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Found 269 results

  1. Having rented many houses in the UK for 12 years as a tenant, I'm really shocked at how difficult the Australian system is and how much is geared against the tenant. I'm getting really stressed about it. We found our first property here very quickly and I'm beginning to think it was beginners luck. Our house seems to be owned by an investment company (we rent off an agency), so for whatever reason they've decided not to renew our tenancy after 12 months of being there. They gave us 3 months notice before our contact is due to end (in 4 weeks) which is totally pointless because you can not find a rental 3 months in advance. In fact this is where the whole problem starts. Most rentals want you to move in straight away. There are very few which are available at some date in the future, even if you find them, they won't take viewings until closer to the date. So it's very difficult to find something a few weeks in advance. But you can't leave it to the last minute, as it's not a first come first served system. You have to submit your application (probably along with several other people), then wait days until you find out whether you've got it. So you might think to submit applications for several properties to make sure you get one. But no, it's written on every application, that you must accept the rental if it is offered, so you can't apply for more than one at a time. Then the whole application form is bad too. They are all different and want contact numbers, addresses and emails for current and previous rentals and employers. They want up to 4 professional and character references plus current rental reference. They want 100 points of identification, different agencies give different points for certain IDs. Some only give 25 points for passport and driving license. Then only 20 points for bills. And you have to do a separate application for each adult (the bills are in my name, not my wife's, so she's struggling to get 100 points with a driving license, passports and bank statement. As if she'd forge all of these just to rent a house, she won't even be paying the rent). Then to cap it all, it's written in the application that the landlord doesn't have to make the property available on the date they agreed. On top of that, it's also written on there that you agree to accept the property in the condition that it was in when you viewed it. Some of these places are dumps just when the current tenant moves out, with over grown gardens etc. The agency always verbally promises that it will be tidied up, but in reality you don't have a leg to stand on. So you can complete the application, get all your references sorted, get all your ID sorted, agree to move in if you get the rental, then turn up on the day and the landlord doesn't even have to let you move in, for an indefinite period. What the hell? Why are tenants treated like second class citizens and landlords are like some kind of god? This is really stressing me. We have been perfect tenants, but have to move out on a certain date in 4 weeks time, but can't afford to overlap 2 rentals for 4 weeks. I'm stressed just finding somewhere, before we even consider packing up all ours and the childrens' stuff and moving it by ourselves. :arghh: Why can't they just use a first come first served basis. So if you're the first to see and apply for a property you like, providing your credentials are ok, you've got it. It's easier for the land lord then as they only have to check one application instead of a dozen or so.
  2. Hi Please can some-one help I have a property in the UK I have been granted perm residents in OZ and will depart in January 2012 I am going to rent the flat in the UK I have filled out the UK non residents tax form so will get rent with no deductions I understand I need to complete a tax form at the end of the year as the UK will have first call on my rental income minus my personal allowance Since OZ collects on worldwide income I will get a tax credit from the UK and pay any extra tax owed in OZ So far so good I have a list of allowable expenses for UK rental income (10% depreciation for wear and tear, repairs, professional services and mortgage interest payments etc - on another matter I do not have a mortgage as I own the home outright and would be interested to know how I should make best use of the tax breaks e.g remortage or not etc) What I do not understand do I use the UK model for allowable expenses or do I need to use the OZ model. So I am getting around £13,000 a year in rental income before any expenses and before tax Do I use HMRC rules for allowable expenses on my UK rental income or the OZ tax rules I would be so grateful for help on this matter Also would welcome any professionals to approach me if they can offer a service to help me through this
  3. or more specifically time. I was wondering you views on this guys. A crack has appeared in the glass on our shower near the bottom. It started out very small, and of course is getting gradually bigger. Now here's the thing, our apartment it what you could desribe is 'tired' Its by no means a dump, but lets just say it needs some TLC. Now the glass at the bottom you can see has been holding water for years after you have a shower, turning the inside of the glass a bit mouldy. There is already a few chips in the glass, its evident this it what has started the crack. Now the worry I have is that we didnt cause the crack even though it happened while we where here, and its only going to get bigger, eventually running the full height of the shower cubical. We have an inspection in a couple of weeks, and im wondering if I should be straight up with the agent and just show them? On the basis of the condition of the apartment im hoping it will be seen as relative. I really dont want this to effect our bond in the long term. Any thoughts? :idea:
  4. Hi! I am getting very stressed because I am unable to sell my house in the Uk. I have my PR visa and was going to use the capital to set up in Perth area. Should I just book flights and validate the visa anyway? Maybe stay for 3months. Should I try and rent my property out for 6 months and hope that the market will be easier then? This will mean that I will be living on a shoestring (I'm 63) and will have no liquid assets at the end of that period. I am willing to work part time. Any thoughts on these dilemmas would be appreciated. I am positive that I will move to Perth, but the timing is proving a nightmare!
  5. The Pom Queen

