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Found 126 results

  1. Hi all, I heard that as a part of the 176 application process that applicants are required to provide documented research as to the area that one intends to travel.....I assume to the sponsoring state sees that you are actually going to that state? Can anyone pleas clarify and/or provide details as to what is required thanks very much Karl
  2. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me on this, Im going to be going for the 175 visa hopefully just gathering all info etc, When it comes to proof of been in a de facto relationship what kind of proof do they need, We are a 3 children family unfortunly we did break up for a while do we have to explain why we did for such a long time,If so find it very personal!!! Also all our bills are in partners name, I only have my bank details at our address, been in de facto for 16mths now, The only one i can think is my family tax awards letters,Any help would be great thanks Carina.:unsure:
  3. Guest

    What proof for 457

    I (Scott) leave for Perth 6th March on a sponsored 457. What proof do I need to take to the airport with me to prove I have the visa granted or is it done when my passport is scanned? My wife (Sharon) flies out 2 weeks later so will she be the same and my 2 girls (Kirstie and Jess) fly out in June. This may be a stupid question but I just want peace of mind. Thanks for any help
  4. We have just found out that my hubby was successful in the TRA and has passed and I thought the hard work was over now, but have just found out from my agent that I have to do even more work to show and prove that my hubby has worked at least 20 hrs a week for the last 4 years.! We have lived and worked in France since 2003 and all his paperwork is in French which is a nightmare as we have to get it translated. The biggest problem is trying to prove that he has worked for 20hrs per week. As he is self employed it is difficult to show this without payslips. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Can you give me some suggestions to what I can do. I am trying to get a Chartered Accountant to translate his tax return forms, but am not sure that this will be enough. I cannot see a way of proving he has worked 20hrs week. Can't believe we have got this far and now not sure what to do! :mad: Please help! :wubclub:
  5. Guest

    Proof of Work Experience

    Hi Please can you advise what is required to prove recent work experience for a skilled migrant Visa? The company I am with provides standard employment references which contain start date, employment status and grade. However they say they do not provide more detailed references which include details of jobs held. As I have been dealing with the HR department as I do not want the company to know I am looking to move does anybody have any ideas how I can prove my work experience. I have been accredited Accountant status in the last 3 weeks which requires 3 years work experience. I am hoping someone on here has had similar issues and found a way of resolving them. Thanks Dave
  6. thekevjones

    Occupation Proof?

    Might sound like a daft question but assuming I'm successful with my VE:165 visa (soon!) as a Software Designer do I need to do that EXACT job when we get to Oz or can I do a "similar" IT related role? Do I need to prove to the authorities that i'm fulfilling the skill they "may" let me in on? Thanks for any advice or comments... Kev
  7. zoe1922

    How much proof do the TRA want?

    :wink:Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. I am just getting the paperwork together to send off to the TRA. I am going to send copies of budget sheets, education planning documents etc as I am being assessed as a Childcare Coordinator. My question is how much of this stuff do they need as proof? Would a couple of months do or do I need to do a years worth or what? On everything that I've read its very unspecific. Also, I do not have 'tools of the job' that I can write a description for as with other trades. Will all this be enough? Thanks in advance Zoe1922
  8. Hi Guys, first post by me. Just applied online for 175 visa and i'm concerned because my daughter who is a student turns 18 in two months, do I need to attatch proof that she is still dependant on me in the application? :unsurexmas: Thanks Peter.
  9. Guest

    175 - employment proof

    Hi, I was preparing for filing my 175 - when I these situations crossed my mind. 1. Are monthly payslips compulsory ? - I worked with my previous employer for 4 years and am unable to find payslips for the initial 2 years of my employment but have payslips of the last two years with them. However, I have the offer letter that defines the salary structure and values for initial year and a pay revision certificate for each year there on. Also, I have my bank statements showing salary deposits for all the 4 years, would that be enough as proofs? 2. Can passport be accepted as Age proof? Any help/suggestions? Thank you
  10. Hi, I've been in paid, full-time employment for the past four-years but for the Skilled Immigration part of my application (176 Visa), my agent has advised me I need proof of salary since 2004! I can probably do this but it seems quite a bit of paperwork. I have been lucky enough to have tax free for about 15-months of it, just because I work off-shore (in the Med). I have payslips proving this for the past year to show my salary and NI contributions, in addition to group certificates for 15-months in Australia prior to that, which show my exact income and tax-paid (as I had to pay tax in Australia). That takes me back to July 2006. I am getting references from my NZ employment prior to that, which covers 12-months and that will clearly state my salary and can get the same for my employer prior to that (which is also my current employer). Does anyone have experience of this. Should I make the effort to track down my NZ tax-payments or is a letter from my employer sufficient? If anyone has the time to answer this a big thank you! I am using this site to help guide me through through the red-tape and hope to be able to help others once I've made it through:)
  11. Guest

