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Found 359 results

  1. I am trying to find some nurses who have been granted Queensland State Sponorship pending AHPRA registration or eligibility to register. If you are out there can you please let me know. I need this sorting for my 176 visa. QLD are refusing to send my form 1100 SS nomination until I actually have registration. This damn nursing registration is the only thing holding up my visa. Meds finalised when QLD SMP released in DEC. I was granted QLD SS last August, SMP criteria for nurses says "eligible to register as a nurse". On the 10th Jan 2011 I was finally given eligibility from AHPRA after a long, tedious and frustrating 6 months. But now QLD are saying this is not acceptable. I need actual registration. Why bother putting "eligibility" when they won't even accept this. BUT AHPRA are not giving out registration, what they are doing is giving you eligibility to register. And when you turn up at the office in brisbane or the state where you will be working, they will issue you with your certificate. PLEASE PLEASE surely I am not the first nurse for this to happen to???????? If I am, why am I ????? I could cry:cry::cry: at this very moment in time as I am so cross at this whole situation.
  2. xenos1987

    QLD State Sponsorship

    Anyone waiting for the outcome?
  3. Gillard just said it as well as introducing a flood tax - assume this means folk needed for the rebuilding effort. Good news for some??? Added info from Tanner "Can I clarify further that your application has to be a 'DECISION READY' application to qualify for the 5-day processing time. Gillard has also let slipped a few occupations during her questioning time: Bricklayers, tilers and plumbers. So congratulations to all above! (OP - feel free to amend your original post as you did, 'cos people are far less likely to read my post than yours, and will miss out important information)"
  4. FREE ENTRY (Robina): Qld Flood Appeal [Gold Coast United vs Newcastle] In support of the Premier's Flood Appeal for Qld, Gold Coast United are opening the gates FREE ENTRY for tonights game [sat 22nd Jan 2011] against Newcastle Jets (Skilled Park at Robina). Kick Off is at 8.15pm. If you fancy a drink beforehand come along to RQ's in Robina (Free bus transfer to and from the game) - I will have "Pompey74" on the back of my shirt; come and say hi! Details on the website: Gold Coast United ** | Official Website of the Gold Coast United Football Club Tickets at: Ticketek Australia Please "purchase" online (or at any ticketek outlet; ie. the Titans store in Robina shopping centre) before the game; queues expected to be substantial at the ground. Seats are going fast. There will be people collecting toys for kids affected by the disaster and raffle tickets being sold outside the ground. 100% of proceeds will be going to the flood appeal; all prizes were donated. Hope to see you there >>> :biggrin:
  5. In support of the Premier's Flood Appeal for Qld, Gold Coast United are opening the gates FREE ENTRY for tonights game [sat 22nd Jan 2011] against Newcastle Jets (Skilled Park at Robina). Kick Off is at 8.15pm. If you fancy a drink beforehand come along to RQ's in Robina (Free bus transfer to and from the game) - I will have "Pompey74" on the back of my shirt; come and say hi! Details on the website: Gold Coast United ** | Official Website of the Gold Coast United Football Club Tickets at: Ticketek Australia Please "purchase" online (or at any ticketek outlet; ie. the Titans store in Robina shopping centre) before the game; queues expected to be substantial at the ground. Seats are going fast. There will be people collecting toys for kids affected by the disaster and raffle tickets being sold outside the ground. 100% of proceeds will be going to the flood appeal; all prizes were donated. Hope to see you there >>> :biggrin:
  6. Please pass this message on, it was passed to me via facbook Reposted from a friend: It is a friend of a friend in QLD. She has available yards stables for people not knowing where to take their horses. She has enough room to take 15-20 horses. Located Caboulture. Her phone number is 0418385774 if anyone needs emergency accommodation for their horses. Please respost if you have friends in QLD. Hope this helps someone!
  7. xenos1987

