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Found 359 results

  1. Hi, I recently granted 475 visa which is sponsored by QLD government. I am planing to move to QLD by August/September. However , I can live and work only in following postcodes before apply for PR. 4124 to 4125 4133 4211 4270 to 4272 4275 4280 4285 4287 4307 to 4499 4515 4517 to 4519 4522 to 4899 I'm an IT professional with 8 years Web/Win application development background . Could you please suggest me a good regional area to find a programming related job. ? Machang xxx:hug:
  2. Guest

    Holidays at home in QLD

    I just thought that I should let you all know that visiting the Granite Belt in Southern QLD is a great thing to do. We are currently staying at Diamondvale B+B here in Stanthorpe. http://www.diamondvalecottages.com.au/CottagesInStanthorpe.html We arrived yesterday with the intention of chilling out and recharging the batteries. Work has been hellish for me with a lot of staff changes and things that have happened so we decided to do this. We arrived yesterday and were met by the B&B owners who handed us a bottle of local red wine and said "welcome". They had the log fire roaring and the cottage was beautiful. We had breakfast delivered to our cottage this AM. Breads, Jams, Juices and hot cooked breakfast. Brought in by the owner and laid out and we were called when ready. We headed out on a recommended wine tour today and had the best time! http://www.filippostours.com.au We visited 6 local wineries, a jam making place where they did awesome desserts, a cheese/dairy shop and we ended the day at Summit wines. http://www.summitestate.com.au We tasted wine by candlelight in the cave! Needless to say we came back to our cottage armed with supplies. We were met by the owners when we got back who assisted us to carry our wares in. The fire was stoked and there was an anti pasto platter in the fridge waiting for us. We even have dinner at a local restaurant booked for Friday for our anniversary! It was all in the deal! We still have a few nights left here and relaxed is an understatement! I can HIGHLY recommend this place and that is on the first 24 hours only! We`ll be back I reckon!
  3. Guest

    QLD Joke

    I feel sure thatthis is the right area for jokes so here's the latest from Queensland:biggrin:
  4. I have noticed a few people mention that points do no get transfered. What about driving bans which are still on the licence from 6 or 7 years ago - are these transfered?
  5. Guest

    Camping in Qld pole

    Up to you this can be a pole if you wish ,or just name the best place,s in Qld to go camping
  6. ozziepom

    Is 120K a decent salary in QLD?

    Hi, After years of contracting, currently in Sydney I'm considering a move to Queensland - I know the place well but not the current salaries up there. Although we have sufficient savings to buy a house outright we'll be renting for at least a year to find an a place to settle and keep an eye on the housing market. I have a job offer for 120k (plus super) which is quite a bit less than I'm getting (contracting) in Sydney I'm wondering if we'll be financially OK, we'll cover moving costs from savings but after that I don't want to be eating into savings, wife will hopefully find work for $50-70 fairly soon but thats an unknown, I want to ensure we can live on my wage as long as we need to, we're in our 40's and have no children. Going perm is probably the right thing to do at this stage, for a number of reasons. I'm not expecting to be rich, just live fairly comfortably. Reasons for leaving Sydney are just that its too crowded and expensive housing, we could buy here too but I'm not seeing value, and at our stage of work life I don't want to take on the big mortgage to buy what we'd want, this seems much more achievable in SE QLD.
  7. Hi, After a year working in Sydney I've been offered a good job in Brisbane and we're seriously considering the move. Sydney has been fun and is a beautiful city but even on a good wage and with a decent pot of savings from selling our UK house I don't feel housing is good value, to get a place we'd like would mean a fair sized mortgage and ultimately it doesn't seem worth it. What I'm after is any experiences from people who've made a similar move, I know the Brisbane area pretty well as I lived there and on the Gold Coast for a few years a long time ago but would still welcome suggestions on areas to settle, we're in our 40's with no kids and like semi rural environments, but not absolutely at the back of beyond, work will be CBD Brisbane and maybe some working from home, parts of the Gold Coast could work but the drive is probably too much (I'd like to do an hour each way max). I'd also like to hear experiences how of the different lifestyles compare, I've found the world of high finance in Sydney to be pretty full on and a bit yuppiefied, I'm a bit old for that this time around and am hoping Qld is still more laid back than Sydney. Any practicalities like traffic and general pace of life would also be good to know, we're heading back for a reccie in a couple of weeks. I'll be on a bit less money (about 12% less) but still pretty good and I'm fine with that, we didn't come to Aus to be overworked and its more about what we can buy with our savings than earning the absolute max salary. Sorry to ramble on, hopefully you get my drift, it would be great to hear from anyone who's done a similar move, or even in reverse, to know what differences I should expect, I'm a bit worried I'm remembering Qld through the rosy eyed specs of nostalgia from when I lived there in my 20's! Cheers!
  8. We are renting a 3 bedroom neat and well maintained unit in Cleveland but are planning to move closer to the city. We still have 3 months rent, its a secure complex and has a shared pool. It also comes with a 1 car garage and a small garden. We're planing to move out by end of April. Rent is $350 a week. Here is a link to the complex. Spinnaker Cove Please send me an email if interested. Cheers B!K3R
  9. lismith25