    Property Manager Needed - Goondiwindi

    The above position is available on a 4250ha property situated approx 100km north west of Goondiwindi as part of a progressive family farming enterprise. The successful applicant should be able to demonstrate: - Sound ability in property management including opportunity fodder crops and broadacre farming,mechanical & welding practices. - Sound knowledge of cattle breeding including good record keeping. - AG Vet/Chem Cert required. - Good communication skills. - Be able to plan and carry out a hands-on operation this is not an office job. - Must be able to perform under minimal supervision and manage other staff. - HC/MC Licence an advantage. 4 bdr, air conditioned brick home. Primary schools approx. 20km. Secondary school in Goondiwindi. Pm for info
  6. Hi Guys So we havent been successful at selling our UK property and with our impending move to Oz (next week) we need to rent, we have a standard UK Mortgage with HSBC does anyone else have a property with these guys and rent it ? and did you inform them you were renting it I hear they will let you rent for 12 months but then want you to convert to a Buy-To-Let Mortgage ? From researching on the net I find a lot of people rent and dont tell the mortgage company I dont think its a great idea as technically they own the house ! I fear my head will explode in the next week... Cheers Jess and Matt
  7. The Pom Queen

    Melbourne property dropping by $200 a day

    I suppose it had to come sooner or later. MELBOURNE homes have lost $200 in value every day for the past nine months. House prices fell an average of almost 3 per cent - or $16,000 - in the three months to September. The value of property sold in Victoria in the past financial year plummeted almost 20 per cent - the biggest drop in a decade. Melbourne's median house price is now $551,000, down $50,000 from its peak last December. Experts blame global economic uncertainty, saying it could be next year before spooked buyers return to the market. Even so, a Commonwealth Bank-RP Data report reveals pockets of Melbourne have huge demand from buyers, making them a seller's dream. Real Estate Institute of Victoria September quarter figures show the city's property slump has belted house prices in many suburbs: Elwood, Malvern, Blairgowrie and Box Hill were the worst hit.
  8. Hi We are moving from Perth to NSW at the end of January 2012 and are looking for a property to rent or hopefully house sit for up to 4 weeks whilst we look for our own properties. There will be 8 of us plus 2 elderly dogs. We can provide references from real estate agents whom we have rented from in Perth. We are more than happy to look after peoples pets/properties if it is a house sit. Many thanks Penny x
  9. Guest

    CGT on Australian property

    I am hoping someone can help me out with the potential Australian and UK CGT liabilities on my properties. I moved to Australia in 1996 and bought a property there in 1998 and lived in it until I moved back to the UK in 2008. I also own a property in the UK which i bought in the 1970s and was my main residence prior to moving to Australia and is now my main residence again since i moved back to the UK in 2008. I still own both properties and have never rented either out. I am now resident and domiciled in the UK but visit Australia for holiday for 3 months each year. If I sell the Australian property now I am unsure whether I have any Australian CGT liability. I have read about the CGT exemption for main residence in Australia but it seems if you use this you cannot designate another property as your main residence. Does the fact that I am no longer resident in Australia and have a main residence in the UK affect the Australian CGT position ? I believe there may be some liability to UK CGT if I sell either property but I can mitigate a good proportion of this by using principal private residence relief for the periods of time that the respective properties were my main residence. Any thoughts on the above appreciated ! Thanks.
  10. Hi, We are over in Aus as a PR and finally have our heads around the Aus tax system ........ However I have a question with regards to UK tax.... I own a property in the UK which is rented through an agency, I completed the NRL1 form and made a tiny profit of £1800 for the last financial year... Is this profit liable to UK tax on completing the self-assessment form? wouls really appreciate any feedback? :eek: thanks
  11. Hi all, Im a newbie on this & due to move out to brizzy in a fortnight, eeeks! Scary stuff. Anyway, one thing is niggling me .... Rent is just dead money & I'd really like to buy asap. But Im on a 457 working visa & its been suggested that I could only buy a new (developer's) home on that visa which sounds absurd. Im into my DIY & would much rather buy an old wreck. Any info appreciated! Great forum BTW, I could be here all week reading these threads & no doubt will be.
  12. vegastomelbourne

