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Found 126 results

  1. Hi all, new to site, cant seem to get a straight answer, can anyone tell me what proof of funds i require for moving to W.A. I like many have capital in my house.do i need bankstatements or similar. Also if i have to sell up am i given time to sell as things are slow here in the uk, any help appreciated, cheers :huh:
  2. jgt

    proof of funds

    hi all, can anyone tell us how proof of funds is done when relocating to perth WA as cant seem to find right answer, our money is tied up in the house like many others, we were hoping to rent the house(no pension).Do we have to have money in the bank etc. Our agent didnt tell us this was a requirement and if we didnt have the house i would have been very unhappy,(i havent taken this up wth them as they are lacking any kind of social skills. Please advise any help appreciated, cheers jules :jiggy:
  3. bensdad

    Proof of Self Employment

    My CO has asked me to provide further evidence of my self employment, so far she has the following submitted Client references Accountants letter Books up to April 2010 Detailed example of a previous project I now have a copy of the following to email over UTR tax reference confirmation letter 2 years worth of bank statements Is there anything else you think i should also email over? Any advice from fellow self employed people will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris
  4. Are there any acceptable alternatives to a birth certificate for "proof of age" to upload on the visa application. Typically can't find the wifes' one now we need it. Just seeing if there is an easier way other than paying £9 and waiting another week when we only have 2 weeks left to ensure everything is uploaded. :confused:
  5. kasisalo

    proof of dependents over 18

    my daughters are 18 and 20 they are both at college and are my dependents what documents of proof of this do i need to have be grateful of any help with this
  6. Guest

    Recession Proof Jobs.

    I know the recession has affected some more than others, but had an interesting chat with a friend of a friend the other day whilst having a coffee in the town. He was a recruitment consultant but is now a self employed cleaner. We had a good old chin wag and he was explaining to me the why's and wherefore's of what he 'thought' were the jobs that 'may' be a little more recession proof than some others. His list went like this: Household cleaners, (self employed) Dog walkers. Leaflet distribution. Personal trainers. House sitting for pets. Strange old list, and I fully admit that the majority of these jobs may never make the money some expect, but you never know, it could be worth giving it a go if your stuck for something. I have done the leaflet distribution, and in all honesty not a lot of money, somewhere like £70-£200 pound a week, (bloody hard work though) all weathers and thankless, but helped at the time, and kept me fit,:yes:. But funnily enough all of them (exception of one, personal trainer) relate to the fact the vast majority of them require no 'specific' qualifications, learn as you go to a degree, experience , etc. So lets have some useful tips on jobs (big and small) where it may help to bring the pennies in, even if you will never become a millionaire that is. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  7. l1sa

    Proof of Credit History

    Hi guys Got a question! Having always owned our own home, never been in debt and never rented, what kind of references will an Australian landlord need for us to secure a rental? Mortgage Yearly statements?? personal references?? I just don't know what kind of info to gather before we leave Blighty? Lisa
  8. dazla80

    visa 176 proof of relationship

    Hi i'm just gathering the last few bits for our visa and i see on the checklist for the 176 it asks for proof of your continuing relationship. My husband and i have been together for 13 years and married for nearly 7, we have four children together. What proof should i send? I have a certified copy of our marriage certificate and a couple of bills to say we live at the same address but apart from that not alot. We have four children, so no social life lol, and it is always one of us taking photos and the other in them. Thanks for any help!
  9. nicmark

    Adult dependent proof

    Hi all, My daughter is 19, left college last year in July, took a year off and has applied to Uni for this year. She works part time 6hrs per week, and is still waiting confirmation of a uni place for this year. My concern is our case officer has requested further info to prove dependency. I was just wondering if anyone esle has been in this situation and what proof is best to prove dependency. Nic
  10. Guest

