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Found 269 results

  1. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone rents properties out here,and how does it all work,rules ,regulations,Tax,Insurances, The Laws,Safety etc.Would you recommend it as a long term investment?is it a lot of hassle?Me and Wife were thinking of doing this in a couple of years if we can,Renting out furnished to Newcomer Poms.Any Advice please,thanks.:biggrin:
  2. I have been living in Oz since May 2007 and own a flat in London (my principal residence until I moved to Oz) and also a 1/2 share (with my sister) of a holiday home in Cornwall which is rented out most of the year. My main source of income during the time in Oz has been the rental income from my London property which I also want to sell to buy another (smaller) place in London. I am now back in the UK since April renovating and staying in my London flat to put it on the market. My sister and I have subdivided the land of the property in Cornwall and obtained planning permission for a property on the plot. We have now had an offer for the plot which she wants to take and use 1/2 the proceeds to buy me out of the existing house (which has been rented out for more than 300 days p/a). Obviously I will have to pay CGT on one of the properties but I am not sure whether I would be better off being a non-resident and thus exempt from a % of the CGT on the sale of my share the house in Cornwall, or a resident (in London) and exempt from the CGT on the London property. I am due to fly back to Oz on 11th July so have to make a decision fast and I think I may need to take professional advice - can anyone recommend someone based in London?
  3. Right everyone help with this dilema, we are perth bound and cannot decide wether to sell up or not, fortunately i run my own business and can scrape 20.000 together.This would then enable me to keep my home in the uk to sell at a later date because as we all know the property market is not good at the mo. However would this weaken us in our determination to stick it out or would it give us an excuse to return to the uk if things got tight. My home is my pension as i have never trusted the robert maxwells of the world with my money. Do i sell or not, Are their any out their that have done similar.I was hoping that in the near future if things level out i could sell at a later date and buy down under.It appears that their are cracks in the oz housing market and their prices might drop soon. :wideeyed: regards jules
  4. Hi Does anyone know if I would be liable to pay UK tax on my investment property here in the UK when I am living in Australia? If so, do you know what the rate is? Cheers!
  5. just found this, a thought after a read. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/decade-of-pain-for-melbournes-property-market/story-fn7x8me2-1226091381419
  6. tloring

    P85 - Income from UK Property?

    I have searched PIO threads and not found this specific question posed or answered. On the HRMC P85 form there is a section for "Income from UK Property". It allows for only the identification of a property, e.g. "name and address of the person paying you"; "tell us how you will be paid - put X in one box". However, we will be leaving two UK properties when we move to Oz. One is rented out via a letting agency, the other is our current house that we have been unable to sell and hence we are going to rent directly to some acquaintances. We will be completing HMRC NRL1 forms for non-resident landlord within which you can declare all rented properties in more details. Finally, after mortgage and legitimate offsets, we will make small losses on both these properties (we do not have then for profit). Hence, my questions are: 1) If we are completing NRL1 forms do we need to put anything on the P85 forms? 2) If we do have to declare income from UK properties on the P85, how do we get around the fact that the form restrictions the declaration to a single property? 3) Given we are making losses on these properties, do we identify these are negative amounts on the P85?. Hope someone out there can help. Many thanks.
  7. Guest

    Renting Property in Darwin

    Hi Can anyone advise me of any good letting agents for apartment / similar rental in Darwin? I want a 2 bed place for me the majority of the time but suitable for my wife and son visiting periodically from the UK. I don't know want is a reasonable price or any implications of renting. Is there any taxes involved, i.e., Council Tax as in the UK or VAT etc? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks:unsure:
  8. Okay, so it's clear now to anyone with half a brain out there that house prices in Australia are collapsing fast, with the data released yesterday highlighting massive falls in Perth and Brisbane especially but all around the country too! Sometimes it’s hard to believe this ponzi kept going for as long as it did. It should have popped last time but a round of unprecedented stimulus forced a last gasp of air into the bubble. All they did was kick the can down the road and now the collapse will be even worse. Posters have been predicting this outcome for some time, and now the scale of this coming collapse will surprise the majority of commentators, in the same way the GFC surprised most economists I'm a potential FHB (First Home Buyer) as are several family members and we can't help thinking this will be a scary thought for our politicians, and now that this (inevitable IMHO) crash is underway they'll be utterly desperate to avoid a UK or US style economic collapse led by the bursting of the housing bubble. What's worse, is that GDP has gone negative and we're only one quarter away from a technical recession. Get that, halfway to recession folks! This aint good news! (for housing bulls ha ha) :biggrin: I kind of suspect our government will panic and pressure the Reserve Bank to slash interest rates, and at the same time they'll unlease another barrage of stimulus spending, especially more grants and handouts to the bloated and inefficient housing sector. What does everyone else think? Will Labor make the same schoolboy errors all over again and pump up the housing bubble with more stimulus, or will they sit back let it all collapse this time and bring the country down with it? Awareness of the housing bubble is really seeping into the brains of the masses in Australia. The biggest driver of house prices is sentiment, when consumers are confident they’ll bid up prices to crazy levels irrespective of fundamentals, but now the tides turning, panic is setting in and they’ll all run for the exits at the same time, especially the speculators holding multiple investment properties. Even Kochie is in on the game, saying prices are crashing on morning television! Thoughts? BB.
  9. Petals

