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Found 269 results

  1. Average buyers can't compete with rich, tax-subsidised investors. SYDNEY'S Sunday Telegraph was breathless with joy. ''IT'LL BE WORTH DOUBLE'', its headline screamed..... But it won't happen. Melbourne house prices have trebled since 1997, not because our incomes trebled, but because we paid those prices by a massive increase in debt. In the 20 years to January 2010, household debt to the banks grew 10 times over........ Food for thought....
  2. My partner Kim and I have found full time work in Sydney and have been flitting between friends house's, north and south for a couple of months. Before that we were living with Kim's parents in Melbourne. We are now desparate to locate a three or four bed house, with garden, in Sutherland Shire district and have full bond and a couple of months rent available upfront. Happy to pay up to c.$600 or $650 pw for the right property We have a well dehaved dog also (she can live outdoors, that's the dog, not Kim), but no kids. Seeking decent accommodation and hoping to move in quickly. Can anyone suggest anything other than the norm, i.e. the usual real estate agents ? Or do you know of someone that is looking to exit a lease that we can take over ? Or has a spare house or two and wants to rent one out ? lol Also, can anyone recommend any short term stays aside from rental in that area, just as a very short term measure ? many thanks !!!! Dave :err:
  3. Guest

    buying property

    Hi all, just a quick one,are you allowed to buy property in australia if you"re on a student visa?
  4. Wealthy migrants pricing locals out of Sydney property market | The Daily Telegraph Is it a reason to feel guilty or is it natural selection?
  5. Not sure if this is the correct forum---but has anyone[Lukeskywalker??] seen the Sydney Morning Herald article in their World section on the Australian housing bubble.Frightening--read and inwardly digest.This is a reputable writer and newspaper.
  6. Ok, husband has now decided he wants to get another mortgage to buy a property in Australia (if we can find one) while we are still in UK. Some website are saying you cant buy property in OZ if you are not a resident, and would need to buy brand new house not ever been lived in. Other websites dont mention this pitfall at all. Has anyone done this themselves? What are the problems with doing this if any?
  7. Guest

    rental property

    hi can anyone tell me if the rental property agent has to fix all problems on moving in to rental property. all the skirting boards are loose in the house,the pool cover is broken so leaving the pool susseptible to water loss he was told of these problems and others which he has sorted ,but have heard nothing back on the other issues anyone know if he has to sort these issues best regards jim:err:
  8. Hi Me and my husband are hoping to move to Perth in November, initially we plan to use short term property rentals. Our problem is that we have a border collie that we would like to bring with us. We can leave her in kennels in the UK while we find work and long term rentals etc but what we are having difficulty with is establishing the reality of finding rental property with a dog in tow! We've tried using websites, and even when we search for pet friendly sites we end up with properties that say no pets! But most don't give pets allowed as a search criteria! My hubby has sent a few emails to a few letting agents but so far no response. Another suggestion was that we find properties we like then ask about whether they allow dogs, thats not going to work as we can't get a long term rental until we are in Perth and we need to decide what to do before we go! So we can find her a new home before we leave. Can anyone recomend any websites that are for pet friendly websites or advise us the reality? Thanks
  9. According to a recent research by property agents buying property has become cheaper than renting across the Australia, where the monthly cost of rental seems higher than monthly mortgage repayment on house. Can anyone share his opinion......
  10. WESTLAKES SHORE $495 per wk GreenfieldCrescent Fall in love with the space and comfort that is on offer from this solid brick well presented family home.Plenty of entertaining options, 4 bedrooms with option of 5th ,2 bathrooms, pool, in catchment area for best schools 5mins to beach and shops. to see pics checkout www.ljhooker.com.au
  11. Hi, I sold my house ready to move to Oz but have a house I currently already rent out, which I plan to keep. Does anyone know what I need to do in terms of tax etc? Thanks, Heatherd
  12. what are the logistics of buying a property, what are the pro/cons, we will have enough funds to buy a property cash to the amount of $520,000. we fancy oxenford area, any info would be great thanks. Proview
  13. From the Economist: Once again, cheap money is driving up asset prices. THE opening of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, in Dubai on January 4th had symbolic as well as architectural significance. Skyscrapers have long been associated with the ends of financial booms. In housing, a measure based on rents shows that American prices are back to fair value but prices in Britain, France, Spain and Australia are all 30-50% above their historic averages. Low mortgage rates (and government schemes to head off foreclosures) have stopped prices falling to the lows of previous downturns. That said, although prices remain higher than average, private investors have shown little of the enthusiasm they exhibited in past bubbles. Activity in the housing market is subdued. Investors withdrew $36 billion from developed-market equity funds in the course of 2009, according to EPFR Global, a data group. From the ABC: Drowning in Debt In all the self-congratulations over how Australia has managed to sidestep the GFC, an inconvenient truth has been overlooked: the crisis was caused by too much debt, and Australian households have had a stronger love affair with debt than even the Americans. As of the latest RBA figures, Australian households now owe the equivalent of an entire year's GDP - three per cent more than Americans ever owed. We grew our debt pile much faster than Americans did. We are continuing to go deeper into debt, while American households have started to reduce theirs. And in one of the great travesties of our GFC sidestep, the most recent growth in household debt has been deliberately engineered by government policy. This may suggest that if you are patient, and take into account plunging student numbers (especially re.Indian students in Melbourne, and even further by mid year)), rental and property markets should cool?
  14. Hi Folks, We will be heading over to the Gold Coast in mid feb and just wondered if anyone knew of any rentals available. I will obviously look at the normal places, but just wondered if anyone knew of any others. Thanks Julz
  15. nick1972

    CGT to pay on UK property??