    Moving qld to perth.

    Hi, Has anybody had the experiance of moving interstate from Qld to Perth? I know its about 4000k's and we have to drive because we have 2 cars, but whats the cheapest way to transport our furnature, i know a lot of people ive seen recently use containers and not removalists. Any info would be great, thanks.
  10. hi i am looking to move to oz and im trying to build a contact list of people i can call on for posible work when i touch down (hopefully in the QDL area). I have a small carpentry company here in the uk and i will come to oz with all the required licences. my main contracts in the uk are building travel lodge hotels and premier inn hotels from start to finish, I cover all aspects of carpetry to a very high standard. The only issue i may have will be my tools as they are 110v (not sure if they will work in oz.)either way this is nothing a few dollars cant sort. i will be very greatfull of any help anyone can give me. thanks
  11. Guest

    Which school year qld

    I have 3 children d.o.b. 30/05/2002 30/08/2004 20/05/2007 I have heard back from our chosen school and they have stated that when we arrive in July they will start in years 3 and 5 for the older two??? Is this correct, as my middle one will not even be 7!
  12. Guest

    Is the grass greener?

    I have lived in QLD for nearly 2 years now and have struggled to find permanent work since day one. People tell me Melbourne, Perth, Sydney are the places to be for work and life style. Is this just another case of people thinking the grass is greener on the other side or is it true, are these states good places to live compared to QLD?
  13. Guest

    To South-East QLD & back!

    Hi everyone, My name is Danni Lomas; I’m a documentary researcher based QLD. I’m working on a new UK documentary series about Ex-Pats living here in South- East QLD. Check out the info below. Century Films are producing an eight-part, prime-time documentary series for ITV1 in the UK about Brits living in SE Queensland. The series follows the Ex-Pat experience; exploring the lives Brits have made for themselves in Australia and how they fit into life here. From ten-pound poms to new arrivals we'll discover what it is to be a Brit in Oz and the diverse experiences people have had here. Both ITV and Century Films are keen to produce a series with a warm, entertaining tone, but also take an insightful look at Australian culture and how Brits integrate. 

