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Found 126 results

  1. Woofyhugger

    Private Rental & Proof of Address

    Hey Guys. I am going to be living with a mate in the UK when I shift over there, a mutual friend owns the house, and the bills are already in the guys name who lives there. If I need to prove my residential address or such to any organisation that would normally request a copy of a formal lease, do you think they'd accept a letter from my landlord? I'll likely be in that position for the first 12 months, until I get sorted enough there to see where I want to settle and rent through a real estate or buy something of my own if I can save up enough of a deposit/get finance. Cheers Matt
  2. Firstly I would like to thank everyone in advance for their advice and shared experiences. I have read many posts on this site as well as all relevant docs on immi.gov.au about the 12 month requirement but (of course) am still petrified about the 12 month defacto requirements in relation to living together and whether its necessary for the whole 12 months prior. A Synopsis of our relationship: I am currently on my 2nd WHV which expires April 6th, 2010. Moved to Brisbane 01/12/2008 Meet my partner at my workplace. First met 14/12/2008 After getting to know each other at work, on dates and out with colleagues we began out relationship on 10/01/2009 <--- this was previously a typo of 2010! Sorry In this time and up until we moved in together I have the following evidence: Coincidentally a photo taken of us at a club on the day we decided to be together (and to boot its a really nice photo!). Plus a few other photos but not too many as I was too poor at the time to be doing much of anything. Statements from housemates from both parties stating that we spent every weekend together (dont have them yet but can supply them if it would be helpful) Itemized phone statements showing frequent phone calls (every day and night) Joint travel itinerary to Melbourne 14/02/2009 Joint tickets to Good Vibes festival 16/02/2009 A few other joint tickets to concerts etc. a couple of email conversations at work dated various January 2009 In March 2009 I had a serious chat with my partner about our future. I told him about my visa and what options we had if we wanted to continue or relationship. In early March we decided to move in together. My partner lived on the Gold Coast at the time (worked in Brisbane where I worked) and I lived on the north side of Brisbane. It became evident after a week or two that finding a place was going to be hard being so far apart. He started to stay with me at my friends place regularly so we could find a place. We opened a joint bank account on 08/04/2009. After 6 weeks of searching, 2 failed applications (no one likes an international dont you know!!) we finally signed a lease dated 19/04/2009. Herein lies my concern. We're soul mates. Sure I sound like a sap, but it's true. And while we didn't live together until the 19th of April (with my visa expiring 3 weeks short of 1 year on the 6th) my feelings about our commitment to each other didn't change just because we got a lease. We have plenty of financial evidence post move-in including: Joint TV purchase @ $2000, contents insurance, internet& electricity bills, hydro etc. And we just got a $10,000 loan (in his name as I couldn't apply as a temp resident) which went into our joint account and was split to each of us equally. I bought a car and he consolidated some debt and spent the rest on one of his cars. We've also got 888 stat decs from his mother and his sister, whom i am close with but both live in Melbourne. My father also made a 888 stat dec while he was here visiting me to attest to our relationship. My dad came over in October/November 2009 (to approve of partner and to see me) and we traveled together (3 of us) up to Far North QLD for a trip which I have all records of. I am looking for opinions/experiences/advice on the above evidence in reference to my concerns about whether the 3 weeks short of a year living together and sharing finances will deem us not eligible for the defacto visa. If any other information would be useful please dont hesitate to ask -- and to all of you out there waiting to find out the fate of the rest of your life may you be upbeat, patient and thorough! Thanks Angie
  3. irene preston

    proof of hours

    looking at skilled visa husband works 16 hours as a nurse for over 2 years is it possible for us to apply, also how do you prove your hours
  4. my partner and I have been together for 4 years now. we are applying for partner migration as she is Australian. we have both been living in Europe and will be applying through Berlin however as proof we mostly have all flights, hotel invoices, and travel together. she owns our home and i have been paying utilities etc however in our country utilities cannot be in both women's names. we have a joint bank account which we opened less than a year ago. do you think this is going to be sufficient? this is definatly a denuine relationship and our money has always been shared. she is also now studying in another country and i am paying for her course and books etc...does this time apart mean that in the embassy eyes we are not together. i visit her every 3-4 weeks and of course chat daily? please help as no migrant agents here. :cute:
  5. clan mac


