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Found 359 results

  1. Queenslanders are preparing for the possibility of large bushfires in the coming summer due to greater fuel loads fed by last season's unprecedented floods. Firefighters across the state have been battling large grass fires daily and authorities are warning residents to be prepared for a severe fire season. Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) rural operations manager John Fisher says thicker vegetation is fuelling the fires. 'Fires are taking longer to put out,' Superintendent Fisher said. 'We are having multiple fires daily and they're fast-moving grass fires with tall flame heights that are difficult to suppress.' He said creeks and water bodies that were usually dry were running, making access to fires more difficult. Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says the council is ramping up its fire management plan with the inclusion of 14 new custom-built fire vehicles. Mr Quirk said the vehicles, worth a total of $1.2 million, were four-wheel drive fire units fitted with a water tank and a safety sprinkler to protect crew if they're overrun by a fast-moving fire. Fire hazard reduction burns took place at Mt Coot-tha Forest in Brisbane on Thursday. Supt Fisher warned residents to work out fire plans after residents overreacted during a large grass fire in Gladstone on Wednesday. He said many thought they had to evacuate their homes. 'People thought it was the worst-case scenario and a lot were contacting emergency services, unsure what to do,' Supt Fisher said. 'The idea of the alert was to make people aware of the circumstances, the location of the fire and where it was likely to go.' It took emergency crews several hours to control the blaze. Another fire was burning in Calliope, southwest of Gladstone, on Thursday.
  2. :biggrin: Hi all just wanted to ask if anyone in or near AYR near townsville, as we have friends there and there trying to help us with sponsorship with burkedin community to go live there www.bflexi.com. Anyways if anyone could let us know what they think of the place and if they have had any problems with anything. thanks all :jiggy:
  3. Hi Everyone My hubby has been offered a job in Brisbane (He is a spark) and the company has offered sponsorship - what does this mean and what would the approx cost be to move out, we have 2 children. Thanks for any replies as im totally lost:arghh:
  4. Hey guys, we're looking at moving to Brisbane this December and we're just working out our budgets for the schooling of our youngest daughter who is currently 3 (4 in Jan 2012). I've been told by a Kindy teacher that daily costs are about £23 per day for a 5 day week plus other costs such as registration, equipment levy etc. Do we have to use the full 5 days? We would feel uncomfortable sending her for 5 days a week and would rather just use 3 days. Can we do this and just pay for the 3 days does anybody know. Thanks guys PS Any other gems of knowledge regarding Kindy would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, My family and I are looking to move to the Sunshine Coast after living in Auckland for over 8 years. I have 3 teenagers and am looking for a good High school for my 2 boys (ages 14 & 15). I like the look of Mountain Creek State High from there website but would appreciate any advice anyone could give me. Thanks Emma.
  6. Soooo a few people mentioned the idea of running a thread of my latest travels as a kinda diary/blog, sooo here it is, still not convinced anyone really wants to hear me witter on about my travels but rather than sticking random threads up with pictures etc i'll just update this thread instead. Now going to shut the laptop down and get an early night, tomorrow i'll be doing the drive from where i am now in grass patch western australia to a place called margaret river wa, got a cabin booked there for a couple of nights so day after tomorrow will be the exploring and pictures day
  7. Looking to meet new people in Caboolture...:biggrin: myself, husband and 10 month old baby boy just moved to Caboolture.. been living in Queensland for two years now but just moved away from all the friends we know so looking to meet new people/make new friends..
  8. Guest

    Brit from SA, new in QLD

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site so bare with me. Me, hubby and our 2 kiddy's ( 4yr Girl and 7 yr boy) have just moved from SA to Qld, we have been here for about 3 months now and are looking at meeting new people, especially with young kids. Finding a bit hard being here at the minute because we are all still settling, we would love to meet for play dates and meet new people.... we are living in the Windaroo area. not bothered about travelling to meet up at all, more than happy. Cheers Kel :cute:
  9. Tina2

    Schools in Ormeau Qld

    We are moving to the Ormeau area next year. Anyone have any up to date info on primary schools in Ormeau ? I know there is a Ormeau state primary but heard it is a very large school so not sure how our daughter would handle that.
  10. jamesnparry

