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Found 460 results

  1. Hi! My partner and I lodged our application for the de facto visa on 21/06/2011. We had confirmation of receipt and that the money had been taken from our account on 22/06/2011. (My partner is Australian and I am currently living in Australia.) Does any body know how long it is currently taking for case officers to be assigned and/or how long current processing times are?! Immingration advised us that it is now between 9-12 months...this seems like a really long time...does anybody know of any cases where by applications for this visa either made by themselves or friends has gone through any quicker? The whole process is just making me feel a little anxious!I would be great to chat! Thanks!
  2. Is this the default message that everyone has when their visa application has been lodged or have they really begun processing my application? :wink:
  3. I did my 857 visa application on 3 March, but my employer loged the sponsorship on 6 Dec 2010. Finally i received a email from my case officer on 5 June 2011, she ask me the document about AFP clearance. I sent it to her on 28th June 2011 as soon as i got it . unfortunenately , she didn't repay my email. i sent another email to her, nothing happen, I just want to know did she get my email yet. Guys, just help me, what is going on, what shall i do, is it nomal, she just ignore my email????????????:sad::sad::sad: anyone have the same experience like me, any good suggestions please email me lindalee6666@hotmail.com
  4. We did the the health exmination on 20 June 2011 and HOC received our health reports on 29 June 2011. However, now the health requirements have still now been cleared. I emailed HOC but they were quite impatient and just told me that the reported had been received. Could anybody tell me the current processing date of HOC? Thanks a lot. Chuncheng
  5. Hello, I'm new on here! I have just booked myself onto an IELTS test date and started getting my paperwork together to get my qualifications accredited by the AASW. Exciting times! I am planning to look for jobs and more importantly a willing sponsor for the 457 visa once I have successfully passed the test and got my letter of eligibility. Are there any social workers or 'allied health' professionals on here who went through it all and perhaps were sponsored by Queensland Health? How long did it take you to get your qualifications assessed? I am a wee bit anxious thinking about the test, I have lived in the UK for 9 years and English is not my first language. I have got the preparation material and looking at the test examples I feel confident to do ok, but then again I have read on other forums about the struggles of people whose first language is English.... Have people managed to score 7 on each section in their first attempt or do I better prepare myself for a series of test sittings? :unsure: Looking forward to read some comments! We're a family of five and as soon as I got a little bit further with my paperwork I will have TONS of questions about schools and living areas. We are hoping to move anywhere up to 2 hours drive away from Brisbane. Any comments on job opportunities in this area? We are open to move either up to two hours drive north or south, I want to be flexible to be more employable. As I said, I am new on here, I think I will spend the next few weeks searching around on here. We're all really excited about the prospect of moving but I do not want to get too excited until I got my qualifications assessed and accepted! Mel
  6. Guest

    priority processing

    Hi we have submitted our application and had our medicals 15th June .... finalised 28th June will we still be processed under previous timelines or the new one's? Thanks
  7. Guest

    Processing times?

    Anyone getting a visa grant for a 176 to Adelaide, in the last two weeks? I would Just like to here that grants are actually happening.:arghh:
  8. trying to ring diac in adelaide, opens at 9.00am their time, ive been trying to get through for the last hour hr but it keeps saying its closed .... frustrating isnt the word ... any ideas ??:arghh:
  9. Hi, Apologies if this question has been asked numerous times before. Can anyone please let me know the approx waiting / processing times for the 309 Spouse Visa? I need to head back to Oz for work in 3 months and want to know whether my British wife should apply now in the hope of it being approved in 3 months or for her to enter Oz as a tourist and apply in Oz. My next question is whether it is acceptable for her to enter with a one way ticket? We and our 2 (British) sons are wanting to move to Oz permanently. I am an Aussie who has lived in the UK for 10 years. Many thanks
  10. I am hoping someone out there can shed a little light on what feels like a rather confusing processing set up. I submitted an online, off shore 176 (family) appliaction in Feb 2011 - priority group 3. I had not expected to hear anything until the end of the year based on other's processing times so was surprised to receive an email on 18 March saying that I would be allocated a case officer within 3 mins. We have decided to hold off running medicals and police checks just yet as we are looking to move over to Oz after Summer 2012. The 3 months window is nearly up and we have not been contacted by a case officer so I assume that we have not yet been allocated one. I am just wondering if anyone can help explain how the process will run from here and what I can expect in terms of timing. How will I know when I get a case officer? Do they email you to make initial contact? Has anyone else had the same email from DIAC but not been allocated a CO in the 3 month period proposed? We have run the whole process so far without an immigration agent and so far it has been fine but I am now feeling a bit confused about the whole thing :wacko:
  11. I am an Australian Citizen and the sponsor for my husband's spouse visa. We got his 309 visa granted on Feb 2010. We live in Dubai and its from here that we had applied for his Spouse PR. We had actually planned to move to Aus but we are postponing it for now. I know that around the 2 year mark DIAC will request us to resubmit documents for grant of permanent PR. I just want to confirm a few things so that we can plan our next move 1. Can we apply for Subclass 100 (Permanent Spouse PR) outside australia ? 2. I was employed until recently and now out of work - since I am his sponsor am I expected to to be working and show pr0of of employment ? 3. We used a migration agent for the first stage - so will DIAC contact them around next year ? Your inputs will be highly appreciated as we will need to move to Aus if I need to apply from there. TIA
  12. Hello, Is anyone aware of the new processing priorities after 1 July? We had an invite to the state expo in Bristol on Saturday and would have liked to have asked the DIAC representative, but after reading the posts about the one in Birmingham I have decided not to go due to travelling and new baby etc decided it wasnt worth it. Apologies if someone has already asked the above question! Thanks :wacko:
  13. Hi, I've sent several blank emails to GSM Processing over the last four weeks but I've had nothing back. Has anyone else had this? I send a completely blank email with no subject or anything and the address is correct as I sent it using the link from DIAC. Help please. Thanks, Mick
  14. Hello, We have had our medical and police check requests and i'm a little bit stuck. Where do I access the online medical history questions and print out the referral letter from? Do we need to answer these questions before making an appointment at the medical centre? Thanks guys for your help :biggrin:
  15. Hello all, I am desparately waiting for my CO as my application was missed (but thats a whole nother story, that is hopefully beginning to sort itself out.) But do you think priority processing will change in july. I am so worried ill get a CO and then lose it before i get my grant. What do people think?
  16. swjana