    Hi All, OH and I will only be able to apply via skilled route if OH relies on his trade background as a joiner. He has worked his whole life within the construction industry starting as a joiner and working up through grades to project manager. He got made redundant in April and returned to working as a joiner for a short time, he has now secured permanent employment with a company car as a site agent. He must PROVE that he has worked 12 out of 24 months within his given trade when he makes his visa application. What kind of proof are the authorities looking for?? Payslips? Letter from employer? Does anyone know? Am I right in thinking that this is a fairly new requirement?:confused::confused:: We are considering OH keeping on his site agent job and working part time (20 hours) as a joiner, if, he can find an employer who will be able to offer this?? There doesn't seem to be an abundance of jobs for joiners at the moment so I don't know how we'll fare. any advice as always would be appreciated. ever grateful clan mac x :gingerbreadhouse:
  6. imaxx

    Proof of Child's dependancy?

    Does DIAC accept information on evidence of dependency using online access to the school's database? circumstance: son was full time uni student but shifted to a short course temporarily due to some reasons. we are asked to submit proof of dependency. the school has online services where his school records (grades, fees etc) can be accessed. I want to show proof that he is still undergrad in the uni. Will DIAC accept the proof by giving them access to school records online, for them to verify? TIA.
  7. Hi All, If anybody has information or experience, please share. I will be applying under Subclass 175 or 176 - Victorian State Sponsorship. I am aware that there is no need to show proof of financial capability to immigrate (eg. cash, assets, etc) at the time of lodging application. Does DIAC or Australian High Commission at home country require applicants to show financial proofs at later stage of application process before granting a visa? If they do, how much they expect from main applicant + 2 dependents to show for immigration? Will I have to show financial capability after landing in Australia? Everybody's input is welcome, and any good piece of advice or information will be greatly appreciated. Cheers..
  8. Guest

    proof of employment

    Hi all, my case officer requested duty statements as an evidence for employment. I made one with 7 technical duties and got it approved from my technical manager then got it signed from the HR manager. does anybody know how the case officer verify the employment ? does he contact the HR himself or the embassy make it for him ? also are they going to discuss with the HR my technical duties or just confirm that this paper is genuine ? please need to know ur experience about this issue thx all electronics engineer 2125-13, CSL/MODL, HRC, GSM 175 online, lodged 24/6/09, CO allocated 11/11/09
  9. Hi everyone, Does anyone know what evidance or proof a self employed man has to provide? I don't have any invoices or bank statments! Any help will be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. gordonnes

    ACT SS Proof of Funds

    Hi There,can anyone shed some light on what is acceptable form of proof of funds for our Agent, ie, property equity,cash in bank etc
  11. Hi All Am just running through the 47sp and 40sp forms as I am an Australian sponsoring my UK partner. Not sure how to answer the questions regarding income/employment as I have been working as an employee of my own ltd company in the UK for the last 5 years. So for example on the form 40sp Q33 it asks about current employment status. Technically I am still employed under my ltd company and am getting paid a salary every month, even though my last paying contract finished up in August ('the company' therefore currently has no clients/income but is still paying a small salary) and as we're going to australia over xmas I have no intention to look for work in the UK until after we come back and whether we know my partners visa is granted or not. So, does that make my answer: 'In Paid Employment' and then do I just enter my ltd company as my employer and provide payslips and last self assess as my 2 years proof? or is my answer 'Other' - and that I own the company, ... then what do I put in the 'paid employment details' section in question 34? Confused! :unsure: are there any contractors out there who have already managed to sponsor their partner for australia? Thanks!
  12. Guest

    de facto visa household proof

    Hi. Almost finished completing our de facto vise application but a bit confused over what kind of proof they need when it comes to the nature of the household ... ie household chores etc sounds a strange question to ask or am i just missing the point haha
  13. hey guys Been able to get hold of my emails to support why me and my partner have been apart for the last few months - I have just used emails from each month (Eg About 5 emails from each month we've been apart) - will this be alright? I've decided to get hold of the phone bill from the last month (Her computers buggered so can't use skype anymore) and it shows that we've spoken about 5 times a week (At least) - Do you think this will be substantial enough?? Thanks
  14. Becki