    Proof of work Experience

    Hi Could anyone tell me what they need when looking for proof of work experience. As i have taken much of the last 12 months off to spend time with my daughter that and the fact ive been messed around waiting for contracts in Kazakhstan to start that never have. Basically id be able to get a the MD of a former employer to vouch for a few extra months is this too risky?
  11. Hi, I am the secondary applicant, husband has been offered a job with a ENS 121, and I have recently learned that I may have to take the IELTS!!!!!!!!! How is it poss. to provide evidence that you were educated in English???? I have contacted my old school, no records... Also no teachers who remember me (was a while ago). I have asked my mum if she has my school qualifications....she will look but doesn't think so. I know I can have tem re sent at a cost of £40 but don't want to pay out anymore money.....paying enough!!!!!!! It is so frustrating. How did your secondary app. provide evidence of schooling?????Is it poss. to do a statutory declaration for this. Please help. sharon.xxx
  12. Although I am patiently (not) waiting on our 457 sponsorship and nomination being approved, in advance of this happening I would quite like to have all my documents sitting ready to go ahead with the e457 as SOON as the reference number ever gets here. My query is this, I will have to provide documents to prove de facto relationship within my e submission, I gather the ozzies love their proofs. My fiance and i have been together for 5 years but we have very little documentation relating to our everyday life that is "Joint". We do not have a joint mortgage or utility bills or anything like that, although he of course has his own mail to prove he lives at this address, car ins, letter from accountant and Inland Revenue etc, but nothing "joint" as such. ALthough we do have two babies together, one born 08 and one born 09, my question is, surely their parental details on their full birth certs would be ample enough proof of de facto relationship, would it not? I am in the armed forces as my full time job for 8 yrs now and my direct line manager (Sgt) has provided me with a letter within his professional capacity detailing he knows my fiance and that we have children and reside together etc etc and that he has been my line manager for 5 years etc. Does anyone know if the babies birth certs and this letter would suffice? I would rather get it right first time after the sponsorship/nomination taking soo long. Thanks in advance... __________________
  13. Guest

    Partner visa proof - advice

    Hi everyone, I'm finally going to submit my application for the partner visa (de facto status) in the first week of June. We have been collecting evidence galore, since we made the mistake of not doing so before as we didnt know what to do previously (my partner and I lived together for 1.5 years before then I had to move to the UK because my visa was expiring and we were apart for 7 months). Just a few quick questions...would appreciate the help! 1) None of our photos are date stamped, should we bother including a couple anyway? I know that photos aren't really considered proof because anyone can pose, but could it hurt to include a couple of Christmas photos anyway? 2) A lot of our bank statements have 3 months periods on them, so I put them in chronological order depending on the date that the statement starts. However, if the statement is between 15 March and 15 May, I put it in the March section, and then after the statement I put the rest of the March evidence...will that be ok? 3) We have tons of evidence each month ranging from bank statements, rent receipts and other not so official same address correspondance. How much is too much?! I've read around the forums that there should be something for each month... and finally...! 4) We have a lot of loose receipts/dockets/envelopes with date stamps as proof of same address correspondance, can we just put these in a ziplock bag and use an elastic band to tie them to the folder? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all, I'm pretty much ready to apply for my Working Holiday Visa and wanted to ask if anyone has gone through this process already? Just wanted a quick walk through of the online process and how to upload proof. Would be great if anyone also would know if the proof of funds can be an uploaded screen shot of my savings balance or if it absolutely has to be a certified copy of a bank statement. And last question: when I applied for the 3 month tourist visa last year, it was granted but I was given no 'visa grant number' or 'reference number' on the letter as it was done by my travel agent. Any suggestions how I could go about getting this information? Many thanks, Leah
  15. I would be most grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction to obtain proof that my family were granted permanent residency back in 1974. My parents are applying for their Australian pension as my dad recently retired and Centre Link now want this info. My family has resided full time in Australia since they arrived here in 1974, thanks in advance, janieco :smile:
  16. Guest

    proof of qualifacations

    Can any one advise me, who i possible would get in touch with regards a letter to send to the visa bureau to show them i did an apprenticeship ,as they have told me i need to have a letter saying the words on it , that i completed an apprenticeship, i did 3 and half years at college , one day a week the rest of my time working for a pluming and heating company and achieved level 3 plumbing and gas nvq , i spoke to city and guilds and they cant help as they just issue the qualifications once passed. If any one could advise on this matter it would be much appreciated as trying to get the ball rolling for a new life style, thank you
  17. mikeg7099

    no proof of work

    I want to apply for a 457 visa to Oz. I have 25 years experience as a Plasterer/Dryliner. My problem is that for the last two years I've been working for cash and have no proof of earnings. What documentation will they be looking for and is there a way around it? Thanks.
  18. Hi guys, I have just found out that you are required to have $20k AUD funds to apply for state sponsorship in SA. I don't at the moment, but will have by the time we get there, is this still possible. How do you proove your funds? Thanks!
  19. Guest