    Foreigners wary on property

    Foreigners wary on property http://www.news.com.au/money/property/foreigners-wary-on-property/story-e6frfmd0-1226146514315
  13. Hi have read some horror stories on renting in oz, I have only owned properties for the last 18 years so would have no rental references to supply. what sort of ID do I need and what kind of references. Can anyone help. I understand its quite difficult to get enough points to rent. Thanks
  14. Hi Can anyone give me any advice on renting my property out in the UK. I am planning on moving to Adelaide within the next 18 months and with the poor exchange rate and low property prices would like to keep my Uk property for a bit longer. Not sure if i would be hit with a big tax bill. Would love some advice Cheers
  15. supa

    CGT on UK property

    Not sure where to post this but I'll start here. Ref CGT implications, I know you have to prove the value of your UK house (permanent residence) when moving to Oz. Does anyone know what proof I need, ie a surveyors' report(s). If so, how many and who has to do it/them. Also meant to ask, is there a time limit to do the above before moving over? Is CGT payable from profit made between the purchase of your house (approx 14 years ago and considerably less than now!!) and present day? Cheers
  16. Hi, We are coming to Brisbane end of Nov/bginning iof Dec and having problems finding the right accomodation for us, have been on only one site that has the accomodation for us, basically looking for 4 bed apt/house near as possible to CBD George St, Brisbane, can anyone give other rental companies to look at also found livingedge for furniture packages which I like but could do with some more to look at, the rental agent for apts is domain, have tried several other ones but no properties matched what we require. Thanks Jan
  17. Hi i am considering bringing my three cats with me when i move to Queensland. How easy is it to find a place to rent with three cats?. Also can anyone advise of how expensive the quarentine works out in Sydney. As i would have to have them in quarantine for thirty days before i could travel them to Emerald.
  18. Addy

    UK Property

    Just milling an idea over and wondering what other people's take is on our dilemma. We are living in Australia in a rented house and renting our UK house out. We make a few hundred pounds a year profit on the rent after expenses. We were planning on selling our UK house to buy an Aus house. Our dilemma is that as the Aus property market is very uncertain, the UK property market is very bad and the exchange rate terrible..... Would it be more sensible to decide to work towards paying off our UK mortgage as soon as possible and decide that renting is our long term lifestyle? Thanks for your thoughts.
  19. Dorsetgirl1

    Tax on Uk rented property

    We have a property that is rented out in the UK - do we still have a tax free allowance in the UK if we are on a 457 visa? I will be working in Australia. Anyone have experience of what to do? Thanks
  20. The Pom Queen

