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Found 269 results

  1. Guest

    Canberra Investment Property

    Hi Guys We're Aussie Citizens but living in the UK and I'm desperate to get on the property ladder in Oz - and as a commitment that we will move there one day. We lived in Sydney but feel it too expensive and, with a young family, I think Canberra could be the place. We've visited many times and have friends there, little commuting, more reasonable property prices etc. Anyway, please could I pick your considerable brains/expertise. 1. What do you think property's up to at the mo? Still rising? Although interest rates are tipped to rise too aren't they? 2. I've seen a couple of family houses I like round McKellar and Evatt. Is that a good rentable area? Although I'm not sure if we rented it out if we would cover the mortgage as they are around $600k. What is the most people are prepared to pay for rental? Is there really such a shortage of good rental as I read on here? 3. Anyone got any idea about tax implications? I know we would have to declare the rental in Australia. My husband seems to think it would be really punitive and we would get clobbered by Capital Gains Tax if we sold which would wipe out anything we ever made. Is he right or is he just trying to put me off. I've had a look at the ATO site but I don't seem to get very far not really knowing the sorts of figures we're talking about. Thanks for your help and hope you all have a great weekend. Sarah x
  2. Hi Guys We are hoping to head to Perth in a couple of months, but we still haven't sold our UK Property :mad: We have now made the decision that we will be renting. Can anyone recommend a good letting agency in the Manchester area at all. We prefer to go off recommendation. Any advice is greatly appreciated, Cheers Sam xx
  3. We are seeking an experienced Property Manager Must have valid licence Looking after a portfolio of 100 properties. If this is you please contact jan[at]prestigeperthrecruitment.com.au 089301 4488
  4. I am a property developer and i am hoping to set up a new company when we get to OZ. Does anyone have any experience of this i.e how easy it is to buy land, get planning permission, architects, legal issues etc. Please help. Steve. :goofy:
  5. I see a lot of threads on here about people selling their UK property to buy houses the instant they move to Australia. I was under the impression that you needed permanent residency before (without applying for a special licence), you were able to own property in Australia. I agree that rent is dead money but with the UK housing market gradually picking up from its lowest point, the exchange rate of the AUD to GBP being at its weakest pretty much ever and the absence of any ratio between rent achievable and asset price, (about 3% here compared to 5% in the UK) - hence, renting here is cheap... where is the logic anyway? Especially when you can achieve over 7% on term deposits with your cash here! (Although converting large sums seems pretty crazy anyway until sterling bounces) I guess I have two issues... a) Do you need PR before you can buy? and b) Am I missing something with my view that buying here at the current time seems like economic madness? :daydreaming:
  6. My husband is an Australian citizen, I am a permanent resident. We are planning to rent out our house in the UK initially and transfer the profit monthly. How does this work tax wise, anyone know?
  7. Experienced Property Manager Required for Northern Suburbs in Perth. Must be licenced and have experience with either REST or GEEDEE software. Looking after portfolio of 90 properties. 2 positions available 1x Senior PM ( with ledger experience) 1x Assistant PM. Immediate start.
  8. Absolutely fuming so need to get this off my chest. We have lived in our rental property for 18 months since arriving in Oz - was brand new when we moved in. Have paid rent regularly, never missed, had excellent 3 monthly inspections. We recently bought our own home, so handed in our notice and gave the keys back on 3 June. The real estate agent, Remax, came out to do the final inspection on 8 June and pointed out a few marks on the walls, either where we had wiped marks away or had touched the paint up slightly to cover a chip here and there. They told us that they required a painter to come and quote for the work - he quoted $1300!!! On top of this, they then tried to tell us that we were behind with one weeks rent - this has since been "found" on their computer system. We told Remax we were not prepared to accept this quote and went and bought the paint ourselves, and spent the good part of 2 days repainting the walls that they had pointed out needed re-painting. The rental manager came and checked the walls, asked us to do a few more walls on top of the ones we had already done. All this while the poor new tenants were moving all their belongings into the property. I called into their office first thing this morning to give them back the keys (again) and the receptionist went into the back office to talk to the rental manager, we confirmed that everything was over and, other than a small amount owing for water useage, the bond paperwork could now be processed. I then received a phone call from the rental manager at 4.50pm to say that the painting we had done was still not acceptable and they would be asking a painter to come in and give a quote to "rectify" the issues. They acknowledge that we have kept the property in an immaculate condition, that the rent has always been paid on time etc etc, but we have to return the house to the condition it was in when we moved in - brand new?!?! I cannot believe that this can be normal practice - does this seem unreasonable to anyone else? Does anyone have any experience of this, either with Remax or any other agent? They have said to us, "if you dont like it, you can go to court"......does anyone have any experience of this procedure - is it worth digging your heels in from principle or do we just give in to their demands?? Please, someone, can you give us some legal or hands-on advice on this????
  9. Hi there i am new to this forum and am looking for any views or advice. We have our visas and are all set apart from not being able to sell our home. We think we will have to rent it out for now while we get on with our new life. Has anyone had to do something similar and could give me any tips. Any help is greatly appreciated
  10. 'Affordability crisis' a housing industry fiction. WHEN the Housing Industry Association published the May edition of its quarterly work of fiction, the Housing Affordability Index, media outlets printed the data without hesitation. This instant recycling of propaganda is what passes for journalism these days. The political outpourings of developer lobby groups are presented to the public as fact. There is no scrutiny, no checking, no asking of pertinent questions. Any half-switched-on journalist would look at the figures that make up this bogus index and see that they're nonsense. I think also the industry i.e. real estate, media, banks etc. have been guilty of encouraging what is known in hospitality as "upselling", i.e. encouraging the buying of something more expensive, earlier or extra than originally planned by panicking people, confusing them about high median versus lower average prices etc..... means those in selling side all benefit....
  11. Guest