 Since the start of January we’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of Ex-Pats from many different backgrounds and interesting stories of life in Oz. We’re shooting till mid March and now focused on meeting an Ex-Pat, couple or family who after living in South East QLD has decided to move back to the UK. If that sounds like you then we’d love to speak with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Danni
  14. Hi All I'm new to PIO and have just introduced myself on the welcome page., so this is officially my second post. In short we have been talking about a move to Oz since 1997 when we lived in Melbourne briefly. We always talked about going back to VIC because we loved it but as we have started the discussions again we seem to be moving away from VIC and looking more a QLD. This is in response to reviewing so many positive posts about the QLD coast and areas. I'm a nurse and my OH is a doctor. We have three children, boy 8yrs, girl 7yrs boy 6mths. In short we had stopped talking about a move after our first born but the changing economic climate in the NHS combined with my maternity leave (idle hands) has refocused us a little. We would be looking at a employer sponsored visa if OH secured a post. We are keen to get him the right job and so have been looking at hospital profiles in and around the Brissie/gold and sunshine area. We noted that Namboura General is a good size (for Oz), and wondered if anyone has any feedback on the hospital and it's services as either a patient or employee? I note its a public hospital and it seems from alot of the threads that many of the hospital workers seem to favour public to private healthcare to work in (though that's just a general observation of the discussions and it seems to be a debateable issue). Any comments, feedback would be greatfully received. Cheers :biggrin:
  15. G'day Fellow Poms in Oz-ers! Just to let you know I'm selling my silver 2009 Suzuki Swift RS415 100th Anniversary (Limited Edition). bought it for almost $22,000 it's for sale at the bargain price of £14,500 (priced to sell .... other models are on Car Sales for $16k!). Done approx 35,000km, service history, mint condition. 1 lady owner. Got LOADS of extras eg: Electric windows (front & rear) 15 inch alloy wheels keyless start climate control air-conditioning Power steering Alcantara interior trim (black & grey suede) fog lamps side mirror-mounted indicators remote folding side mirrors unique interior trim and 100th Anniversary badging. I also paid for colour coded reverse sensors in rear bumper....lifetime guarantee window tint & original Suzuki Swift car mats. This is a link for further info on the model inc. pics (mine is the same silver as the pics) - Suzuki Swift 100th Anniversary RS415 Car Research - CarPoint Australia Any inspections welcome. I'm in QLD on Sunshine Coast. Jenny :cute:
  16. does anybody know how much health cover costs? do u have to pay for doctors etc :cool:
  17. Guest

    Sending TRN Number to QLD

    Hi Everyone, Who do you send yout TRN number to in QLD, can you e-mail the person who sent you your confirmation of state sponsorship or do you have to send a formal letter? Cheers Lee
  18. Hi All - We have a fab place in Manly with bay views and a pool at $520/week. More about it posted on gumtree. Here is the link Fantastic House in Manly with 180 Degree bay views AND Pool! | House & Apartment Rental | Gumtree Manly Thought it would really suit someone just moving to Brisbane. Fantastic family place and really friendly community.
  19. Hi all, Help is much needed please. we have recently lodged our online visa 175 and i am now researching the area's which are best for us to move to but i really could do with some help. OH - carpenter Me - Medical Secretary 3 kids, 11, 9, 2 was not looking to work until my mum and dad join us but would work if needed to but would then have to look into childcare.... I really like the gold coast, labrador, southport etc Have heard Adelaide is relatively cheaper? but is there a need for carpenters? Where do i even begin to research? which area's are nice, cheap etc Have also heard that Warnambool in SA have a lot of ongoing development??? Really am confused.com :sad: sorry for going on
  20. theimprover

    Cheap short stay QLD

    Hi all Could someone please reccomend somewhere cheap and cheerfull to stay in QLD for 3-4 weeks, heading there in May. I am heading there to find work. Thanks in advance.
  21. tonyman

