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Found 101 results

  1. Hi We applied for 475 Visa in December 09 with SS from Queensland with wifes occupation as Pre-Primary School Teacher. This was not on CSL/MODL and had resigned ourselves for the 2-3 yr wait while those on CSL took priority. Just checked the new SOL list and Pre-Primary Teacher is still on there, does this mean that they will continue to process those applications in the pipeline that are on the new SOL as normal? Hope someone may be able to help!
  2. Hi, I am new on here. I have posted below the Migration Institute of Australia's response to the DIAC discussion paper regarding the review of the points test for GSM. http://mia.org.au/about-annual-reports-and-public-submissions/30/ Aside from giving a few clues as to the structure of the new points system, at the end of page 15 (penultimate paragraph), it says the following: "It is understood that the CSL will be abolished for new applications with effect from the date the new SOL is implemented. If the new SOL reflects only those occupations which are in demand then, clearly, all GSM applications lodged from that date should be processed in strict chronological order." I too was of the understanding that the 'CSL' will be phased out i.e. it will be revoked with from the date it comes into force for new applications only, which would seem sensible. In other words, is it the case that those applications placed before 1 July on the old systems, lists, points test and job codes will continue to be processed as they were until there are no more of them and those lodged after 1 July are likely to have a separate priority system based on the new system, points test, new SOL and ANZSCO codes ? It would seem sensible to avoid a complete mess, after all, all those applications after 1 July should be fewer in number and hence processed much faster anyway. I ask because my wife, lead applicant, is a Pharmacist, we lodged in July 2009 and still haven't got the visa yet (meds & pcc cleared in January 2010). Pharmacists have gone from being on MODL and CSL to being completely lifted off the new SOL. Many thanks.
  3. Sorry if this has been covered before, but is there any guidance as to what the priority processing will be after the new SOL comes in in July (now that we have to wait until then!)? The guidance issued on 8th Feb (happy memories....) will not be relevant after July 1 as it talks about the CSL which is to be revoked? Any guidance would be appreciated, as the prospect of being moved to the back of the ever growing queue is non too appealing.
  4. Evening everyone, Can anyone tell me in simple to understand terms what the second sentence in Catagory 2 means? Cat 2: Applications from people who are nominated by a state/territory government agency under a state migration plan agreed to by the minister. Thanks! Mark
  5. Hey guyz... I just created a new thread for all ACCOUNTANTS whose application falls under Category 5. Please kindly share your timelines and your perspectives about the processing. To start with... here's mine... NAME: Tazmania COUNTRY (HR/LR): HR DATE OF 175 VISA APPLICATION: February 2009 DATE SS RECD: December 2009 DATE MEDS & PC'S UPLOADED: not yet CO: none ADDITIONAL INFO: none VISA: none :hug:
  6. Hi, I applied for 475 visa to NSW on April 2009, submitted all documents, meds and PCC. Still there is no information regarding CO and status of application. when i apply sponsership my occupation was in state skill list but not now . occupation is VOCATIONAL TEACHER non csl . which will be my priority as per the new priority arrangement 2 or 5 how long will take to finalize my application pls advice.............Just been worried about all the changes taking place.......:policeman:
  7. Guys, Any speculations on priority processing after new SOL?
  8. Hi to everyone, Does anyone know why Immi gov au web site removed “What’s New section of 23rd September - CSL and priority processing directions” ?? Thanks to all in advance Nata :hug:
  9. So DIAC has been conducting MODL review and, from their second issue paper it seems that one of the options they consider is to abandon current prioritisation policy. Does anyone know if this is one of the options that they are still considering? From what I can gather from googling etc, some of the submissions made to DIAC does seem to suggest that DIAC abandon the prioritisation.
  10. Guest