    Proof of defacto relationship

    Hi Everyone My CO asked for further proof of our defacto relationship, stating that living together for 4 years wasn't enough on it's own. Since I have been a student all this time and earning no money we haven't had any joint accounts and we couldn't get any utility bills in both our names. I replied to her email within 12 hours of recieving it with the following suggestions: 1. Link to my facebook account with loads of photographs of us together over different family occasions and holidays 2. Scan of car insurance with both our names on it 3. Scan of invoive from Amazon for Present I sent to my partner with soppy note included 4. Scan of invoive from Amazon for Present my partner sent to me with soppy note included 5. Offer to send over wedding invitations sent to us both 6. Offer to send over Christmas cards sent to us both 7. Offer to send over invoice for family holiday taken with myself and my partners family (which they paid for) 8. Scan of two invoices for lingerie from my partner to me with soppy note included 9. Offer to give access to my online digital photo storage accoiunt to see all our photos together 10. Offer to send a Statutary Declatation from our former employer and friend (in a very high position in a English University) to confirm our relationship status and how long we have been together. 11. Scan of receipt for my engagment ring from my partner (also have photographs of it) 12. Scan of the home insurance certificate with the addition of my engagement ring Unfortunetly we have all our belongings already instorage and have moved to Ireland until the visa comes through so we don't have access to all our stuff. Do you think this is enough proof or is there any other suggestions you could make? I have not had a reply from my CO since sending her this email and I don't want to keep wasting time waiting for her to confirm everything. I have 80 photographs to send to her and copies of the above stuff as well should she want them. I just want the visa soon and I can start my life again.:wacko:
  12. Guest

    Proof of relationship

    Hi All, Me again!! We are compiling the evidence of our relationship and I was wondering if you get cards, photos etc returned? Cheers, Liv
  13. Hi, I am Aussie Citizen and my spouse is UK, we have been together for 18 months, first 6 months living in Aus (we have bank statements to prove same address), since coming to the UK we have been living together - we have been house sitting, all bills paid by the owners. All our personal bills (mobiles etc) have gone to seperate seperate addresses (hers to her parents, mine to a family friend). Has anyone been in the same position where htey dont hav ebank statements etc with the same address? We have holidays, stat decs, previous bank statements in Aus the same but none in the UK for last 12 months, car insurance with both names on... We can send pictures during the last 18 months also - We dont want to have to rent somewhere for the next 12 months just ot get bank statements with the same address on!! Any one had the same or any help please? Thanks
  14. Hi can anybody please tell me what sort of documents you attach to the application to prove that you are in an on going relationship???? I am married with two young children. My husband and I wrote a statement explaining how we met and how the relationship developed etc. Also what about form 80? it was not on the check list when I sent my application in but is now!!! Any help would be much appreciated. Rachel
  15. Hi We have made the decision to apply to emigrate to Australia. I would be the main applicant, with my OH coming as my defacto partner. We met with an agent a couple of months ago, who advised that we need 12 months proof of living together - joint bank account/joint bills/car insurance/joint council tax etc etc - before applying. So, we are delaying applying for a 475 Regional Sponsored Visa until we have this. Well, kinda... We now have a joint bank account which we both pay the same amount in to each month - this account pays the mortgage, all direct debits, bills etc. We also have our own separate bank accounts into which we get paid. My question is - when assessing our defacto status, are they likely to ask to see our own personal bank accounts as well as our joint account statements? The reason I ask is that I still own my own property (still deciding whether to just sell it or rent it out for a bit), although I am living at and registered at my OH's property, the mortgage for my property still comes out of my own personal account - would they view this as us not living together? As for the 475 - I will be getting my skills assessed, applying for SA sponsorship, and applying for the 475 visa independently, then adding in my OH as a defacto partner at the police check/meds stage, in order to speed up the process. Has anyone else done it in this way, and offer any advice? I hope this makes sense? I would appreciate any advice at all. Thanks Koala Chloe
  16. Hi folks. I submitted the oniine visa last night. Need to now attach all the documents that go with it, (which will probably take me about a week looking at the volume)! Where it says proof of specific employment, it says references, pay slips, contracts. Do you need to send them all or will, for example, just references suffice? I already have references handy from submitting skills assessment to the ACS so that would be the easiest. I'm just trying to cut down on the amount of stuff I am attaching as I am not the quickest that that sort of thing!! What did any of you include? Thanks for your time. Rachael :notworthy:
  17. Guest

