done IELTS and just submitted for skills assessment by ANMC. Was planning to go for 175, but recent changes mean don't have enough points now (I'm 44 next month), so will now be going for 176 if can get Qld SS. can anyone advise re next steps after i get my skills assessment ? Do i have to apply to QNC for registration before i can apply for state sponsorship? Am worried about timescales as only have 13 months to get 176 appl submitted before i am 45.
  7. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am waiting for a 176 State Sponsored (Qld) visa to come through but have been affected by the changes announced in Sep 09 which means that I may have to wait until at least 2012 for a visa. Myself and family are currently staying with my Mum in Qld until 01 March and are also looking for employer sponsorship whilst I'm here. I have recently completed 22yrs with the Royal Air Force as a Engineering Technician and have passed TRA as 'Fitter'. I've also done HNC/HND in Mechatronics and Degree in Engineering Management. As there seem to be so many, can anyone recommend a Recruitment Agency in Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast which would be better to approach for Engineering Technician/Fitter/Aerospace type employment? Also, anyone know of any companies who would consider offering ENS? Cheers, Mark
  8. hi, i have been looking for a 3 bedroomed house to rent in helensvale, qld for about a month now and can't find anything suitable. can anybody help. my family and i have got till the 14th march 2010 till the end of our lease. so any help would be appreciated. thanks:hug:
  9. Hi Basically, we'll be moving to Qld in August/September this year. I'll be 18. Brother will be 16. My intention is to do a Diploma in IT and then carry on to Uni, but my brother wants to work with animals. I've found a list of stuff that he could potentially do... - TAFE Queensland All over the TAFE website it mentions stuff about Certificate 2/3/4 in Captive Animals and stuff like that which sounds like it's quite similar to something he was hoping to go on and do after GCSE's here. So he'll be of school leaving age by the time we get there anyway and will have finished year 11 (GCSE's done) here. So is there anything in particular that will stop him doing one of those kinds of courses and will it matter which level he does i.e. Cert 2, 3 or 4?? Any help (pleeeeease) Luke
  10. Hi Would love to find out how you hack the summer heat in QLD? Do you end up indoors? Is AC expensive to run? My family and I are weighing up QLD or VIC to move to but the idea of the heat is turning us off the idea of Brisbane a little bit... is it really that bad? thanks in advance Laulau
  11. Guest

    Rentals in QLD !!!

    Hey guys, I know its been done to death but , When renting what is included ie rates/water etc. Is it the same for all. Or are they all different? Kev
  12. Im just trying to find out if anyone has roughly the same time line as us with same occupation etc. Were still waiting to be given the go-ahead for our meds & pc's from the agent. As far as I know we still have no CO and I feel as though we are getting nowhere. Sorry to rant and I know there are loads of us in the same boat but I am getting very frustrated. Just wanting a little bit of news that may make me feel like we've not been lost in the backlog I suppose Thanks guys & congratulations to all those who have received their Visa's recently x :cute:
  13. Hello I'm new to the forum and will be a pingponger back to oz in april this year with my oh and son. We lived in Melbourne before but considering pingponging back to another state. We felt Melbourne didn't have the sea and surf lifestyle which we were looking for and feel that maybe QLD could offer that... My OH would work in the CBD of Brisbane so we'd be looking at somewhere which is commutable 30 - 40 mins max. Good schools are also a big factor. Hope my questions aren't too vague but: What's the lifestyle like in QLD? Is it very hot? Why do you like where you live? Where do you live? Thank you in advance! laulau
  14. Hi Guys Just thought i would find out to see how many British people live in the Palm Beach Area. marknhelen
  15. Here is the link to the info : 2 KOWARI CRES, NORTH LAKES, Queensland 4509 - House to Lease #404101453 - realestate.com.au ad says avail now, but we have actually given notice for 23rd Jan....
  16. 2003 HOLDEN ZAFIRA TT MY03 Private Cars For Sale in QLD - carsales.com.au Only selling as we are moving back to the UK. :biggrin:
  17. Juliep

    qld state sponsor

    i have just been imformed that i need $17000 in savings to be apply to get state sponsorship from Qld state, i dont have this type of money but both my husband and myself are in full time work in Brisbane does anyone know if there is anyway round this ? thanks
  18. Guest

    Cost of living - QLD

    Can anyone already living in QLD supply a 'cost of living thread'? Just basic utility bills/digital tv etc and maybe average family weekly food shop or anything you think is useful to know? I know this has been done before but it was in 2007 so a fresh list would be useful. Thanks
  19. briggs

    SA to QLD

    Hi, I am moving to Adelaide in Jan 2010 with my partner. We are on the 475 state sponsorship visa. Our plans are eventually to move to Queensland. Is this possible with the 475 Visa? Could we both stay in Adelaide on this visa for 6 months then move up to regional areas in Queensalnd? Hope i am making sense. Thank you
  20. Guest

    Hello from Redcliffe QLD

    Hello there everyone, This is going to be our second Christmas in sunny Oz and we are looking forward to the traditional Ozzy Barby this time round :jiggy: I'm originally from London and my other half from NZ via Edinburgh Just thought I would say hello to you all and if anyone needs any help or advice about Redcliffe and it's surrounds please do ask Wishing you all a very merry Christmas! :cute:
  21. Hi, We are going to be breaking the lease on our 4 bed 2 storey house in North Lakes, 4509. Schools shops nearby. http://www.realestate.com.au/cgi-bin/rsearch?a=o&id=404101453&f=0&p=10&t=ren&ty=&fmt=&header=&cc=&c=92174822&s=qld&tm=1261786445 We will be needing someone to take over the lease. Tanya
  22. Hi Guys, We have a 7 seat Holden Zafira for sale. MY03 Low 89k Km's, Dark Blue, 2.2 L manual so cheap to run Rego etc.. $11k ONO PM me for more info Tanya:biggrin:
  23. hedgehog

    Best fish chips qld

    I hate Australian chippies, frozen chips and no fish I like. If your like me then check out real chips and imported fish from uk at chumleywarners in Bridgedale. British fish andchips it was worth the hour drive to get there. Highly reccommended
  24. Guest

    Tropical acreage Nth Qld

    Hi all , My name is John and with my wife and 2 boys aged 9 and 6 we are reluctantly selling our family home on small acreage here in North Queensland . This is a unique lifestyle opportunity that i read is what some of you are looking for . Well here it is , the perfect address ,close to all amenities , The Great barrier Reef, World Heritage Rainforest and an International airport an hours drive to Cairns . We have lived up for many years ,so can help you with an unbiased account of life here in the Tropics . Should you wish to contact me feel free to do so as we have a wealth of information on many areas ( schools ,medical facilities ,etc) to help you decide if this is the place for you . Our neighbours are poms and believe the will retire here they love it so much! anyway have a look at privatepoint.com.au (ID NO: 500211) and let us know what you think . There is some good advice on this site , and we don't underestimate what a huge task it must be to move to a new country ,and likewise I'd like to think we can offer you good advice as well. Good luck with your househunting in Australia ,and thanks moderator for letting me post this , cheers Johny E.
  25. mr luvpants

    QLD Health Pay Scales

    For those that are interested: Nursing - Wage Rates JOHN