    QLD State Sponsorship

    Hey guys, Just wanted to ask whether anyone has had their QLD state sponsorship approved after the SMP release date (8th Dec). Thanks Z
  8. Hi folks, We are looking at relocating from Queensland to WA this year sometime and I have a few questions.....(Many of which, I know, will have been answered before!). We've spent 12 years now in Queensland in various locations (Brisbane, Townsville, Hervey Bay and currently the Sunshine Coast) and did spend one year in Adelaide but hated the cold. This is my first question; 1) What's the weather REALLY like in Perth? My wife and I like the heat but more especially, we like warm evenings which we didn't get in Adelaide. As soon as the sun set in Adelaide, it went cold. What's Perth like for this? I know there is less humidity in WA but does this SIGNIFICANTLY affect the night time temps? 2) We also HATE the rain! 3) Which suburbs are desirable on our budget of $500K? I've been looking north of Perth in places like; Wanneroo, Clarkson, Butler and even as far as Yanchep (Don't mind the travel). Any advice? (just me and my wife, late 40's) 4) What are the areas to avoid? i.e. crime rates, bogons etc! 5) What is a WA winter like? As alluded to before, my wife and I (especially my wife!) HATE the cold and panic when it gets to 20 degrees! 6) I have been a manager in the sales industry (construction) for some time now, what are the job prospects like? (My wife is an employment consultant) 7) Any other advice for two acclimatised Poms would be most grateful Cheers!
  9. Guest

    QLD state sponsorship question

    Anyone that has applied and been granted this how much roughly do they expect to see in funding in your bank and also is the equity in your house ok to use as funding? A bit confused about it all at the moment. Thanks
  10. Hi , My husband will be going to queensland , wooloowin to attend a course at the Queensland aerospace college for a month from end of feb to march end. Has anyone got an idea about finding cheap accomodation for a month in wooloowin or closer suburbs? Any room rents for a month anybody intereed or any info, ?
  11. carlymac

    Ipswich QLD

    Hi everyone, OH is looking at Ipswich area at the moment and would really like some feedback on what this area is like...........I personally am drawn to Jindalee....Any help would be greatly appreciated.:jiggy:
  12. Do you need to apply for the Blue Card if you are an approved teacher in QLD? Cheers B!K3R
  13. Hi :smile: My wife is a Primary School Teacher and I have read that she needs to be accredited in QLD to teach there and also need some kind of permit to work with children. So, she is thinking of applying online. Is the link below where she needs to apply please? Applying for Teacher Registration Is there anything else that we need to know? Thank you for the info! Cheers B!K3R
  14. Hi, After a fight for nearly 3 years, we have finally arrived. The visa process has been a frustrating time for us and just cannot believe we are here. Leaving family was so hard, and leaving my hubbys mum was the hardest as we had been living with his parents for 16mths and we just recently buried dad. All bad timing, but this visa process is a testing time and definetley an emotional rollercoaster!! After walking around with a whole in my heart for a couple of days, life is good for once. We flew with Singapore Airlines, who are just fantastic. We were all stressing the morning we left as we only had a 20Kg baggage allowance each and Matt was taking his golf clubs which were a min charge of £238. Excess baggage was £38 a KG, but our container hadnt gone yet, so everything in our bag has to last us til mid Jan. When we checked in ,the lady asked when we were returning and we just said hopefully never and she never charged us for the excess baggage. I had many emails with the airline prev to this and was told if you have a perm visa you get a migrant allowance of 40kg, but we only had temp visa, so we were very lucky, just