    Processing Priority

    I lodged my application for 886 on April 23rd, SS(accountant). With the new changes, I sat for the IELTS test and scored 8, thus placing me on no. 2. I remember reading that it will take 12 months to process applications for CSL/SS - but is that effective when I lodged my application(April) or when I met the criteria for the priority (in this case Nov)? Thanks.
  11. Hiya, Just curious... Considering the substantial 3-year delay recently announced by DIAC, is anybody in "Priority" Group no. 7 (i.e. non-CSL, non-MODL, non-sponsored) still applying for a Skilled Independent (175 subclass)? I have sorted all my documents and am ready to lodge my online application, so I was wondering if anybody would like to join me on this long, long voyage to the unknown...:biglaugh: Well, to be dead honest I am still unsure as to whether or not to proceed as the fees are soooo expensive...:confused:Please share your concerns, fears, hopes, etc. etc. Alex
  12. Politician and DIAC contact details for registering your protest about policy processing changes: Contact details: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Email your Prime Minister | Prime Minister of Australia Wayne Swan, Treasurer, if you want your money back! ministerial@treasury.gov.au&subject=Treasurer Correspondence Please enter name and postal address to receive a reply. Return correspondence will be sent via post. and Treasury Ministers Assistant Treasurer Nick Sherry, make sure they both get the same info to discuss over coffee... Treasury Ministers and ministerial@treasury.gov.au&subject=Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law Correspondence Please enter name and postal address to receive a reply. Return correspondence will be sent via post. Minister of Immigration Chris Evans, please be polite! minister@immi.gov.au Attorney General Robert McClelland, if you want to argue legal issues attorney@ag.gov.au and Email the Attorney Minister for Employment Jason Clare if you have an employer frustrated with the procedures and delays. Parliament of Australia: House of Representatives Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services, Laurie Ferguson, the guy George Lombard met earlier this week. Expand on your PIO comments, make your stories relevant and personal. Laurie.Ferguson@immi.gov.au Minister for Small Business, the Service Economy and Consumer Affairs Dr Craig Emerson (pitch yourselves as consumers of Govt services wanting redress for service failure by DIAC) Parliament of Australia: House of Representatives Senator Mark Arbib, Minister for Employment Participation Parliament of Australia:Senate:Senators: Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, NSW The Senator who was the least informed about skilled migration in the recent Senate Committee Hearings, and needs your help :-) In the hearings she guessed wrongly that most scam artist agents were recent registered agents. I suggest you pitch her on the basis that the Government has relieved people of millions of dollars with no assurance that they will continue to meet the endlessly shifting visa criteria in the future, and this is a worse scam than any agent can perpetrate and it's on a much larger scale. senator.fierravanti-wells@aph.gov.au Senator Barnaby Joyce, Queensland, leader of the smaller opposition National Party that has its roots in country areas, he's a stirrer and an expert at generating media coverage for his issues senator.joyce@aph.gov.au Other Senators attending the recent hearing with DIAC, who should be updated on how Australia is discouraging a key source of skilled workers for the future. I have noted their State of representation, select teh ones for where you wanted to live: Chris Back, WA, Parliament of Australia:Senate:Senators: Guy Barnett, Tas, senator.barnett@aph.gov.au Katryna Bilyk, Tas, Parliament of Australia:Senate:Senators: Mark Bishop, WA, senator.bishop@aph.gov.au George Brandis, Qld, senator.brandis@aph.gov.au Richard Colbeck, Tas, senator.colbeck@aph.gov.au David Feeney, VIC, Parliament of Australia:Senate:Senators: Steve Fielding, a political party of one called Family First, Vic, senator.fielding@aph.gov.au Mary Jo Fisher, SA, Parliament of Australia:Senate:Senators: Sarah Hanson-Young, SA, Parliament of Australia:Senate:Senators: Barnaby Joyce, Qld, details given above Gavin Marshall, Vic, senator.marshall@aph.gov.au Jan McLucas, North Qld, senator.mclucas@aph.gov.au Stephen Parry, Tas, Parliament of Australia:Senate:Senators: Russell Trood , Qld, Parliament of Australia:Senate:Senators: Nick Xenophon, SA, independent, senator.xenophon@aph.gov.au Their other contact details and names of other Senators named below are here: Parliament of Australia:Senate:Senators:Senators' Parliament House and State/Territory addresses, phone and fax numbers The Senators on the committee who didn't attend the last hearing are : Senators Abetz, Adams, Bernardi, Birmingham, Boswell, Boyce, Bob Brown, Carol Brown, Bushby, Cameron, Cash, Jacinta Collins, Coonan, Cormann, Eggleston, Farrell, Ferguson, Fierravanti-Wells, Fifield, Forshaw, Furner, Heffernan, Humphries, Hurley, Hutchins, Johnston, Kroger, Ludlam, Lundy, Ian Macdonald, McEwen, McGauran, Mason, Milne, Minchin, Moore, Nash, O’Brien, Payne, Polley, Pratt, Ronaldson, Ryan, Scullion, Siewert, Sterle, Troeth, Williams, Wortley. I shouldn't list the individual email addresses online for Senior DIAC officials but it's usually firstname.lastname@immi.gov.au. These people might like to hear from you: :wink: Mr Andrew Metcalfe, CEO of DIAC (think of the damaging the industry and UK markets) Mr Bob Correll PSM, Deputy Secretary (think of the damaging the industry and UK markets) Mr Peter Hughes PSM, Deputy Secretary (think of the damaging the industry and UK markets) Ms Felicity Hand, Deputy Secretary (think of the damaging the industry and UK markets) Ms Marilyn Prothero First Assistant Secretary, Financial Strategy and Services Division (money back please!) Ms Robyn Bicket, Chief Lawyer, Governance and Legal Division, (natural justice, failure to deliver a service as advised by DIAC staff) Mr Sandi Logan, National Communications Manager (why didn't you say the numbers were getting so high when we lodged?) Mr Peter Vardos PSM, First Assistant Secretary, Migration and Visa Policy Division (not so fast!) Mr Kruno Kukoc, Principal Advisor, Migration Strategies Branch (dont forget to talk to the market when coming up with new whizzbang ideas) Mr Peter Speldewinde, Assistant Secretary, Labour Market Branch, (he has access to the data) Mr Robert Illingworth, Assistant Secretary, Policy Framework, Evaluation and Analysis Branch (obviously the evaluation or resulting strategy was flawed) Ms Fiona Lynch-Magor, Assistant Secretary, Services Management Branch (don't get me started, service? what service?) :biglaugh:
  13. If you are CSL + family sponsored, can you let me know if CO has been allocated to you yet? I am under that category and I understand it will be processed as priority but up until now, I haven't heard anything. I am seeing 175 CSL who are being allocated to COs (see beupdate.com) and from what I am reading around, that is #4 in priority as compared to CSL + fam sponsored that is in #3. My timeline is: 26JUN09 - lodged 175 application where nominated skill is under CSL 21SEP09 - application being processed further 01OCT09 - changed to subclass 176 family sponsored 08OCT09 - confirmation from DIAC received on subclass change Should I call up DIAC or send a PLE inquiring why this is such? :confused::arghh: Anyone in similar situation, share your experience. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I understand that there is already a thread/post about how to make a complaint to the Immigration Minister about the effect of the recent changes to the priority processing of skilled visa applications. I thought it may be useful to point out that another authority which handles complaints about the DIAC is the Australian Commonwealth Ombudsman. Unlike the Minister, the Ombudsman is completely independent of the Department of Immigration and is there specifically to deal with administrative complaints against Australian government departments and authorities. The Ombudsman's office can be reached by email: ombudsman@ombudsman.gov.au So if you are sending/emailing a complaint through to the Minister (who is, after all, responsible for any changes to the law or procedures regarding migration), it may be worthwhile copying the Ombudsman in so that he is aware of the issues as well. Alternately, you can fill in an online form on the Ombudsman's webpage: Ombudsman, Australia - Home or even call through with your complaint. If this has been mentioned already, apologies.
  15. topturner