    Property Investment

    We had a property rental in the UK and are now toying with the idea of buying an investment property here. Either as a holiday let or long term let. Can anyone give us advice on what are the negatives/positives of doing this in Austrailia. Would a holiday let be better than a long term let or vice versa? We are renting ourselves at the moment and would probably continue to do so even if we bought an investment property. Would we still be eligible for the First Homeowners Grant and no stamp duty to pay. Anyone with any advice at all please let me know (you can PM me if you prefer). thanks
  12. Hi, I have been advised by a friend in australia that tenants when renting a property are not liable for paying the council tax equivalent in australia, instead its the owners responsibility to pay this, is this true? Generally speaking have people found the cost of living in aus in regards to household utility bills cheaper or more expensive than in the uk? Thanks:chatterbox:
  13. Tax breaks to blame for rising house prices. The government has ignored Ken Henry’s prescription for more affordable housing. EVERY time the Reserve Bank of Australia raises interest rates, Wayne Swan expresses his deepest sympathy for hard-pressed Australians with mortgages… …. Of course, you’ll never catch politicians criticising rising house prices…… ….addressing the bias in investment housing towards negatively geared investment, which it describes as “a major distortion in the rental property market”….. The Australian Taxation Office says losses declared from negatively geared property grew by 35 per cent in 2007-08 to $8.6 billion… …While house prices in Australia have tripled since 1996, in the US they increased by 70 per cent….. But with the International Monetary Fund warning of the risk of a housing bubble and Australia a world leader in household debt and unaffordable housing, perhaps rising interest rates or other economic stresses will find their own drastic solution to the problem sooner or later…..
  14. Australia's housing bubble would defy worldwide trends and all historical evidence if it did not burst, a US investment fund has said. Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of Boston-based GMO, said Australian home prices continued to rise because the Reserve Bank's rapid interest rate cuts during the financial crisis “protected” the nation's housing bubble. “But if they (home prices in Australia and the UK) don't go back to ... the old trend line multiple of family income, which should drive house prices, it will be the first time in history that such a bubble is not broken,” Mr Grantham said in a recent interview with the Financial Times.“Now we have to see what happens when interest rates rise.” Of interest are the 200+ comments.....
  15. Guest