    Processing time for NT - SS

    Hi all, Has anyone recently got state sponsorship from NT,I applied for mine today, but my worried are will I be able to submit my 176 visa before July 1st 2011,can one let me know roughly what is the processing duration for NT – SS. Thanks in Advance Jana.
  17. Hi guys, I need some advice from you ppl. My OH and I are planning to make a quick dash trip to OZ in mid-June to visit our friends. We are offshore applicant (VE175) and received the March 18 letter stating we should be assigned CO within 3 months (i.e. by 18-June). My concern is I might be in OZ at that time the CO picks up my application. Initially I thought I'd wait to be assigned CO first and let him/her know of my arrangement but lately I am seeing a lot of applicants are getting Visa grant right away (I have front loaded all the medical & pcc info). So should I inform DIAC in advanced prior to flying to OZ. If yes how do I inform DIAC?
  18. JulieFreo

    Processing Times 300

    Hi everyone Anyone had a 300 Prospective Marriage Visa granted through London office recently? (Late 2010-2011) What was your processing time? Did you front load medicals? Ta all!
  19. ****************************************
  20. Hi I just wanted feedback on the processing time period for the permanent residency visa after nearly 2 years married please. I believe Immigration contact you 2 or 3 months beforehand to request a completed application with proof of an on-going relationship, so how long have fellow PIO's applications taken before they have got PR. Thanks Smiler :biggrin:
  21. paulswin

    Application Processing Further

    Hi Guys, I checked the status of our visa today and it says application processing further on the 2nd March is that a standard thing or can I get a little excited!!!??? Also I looked at document checklist it says required on everything is that normal? We used an agent.
  22. Just wanted you guys who are waiting for medicals to be finalised to know the following: We submitted our medicals (mine and other half) via e-health last Monday (11/4/11) (as part of our 175 visa app lodged in May 09). On 11/4//11 (same day) my partners showed received and then referred, and then four days later changed to finalised, and then at the same time changed on the document checklist to met (for both forms). Mine, however, still said requested. Then this Wednesday 20th, mine changed to received and referred, and then today (22nd!) changed to health requirements finalised (not changed to met on doc checklist). I'm absolutely blown away by this. For 1, it's the early hours of Saturday morning (and the previous day was bank holiday Friday), so why have they changed now? And also the speed at which they have been referred and then finalised. We both have medical issues but minor ones that we weren't too concered about. I can only assume that computer updates are automated and delayed, and not particularly accurate? I'm only posting this to help understand how HOC works, and give hope to people waiting (things can move quickly when they want them to). Why people have been left waiting for weeks and weeks when things seem relatively straight forward is beyond me. After nearly 2 years of waiting, we've now submitted everything. Can't wait for CO to get to work and pray he'll give us our visa asap (we leave for Sydney is less than 3 wks on a temp visa and would love to be able to validate then!). Best of luck to everyone waiting. :jiggy:
  23. I am a Software Engineer with 3.6 yrs of experience in Dot Net technology. (Age-27, Single) I applied for ACS in March first week and waiting for the result. And I got IELTS results yesterday. My overall score is 6.5. I am planning to re-take the IELTS test in June 1st week. But my agent always suggest that to take test asap considering the new points test. Even if take test on next available date after 20 days, it will take around 1 .5 months to get the result. After that he will lodge the application for sponsorship, which may take around 3 months or more. So I will come under new points scheme. So is it better to take test immediately or it can be taken in June? What are the chances to qualify under new points scheme. Which visa category is suitable for me? And what may be the processing time under new points scheme?
  24. thomastte

    405 visa current processing time

    Hi, Anyone know the current processing time for WA (Perth), assuming 1249 already obtained please?
  25. Guest

    ACS processing times

    Guys and girls, Please let me know the approximate processing time for ACS applications lodged during the last week of February. Anybody got a positive outcome? What's your status? is it "processing" "with assessor" etc. It seems ACS flooded with applications and I'm afraid whether we'll be able to lodge a 175 before DIAC suspend for the point test change. Tx