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Found 269 results

  1. With the UK housing market grinding to a FULL STOP over the last 6 weeks (i'm an Estate Agent, to qualify that remark.) I was wondering what is happening down under and it is a relief to see the same thing. So we all should 'sell low and buy low' Read this None of this is good news for the property market. But rather than focus on our own little bubble, we’d like to take another trip Down Under this morning, to find out what the state of the Aussie housing market can tell us about the future of our own… Many people thought the Australian housing market had achieved the holy grail of a ‘soft landing’. But that‘s looking more and more like wishful thinking. Stories are emerging of negative equity and of houses in Sydney being sold at well below prices fetched in 2004. One particular tale that has been enthralling Sydney-siders is the story of a house in the city’s western suburbs. It was bought for A$450,000 (about £180,000) in 2004. But the unfortunate owners ran into trouble making their mortgage payments, and the home recently sold again - this time for just A$260,000 (£104,000), a 42% drop over two years. That’s pretty hefty. And so compelling was the tale that the Sydney Morning Herald recently revisited the street to interview neighbours about their housing plans. Unsurprisingly, most are planning to stay put. Several have had valuations from estate agents that have put their house price below what they paid for it. But what was far more telling was the way the residents were talking about property. Here’s a quote from local homeowner Judith Marshall: “Our house was valued two years ago at about A$330,000 [£132,000] and since the market has come back we’re thinking it would be about A$300,000 [£120,000], maybe less. Bricks and mortar is supposed to be the most solid investment of your life, but for many people these days, I think you’re better off renting.”
  2. I am currently a property manager in the UK and I'm wanting to find out about what other training or qualifications I will need in order to be registered in Queensland to work in the real estate industry. Can anyone offer any assistance? Thanks
  3. Hi we are the terry's and I have been looking for employment in the plumbing/property maintenance sector. Have positive TRA for General Plumber and own a property maintenance business here in the UK, have city & guilds in plumbing and 20+ years experience. If anyone has or know's someone who could help me with a job I would be very grateful. Cheers, Chris.
  4. Guest

    Property Rental Woes

    Hiya guys having real trouble locating a property to rent that ticks our boxes. We are hopefully going to Oz the beginning of November and looking at settling in Rockingham.:yes: Snag we are having is that with 6 of us we need a 4x2 with a study or a 5x2 and whilst there are plenty of 4x2 they either dont have a study and take pets, or do have a study and dont take pets, or do have a study and do take pets and are not where we would ideally like to live. Thing is we only want to rent for 12 months and would prefer to do it in the area where we will eventually buy so as not to disrupt the kids schooling in twelve months time - I understand they are quite strict in catchment areas for schooling. Wouldnt mind being as far down as Waikiki but I'll be working at Garden Island and need to be in cycling distance as to start with I reckon on us only being able to run one second hand car to be able to save the deposit for a house.:jimlad: Have been scrutinising the au realestate site but just cant seem to find what we want. Is there fewer rentals this time of year? anyone know of any properties? is there more advertised in the local papers? anyone any ideas or options?? Cheers guys - frustrated!!:arghh:
  5. Hi All out there. We will be moving to Australia in January 2008 and we have an invetment property here in the UK that we intend selling only after we are settled in Australia so as to avoid UK CGT. I believe that the Australian Tax Office will accept a value at the date of our move (for the calculation of Capital Gains Tax in Australia) and my query is what are the requirements of an apprpropriate valuation as I need to get this sorted ASAP. ie would a valuation from a High street estate agent be adequate or do i need to get and pay for the sworn valuation to be done by a qualified property valuator .
  6. Don't know if anyone is in the same situation as me and can maybe help with a tax question I have. I have a flat in the UK which is rented out through a lettings agency. Of course I have an income tax liability, but they are saying that they will withhold tax of 22% from the rental income from me until I have completed and filled out a NRL1 form from the inland revenue. I have printed this off today and it relates to non UK residents, not UK residents. Although I am in Australia on a residency visa, I will be returning home for good in December and therefore have not informed the UK Inland Revenue that I am currently residing in Australia (I have gone travelling for 6 months in the last couple of years and had no issue with this). Can anyone tell me what will happen if I do fill out this non resident form ? Are the lettings agency within their rights to withhold this money from me? I know I will have to file a tax return in the UK in January when I return home and will declare the rental income. Thanks for your help with this!
  7. Hi all I'm hopefully moving to Sydney in Dec/Jan for a new job, i will be arriving with my wife and 3 year old daughter and we will be looking for suitable rental property (3 bedroom house or apartment) My new job will be in the North Sydney area and i'm happy to commute for upto 45 minutes each way. Does anyone please have any suggestions or property that they will be willing to rent towards the end of the year please? Many Thanks Gareth
  8. Don't know if anyone could advise on this but here goes!!!! Once I am resident in oz, am I still subject to capital gains tax in the U.K.?? We have 2 rental properties, both with a mortgage, and a piece of land.Our accountant is pretty much useless and first chance we get he's going!!:arghh: We dont't need to sell before we go, but dont like the idea of giving the damn taxman any more than we have to.
  9. NasherX

