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Found 359 results

  1. Hi all We Applied for a QLD SS around 6 weeks ago and have submitted all they have asked for. Does anyone know how long it takes to either get accepted or refused? Also, if we do get accepted, what is the process from there? We intially applied for a 175 in August last year but had been advised through PIO that the SS would be the best route due to my partner's skill coming off the CSL. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Lisa & Steve (Steve - Carpenter) Skills test 9th April 08- passed, 175 applied 15th August 2008, QLD 176 SS Applied April 2009.
  2. Generalis

    Preschool nr mango hill QLD

    Hi does anyone know the name of any kindy's nr Mango Hill so I can start researching? Thanks
  3. Guest

    QLD - State Sponsorship

    Hi all, Does anybody know how long it is taking for a state sponsorship to process, we lodged ours through Ian Harrop on 25th June, 2009. We have not heard a word from them yet. Willxx:mad:
  4. Hi all, I am planning on getting my Queensland license soon and know the process, but for the life of me I cannot find what the fee is. I imagine it's dependent on whether you want 2 years, 5 years etc, but just some idea will do! Big thankyou!
  5. Guest

    Regional Aust. -QLD ?

    Places like sunnybank, ferny grove etc. consider within regional Aust? Any ideas about the regional areas in QLD, especially those postcodes that not included in the DIAC web? Thanks.
  6. Our client is seeking a Mammographer for a Permanent role in Queensland, Australia's Sunshine State. This is an opportunity for a Mammographer to really experience the real Australia, with opportunities to visit and work in more outback areas every fortnight...and get paid for it! Training opportunities will be available in digital mammography. Ideally you will be an experienced mammographer with over two years experience, however our client will also consider skilled radiographers looking to specialise. To express your interest, please call toll free from: Australia on 1800 33 05 33 UK on 0800 047 0924 NZ on 0800 223 381 Ireland on 1800 422 011 Singapore on 800 6161 871 Or call us on +61 3 9530 2511 Or otherwise email your cv to info@hsr.com.au or Apply Now.
  7. Guest

    QLD State Sponsor

    Hello All, I hope someone can offer some advice. We were just about to submit our state sponsor application (QLD) when some new criteria has been added, ....... 'settlement funds'. Apparently we have to show a statement which indicates we have adequate savings to settle in QLD (so as not to be burden on the state, which is fair) - however it's not clear how much is classed as adequate? What do other states quote as being adequate as this is new to QLD? What if you cant provide this aqequate amount - is the application rejected? We're at a bit of a loss because, although we do have some savings, and are continuing to save, we don't intend to move to Oz until jobs were secured, and saying all of that we are probably atleast twelve months away from even having a visa granted if successful. (So all in all looking at 18 to 24months away before made a move). Hope the above makes sense, and hope someone can offer some advice. Thanks CARL
  8. :confused: Hi all Help!!!! our 176 visa was lodged on 15th May 09. Can someone please tell me that the changes that have occured today or 7th July will not affect us!!! Am I right in thinking this that as long as you have had you visa lodged then they cant change your status!!!!!! Please no bad news!!! have already changed from 175 to 176!!!! AAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan & Dave
  9. kellyjamie

    Flagstone and pacific Pines, Qld

    Hi gys, I have been looking at the websites for the 2 above areas and also read the threads on them, i was just wondering for those living in these areas could you tell me how you find work in the area just now, opinions on schools, shopping and do you guys get together often? we have great friends in the northern suburbs but obviously want to make new friends where we hopefully be living x
  10. Guest

    Job agency in QLD?

    Hi anyone can recommend me a job agency or related website in QLD? Thanks:laugh:
  11. Hi All I checked the QLD Eligible Skills List this morning it seems to have been updated - doesnt look as though any of the trades are on there anymore......!?! (correct me if im wrong - im hoping im just not seeing something!) Does anyone know wot will happen to applications that have already been submitted? will it be the same as wot happened when we were removed from the CSL - just get put on hold until further notice...!?!?!:arghh:
  12. Guest

    we've got our Qld SS today

    we got our SS Yay.........:laugh: still cant believe it........... a big thankyou to the fantastic George Lombard and his team who have been great. he emailed us a copy of the letter he received in the night and it says it was processed on the 29th of June, but they sent the letter out, no email. hope this is a sign of things to come for everyone else thats waiting, a big thank you to you all for keeping me sane throughout the wait.....:wub:
  13. kellyjamie

