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Found 269 results

  1. Hi there We're starting a renovations business in the Frankston area and need to find a good property accountant. Has anybody got any recommendations in the area? By the way... we moved over last March. I'm English, my partner's an Aussie. Have to say after the first few months I haven't really looked back! Thanks Janet
  2. Hello, We are about to make the move to Tassie in April. We are renting our property in the UK and I shall be looking for a rental property near Launceston. I have pictures of our house on my laptop which I am willing to show to a rental agent/owner. I have also asked the agent in the UK for a reference for us as I hope this will assist with obtaining a property in Tassie. Does anyone have any advice on anything specific that should be in this reference? And also is there anything else I can do to ensure I present us in the best possible light? Many thanks
  3. http://www.australianpropertybuyers.com.au We bought our house with the help of these people, just thought some may be interested in a seminar they're running. I heard of it by email but if you're interested then just contact them through their website. FREE Property Seminar Creating wealth with Property 2011: The year of the Investor Agenda How to get started Driving Factors in the Property Market Creating Wealth Capital Growth verus Rental Return How to buy well and avoid costly mistakes Real Life examples of selecting the right investment property approaches on how to get the best rental returns Venue: Australian Property Buyers office: Bromley House 214 Graham Street Port Melbourne Date: Wednesday 2nd March 2011 Time: 6pm Registration for 6:15pm start RSVP: Monday 28th February 2011 Cost: FREE
  4. Guest

    Australian Mortgages?

    Hi there We are applying to move to Perth at present. Our plan would be to rent and then after the required time in employment we hope to buy. As we are still in the initial stages we haven't delved too deeply, but we really need some facts about buying property. Our main concern is - can we qualify for an Australian mortgage (what is the criteria, what history is needed - do they look at UK mortgages, etc) and when can we start applying. We are aware that there are various schemes for buyers - again we don't know if we would qualify - we would ideally like to buy a new build/build our own home. Any comments/suggestions/tips would be very much appreciated. Many thanks:smile:
  5. Hi all, We have got a CO 3 weeks ago & if all goes well we should be getting our visa soon. We are in a REAL BIG dilemma right now - we bought a house in Sep last year as we got fed up with waiting for visa and with putting our life on hold. We had an agent round yesterday who said the house is worth the same amount as we paid - we have had new bathroom done, new floors, tiled the kitchen, done the garden etc - all this extra work came to about £7000 and we have got a loan for it. Now, we are in real dilemma - should we sell the house or rent it? If we sell it, we would loose about £15 k in total. We could rent it but then there will always be something here in the UK that we have to go back to and what if it needs any repairs? Then it would cost us even more! Also, you never know if the people living in your house would look after the house or they could just trash it. What has everyone else done? And if we rent it, how would we go about selling it? Would we have to come back to the UK or can you appoint an agent to do all the paperwork for you?And lastly, if we rent it, we won't have any money to take to OZ with us as we have put all our savings down as a deposit. Any feedback anyone could offer would be really appreciated as we really don't know what to do for the best. Many thanks.
  6. Guest

    Selling the UK property

    Hi everyone. We wish to look at buying a property in Sydney as we do not want to pay any further rent. However we have been told by our bank that we need to stomp up 20% deposit in order to secure a loan. We can raise the cash in one of two ways. Sell our UK property or secure a loan based on the equity that we have in the property. As the UK property market is still flat - my thoughts are to go with the option of raising the deposit through release of equity. Then sell the property once the financial environment is more favourable we only have 7 years before the mortgage finishes. Has anyone had a similar dilema?:confused: Thanks a million!!
  7. Hi I am working in australia on 457 visa and I bought a property 1 yr ago. I now have to move because of work. Can I let out my property while on this visa? Thanks
  8. Guest

    165 visa / buying property

    :notworthy:hi to all i am 46 and wish with my wife to spend time in the noosa area where my brother in law lives and owns his own company.......... looking to buy a property and live part time in oz and uk.......... any advice on how to proceed i have been told that one way is to apply under a 165 visa??? any feedback welcome. regards neil
  9. bennyboy

    Property not as cheap now?

    Hi to all, I am currently watching the new series of Wanted Down Under and what a shock to see that house prices have rocketed over the last few years (or even longer?). It seems that whoever is on the programme, they all compare living expenses with the UK and it's cheaper to live in the UK. Maybe it depends on where you want to live in OZ and which state? Also, whether you are a skilled worker i think makes a difference to work availability and how much you can earn. It's quite daunting really because it appears that Australia is no where as cheap as it has appeared to be, say 7 years ago when my brother's moved back to south of Perth. The lifestyle will always be the same and that's what's so appealing to many, but you have to live and no one likes to live in a beautiful country with a hole in there pockets!! Makes you think twice about migrating so it's important to do your homework and leave no stone un-turned as they say. Any comments please would be greatly appreciated:cute:

