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Found 67 results

  1. Sarahelle

    Bridging visa and pregnancy

    Hi all, Just a quick question to you knowledgeable people - what would happen if I were to fall pregnant on Bridging Visa a? I have applied for a Partner visa - I'm from the UK and so have reciprocal Medicare and my partner is Australian. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Sarah x
  2. hi, would like some advice i am approx 6 wks pregnant, and am flying to australia in october when i will be around 13 wks pregnant. i have recently had surgery, but now i am pregnant future surgical intervention has to be delayed until later in the pregnancy. im not sure what i need to do first upon my arrival. obviously i need to sort medicare out, but am i going to get stung for my antenatal care and surgery. who do i contact regarding my pregnancy, is it like the uk, where i just register with a gp and they refer me to maternity services. how do i get registered with a surgeon am really confused nicola
  3. I need some help for a 'friend' *cough*. If a family were in Australia on a 457, and had been offered sponsorship via the ENSOL (856 I think) scheme with the employer, having been here for a little over two years, and the wife of the primary applicant found that she may be pregnant, would that application be able to proceed? I presume that the application could be lodged but the meds/x-rays would need to be done after the baby was born? If the application was lodged before any potential change to the ENSOL list in June/July (can't remember when SOL is due to change), and the primary applicants job came off the list, would the application still be valid, having been lodged before these changes (if they are made)?
  4. ajwilko

    pregnancy and spouse visa

    Hi pps. ondering if ne1 has ne advice. i am on a 309 defacto visa, bf is citizen, and 2nd stage process starts in Aug, when our baby is due!!! wasnt sure if being pregnant affected the visa in ne way, if anyone has ne advice it would be gr8
  5. Guest

    pregnancy help please.

    Hi me and my partner are getting married this july and want to start having children quite soon after this. we are in the middle of getting our visa granted - due a CO in the next couple of months. would we be better to wait until we get to Aussie or stay here a bit longer and then go once child is born? we know we would have to apply for a new visa for the chikld if our visa had already been granted. we are more looking for info on things like money matters. we know we wont get any medical help over there as we wont be citizens. plus no benfits like maternity pay until we've been over there a while (how do we go about getting citizenship? how long do you have to have been in aussie before you apply?) whats the difference between citizenship and residency? lots of questions i know but in a bit of a quandry.... plus we would have support of family and friends if we stay here. is anyone else in the same situation? any info would be helpful thanks Rosie and Lydon xx
  6. Angelini

    Private Health Care & Pregnancy

    Morning all, My OH and I are talking about having a baby - not pregnant, or even trying, yet, but are trying to get as much information as we can about having a baby in Oz. I've been looking at going with Latrobe Health as they only have a 9 month waiting time, but that's just for actually giving birth ... what about antenatal care? Do I need to have different cover for that? I've been looking at pregnancy forums and most of them say they 'go public' for everything but giving birth - the problem is that I'm American (moved from the UK after 7 years with my English husband) so don't think I can be covered by Medicare, as far as I can tell. Does that mean that we will need to pay for all of the expenses ourselves? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello everybody, This is actually for a friend of mine.He has just begun the migration process and they have recently discovered that his wife is expecting.He has completed the skill assessment and applied to VIC,awaiting results. As soon as he gets the SS,he was planning on applying for the 176 visa,but now does he have to put his plans on hold?? I have seen people having to pay massive sums of money to include a child once the visa is granted. Does he go ahead with the 176 and request the CO to delay things a little? We are all so confused.Any suggesstions?Has anybody gone through this before? Thanks so much for reading through.Await your responses:hug:
  8. Guest