    QLD education

    :smile:Hi Hope you are comfortable! Here goes... We hope to immigrate on a RSMS in nov '12. Our girls will have turned 6 and 4 at the end of summer '12. I'm a Nurse. In Wales Lizzie started fulltime Nursery class at the age of 3. She is currently finishing Reception class and starts Year 1 this Sept. By Nov. '12 she will just have started Year 2. Ellie starts fulltime Nursery in March '11 (she is and will be part time until then) and Reception in Sept. '11. She will have just started Year 1 in nov. '12. These are my questions: What does oz have that is equivalent to reception class? Is that what Kindy is? What classes will they go into in Jan '12 when they'll be 6 and 4? Do we have to pay for kindy? Can we choose any school or are there catchement areas? Am I worrying over nothing? Lizzie will be 5 next month and completes 2 school years. She is currently in the top group in her reception class for literacy and maths. Don't expect to get the home and job perfect from the start but so so want to get the school right so that they can settle quickly. Thank you in advance Ann
  11. hi guys im leah and im 15 years old. me and my family are moving to redcliffe area, QLD in 8 weeks and was wondering if there was anyone who i could talk to about australia and schools and stuff. thanks leah :biggrin:
  12. Hi I am new here but hopefully not for long. Like so many have agonised about moving back to UK but its all relative. Want to be near my ageing parents and have been unemployed in Brisbane for some time so Oz hasn't been that kind to me. It is a lovely place at times and of course I will miss certain things but I find it somewhat dull here just not enough variety for me. I will never be a surfer or AFL convert and I hate going round to peoples houses all the time!! I just need to sell my house in Sherwood so I can relocate back home so if anyone is interested in a flood free house in Sherwood QLD (a very nice suburb and excellent location) go to http://www.realestate.com.au and see house up for $549,000. Its good reading these forum as I thought it was just me who wasnt entirely happy here. Great place for young children for any new migrants, Regards Andrew
  13. Hi all I've checked through the threads and searched Google but couldn't find an answer to my question - when I rent a property in Brisbane what kind of documentation do I need to show my credit rating, references, et al? Should I bring bank account statements, mortgage statements, etc from the UK? What else? I'll be there in three weeks so a quick reply would be appreciated.
  14. Guest

    Any info on Lota, Qld

    Hi all, We have been researching where to live in the Brisbane area and like the look of Wynnum/Manly/Wellington Point. There is loads of info on these places on PomzinOz which is great. My question is, what is Lota like as a place to live? (next to Manly) and does anyone have any experience of the Lota State primary school? Thanks for your help, RosieO
  15. Heading to either brissie or cairns in Aug 2011. Just wondering for any families already out there - do you have any recommendations for schools - private or state for consideration for our children? We have 2 boys - the oldest is 3 and would be starting pre-school nursery here in the UK in August - so we are looking for good kindy/primary schools in anticipation that we may have to go on long waiting lists. Any advice or imparting of your experience thus far would be appreciated. Thanks Michelle
  16. Guest

    Holidays at home in QLD

    I just thought that I should let you all know that visiting the Granite Belt in Southern QLD is a great thing to do. We are currently staying at Diamondvale B+B here in Stanthorpe. http://www.diamondvalecottages.com.au/CottagesInStanthorpe.html We arrived yesterday with the intention of chilling out and recharging the batteries. Work has been hellish for me with a lot of staff changes and things that have happened so we decided to do this. We arrived yesterday and were met by the B&B owners who handed us a bottle of local red wine and said "welcome". They had the log fire roaring and the cottage was beautiful. We had breakfast delivered to our cottage this AM. Breads, Jams, Juices and hot cooked breakfast. Brought in by the owner and laid out and we were called when ready. We headed out on a recommended wine tour today and had the best time! http://www.filippostours.com.au We visited 6 local wineries, a jam making place where they did awesome desserts, a cheese/dairy shop and we ended the day at Summit wines. http://www.summitestate.com.au We tasted wine by candlelight in the cave! Needless to say we came back to our cottage armed with supplies. We were met by the owners when we got back who assisted us to carry our wares in. The fire was stoked and there was an anti pasto platter in the fridge waiting for us. We even have dinner at a local restaurant booked for Friday for our anniversary! It was all in the deal! We still have a few nights left here and relaxed is an understatement! I can HIGHLY recommend this place and that is on the first 24 hours only! We`ll be back I reckon!
  17. Hi, I recently granted 475 visa which is sponsored by QLD government. I am planing to move to QLD by August/September. However , I can live and work only in following postcodes before apply for PR. 4124 to 4125 4133 4211 4270 to 4272 4275 4280 4285 4287 4307 to 4499 4515 4517 to 4519 4522 to 4899 I'm an IT professional with 8 years Web/Win application development background . Could you please suggest me a good regional area to find a programming related job. ? Machang xxx:hug:
  18. Guest

    QLD Joke

    I feel sure thatthis is the right area for jokes so here's the latest from Queensland:biggrin:
  19. I have noticed a few people mention that points do no get transfered. What about driving bans which are still on the licence from 6 or 7 years ago - are these transfered?
  20. ozziepom

    Is 120K a decent salary in QLD?