    Visa priority changes

    Hi to all After reading the news about the changes in priority processing visas i was totally and utterly peeved(to say the least).We are currently waiting a response to our SA SS which was received on 9th Sept.will we get sanctioned or refused now we are not priority? I keep reading the frequently asked ans/ques which i downloaded from DIAC,as well as peoples views to having to wait over 3 years to be processed and I'm confused:confused: They tell us we are 5th priority out of 7.OK i thought,it could be worse but not too bad. They inform us that anybody not in the priority list will not get the visa processed before the end of 2012,but no7 in the list states "all other applications are to be processed in the order they are received"!!! isn't that like,everybody else who applies?? I dont know what to believe,so we are just going to wait to hear from SA and take it from there,we will not be beaten! Are they totally trying to dishearten us Brits by moving the goal posts when they feel like it?,maybe its because we won the ashes:biglaugh: All i can say is"DONT LET THE BAS***** GRIND YOU DOWN" it'll all be worth it Good luck to everyone
  16. For example: applicant A and B, both of them haven't got visa approved up to now. And Applicant A: 886 relative sponsorship lodeged on 1 June 2009, SA state sponsorship approved on 23 Sep 2009-->change to state sponsorship on 23 Sep 2009, Non-CSL occupation Applicant B: 886 state sponsorship visa lodged on 1 Sep 2009, SA state sponsorship approved on 1 June 2009 (before lodgement of the 886 visa) ,Non-CSL occupation Question: Theoratically (In general), whose application would be processed first or being allocated to case officer first according to the current processing priority changes introduced on 23 Sep 2009?
  17. Hello Somebody could tell me if applicants who apply to this visa are in priority processing. Thanks
  18. Hi For those who are in CSL with F/Sponsorship, will they be given the less priority ? Thanks
  19. Yetirat

    Visa processing priority

    Hi there. Does anyone have any idea when the processing of non state-sponsored visas will recommence? We're on the skilled sponsored subclass 176. Nothing more frustrating than being in a queue that isn't moving....
  20. Guest

    High Priority????