    Our House and the property ladder

    I was looking back through old photos and I thought it would be great to see the first house you ever bought, how much it had gone up in value and the house you are in today. This was the first house I ever bought, it cost $12,000 and I sold it for $14,000. Today they are $80,000 (please replace $ with a UK pound sign) [ATTACH]3498[/ATTACH] The last house we owned in the UK was this one: [ATTACH]3499[/ATTACH] The first house we owned in Australia [ATTACH]3500[/ATTACH]
  21. There have been numerous threads where this issue has cropped up on here. I was talking with my husband about the regs on a limit to number of dogs/cats at a property etc. He shrugged his shoulders and said Australia wasn't like the UK in terms of dog ownership. We are 'dog mad' over here and the Aussie culture isn't like that. He didn't say it being mean or uncaring, just that is what he has grown up with and is used to and what is the norm in the UK isn't in Aus. I guess I can see where he is coming from. Many dogs live outside in Aus, kennel in the yard type thing. Some never go in the house. I found this weird to get my head round, having a family pet but it not living as part of the family, but it does seem very accepted over in Aus. In the UK we are usually shocked if people admit to keeping their dog outdoors (I also think our colder winters mean we consider it cruel to do this) and most pet dogs live in the house in some shape or form (confined to downstairs only, or a couple or rooms or even the run of the house). I've known many working dogs live outside all year round here in the UK. Kenneled, well cared for but not kept in the house. They survived our winters. Is it so bad to think a dog will be more expected to live outside in Aus? Or that we dog owners are told we can only keep X amount of dogs at a house. In the UK some people I know keep 4, 5 or 6 even in one house with no by laws or regulations to tell them otherwise. All the people I know in Aus that have dogs, out of all of them, only one has a dog that lives inside the house. The rest are all outside dogs, with the odd one allowed in the family room or kitchen and utility. I never thought of them as much a part of the family but they were certainly not deprived or uncared for nor I think unhappy. Even the Aussie relatives when talking about getting a dog said about it living outside and didn't think much of my having a dog to live as part of the family in the house viewpoint :nah: Do we need to be prepared to adjust to the Aussie approach of dog keeping once in Aus or continue being British and having house dogs and wanting to own more than two perhaps? Also things like specific dog parks to exercise a dog in Aus, which we don't have in the UK mean dog walking may not be what it was in the UK. Personally I feel its rather restrictive to be told you can only keep two dogs and need a licence to have more but on the other hand it hopefully stops people having too many animals and not being able to care for them or afford them. Also I am used to having two or more dogs in our house (most we had was 7 at one point) and I love a houseful of doglets lounging around. But saying that, in Aus I'd probably not want more than one or two simply because of the climate, the more outdoor living and the restrictions for dog walking in parks and so on that are often in place. It would also reflect in the kind of dog we would have there. We'd certainly not be looking for a dog that required lots of long walks or was high energy as we have had in the past. We'd be looking for something that would cope well with lead walks, dog parks and shorter walks. I don't think there is a right or wrong in all of this, just differences. It's how we go about finding a solution or a way of making it work for us as individuals. Hrm, a bit of a ramble but I'd like to know peoples thoughts and/or experiences on this one. :biggrin:
  22. walker2012

    Renting my uk property

    Hi We are moving to Perth in about 12 months and were just about to put our house on the market, but with the current exchange rate been so bad we are considering renting it part furnished, we have equity which we needed to move but hopefully can save about £10000-12000, would this be enough cash to get set up, it just seems pointless bringing a load of money with us with such a poor rate. I think we just need to start earning the Aussie dollar and then hopefully everything should be cushty, anyway any advice is much appreciated Thanks Lee
  23. we are off to Tasmania and looking at selling our home of 16 years ... full details are available on the dedicated web site we have built ... http://www.home4sale.net.au ... we welcome your enquiries and feedback
  24. G'day people.:cool: Me & my girlfriend are moving out to Maitland NSW on the 22/08/11.:laugh: I will still have my house in the UK that I own but I'll be renting it out until we decide where our future will be. I thought that I would do the right thing & let my mortgage protection provider know of my future plans to be on the safe side, but they told me that they won't be able to cover me as I won't be living in the house in the UK.:arghh: Has anyone else on here come across this problem? If so how did you get around it or who did you find to use to protect you in the unlikely event you lost your job in Australia for some reason? I want to still be protected on my UK property as you don't know what is round the corner. Thanks for any advice it would be very much appreciated. Marc.
  25. We currently have a vacancy in our Property team and Engineering teams for experienced Recruitment Consultants Our Director will be conducting face to face interviews in London and Manchester in late July and early August, so now is a great time to express your interest. Our clients include major engineering consultancies and contractors, property agencies, consultants, developers, government departments and institutions. The geographical area will focus on Sydney, although will include the whole of Australia as well as key clients in Hong Kong and the Middle East. If you are interested in learning more about us, please direct message me. Regards Patrick