    Horsey Property

    Cannot remember but someone was interested in a horsey property and this is a good example of one that is for sale near us ww.realestate.com.au/property-acreage+semi+rural-vic-somerville-107002388 Been for sale for a while and they want to sell. There are a few horsey properties for sale around here at the present time and the good thing is they are so accessible to good schooling, transport, the new Peninsula link and Mt Eliza, Somerville, Mornington, Mount Martha, the beach etc.
  10. I am considering buying a house on a strata plot with 3 other houses (strata consists of 4 houses). However the whole "strata" thing is worrying me. I have spoke to people Iork with and sme say its a bad idea and some say its nothing to worry about, especially as its such a small group. I'd like to hear others opinions and experiences with houses on strata plots, not really intereseted on apartment strata's as I can see they are very different t a smal block of 4 houses. I am in Perth so Perth related experiences would be ideal. Thanks
  11. Hi all, We're thinking of buying a house back in the uk at the mo. Does anyone know of lenders in blighty who will give you a mortgage being resident in Oz but wanting to buy back in the uk? Hsbc do one but wondered if anyone had experience or knew of anyone else!!! Thanks in advance guys Philpot
  12. Hi just wondering whether I could have a bit of advice… We are moving to Perth (north) on 28th June. We are staying in furnished holiday accomodation for the 1st month, this house is in Mindarie (we stayed in Mindarie last year & loved it but we understand that it is costly to live there so prob wont settle there), we want to settle in Butler area so figured that it wont be too far to travel from Mindarie to look at schools etc. Anyway my question is we want to look for a longer term rental when we arrive however we don’t have any furniture really & on our container we wont have as we are only taking a few personal items, we sold all of our furniture to the people that brought our house. We don’t really want to buy furniture yet as my husband wants to be earning dollars & our plan is to buy a house after a year anyway so we would want to buy new furniture for that house. We just don’t want to have to rush into furniture buying so is it possible to rent furnished properties for longer terms as I have only really seen the holiday homes that are furnished? We also want a swimming pool aswell in our longer term rental. Is it to much to ask for a rental that is a 4 bedroom house, around Butler area which is furnished & with a swimming pool? Oh & which is not too expensive????!!!! Or am I just living in dream world!! Anyone know of anywhere or whether this is possible?:confused::confused:
  13. According to Rismark – and contrary to popular belief – Australia's house prices have actually grown more slowly than household incomes since the end of the last boom in 2003. National Accounts data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that disposable incomes, on a per household basis, realised a compound annual growth rate of 6.3 per cent since March 2003. Meanwhile, RP Data-Rismark's hedonic index suggests capital city dwelling values have risen by a more modest 5.7 per cent per annum. "On this basis, disposable incomes in Australia have risen 7.5 per cent further than capital city dwelling prices over the last eight years," says Rismark. Full article here: http://www.apimagazine.com.au/api-online/news/2011/06/income-growth-to-continue-outpacing-property-price-growth
  14. I'm renting and I've been in my new place for a good few weeks now. When I did the inventory I noted a few things wrong with the place and handed this back to the property management company. When nothing happened, I handed in a written note (as required) to re-emphasize what's wrong with the place. Still nothing happened. I then handed another note about 2 weeks later and still nothing happened. Is there any course of action I can take? I don't want to do anything to jepordize any future applications but at the same time I want these items fixed FYI - the following need fixing: 1) Power socket hanging off the wall with exposed wires 2) Extractor fan not working (and there's always a little smoke when cooking and with this weather I really don't want to have all the window and doors open) 3) Intercom to the apartment doesn't work at all - not the buzzer to let me know someone's there nor the buzzer to let people up. I get the feeling that the management company has me by the short and curlies and won't do a thing until something actually goes wrong What would be my legal standpoint say if the sprinkler system goes off cos the extractor doesn't work? or a fire starts because of the exposed wires? Any ideas? Manny
  15. Guest

    Property need SOR

    Hi all. My husband and I are migrating to WA early November and are looking for a furnished property with internet access for around 6 weeks (until we find an unfurnished property more long term). We were previously in Perth in 2009 but had to come back after hubbie got laid off on an employer sponsored visa but this time we're back for good! Thank you! Tracey
  16. We are breaking our lease on our rental in Tapping and looking for someone to take it over. The house is a very spacious 4 bedroom 2 bathroom with double garage. If you are interested please let us know.
  17. kellyjamie

    whose renting their property out?