    QLD Flood support in WA

    On Saturday just gone, at Karrinyup Shopping Centre (yes, Western Australia) the Variety Club Youth Choir organized a FLASH MOB where they all were incognito in the Food Hall, and started standing up in groups singing "We are Australians" The purpose was to raise money for the QLD floods. Each time it is clicked on, money is raised thru google ads, SO PLEASE WATCH!!!!!! It is a beaut way of suppporting those poor ozzies over on the other side of our country. Goto - http://www.youtube.com/storytellermedia
  22. I would just like to warn any Engineers thinking of moving to Queensland. In Queensland it is illeagal to work as an Engineer unless you are a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) or are directly supervised by one. It is a costly and time consuming exercise so unless you know for sure that you will be supervised by one do not take a job as an Engineer. It is you as an individual that will be prosecuted not the company so beware. Engineers Australia administer the scheme but you will find that you will also need to splash out a lot of money to join them first, although apparently thats not a requirement!. They also have very rigid membership criteria that does not recognise work based learning so unless you have a 4 year engineering degree forget it. My advice to Engineers wanting to move to Australia is to think very hard about Queensland and if you still want to practice here make sure that you can either survive for at least 6 months without work or work for a company that has an RPEQ to supervise you. Only Queensland have been crazy enough to implement this restrictive policy and hopefully it will soon be thrown out. Many RPEQ engineers are very unhappy with the arrangement because they pay money to become an RPEQ then they get prosecuted by the same body they have paid the money to if they or someone supervised by them make a mistake. The policy is also damaging the QLD economy by restricting the inflow of talented Engineers from outside QLD. I was lucky enough to find a company with an RPEQ but should an engineer from the UK with over 35 years experience with some of the top companies need to be supervised? They do in QLD!
  23. We have recently got a CO after a very very long wait...:notworthy: We jumped through many hoops to try and keep up with the immigration process over the last two years, but we always seemed to be one step behind. During our process we changed our application from the 175 to 176 visa gaining SS. However, as QLD (which is where we initially wanted to go to) took so long to get back to us we applied for WA (we were honest with them and explained that we had already applied to another state) and finally we received both SS for QLD & WA... However, we thought the decision of which state we would be going to had been taken out of our hands as my hubby's trade was not on the new QLD SMP but was on the WA SMP... However, our CO has now asked us to decide which state we want to go to! Now, we initially wanted the sunshine state of QLD but after extensive investigations into WA we have warmed to that state too and since neither myself or my hubby has been to Australia we are finding it very difficult to decide which state would be better for our family and way of life. So, to anyone who can help, anyone who has been or lives in either state would you mind giving me some true life pro's and con's to the state you know. For example, any info on the following would be a great help:wubclub:; Work prospects in general (however hubby is a Plasterer) Weather - how much rainfall do you get compared to sunshine? Is it too humid? Freak weather - do you suffer from floods often, bush fires, droughts etc What are the people like, is one side friendlier than the other? Cost of living? Food, electricity, insurances, TV, Telephone/Internet, Water rates etc... any hidden charges to watch out for? How much are your outgoings? (We will be a family of 5) Do you find one state cheaper than the other? Is Perth too isolated? Is there much nightlife and things to do during the day? Is QLD too built up and over populated? What activities are there for people with young families? What areas in WA or QLD would you avoid and what areas would you say were good up and coming nice areas? I know there are a lot of questions there, but if you can answer just a few with some pro's and con's it would be a great help to us... I have spent all week trying to find answers and seem to be going round and round in circles... Looking forward to your comments and really appreciate your help. Tasha x:hug:
  24. Guest

    Will QLD make changes to SMP

    Does anyone think that Queensland will add tradespeople to their SMP due to the recent disasters in the State, or is this even possible at this late stage. It's now these people need help, not in a year or two's time, just be interested in your views and the possabilitys. Anyone from the Goverment listening . Cheers Lesley :wink:
  25. The Government of Victoria is currently conducting research on the experience people from the UK have when migrating to Australia. As part of this research, they are keen to talk to people who have moved to Australia in the last 7 years. You will be paid for your time. The research company, Colmar Brunton (members of the Australian/New Zealand Market Research Society and signatories to the Code of Ethics of the market research industry) is conducting the research on behalf of the Government of Victoria and can contact you in one of two ways – in person or via telephone. Both methods will be audio recorded however the sessions will be completely confidential and names will never be disclosed or provided to any third party. The in-person discussion (preferred) will take approximately 90 minutes and we will pay a one-off payment of $150 to families who participate or $80 to individuals who participate. The phone discussion will take approx 30 minutes and we will pay a one-off payment of $50. The research will ideally be conducted in February 2011. If you would like to participate, please send a PM • Name/s of participants to be interviewed • Occupations of participants • Age/s of participants • Total time in Australia • City of residence • Email • Phone number • Preferred time for interview (morning, lunch, afternoon, or evening) • Preferred method (in-person or telephone) On behalf of the Government of Victoria, thank you for your time and consideration.