    Visa's and Purchasing Property

    Two things, just as a matter of interest, if anyone knows first hand please? If a Working Visa is up to the age of 45 and a Retirement Visa is from the age of 55, what is there Visa wise between 45 and 55 ??? I'm 43 so I don't think my dream come true move is going to happen within the next two years. Also, can a tourist, (on Tourist Visa only) purchase property in Australia and is it restricted to new build only? Just two questions I meant to ask a while ago but never posted. Thanks to anyone that can help and has been through the Visa process. :notworthy:
  11. littlem

    Property ACT

    Can anyone help? I am researching Canberra have been looking at the rental prices in various suburbs. I have seen that between Oct and Jan property is a premium and hard to get. The prices on Allhomes are these inflated at this time because of the high demand or are these the standard? I have seen for example 3 bed in Hacket for $485 week and 4 bed $630 Many thanks for any help. I am trying to find a nice family area where i can get a 4 bed for up to $450???Is this possible. Michelle
  12. I am British, living in the UK with my Australian husband and my spouse visa application is underway as we plan to move to Melbourne next year. My husband has bought a house there - I couldn't easily get on the NAB mortgage or the title deeds but I will do so once I have the visa and I'm over there. In the mean time we are renting the flat where we live in the UK and on top of that we are paying the Australian mortgage by renting out the Melbourne house and contributing the rest half each. I also made a substantial contribution to the deposit we paid on the Melbourne house. I want to protect my interests in case anything happens to my husband (God forbid) and I've consulted my friend who is an English property lawyer and she has advised that we should get a declaration of trust legally drawn up. At least that's what it's called in the UK. She says that if the property was in Britain we would have to involve the bank and register it at the land registry. Now I need to figure out how to do this. Does anyone know of any law firms in the UK (probably London) with the expertise to do this, or any law firms in Melbourne who would deal with overseas clients? Any leads or suitable contacts gratefully accepted! Cheers Kate
  13. Treasury warning on home price 'bubble. A SENIOR Treasury official has sounded the alarm over Australia's property market. He has warned that the prospect of a sudden and dramatic drop in prices is "the elephant in the room" and should not be ignored by the federal government. While the government and Reserve Bank insist Australia does not have a housing bubble - as some economists and the International Monetary Fund suggest - it remains such a worrying concept that Treasury has privately sought reassurance from its analysts that prices are not artificially high and that Australia does not face the kind of house price collapse that has hit Britain and the US. Documents obtained by The Weekend Australian under Freedom of Information laws show the Treasury officials preparing the so-called Red Book of briefs for the incoming government were as divided as private sector economists about the strength of the property market. Definitely something going on in Melbourne..... according to SQM Research there are about 35K houses, units and apartments for sale in Melbourne..... e.g. Bayside alone 2,500....
  14. A quick question and I'm probably missing the obvious but... For example: if a property is sold in the UK and mortgage paid off, these funds were sitting in the bank in the UK for better exchange rate or what ever reason. When the timing is right and you want to exchange...how would you transfer the money to an australian bank if you were in australia? Do banks allow you to do this remotely via Moneycorp or similar? anyone have any experience of this? Thanks
  15. This might be a daft one and if it is i apologise in advance. I have some equity in my UK property (which isn't selling so we will try and rent it) and was wondering wether Aussie banks would consider this when buying a property in Australia?
  16. Property market hit by flood of new listings: Report. Residential property listings increased in all cities during October with the market now flooded with more properties than during 2008, one expert has warned.... .....Melbourne has recorded the largest increase in property listings over the quarter, with listings jumping by 20.2% in the three months to October to a total of 26,521 houses and 9,547 units. Listings jumped by 28.6% over the year.
  17. bennyboy

    Renting uk property privately

    Hi to all (again) I would love to hear from anyone who has made the move to OZ and decided to rent out there house privately, rather than using a letting agent? I look forward to any comments, thanks.:wubclub:
  18. Looking for a reliable agent to help my wife and I. We'll arrive early Dec 2010 and need a furnished rental for a couple of months. Focusing on Mandurah currently. It's only the two of us, no pets, no smoking, very clean and responsible. Thanks.
  19. Guest

