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Found 359 results

  1. Guest

    Moving from QLD to WA

    Hi all, We are thinking of uping sticks and moving from QLD to WA. Has anyone done it, how did you find it? Bit of a broad question I know, but it would be very interested to find out any experiences. Thanks. Bailey Bunch
  2. Hi I am trying to emigrate to Queensland under state sponsorship as a nurse. ~My agent advises me that my application to QLD has been lodged but has no idea how long this will take to process - anyone have any ideas/experience of similar situation. Also until then our application for DIAC can't be lodged and my agent advises me this process can take a furthr 18 - 24 months to process. Again any info on peoples experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:biggrin:
  3. hi there,we are after a 3/4 bed rental,has to be clean/modern in cleveland/.thornlands/ormiston,possibly even viccy point,end of october time,450 a week,push to 500

    QLD Driving Licence

    Hi, Please could anyone tell me about getting a QLD diving licence. Do you have to undergo a test of any sort or is it a straight forward swap. Websites seem to differ, but it looks like it is a very necessary form of ID and many forms etc are asking me to provide QLD licence. thanks
  5. Guest

    Qld SMP ????

    Hi Guys, has anyone seen, heard or even whispered anything regarding the Queensland SMP yet ???? thanks
  6. I am a civil engineer, I was wondering if any body knows whether civil engineers are in QLD skills priority or not Thanks
  7. Hi I have a job offer in eastern heights Ipswich QLD , was wondering if anyone knows any safe family areas with good schools where your not living in a box !! :wub:
  8. Guest

    choosing where in QLD

    Hi ...sorry so many questions... We are moving from Adelaide to QLD next year and are hoping to narrow down where we would like to go QLD has so many beautiful places its proving hard to know where will suit us best and so far our "short"list is growing by the day....i really should stop looking! I was hoping more experienced ppl on here may be able to give us some opinions on some of our fav options so far, we have only been to brissie and sunshine coast so not seen alot of QLD, we have 3 young kids so really want somewhere that is safe and nice to raise a family we are looking from townsville to north brissie ( however im not at all keen on the big city life so bris isnt one of my top spots) we would be keen to find somewhere that is good for work (hubby does anything had yrs of being at meat works and as a storeman/forklift driver warehousing farm hand tractor driver you name it now works for landscape supply etc so we were keen to look at townsville cos there seems to be a fair bit of work up that way? im thinking Bundaberg looks great but would really appreciate if anyone could shed some light of the work situation there?as well as any other info someone who has auctually been there may have......if we win lotto we are taking a BIG trip seems like a good place for kids from what i have found on the net? also like sunshine coast but the rent is alot more $$ in some areas of sunshine comapred to likes of bundy, we dont want a tiny town but in saying that we are even considering gympie :confused:just a tad confused both love the hervey bay area but wasnt too sure on hubbys work choices being very abundant there. anyone got any advice on where to avoid or where is good for families we would be so grateful! :chatterbox:sorry for the rather long post!
  9. Hi guys I could do with some advise.......Is it me or are there any of you with the same problem......Arrived in QLD sept last year on State Sponsored Visa through Vetsassess......Have desperately tried to get my QLD licence, but have been stopped at every turn......Local Tafe will not let me start a course until I have a job in the trade & no employer will touch me without my licence......So in catch 22 situation......I would be VERY GRATEFUL in anyone could get me some advise....Thanks

    GCSE's options equivilent QLD

    Hello We are moving to Gold Coast in October. My eldest son is 14 years old (well next Monday :biggrin:) and is due to start year 10 here in the UK. He has picked what GCSE options he wants to do here when he was in year 9. I was wondering what happens in QLD? Do they pick what subjects they wish to do and if so will it be when we arrive? I think he will be in Year 9 in Australia and start in Year 10 in January. He is 14 at the end of August. :unsure: Thanks Jill xxx
  11. I have applied for SA. Since my application was on hold and they seem to be unreliable I applied for QLD last week:biggrin::wink: Does any body know whether it causes trouble for me and are these states strict with multiple application ?:eek::eek: Please share your experience rather than assumptions. Regards:notworthy::hug::cute::wubclub:
  12. Guest