    Hi i wonder if anyone can help, we have applied for state sponsorship to ACT, we thought we would be under the low priority so would be waiting 60 days, yet when we received our receipt it states - Processing status - Lodged - High Priority!! Does this mean we are on the 20 day pile?? Very excited if we are:jiggy:
  21. Well the adventure continues... To keep our 175 application up to date, we recently submitted new copies of passports which were just renewed. We submitted the "GSM post-lodgement enquiry" by email to advise them to add the documents to our file. My question that I asked them: Can I continue to log in to the immigration website using my old passport number, or will it be updated based on the new passport number (it is used to check application status online). The information was sent: Sunday, April 12, 2009 Today we get a reply by email: May 21, 2009 - no actual reply to my question. > Dear Dina, > > Thank you for your e-mail about your visa application under Australia’s > General Skilled Migration programme. > > I can confirm that your visa application has been assigned to a case > officer. > > A preliminary assessment will shortly be conducted on your visa > application to determine if any further documentation is required. Once > this assessment has been completed your case officer may contact you if > they require any additional documents. > > We appreciate your patience in this matter. CASE OFFICER? Great right? Then half an hour later we get an email from the case officer saying that unfortunately we don't qualify for CSL priority processing based on IELTS not all 7's for accountant profession (This we knew - retaking exam end of May). So, long story short basically someone put us on CSL originally because we emailed them saying "Please advise if we qualify for CSL"... way back when they first introduced it. They likely didn't check our score, and put a CSL flag on our application anyway. Still, it shows that they are probably having a look at November CSL applicants now if that helps anyone with timelines. As for us... next step is to pass IELTS (come on 7's!), then hopefully they'll be able to process the application. Also of interest: A lot of our documentation (degree's, qualifications) was in Russian and translated to English for the application. Our case officer happened to have a Russian name... coincidence? I think not, since it makes sense that they would have certain language specialists to check credentials etc. Take care all
  22. Hello, We have received some further clarification about the processing of some applications which may not be on the CLS, MODL or State Sponsored, but may nevertheless be prioritised. Apologies if this has already been posted and I am repeating things, but I thought it may be useful to know: "DIAC has advised that there are three exceptions to the GSM priority processing: 1. Application remitted by the MRT; 2. Offshore GSM applications where the applicant is in Australia and has been sent a letter advising that a decision is about to be made and they should go offshore; 3. Applications where the applicant is claiming the $100,000 designated investment bonus points. [There would probably be few cases in these last two categories.] In these three situations, even if the applications are not in the priority processing categories, (that is, they are not State Sponsored, CSL or MODL), they will be processed quickly. They will not be put in the non-priority category. " Cheers, Veronika
  23. Thank you for your e-mail about your visa application under Australia’s General Skilled Migration program. You will be aware that the Minister has made an adjustment to Australia’ s migration intake to ensure that the skilled migration program is responsive to the worsening global economic situation. On 16 March 2009 a revised processing order for applications with identified skills in high demand took effect. Applications with employer or state or territory sponsorship continue to receive first priority, then those with business skills and with an occupation on the Critical Skills List (CSL). The aim is to improve the skilled migration program so that migrant workers are meeting skills shortages and not competing with Australian workers for jobs. The Minister is monitoring the migration intake and will aim to set the 2009-2010 migration program to reflect the economic climate as part of the Budget process. You have nominated a skilled occupation that is not on the CSL and your application is not currently eligible for priority processing. While we empathise with your circumstances, we are sorry to advise that your application is not able to be finalised this financial year. Applications that are currently ineligible for priority processing may be progressed when the economy returns to growth. Should you be able to secure employment in Australia, you may wish to consider an employer- sponsored visa or alternatively seek State or Territory government nomination. An eligible Australian employer could sponsor you and guarantee to employ you for a period of time under the Temporary Business (Subclass 457) visa, the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) or the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS).
  24. Hi Guys, What priority are DIAC using within SS 176 category? I know they have committed to allocating a CO within 10 days but have they got a backlog ? How do they prioritise the 176s ?
  25. Hi all, WA has updated their Priority List for Skilled Sponsored 176 (permanent) sponsorship. It now includes a host of IT occupations not found elsewhere on the MODL or other state lists, which is interesting as it may be a new avenue for those who don't have sufficient points to get to the 175 passmark. State Migration Centre Skilled Sponsored Visa Regards Peter