    Internet in rented property?

    Is ADSL/Broadband readily available in rented properties? If not how did you go about getting on the net. Will find it hard going if we have to keep nipping out to Internet Cafe's. Cheers Neil
  10. I have spent the last few days searching for a rental property in Melbourne without any luck. If anybody knows of a 2-3 bedroom unfurnished rental available ASAP please let me know. My container has arrived two weeks early! :arghh:
  11. Well Everyone i have seen everything now, just click on link below of a property i was emailed from Real Estate in Sydney and read the property details then look at pic of the lounge/Sitting Room :biglaugh::biglaugh::twitcy: I am going to email them and tell them i am confused as i am interested in this property and have a dog and was confused as to why it says no pets yes there is a dog in the lounge :twitcy: Rental Properties, Lease and Holiday Rentals - realestate.com.au
  12. Me and the hubby are moving to Aus in May, starting in Sydney then having a look at Brisbane. I've read on one of the sites (although for the life of me I can't find it again now!) that it is done on a points system and if you take a 'credit reference' with you, that will assist in you qualifying to rent a property. I've asked two banks that I deal with and they both say the same - it has to be applied for in writing by the person requiring the reference and this can't be issued to the customer. I very much doubt Mr Estate Agent in Aus will write to my bank asking for a reference and wait 3 weeks for a reply....... Can anyone shed any light on this subject. Any advise greatfully received! Thanks Lynsey
  13. Does anyone have any idea of the cost of buying property in Brisbane. For example here in Spain the rule of thumb is +10% of property value to cover conveyancing, land registry ect...
  14. Guest


    If any one wants to purchase a property, and needs a mortgage, send me an email and I will try and help. I arrived in May 2006, and bought my home in July. Did not have an income, as was setting up new business, however i was agreed a loan. the business i bought was a mortgage broking franchise and i offer a free service. My parent company is the biggest and most respected brokerage in Australia. I also have some great real estate and solicitor contacts. my email is dawn.courage@mortgagechoice.com.au We are having a great life in OZ, despite the cricket, and feel very accepted already. Good Luck to all new POMs in Oz Dawn
  15. Hi We are due to fly into Canberra on 19 Apr 07 so we are going to get there when the schools are closed for holidays, we were wondering while we wait for some info to come from ADF with contact no for new unit as to if there was anyone out there who is in ACT living in an DHA property and has children around the ages of 10 and 7.
  16. rache76

    Renting a property

    Has anyone got any info about renting a property in Brisbane. I would like to get one sorted before moving, so that we have somewhere to stay for when we arrive. Thanks for any info..... Rache
  18. :?: Hi We are hoping to be in Canberra in August/September 07. My husband has had Labour Agreement etc - We want to purchase property to rent as an investment. I am aware that there are tax incentives regarding this. Does anyone have any information regarding this?? We have sold our home here and are currently in rented accom. Angie
  19. Hi, We have been looking for 2 bed apartment to rent for 12months in Melbourne on realestate.com and have found lots of apartments that are ideal, however most of these are unfurnished! Is there another site that has mainly furnished apartments? Thanks Lynzi