    North qld wants to split

    I heard today north qld wants to part fron the rest of qld ,there not happy that se qld is growing so much,so fast . Good/bad ?
  13. Hi I sent my docs to QLD immigration department and just copied the address from their application form which is similar to their courier address given on the web site, I just checked the status of my parcel on TNT website which says incorrect address. Does any body know the correct address and Tel number ? Please reply as soon as possible so that I could give the address to TNT service in Brisbane Regards
  14. Hi Guys Can anyone give me any advice on buying a second hand car in QLD. We will arrive on the Gold Coast next month so if anyone can recomend a dealer that would be great. Also how much would i need for a little run around? Thanks Ness
  15. Moving to Brisbane and selling our electrical appliance repair business. Proven business for Business owners visa - state sponsored. Ideal for electrician looking for a business to purchase. We obtained our Permanent residency visa 890 after 2 years of running the business in April 2009. Fulfills all requirements - employees and turnover and the Sunshine Coast is a great place to live - especially if you have a family and are looking for sun, sea and surf lifestyle!
  16. I phoned Queensland Goverment at 5.30 am today, firstly I asked if trades jobs would be on the SMP and the lady told me NO. Although the constuction industry is now picking up they are trying to fill any vacancies with people already in Oz, she said that they may review the situation in possably six months time, but at present the do not need trades. I then said to her that we lodged our visa a year ago and we are currently cat 3, so what were the chances of getting our visa in the coming year, she said highly unlikely, but you never know, at the moment proccesing is very slow and they are really waiting for the elections first. At this point I said that DIAC were very quick to take our money and then we had all been put on hold and that the Australian goverment was getting a bad reputation for itself, she did agree but I suppose she is only doing as she is told. Anyway bad news for a lot of us, just have to sit & wait it out:arghh: Lesley
  17. shaza

    QLD SMP...is it out yet???

    Hi guys. Havent been on here for few weeks and have tried looking for some news but cant find a thing. Does anyone know if the Queensland SMP out yet?? We're desperate for a little bit of good news as the whole thing just seems to be going on & on. We first applied in May 08, cant remember the date our visa was lodged but i think it was Oct 08 so am getting very impatient. We have our SS & waiting to be given the go-ahead for the meds etc. Just hoping the SMP will give us the news were desperately waiting for so any news or advice is appreciated. Thanks guys x
  18. Guest

    QLD Electrical Licence

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to transfer a WA Electrical Licence over to a QLD Electrical Licence. Any help much appreciated. Many thanks, Gra & Mich
  19. Hi we're living in Bracken Ridge and wondered if there are any mums near(ish) who would like to meet up? I have 2 children one 9 year old girl who is at school and a 4 year old boy. Thanks Sam
  20. Hi are you looking for work/a business on the Sunshine Coast? This could be for you. Why not check it out Buy an Electrical Appliance Repair Business In Suncoast Queensland Australia business for sale on Businesses For Sale .com Listing ID: 731642 PM me if you would like more details.
  21. Hey guys, Is there anyone who has taken the qld 39093 course to obtain an electrical mechanics licence?? If so could you Please give me any advice/examples to the type of questions in the practicle and theory exams. Thanks
  22. rahrah

    Girlguiding in QLD?

    Hi all, Have just collected a very tired and Grubby Seven year old from her first ever 'Brownie Camp' to celebrate The Girl Guiding Centenary - she has had a Ball!! Just wondering is Girl Guiding alive and kicking in QLD? and if so what is the equivalant of 'Brownies' - just think its a fab thing for girls to be a member of, and would love my Daughter to carry on in Australia - Anyone?? Thanks.
  23. We are on the sunshine coast ,Maroochydore ,caloundra area We have 6 games left and are looking for more new players ,we have a few injuries and are desparate for some more players ,if you are interested please pm me ,as we are in dire straits. All welcome believe me.
  24. Hi Guys, New on here - Looking for some clarity as I am getting conflicting views from QLD health - kinda feeling that the right hand doesn't know, what the left hand is doing!! Have made enquiries about Refreshing skills as a RN, as I have predominantly Community Experience in the UK and predicted it may be easier to secure hospital posts, than those elusive community posisitions in QLD. Anyway, I have been away from Acute for over 5 years so would need to do Refresher. My query is that I have had two emails stating that if you hold PR you can apply for course, BUT two others advising the course is not geared to International nurses, and is only for those who have past experience in Australian Nursing workforce ?? - So confused! Responses came from QLD health and the Rethink Nursing Team, all confliciting. Does anyone know someone who has accessed the course in QLD who was an Ex-International Nurse, or is it correct that the doors are barred?? Thanks Guys. __________________ RahRah :biggrin:
  25. stewe12345

    Qld Driving licence (Help Plz)

    We arrived in Qld on a 457 visa around 3 months ago but we still hav'nt got our Qld driving licences yet. As we are on a temp visa do we have to get a Qld licence or can we just keep using our UK licences??