    Rental Proof

    Can anybody help?? We are moving out in August but wondered what I need to secure a rental property?? Money I know but before I pack all bills up to be shipped I need to know what to keep out before removal men come next week.. Thank-you Shani
  18. I am really nervous, as i said before, the status of my visa says that they need further checking my work experience and my agent told me they sent a request for more proof of my relationship. About the work checking, they called last friday and talked to my boss about the company (not about me), and said they would call me later but that did not happen. What to you think? should i be nervous? About the proof of defacto we sent in december a lot of documents which should be more than enough, my agent told them that and we are still waiting is there is need for more documents! while we wait i have looked for more documents. To this date we have sent our certificate, photos since 2004, a declaration with the story of our relationship, a copy of our insurance carnet, a letter for each that states where we live and now we are sending 3 more pictures, a view of our mail history since 2005, copy of our certified college qualifications where appear that we studied together, and copies of some phone bills where are a lot of phone calls to my wife. Wow, do you think that will be enough? i can't believe they could want any more!
  19. mandymcqueen

    Proof of Defacto

    Please help. Has anyone else had to do this for a student visa. I provided them with loads and loads of evidence inlcuding mortgage statements, our sons birth certificate, bank statements joint and single pay slips everything I had. Now they want more and have said I need to provide them with something that indicates the relationship has been declared to other government bodies. What does that mean, I cant think of anything, we dont claim tax credits or anything like that. I am terrible for throwing everything out, if I dont need it in the next month I bin it and they have asked for proof of social relationship i.e. joint holiday documents etc, I dont keep things like that. Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh any suggestions welcome. Mandy :arghh:
  20. Guest

    de facto proof

    Hello, Can some one tell me if digital photos of us will be ok as proof as all photos in the last 10 years are digital, all I can do is print some out onto paper. Thanks
  21. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone could help us? We are doing our 175 visa and apllying on-line. We have got to the point where we need to prove our de facto relationship and i have read quite a few posts on here about what we need as proof of our relationship, utility bills, joint rentals, wills, e..t.c. But what i was wondering is if we need to (or should do) show them soppy birthday/anniversary cards, little notes, photographs e.t.c. as proof aswell? Will they want to see sentimental stuff aswell as informal stuff? Also if we should include the sentimental stuff should we scan all this stuff as an attachment aswell as informal stuff? If we should scan it as opposed to sending it, it would be much better for me as i really don't fancy sending cards himself gave me from years ago, incase i don't get them back.........sick bags on hand...lol. Thanks for any help, this site is sooooo helpful.
  22. Guest

    Proof of Relationship needed

    Hi all, We are in the process of migrating to australia, we have an agent and recently been appointed a case officer. we are applying for subclass 138 sponsored visa and were asked to provide proof of our relationship. I have already sent birthday cards from OH's parents, flight confirmations, statements from other family members i.e auntie & uncles. we even got OH's sister to write a statement saying we were invited to her wedding as a couple and she provided pictures yet they still wasnt more proof from before the application started. Has anyone been asked for this and what forms of proof will they accept?? Please help we have 2 weeks to provide all information requested before the application is denied.:wacko: Many Thanks Lelloem
  23. hoorayhenry

    Proof of relationship

    Hi Everyone I just wondered what evidence people have given to prove their relationship if they aren't married. How much stuff did they send, just one or two things or loads of stuff? Thanks HH x
  24. Guest

    Proof of employment in UK

    Hi, Hope someone can help with this one?! I'm having problems proving my previous employment and work experience in the UK. Our CO has asked that this comes from the CEO/legal rep of the company...... I worked for Glasgow Health Board, and couldnt even tell you who these people are!! My ex manager has sent in details of my employment history, duties, pay, etc., and my payroll department sent in all the details of my employment (which goes back to 1995)............ but apparently its not enough!! Im really struggling to see what else I can do. Its difficult as well cos we are in NZ just now. Ive mailed the CO 3 times, over the last three weeks, but have not yet had a response........... has anyone else had problems like this?? Im a nurse................ so she says........ if I cant prove my work experience then I wont get the points!!! ARGHH........... Its not as if im telling lies, but the proving it is so hard!! Please can anyone shed any light for me......... Gillx
  25. Guest

    no income proof

    hello ..i was reading form 48 it asks to prove my means to stay in australia bank statements credid cards ect .. well i dont have any as i dont use banks or credits cards......... then it asks who will provide for you in aust ..i do have someone who is going to do that ..so whats the chances off going to aust on that visa ..thanks