smiled and walked away very quickly! On arrival at Brisbane,four suitcases and a set of golf clubs, two adults and two 16yr olds, would not fit in the car we had hired, so again luck was on our side and the carhire was upgraded for free to a 4x4. Our rental at Mt Coolum is fantastic and has been a good base for us to explore the area. On arrival we went to the nearest NAB bank to activate our bank account I had already opened in UK. I cannot express how important it is and what a lifesaver it has been to have had this account opened previously. We transferred some money out in Jan and it has been earning 4.25%, now I have transferred it to an internet current account on special at the moment and it is 6.25% and not locked in, like a bond.The bank card (keycard) counts as so much ID and if you get a printed balance with your address on that is enough like a utility bill, we have needed those details for ID like driving licences,medicare, buying new car and long term rental agents. The bank also said that new arrivals can be ID on uk passport, but if you leave too long it s harder. i would say driving licence is the next important thing too, as it is their main source of ID here. We also purchased a mobile internet dongle, which has been our lifeline, and mobile phones , 4 iphones on contract , again easy. so many people on here said you wont be able to get contracts so was dreading it. We have gone with Telstra which has brilliant coverage around here, we have also got home phone and internet with them now, and have got 10$ discount each of our mobiles now for having all the accounts with them. We have decided to move to Peregian Springs,near Noosa which I had already researched the area and it is all we could have wished for and better. We looked around so many rentals and started to panic that we were going to be homeless as there just is nothing around at the moment as it is coming into peak season. Some of the rentals had horrible carpets or were just tatty and we also wanted a pool for the kids. we have been lucky and found a brand new house just finished by the builder. It has a pool and backs on to the golf course. Again we have no references,or employment, but just offered 6mths rent upfront. We move in on Monday so have been running around the shops ordering furniture( as we sold everything with our house in uk) Im glad I never had any furniture as I like the stuff much better here, and it is a good price. Tv's are really cheap, we have just bout a Samsung 58' 3D tv for £1500, with a free 22"lcd and 4pairs of 3d glasses. Most furniture comes within a few days, not like UK 6-12 wks!! Looking around our last school today, but I think the girls have already made their mind up, so we can get them enrolled before they break up for the summer holidays next week, to start back with the other kids in January. After finishing their GCSE's in May the school have not allowed them to return back in Sept as it is a Grammar and only offer 2yr courses for A levels, and basically it affects their "drop out" figures, so the girls have been out the system for far too long! I am comparing prices at the moment as we are not earning oz dollars yet. I think it is all swings and roundabouts. Food and toiletries are expensive, but when they do offers its cheap, you really need to shop around. Yet other things, ie fuel,insurance are half the price. Australia used to be cheap for us, but with the current exchange rate it is probably the same as UK. Sorry to waffle on, but PIO has been a god send for me over the last 2yrs and if anyone has any questions, feel free. Everything has been so easy here, I thought it was going to be ten times harder, however, this coast is so laid back and friendly, so far so good. It is beautiful here, no traffic, hustle bustle and so pretty. Meeting other PIO on Sunday at a BBQ on Maroochy River, will be weird, talked to some of these people on this forum for months and months, now actually going to meet them!! Nicki x
  15. Guest