    176 Proof of living together

    Hi, Just a quick question. Just filling out my 176 visa app and it says that if De Facto I need proof that we've been living together for at least 12 months. This is fine as we've lived together for over 4 years but just wondered what sort of proof they'd need. Would copies of our joint bank statements be ok? and would I need to send them the past 12 months of could I just sent them one for 12 months ago? And does it need to be certified?!! Thanks Bec
  15. My partner needs to provide proof of financial support while she's been living in the uk, all wage slips were supplied via email from temping agency which have been mistakingly deleted. Is a p60 proof of income enough ????
  16. Hello all, my parents are currently in Australia on a holiday visa and would like to apply for the Contributory Aged Parent Visa (subclass 864). The balance of family and everything like that works out fine but we a bit confused about the requirements for proving that the sponsor is 'settled'. My brother will be sponsoring my parents on this application, he has been in Australia on a permanent skilled visa for around 7/8 months. The guidelines for the visa suggest that the sponsor should have been resident for a period of 2 years but this article: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News would seem to suggest that centering your life around Australia is more important than the period of time you have been resident. He has the following in support of his proof of residency: Mortgage for house he has bought + rental documents in same area prior to this Car purchase Full time employment at same company for around 6/7 months Various other documents (gym membership, football club membership etc.) He does not own any property or indeed have any possessions in the UK, everything he owns is in Australia and has no intention whatsoever of leaving. Will he be able to sponsor my parents application in his current situation of having been resident for a relatively short period of time but with a lot of evidence to show he is settled? If anyone has been in a similar situation I would love to hear about it, my parents don't want to 'waste' an application fee if it is certain to be rejected! Many thanks.
  17. Guest

    Proof of Work Experience

    Hi Just completed our online application - what docs are needed to prove work exp? Thanks Tam:spinny:
  18. Guest

    relationship proof

    Hi we are using an agent but just wondered if anyone knew when it comes to sending them proof ie: bank statements, bills etc do they accept the real documents and do they send these back to you. I wil phone agent to ask but its now after hrs so just wondering thanks
  19. Hi Just applied for student visa and o/h is included and now we have been asked to provide evidence of relationship which is not a problem as been together for 8 years! Just wondered what other folks in this situation had sent as evidence as want application to go as quickly and smoothly as possible! Thanks Emma :hug:
  20. Just been asked for proof of funds what happens if your funds are tied up in your property?
  21. Guest

    proof of defacto 176 visa

    want to supply pics of me and my partner. besides want to upload statements from friends and family, confirming our relationship. does anyone know how many statements i shpuld supply? what has to be written in these statements. maybe someone has an example. cheers tom
  22. Hi, I know that most of our docs for TRA etc had to be certified and we used our Son's Head Teacher for that. I have prepared an application for SS 176 for Queensland and I know that they have recently changed this, asking for evidence of proof of funds. I have photocopied bank statements, but wondered if it is really necessary to have them certified as I don't really want to show the Head Teacher this info. Anyone sent theirs off without being certified? Thanks, Mandy
  23. Hi, I have been offered a 3 year incentive career break from were i work, i would like to return to australia because of having this opportunity. I have already been in australia on a 1 year working holiday visa so my only option is to return as a student. I have done a bit of research and notice that one of the requirements for the student visa is to have proof of living costs of $12000. I will be paid 33% of my annual wage per year which will be more than the $12000 required. if i get an official letter from work stating that they will be funding me while i'm away and i will be paid this amount into my bank account, will this be ok as proof. I would be very grateful if someone can give me advice?
  24. Guest

    Proof of qualification for tra

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help us with a huge problem. We are applying to the TRA under Electrician Special Class, they require proof of my husbands Btec ONC, the problem is we had lost the second year cert which should show the qualification was gained. We requested a duplicate of the original cert from the exam board. This came but was the same as first year except one extra module was added on. Contacted them, they said we could request a combination cert to show that qualification was gained. Now their records show that the college he attended did not submit his results for the second year (explaining why copy cert was not correct). It is not possible to contact the college as now closed and over 10 years since qual gained. Exam board will not issue a letter stating what has happens. They suggested re-taking the qualification (not an option due to work commitments). Has anyone any ideas what we can do, what is acceptable to TRA to prove qualifications? Is there another way to get the cert to prove qual? Many thanks.
  25. There are a few of us on here who have applied and are waiting to hear about State Sponsorship with QLD, however, they have recently changed their application forms and I wanted to know if anybody knows the answers to these questions; 1) If our application is already in can they now request proof of funds even though they had not asked this on their previous application form? 2) If the answer is yes, and funds are tied up in the house, will this matter? Will they still give out SS knowing that we have to sell the house before we have the funds actually in the bank? 3) Has anyone been in this situation of having the funds but them being tied up in property and still receiving state sponsorship? Thank you to anyone who can shed some light to this...:wubclub: Tasha x