    Phil Down Under

    Hi there, I am a researcher on the Channel 4 programme Phil Down Under. We are currently on the hunt for families who are moving over to Australia or families who have recently located over there (within the last year), who need help buying a property. If you think you may be eligible and are interested, please send me an email to siobhan.smith@iwcmedia.co.uk. Thanks, Siobhan
  20. Hello all I am a Producer Director working on the second series of ‘Phil Down Under’ for Channel 4. The series focuses on British families who are moving from the UK and starting a new life in Australia and features Phil Spencer from Location Location Location. We are currently looking for people to take part in the series and I wondered if there is anyone on here who might like to have a chat about the possibility of getting involed? We are searching for people from the UK who have secured or are in the process of securing a job in Australia and are now looking to purchase their first home. We are also searching for ‘success stories’ – people who may have moved out from the UK in the past few years and are now making a great success of their lives out in Australia. Any people who are interested can either reply to this thread or apply at http://www.meontv.co.uk/PhilDownUnder Best wishes Siobhan
  21. We are moving to South East suburbs of Melbourne from the uk on Oct 26th. If anybody is aware of any 4 bedroomed properties available or becoming available for rent on or close to this date we would be pleased to hear from you. We are looking at a rental price around $330 per week ideally in Pakenham or Officer but surrounding areas would also be considered Any information of properties which fit into this catergory could anybody please advise Thank you Rich, Julie Harry 3, Max 3mnths
  22. Bank Warning on Australian Property Prices Morgan Stanley analyst bearish on housing market. LOCAL property investors have become "Ponzi borrowers" in a market 40 per cent overvalued, according to a Morgan Stanley strategist. In a bearish note to clients this morning, Morgan Stanley strategist chief strategist Gerard Minack warned Australia's housing "bubble" could be pricked should banks tighten credit or "loss-making" middle-class landlords start to sell. He argues owner-occupiers are in too much debt and investors are riskily relying on capital gains to repay their loans and interest repayments. Compounding the problem is "ill-advised policy", such as the government's first home-buyers grant, which has combined to make Australian houses "40 per cent above fair value", Mr Minack says. "Buying an asset that's over-priced never ends well," he said. "The real return on residential property over the next decade is likely to be negative, in my view." No surprise, the supposed increase or spruiking of house prices has been based upon "population growth" spike due to labour demand till 2008, returning Australians, international students and backpackers (statistics and related info lags a lot...). But this has slowed dramatically with new student enrolments for 2011 "falling off a cliff", permanent residency blocked for many due to "immigration debate" so they are either not coming in the first place or are returning home, thus investors assuming they can rent out their properties should be very wary..... owner occupiers should be fine in medium term.
  23. Hi, can anyone help, I'm looking to rent at least a two bedroom property in Adelaide as we are soon to be moving there, so if anybody has anything available any time after mid October, for me, my wife and two daughters. I'm looking for a let of up to $250 per week, many thanks, Glen. :wink:
  24. Property Shortages and Real Estate Myths Housing industry's missing persons reports pure fiction. MISSING: Authorities are seeking the public's help in locating 190,000 families who have mysteriously disappeared from Australia. REWARD: $60 billion, for any developer or builder who can find them. These are the 190,000 households that, according to the construction industry, are desperately seeking new homes but can't get them. I've been looking for them, but can't find them. I know many builders have been having the same problem. I'm beginning to think they don't exist. The Housing Industry Association keeps telling us we have a chronic housing shortage, with a shortfall of 190,000 homes........ .... If you're looking for a copy of this publication, you're likely to find it in libraries in the "fantasy" section, because the ABS tells us that the average first-home buyer in Australia borrows $292,000. The report that claims unsatisfied demand for 190,000 new homes should be found in the "science fiction" section, alongside books that depict time travel and interaction with aliens from worlds a thousand light years from earth...... ......The odd thing about this persistent complaint that we're not building enough houses is that the loudest whingers are the people whose job it is to build houses. There are large tracts of zoned residential land in our cities (owned by major developers) waiting for houses to be built on them. If we've got a 190,000 shortfall, why aren't they frantically building? If the HIA figures were true, we'd have tens of thousands of families living in tents or under bridges...... ......I've taken a look at city vacancy rates, expecting them to be zero everywhere. That would be a reasonable expectation, if supply had fallen so far behind demand. But, according to RP Data, all our cities have vacancies above 3 per cent, except Canberra and Adelaide..... ....We're talking true vacancies here, not the "lies, damned lies and statistics" published by the real estate institutes. Something doesn't add up here. If we really did have a chronic housing shortage, rents would be going through the roof. .....Seasoned property market analyst Michael Matusik (of Matusik Property Insights) says we are actually heading into oversupply. He says those who cry "undersupply" are miscalculating the impact of recent population growth. Much of the nation's population growth has come from overseas migrants, most of whom are "family reunion" migrants, students attending our universities or business people on temporary visas. ........When you factor these matters into the supply-demand equation, he says, we're actually over-building. This runs contrary to the incessant campaigning of the developer lobby, whose members have motives that prevent them from giving the public accurate information. Matusik says: "Disbelieve anyone whose sales pitch is based around how much the market is under-supplied." All of this is sober reading for property investors.
  25. Our daughter and family are in Oz on a business visa. We will be going from the UK to see them every 3 months or so. We will be on tourist visas - can we buy property and if so are there any restrictions on what we can buy? Thanks.