    Hi just wondered whose renting their uk property out while going to oz? were seriously starting to think about it as weve had no interest in our house at all. Kelly
  18. Hi all, Am new to here so thanks in advance for your help. We are moving to Perth from the UK as I am a geologist and will be sponsored on a 457 visa. We are looking for a 2 bed flat rental to begin with close to the center of Perth. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has done the same along with info on how hard it was to get a place and timescales/pitfalls etc. The company has offered to put us in a hotel for one month to begin with while we look. Great website. Thanks Again, Gufti
  19. Parley

    UK Property Investment

    Is now an ideal time to invest in a UK property ? I ask from the point of view of an Australian. With the exchange rate at around $1.53 and low prices in UK for property, is anyone considering purchasing a UK property as an investment ? Which cities would be good investment buys ?
  20. Auction rates fudged by failed campaigns. Up to 50pc of auctions going unrecorded Agents "don't want to report failures" Results still robust, analysts say EMBARRASSED agents are covering up a growing failure to sell homes at auction by not telling reporting bodies about their failed campaigns. Figures compiled by research agencies Australian Property Monitors and Residex over the past three weeks show that between 10 per cent and almost 50 per cent of auction results across Sydney went unrecorded. The reason was embarrassed real estate agents wanting to avoid reporting of failed auction campaigns, said leading property analyst Louis Christopher, managing director of SQM Research.
  21. Hi It's difficult to gage how the property market is in the Uk from here in Oz so was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have a 2 bedroomed main door flat that is 5 years old in Edinburgh . I am looking to sell and was wondering if anyone has any nuggets of advice they could offer? Thanks in advance Emma
  22. I am looking at rental properties in Perth, the lowest price per week is about 350 dollars. There is just the 2 of us, obviously dont want to be in a crap area but from experience can anybody tell me if this is the average or are properties cheaper than this?
  23. Hi there, my partner has just obtained her State Sponsorship so we'll be heading for the Perth area in the next 6-12 months. I know it's early days but we'll be looking to purchase a semi-rural property with a bit of land (been looking on realestate.com.au). Does anyone have any experience of these kinds of properties? We're thinking we could handle up to a 1 hour commute to the CBD (maximum), my question is - what's the best, nicest, safest areas to look at? Part of our criteria is that the property would need to be in an area that would sustain a B&B. Many thanks in advance. Alan
  24. I have seen a 1 bedroom apartment for rent in west Melbourne CBD advertised on realestate.com.au. Now the aprtment looks very nice and the price of it is $250 p/w with all of the bills included with the weekly rent. I do not arrive in Melbourne until the end of April but the owner has said that I can rent out the apartment but they have sent me specific instructions and I quote: "I left the keys and contract of the apartment, already signed by me, at a company called Global Trans & Logistics They will handle the transaction (payment and delivery for us) because they act as a neutral third party service and both parts (me and you) will be verified to prove everything is legit with the rental transaction." Obviously, I will view the apartment when I arrive in Melbourne and I wouldn't sign any contract or hand over any money until I actually seen the apartment. A couple of things have thrown me: i) i was never asked to provide references ii) the company who are handling the apartment don't look like they are rental agents I am thinking it maybe be a potential scam, but maybe I am being a bit harsh and it maybe genuine. Any thoughts people? Cheers
  25. We are going to be moving to Canberra in August 2011 and was wondering how much does owning a dog reduce your chances of finding a rental property? We have rented before in both Belgium and UK with a dog and have always left a larger bond as we know how well we look after our rental properties but this is hard for new landlords to accept at times. We also have references to this effect. We have a small cocker spaniel dog but in the back of my mind i am concerned how difficult it is to find rental properties at the best of times in Canberra and whether having a dog is going to make this even more difficult. We also have 2 boys aged 6 and 5 by time of travel. Still not sure on areas to live as we do not know where my Wife is going to be working yet. We would like a fairly new property hopefully in an area with nice primary school and plenty of younger children. I work in UK Oil & Gas sector so until we are all settled i am going to commute to and from to UK in short term as i work a 2 weeks on 3 weeks off rota, i know it will be difficult but in the short term it allows us to still be financially OK whilst my Wife finds work and schools for the children etc. Planning on having 8 weeks off work to all travel over together and get settled in before returning to work unless i find something in Australian Oil & Gas Sector in meantime. Any advice would be extremly helpful.