    Hi, After years of contracting, currently in Sydney I'm considering a move to Queensland - I know the place well but not the current salaries up there. Although we have sufficient savings to buy a house outright we'll be renting for at least a year to find an a place to settle and keep an eye on the housing market. I have a job offer for 120k (plus super) which is quite a bit less than I'm getting (contracting) in Sydney I'm wondering if we'll be financially OK, we'll cover moving costs from savings but after that I don't want to be eating into savings, wife will hopefully find work for $50-70 fairly soon but thats an unknown, I want to ensure we can live on my wage as long as we need to, we're in our 40's and have no children. Going perm is probably the right thing to do at this stage, for a number of reasons. I'm not expecting to be rich, just live fairly comfortably. Reasons for leaving Sydney are just that its too crowded and expensive housing, we could buy here too but I'm not seeing value, and at our stage of work life I don't want to take on the big mortgage to buy what we'd want, this seems much more achievable in SE QLD.
  21. Hi, After a year working in Sydney I've been offered a good job in Brisbane and we're seriously considering the move. Sydney has been fun and is a beautiful city but even on a good wage and with a decent pot of savings from selling our UK house I don't feel housing is good value, to get a place we'd like would mean a fair sized mortgage and ultimately it doesn't seem worth it. What I'm after is any experiences from people who've made a similar move, I know the Brisbane area pretty well as I lived there and on the Gold Coast for a few years a long time ago but would still welcome suggestions on areas to settle, we're in our 40's with no kids and like semi rural environments, but not absolutely at the back of beyond, work will be CBD Brisbane and maybe some working from home, parts of the Gold Coast could work but the drive is probably too much (I'd like to do an hour each way max). I'd also like to hear experiences how of the different lifestyles compare, I've found the world of high finance in Sydney to be pretty full on and a bit yuppiefied, I'm a bit old for that this time around and am hoping Qld is still more laid back than Sydney. Any practicalities like traffic and general pace of life would also be good to know, we're heading back for a reccie in a couple of weeks. I'll be on a bit less money (about 12% less) but still pretty good and I'm fine with that, we didn't come to Aus to be overworked and its more about what we can buy with our savings than earning the absolute max salary. Sorry to ramble on, hopefully you get my drift, it would be great to hear from anyone who's done a similar move, or even in reverse, to know what differences I should expect, I'm a bit worried I'm remembering Qld through the rosy eyed specs of nostalgia from when I lived there in my 20's! Cheers!
  22. We are renting a 3 bedroom neat and well maintained unit in Cleveland but are planning to move closer to the city. We still have 3 months rent, its a secure complex and has a shared pool. It also comes with a 1 car garage and a small garden. We're planing to move out by end of April. Rent is $350 a week. Here is a link to the complex. Spinnaker Cove Please send me an email if interested. Cheers B!K3R
  23. lismith25

    Moving qld to perth.

    Hi, Has anybody had the experiance of moving interstate from Qld to Perth? I know its about 4000k's and we have to drive because we have 2 cars, but whats the cheapest way to transport our furnature, i know a lot of people ive seen recently use containers and not removalists. Any info would be great, thanks.
  24. hi i am looking to move to oz and im trying to build a contact list of people i can call on for posible work when i touch down (hopefully in the QDL area). I have a small carpentry company here in the uk and i will come to oz with all the required licences. my main contracts in the uk are building travel lodge hotels and premier inn hotels from start to finish, I cover all aspects of carpetry to a very high standard. The only issue i may have will be my tools as they are 110v (not sure if they will work in oz.)either way this is nothing a few dollars cant sort. i will be very greatfull of any help anyone can give me. thanks
  25. Guest

    Which school year qld

    I have 3 children d.o.b. 30/05/2002 30/08/2004 20/05/2007 I have heard back from our chosen school and they have stated that when we arrive in July they will start in years 3 and 5 for the older two??? Is this correct, as my middle one will not even be 7!