    QLD 176 SMP Application Form

    Hi, Don't know if anybody has tried but when you try to download the QLD 176/886 application form you get the 475.487 application form. Just wondered if anybody had the correct form? Lee
  16. Without wanting to start a baseless rumour I am told that Qld and the NT are each about to finalise and present their State Migration Plans. South Australia has advised that it's currently improving its website so theoretically they could be ready from tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they can all be announced this week! Good luck to all those waiting. Cheers, George Lombard
  17. madrista

    QLD SMP Released!

    Commencement of Queensland state migration plan Joint Media Release with Andrew Fraser MP – Queensland Treasurer, Minister for Employment, Economic Development and Innovation and Senator Chris Bowen – Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Friday, 26 November 2010 Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, and Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, Andrew Fraser, today announced the commencement of the Queensland state migration plan. ‘State migration plans are part of the Gillard Government's continued commitment to supporting the Australian economy by attracting skilled migrants who can positively contribute to our workforce,’ Mr Bowen said. ‘The implementation of state migration plans will provide flexibility for state and territory governments to nominate skilled migrants in a broader range of occupations than are currently offered on the Skilled Occupation List.’ State migration plans are agreements between individual states and territories and the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. The agreements specify an overall number of applicants that each state and territory can nominate and in what occupations they can nominate skilled migrants to work. The Queensland state migration plan enables the Queensland Government to nominate migrants who meet the particular needs of the Queensland economy. ‘Queensland is looking at sourcing highly skilled workers to meet critical skills shortages in priority industry areas and occupations, such as regional health practitioners and engineers for mining and coal seam gas projects,’ Mr Fraser said. ‘In total, 83 occupations in skills shortage areas are covered under the state migration plan. ‘State sponsorship is just one of the strategies the Queensland Government uses to address the future needs of its workforce. Other measures include education, training and employment initiatives.’ State sponsorship of skilled migrants to Queensland under the plan is limited to the skilled sponsored (subclasses 176 and 886) and skilled regional sponsored (subclasses 475 and 487) visas. The lists of eligible occupations for these visas will be released on the Queensland Government website along with information on specific sponsorship requirements for each occupation. See: Work Live Play Information about other skilled migration programs can be found on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) website. See: www.immi.gov.au The Victorian, ACT and Northern Territory state migration plans have already commenced. Further state migration plans are expected to be finalised in the coming weeks. Commencement of Queensland state migration plan
  18. Hi guys, just a quick one. I'm going to be selling my car in the next few weeks because of returning home and just need something cleared up. Do I get the RWC done on it first then advertise it? And if it isn't sold within the time limit that the RWC last's do I then need to get a new one done? For example; Get RWC sorted - put on ebay/carsales.com and sell before RWC expires. OR put on ebay/carsales.com and sell then get RWC for the vehicle. Thanks.
  19. Any proffesionals / agents / indivuals had any official feedback when they are expecting the QUEENSLAND SMP to go live? Days / Weeks / Months / Years / Decades / Centuries / .... Light Years.:SLEEP: :hug:Lets see if we can piece it together with our collated infomation.:hug:
  20. Hi Good day:wubclub: I applied for QLD SS yesterday and my occupation is civil engineer which is given in SOL3 and therefore, I am eligible to apply for QLD SS. I have around 10 years of experience in construction of buildings and pipelines:cute: I sent my CV to recruiting companies to evaluate the job market but unfortunately did not get any positive answer except a few which mentioned they will keep my CV in their data base for any available job vacancies in the future.:confused: Now. I am a little bit worried as I think QLD immigration department may forward my CV to the employers and get the same reply from them and refuses my application due to unavailability of job vacancies for my skills and experience Now my question is HOW DO STATES EVALUATE AN APPLICATION TO CHECK WHETHER THE APPLICANT IS DESERVES SS OR NOT? Do they refere to the employer or they only evaluate the applicant as per their certain criteria such as work experience, enough funds ....:eek::eek:
  21. Just thought would post this in case anyone fancies attending this Manly Harbour Halloween Street Party Sat 30th October Come in costume and join the parade 11am Rides and amusements 1pm creative markets 4pm stage entertainment 6pm street parade 7pm movie in the park - monster house 9pm Fireworks further info www.manlyharbourvillage.com There is a play area with play structure BBQ area If lasts years event was anything to go by this one will be as good
  22. Guest

    Where to live in Qld?

    I currently live in Cairns with husband & baby. We love it but are getting a bit fed up with the humidity here. We were thinking of moving down south a bit so as to still get the nice warm weather but without so much humidity! We don't want to go as far or as big as Brisbane but would like a nice, pretty, not ridiculously expensive property-wise town. Where do you live & what is good about it? My husband is from Cairns but doesn't know anything about anywhere else. Thank you!
  23. Hi there, Has anyone rented or is renting at Spinnaker Cove in Cleveland QLD? If so, how is it there? Cheers B!K3R
  24. Guest

    Sunny side of QLD

    Hey all, I have been trawling websites for what seems like years looking for a place to settle my family and am having no luck. I am originally from Sydney but have been in the UK for the last 10 years. Time has come to move my family home and as I have only holidayed in QLD when young am not sure on where is best to settle down. We have 2 boys ( 6 & 1 ) who I am sure will love a little more space. What I am looking for is something of 3 to 4 bedrooms and a nice backyard, would love to be within walking distance of the beach but I know I may have to comprimise. My budget is between $400 - $500 a week so should be able to find something. After all my looking round the region of Southport and surrounding areas look nice. Also alot of the places are on complex's which I am not fussed about but are they any good?? Not like the estates in the UK I hope. Below is a list of areas that I have shortened it to. *Biggera Waters *Labrador *Miami *Hollywell *Paradise Point *Hope Island *Runaway Bay *Parkwood Any tips on best areas for schools and work (in that order as we can travel to work) would be very helpfull. Also What are the beaches like round these areas? I used to be a avid surfer so a good surf beach is a plus as opposed to a bay or canal. Many thnaks and look forward to any replies, Nathan
  25. If QLD was off the coast of Spain it would be without doubt the most popular tourist destination in the world! Maybe its time Australia started to invest in high speed aircraft. Imagine a subsidised national high speed airline and how much business that could create. I know I'm dreaming!