    Hi, If we sold our property whilst living in Australia (in rented) , would the Australian tax authorities see our UK home as a second property and levy CGT against it? Or would they tax the difference in any forex (i.e move to aussie when $1.80, sell house at $2.00, aussie tax the $0.20) ?? Thanks in advance, Nick.
  16. Hi there Very excited we are finally making the move to Oz, month in Sydney while puppy is in quarantine and then heading for Redcliffe. Really want to sort out a property to rent before we get there so we can register our 12 year old son in school as we get to Queensland at end of half term (beginning of October). Looking for 4 beds in Redcliffe or Rothwell, preferably a modern property with outdoor space for dog. Can anybody help? Also if anyone has kids in either Redcliffe High or Deception Bay High can you let us know what they are like - the school not the kids I mean. A bit scared but can't wait to get out there. Ange x :hug:
  17. Just wondered what people's opinion is on state of the property market, as I have a property that will be going on the market at the start of next year as could not sell last year! Have things improved any or are things still sluggish? Thanks Emma
  18. Hi there everybody. Have just registered and this is my first post. Hope someone is able to answer my query. My family and I are likely to be moving to Melbourne around Sept/Oct on a sponsorship 457visa. Can anyone tell me if there are restrictions on buying a house on Oz whilst on such a visa? Any advice/comments greatly appreciated. Very excited by the prospect but also slightly daunted. Hugo
  19. I'm looking to buy a property in the UK early next year,can anybody recommend some good property search sites for the UK market? I know that "Google is my friend" but I would appreciate some feedback from anyone who may have used a site that they found good. cheers
  20. This popped up in the comments section of a Melbourne Age article: " Oh, what a lovely recession … for comfortable old folks" suggesting that older generation (of property owners) are benefitting at the expense of the younger generation in employment, benefits, housing, inflated salaries etc. Found this below explaining the supposed "housing shortage" that media and real estate industry keep on telling us about..... Property Spruikers Claim Australia Suffers from a ‘Chronic Housing Shortage’ Last Friday we sent a request to Money Morning readers. We asked if they had any authentic research to support the claim made by property spruikers that Australia suffers from a 'chronic housing shortage.' We assumed there must be such research in existence. After all, it is the main basis the property bulls make to support the idea of continually rising property prices. Fascinating article ...... and explains how the media have been boosting while the property industry has been spruiking and the govt. inducing...... rhymes
  21. Hi. We are moving to Perth early Jan 2010 and are lucky enough to be staying with friends for a couple of weeks. We hope to get a long term rental shortly after we arrive in Perth and I am looking for some help with the process. I have been told that it can be difficult to get somewhere if you dont have references from previous landlords but we have never rented so dont have references. Has anyone else experienced this. We want to be prepared before we get there so I would really appreciate any help from other people who have already rented in WA. Could you also let me know what paperwork was required. Thanks very much. Rhonda
  22. Hi, just been to see a tax adviser here in Canberra and as my husband is being heavily taxed on his UK pension, he suggested trying to claim tax depreciation for a rented property that we have in the UK to offset the tax. Has anyone else done this and how did you go about it? Any advice would be appreciated. LOVING CANBERRA, LOVING AUSTRALIA, in fact loving life.....apart from the tax!
  23. HUNDREDS of new high-rise apartments on the upper north shore have stood empty for months due to a lack of demand, casting doubt on the State Government's strategy of opening up the region for high-density development. Developers have resorted to offering thousands of dollars worth of free furniture in an effort to sell apartments in the shiny new five-storey blocks that have sprung up from Wahroonga to Roseville. I do not recall ever seeing a real estate story in newspapers admitting that first they have empty flats, and secondly cannot sell them?
  24. But they are likely to start rising again soon, analysts say, driven higher by increased interest rates and an employment market that appears to be stabilising...... Really? Conversely, according to Chris Martin Policy Officer at the Tenancy union of NSW: "Also, depictions of a housing shortage were overblown. ''We have 830,000 unoccupied dwellings in this country,'' he said" What the real estate market does not tell you, nor want buyers to know, is the huge amount of property that owners may want to sell but cannot, or are waiting till later to, sell...accordingly it has been suspected that the real estate industry is trying to limit supply of properties coming onto the market, to maintain sales, auction clearance rates and prices.
  25. Hey anyone interested in a 2 bedroom flat in mosman park perth, for 320 a wk very nice flat pls call 0420243007 if interested and can arrange a viewing x