    ID proof

    One thing I noticed when I came back to England was that you now have to produce a lot of proof of ID. Wasn't like this when I left but apparently it's all due to new money laundering regs. (I think bankers should be the first to prove who they are). Anyway, if you're heading back to the UK and you've been off the radar for a while, you cannot do anything unless you can show certain documents. You can't even get a solicitor to act if you cannot show proof of ID. I know this from signing a legal commercial lease document. I'd remarried in Australia so my married name was not registered in the UK. I had to show my marriage certificate before the solicitor would carry out any work. Luckily, I hadn't changed names or details on my passport, bank or driving licence. For less hassle, I recommend that this is a lot easier. If you need to change your name details, wait till you arrive in the UK. The new laws are absolutely rigid but I think they're great. Shows how much the UK has toughened up. Bring as much paperwork (take extra copies and carry separately) to provide a paper trail of who you are. It's not necessary to prove where you last lived in Australia and utility bills have no bearing here, they are not used as part of establishing a credit rating. It's your name, current UK address and DOB that has to be proven. We didn't have too many headaches but the toughening of the laws was very much in evidence.
  20. Guest

    Proof of Dependancy

    Hi all, I have just been assigned a CO who has asked for proof of dependency for my son. My son was 17 when I first applied and is now 19. He has lived with us until last September when he finished college and started Uni. I live in Lancashire and his Uni is in Cardiff. Having reviewed all other posts regarding dependency, what I am going to do is: · Send proof of address (he is still registered to this address for all his mail) · Send his bank statement showing what little funds he has · Send my bank statement showing that I am paying his car insurance · My wife will send her bank statement showing that she is paying his mobile phone bill · Both he and I will complete a statutory declaration saying that he is in full time education of financially dependant on me · Get his Uni to write a letter confirming his full time education? The question is, will this be enough? I do give him financial support however this is in form of cash of random amounts. Thanks in advance
  21. Pozz

    Proof of divorce needed?

    Hi guys Im about to apply for my part of a 457 visa. Will I be asked about previous marriages, and do I need to prove im divorced? Due to the home issues I moved out of the marital home during the divorce and hence never received the nisi or absolute. My ex did apply so we are divorced, but im concerned I will have to sort my decree absolute before applying for my visa. Sorry if its a bit rambling, but thanks for any advice.
  22. Guest

    ACT proof of funds WAIVER

    Hi All, Has anyone successfully applied for ACT sponsorship and had to do a waiver for the financial bit? If so would you be able to PM me with what details you supplied, how much evidence etc. Similarly if you were turned down would you be able to tell me why etc? We will very shortly be putting our application through and want to have the best chance of getting it right. Thanks so much in advance for any replies. Emm xxx
  23. boganbear

    Proof of Permanent residency

    Hello I got my PR in Septembr 2010 but when it was granted I only got a letter saying that I can come and go as I please until the 5 year period runs out. There was nothing about having to get my passport stamped at all which apparently I now need if I leave the country . Some countries require the stamp (UK!!!!) but New Zealand doesn't. We want to go on a holiday to NZ . I phoend immigration and they advised me to get a stamp but I don't need one for NZ anyway (as they have the same computer system according to the Immigration man) but if I went back to the UK for a holiday I would need one so they said take a copy of my letter with me. This begs the question, why did they not request my pasport back, put a new sticker in it (as was needed for the temp visa) and why did they not tell me any of this? I fail to see the logic of any of this as I would only need any "proof of my residency" to get back into Australia which Immigration can just look up on their database. If I went back to the Uk, who cares if I have PR status in Austalia as I am going to the Uk on a British passport! Has anyone else had this problem
  24. Boesman

    Proof of funds for south aus SS

    Hi, my mum wants to give us some money for our new life in SA. For the SS application form for south oz, does she just need to write a letter with a bank statement or does she need to transfer the money straight away? We don't want the money in our account until it is time for us to make the move to Aus (as she is getting a nice interest on it at the mo abroad). Do they want prove of all other funds you say you have? We have a property to sell plus a caravan, but not yet. Cheers
  25. hey I need some help! I am an Aussie and my boyfriend is english. I am living with him in England whilst on a working holiday visa. We are applying for a defacto/partner visa in January of 2011. By this time we will have been living together for a year and a few weeks. The only thing is I have to fly back to australia late december as my flight expires then, so will have been apart from my bf for 3 weeks roughly when we apply for the visa. I was wondering if anyone knows if it might be a problem to be in australia and my partner in england,when we apply for the visa. I'd also like to know if, when giving bills as evidence for the year of living together, if we need to give every single bill for that year or just a few scattered over the year. Our first piece of evidence that we've lived together is a Sky bill but it's only addressed to myself. I was wondering if it'd be sufficient as our first piece of evidence as it still shows that i live at my partner's address. Also when you apply do you literally just give them all the information in no particular order? If anyone can help it'd be very much appreciated. thanks everyone! x