    property in aus help req

    hi need help with which visa can i purcase a holiday home. eg tourist visa wots the max i could stop on this visa. and how long would it be before i could get back in the country.thank you
  16. Can anyone help with the area around Randwick, We need a property for a family of 4, (children 17 and 11), so need primary and good high school. Have looked around coogee, Kingsford, Daceyville? are these nice areas. Have also looked Bexley, Rockdale and Kyeemagh? Trying to work out the distance from Randwick (where I will be working) it tricky. In the UK i commute to work for 40mins driving each way, which is OK. Will be looking to rent property at about $700 pw? is this reasonable?
  17. Australian Federal Government gets tough on foreign ownership rules | News.com.au People here in Aus will be very pleased to see that they are doing this. My friends and I could never understand why they made it easier for foreigners to buy here in the first place. I have been told by two completely unrelated friends in the last week that every auction they have been to lately has been swamped with foreign ic2 buyers. Both my friends children are trying to buy.
  18. Property boom spurs spending spree. SURGING property prices appear to be driving a spending spree in Australia, with home owners taking out bigger mortgages to help fund the purchase of big-ticket items, from new cars to holidays.....But regulators and economists fear that the borrowing binge could leave home owners vulnerable to rising interest rates, while any sudden reversal of housing prices might tip many into negative equity - when the size of the loan exceeds the value of the property. Big four banks gorge on house mortgages. THE big banks may soon be forced to curb sales of mortgages after a feeding frenzy on housing over the past 18 months has lifted their share of the nation's property market to record levels. Any steps to slow mortgage sales are likely to hit first-home buyers hardest as they are considered riskier and surging property prices have forced them to seek larger loans Am sure British are familiar with this situation.....scary.....
  19. Hi Guys I was having a look at the possibility of buying in Oz. We arent there yet - we dont even have our visa :biglaugh: but we are on our way, I just like to get in there and do loads of research. We are looking at the affordability of houses and it seems do-able but I noticed that the mortgage interest rates are around 6% !!!!! Does anybody know if this has always been the case in Oz - I know in Ireland at the moment my mortgage interest rate is 3.1% but thats probably due to the country being in a right state at the moment. 2 years ago i was paying nearly 5% interest rate so Im just wondering if there is a property boom over in Oz at the moment. I know we can get alot more for our money in Oz but because the interest rates being so high and the exchange rate being absolutely crap its made me wonder! Any comments would be much appreciated Suzanne
  20. Guest

    Perth Real Estate

    Hi Guys, I arrived in Perth (after many trips here and back) from the UK in July last year. I'm currently working North of the River selling Real Estate, so would like to offer my services to anyone needing help in this area. I'm getting married to my Australian fiancee in a couple of weeks, and only just stumbled across this forum (which I think is a great idea!) Anyway, if anyone needs any Real Estate advice please personal message me
  21. grainne73

    Property Buy

    Does anyone know if a non resident can buy a house in Australia? grainne x
  22. What are the tax implications for keeping savings in the UK and the tax implications for renting out a house? I had a sniff round the ATO website and found some interesting stuff, but it all gets a bit complex and they don’t exactly use layman’s English!! I read on the ATO website that there is a ‘6 year rule’, that if you move out of your main residence and rent it out, you can continue to claim an exemption from CGT for up to six years after you move out… So we could rent out our UK property and have an exemption for CGT for 6 years… See: Moving on? Remember the six year rule for CGT There are certain eligibility criteria, though what would be the situation if within the 6 year period you ALSO bought a property in Australia that you started to live in? Would that deny you the CGT exemption on the UK property? I can’t find the answer to this on the site. Any financial gurus please help! Cheers BB
  23. median price to hit 500k!! not good for peeps moving there no matter what the exchange rate. Especially for people like me moving there at 50yrs old :cry:. only have a 20k mortgage in uk, it wont stop me going but got to plan all this in, seems wages are not all that high either. i a skilled worker in uk (gasfitter) but looking for quality of life over money, not poverty of life though. anyone with positive news :arghh:. ahh, better for that little rant.
  24. Proview220

    Property for sale in Uk

    If any one moving back to the uk and looking to buy a property may be this is for you http://www.jeffreynormie.co.uk/PropertySite/propertysheet.aspx?id=2202
  25. We have already established that whilst waiting for APV we can apply for Bridging Visa. As it will take a number of years for APV to come through, are we able to purchase a property and open a bank account?