    regional QLD postcodes

    Hi guys, i am having trouble identifying where all the regional postcodes are in QLD. I have the list of regional pc's form the state sponsorship page and then when i go to auspost website and type in the postcodes half of them say not found?? anyone have any ideas? kel
  14. hi all, wondered if someone could give me an idea on what stamp duty you pay, when buying a house in queensland. had quite conflicting advice, one person saying:- you pay nothing if the property is under $500.000. another person, (actually, the mortgage guy at the bank), said, around $7000, (on a $450.000 property) googled it, and found out it would be about $1.70 (sounds a bit too good to be true!!) and someone else said, the 'under $500.000 rule' only applies to first time buyers, (which we're not) be great if someone could shed some light on this for us, as i'm totally comfused now!! thanks in advance joanna.
  15. Hey all, I have visited this site many times reading the many stories and tales. Its been interesting, fun and I have learnt alot. My situation is this, just 3 weeks ago my agent lodged my Carpenter 176 visa for QLD and my agent also sent my DIAC application to be lodged. For the first time in 15 months I have nothing to do for my visa, no paperwork, no research to gather and no exams as I have passed the necessary ones. The next thing for me is to make new friends on here so when I arrive, we could meet up for get togethers and socialising. In fact, the first drinks will be on me! I am travelling on my own and a little undecided as to where to settle in QLD. The first place that springs to mind is Brisbane of course but I was hoping for a place with good night light but also, plenty of outdoor activities close by. I love to cycling, playing football and a qualified Dive Master. Sorry about waffling on for my first post, I tend to do that when I am a little nervous. I appreciate any help you could provide and look forward to hearing from you. Cheers :hug:
  16. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice, we are hoping to move out to either Adelaide or Qld in Jan. We think Adelaide to be honest. I have been told that as Qld are now sponsering my line of work if i got to Adelaide and wanted to move after a few months this would be possible. For insatnce if you can't find work or something then you can move even though the Visa rules states that you have to live and work for x amount of time. By the way we are on a 475 but i have been told all they would do would change it over and instead of Adelaide sponsering Qld would, and the same rules would apply, i would have to work there for 1yr and live for 2. Has anyone ever done this or heard of this? So my other question is has anyone ever lived in Qld and which did they prefer? Just we have a friend moving to Qld and she would like us to move there but myself and Tom are still drawn towards Adelaide any advice on any of these issues would be great cheers Jo and Tom :wink:
  17. From: New stamp duty discount lures home buyers
  18. Sunshine State beats NSW as sickest QUEENSLAND has replaced the usual suspect of NSW as the nation’s sickest state and threatens to drag Australia into a prolonged recession. Queensland has by far the worst budget position of all the states, and its citizens face the sharpest fall in living standards as unemployment is forecast to almost double in the next two years, from 4.25per cent to 7.25 per cent.
  19. Hi We are hoping to move to Qld in 2010 and it would be great to hear what clubs are on offer in Queensland. Not sure yet whether we will be going to Gold or Sunshine Coast, but would love to hear what clubs children enjoy out there. My boys will be 10 & 12. They both enjoy cycling and riding their wave/ripboards (skateboards), both also have golf clubs. They also have kites and we were particularly wondering about power kiting/kite buggying and the possibility of learning to scuba dive. Look forward to hearing from you all. Mandy x
  20. Hi All, I am a carpenter of 17 years exp with City and Guilds Carpentry & Joinery level I,II and advance qualifications. I have just moved to Brisbane with my Aussie wife to be. I have just contacted Tafe to try and get my papers recognised and they are unable to help me, as i have already migrated.... So i guess i am to contact the qld building licence authorities?? If anyone can please offer advice on who i should contact and the process, that will be great. Many thanks. Nev :unsure:
  21. Guest

    qld 150 years old

    in case anyone hasent hurd on this comming friday saterday and sunday its the buderim bash so all those near hear do pop along and visit i believe thiers plenty to do and free so it will keep the kids happy julie
  22. Guest

    2008 QLD OP results published

    http://www.qsa.qld.edu.au/downloads/about/qsa_stats_yr12_outcomes_08.pdf Disappointing (personally) our local school slip from 1st to joint 7th of Brisbane state high schools in terms of %OP1-15s - must be a blip! (first time out of top 5 in 4 years) Top state school performers in Brisbane are: 85% Brisbane State High (South Brisbane) 80% Indooroopilly State High 76% Ferny Grove State High 75% Alex Hills State High 74% Kenmore State High 75% Wavell Heights State High 73% The Gap State High 73% Redcliffe State High I think thats the first time anything East of the city got a mention in the top 5 (although Redcliffe may have got a mention a few years ago)
  23. We are desperately looking for a babysitter. We have no relatives here who can help. We are looking for someone who can pick the children up from daycare should we end up working late. Also if we want an evening out. The person would need to have transport. If you think you can help out and earn a little pocket money in the process please let me know. CHeers
  24. :spinny::spinny:4bedroom,2 bathroom ,seperate cinema room.,ingrond pool,DLUG, lcanal frontage,2 storey,security gates,dream kitchen, seperate rumpus room ,seperate lounge ,dining room,outdoor entertaining under main roof ,outdoor kitchen. 1140 m2 block ,fully fenced. Anyone interested in buying contact vines27@gmail.com