    X-Rays and pregnancy

    Hi all, Can anyone please help. We are in the final stages of completing our 176 application, just police checks and medicals to go. Having booked the medicals we have discovered that my good lady is preganant. Whilst we are excited we are wondering how this will affect our application. The Manchester medicals surgery wont do X-rays during pregancy. Does anyone know if you can still get a visa if my other half hasnt had an X-ray? Or is it simply that we have to wait another 9 months? I have read about getting a lead protection X-Ray after the first trimester. Has anyone managed to do this, and if so where? Manchester say it's there policy not to do this at all. Yours excitedly confused! J We are hoping
  9. hey all, Just wanted advice and info if anyone has any to offer? Myself and my partner are both at the end of our 2nd year whv's and his company has agreed to sponsor him. We've met out here and as such we don't have any proof that we've been together long enough for me to be de facto. 'The plan' was to go home for a few months, continue to build up a bit evidence (we have got some going bck to about August last year) and then apply for the sponsorship. His boss is happy to do that and the agent thinks its the best route. However..... I have just found out I'm pregnant... We still believe our best chance of having a decent life is out here but have no idea how this changes things with immigration. is this going to go against us? If not, under the circumstances, would this benefit our application going in earlier? we'd want to be settled as soon as possible wherever we end up.... Advice would be much appreciated!! Nat
  10. Dear Friends, I am 176 State sponsored applicant,got CO on 30th Nov 2010 and asked me for some additional docs including form 80. i submitted all requested docs and forms 80 for both PA and SA and on 18th Jan 2011 my online status for all docs showing to met except ''Evidence of Specific Work Experience' as received and PCC and medical are showing as required.I think internal checking or external checking or job verification are being done and then CO might ask for PCC and medical. . Now i came to know that my wife got pregnant(By the Grace of God) recently now few questions are coming in mind can you people please give your valuable advice on the following questions. 1)Should i fill form 1022 for this change? 2)Is it good to inform CO now or wait for PCC and medical?bcoz i have 8-9 months left in baby delivery? 3)If application take more time for visa grant decision so in this case will CO hold my application process till the baby born? Please advise and i am from HR country. Best regards Ozguy
  11. kateNollie

    HealthCare and Pregnancy Problems

    Hi, I am new here so Hi to everyone. Moving over with my husband who is an aussie citizen. We are currently trying for a baby, and having the issue with it taking too long. We need to know what the deal is with aussie healthcare in regards to getting fertility tests and possible IVF if required. Am I as a non citizen entitled to these on the healthcare service (like i would on the NHS?) do I have to be in the country for a period of time first? We really want to move over at the earliest opportunity but if it means that we have to delay the medical checks for another year or however long, then we will wait it out here and come when we can. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!! Kate
  12. Sanders

    High dependancy pregnancy

    Hi everyone just really wanting abit of information. We are looking at moving to WA early 2012 fingers crossed -house sale etc soon We have a daughter and are wanting another baby dilemma is now or when in OZ. I have been told that it is possible that I have an incompetant cervix diagnosed after 2 late miscarriages. I am really worried and scared about the care of this in OZ, just wondering if anyone has had a high dependancy pregnancy in OZ or even an incompetant cervix. Really hope someone can help Thank you in advance:biggrin:
  13. Guest

    Health matrix and pregnancy

    Hi all, does anyone know more about health martix for pregnant permanent applicants? I am from Medium country risk for TB so i wonder could x-ray examination be postponed if future mom wants to born baby in Australia. As 176 with Vic SS applicant from October 2009, now in category 4 and we cannot wait anymore SMP. We plan to get pregnant but also don`t want if we get in cat2 to be on hold till baby is born couse who knows what changes will be introduced for several months... Also, we have sent PLE with same question and now waiting DIAC to show mercy to reply soon. Also, i wanted to frontload medicals but i cannot download it online since server is temporary unavailable for several days... Maybe i could do it once we get CO?
  14. alex2010

    State sponsorship and Pregnancy

    Dear Members, I would like to ask you if anybody has any experience with getting pregnant after having lodged an application for a PR visa and being sponsored by a state or territory at the same time. We are also playing the waiting game with DIAC (applied for PR in March 2010 and state sponsored) and also thinking about to have a baby. We don't want to change our family plans only because of DIAC and their controversial priority arrangements policy. I am aware of potential problems with medicals during a pregnancy (esp. x-rays), however, what makes me more scared if there could be any problem with our state sponsorship if my partner gets pregnant before our application is decided. Would we need to inform our sponsoring government about pregnancy as well and do they have to approve and sponsor a coming baby? I know that we would have to inform DIAC about this but not sure how it works with the sponsoring government? Thanks for any feedback. Alex
  15. What are the chances to land a job if you are pregnant? Do we get paid maternity leave in Australia? My friend's company don't get any paid maternity. Is this a norm?
  16. Hi all, I've looked at previous posts on this subject, but cannot seem to get any real idea of timescales. I lodged a 175 application on the 5th of November 2009, with the intention of moving in late December 2010. I'm not sure what the latest timelines are, but I guess that I could reasonably expect to be allocated a Case Officer before next April/May?? Anyway, my wife is now pregnant and baby is due in July. There is no way we would have the X-Ray done, so plan on deferring the medicals until after the birth, once we get a CO!) My question is - Say we end up doing the medicals in August/September next year, is the grant of a 175 visa by next November/December still a reasonably realistic target? Has anyone done this before and able to advise on timescales/how long it takes to get the medicals done and subsequent grant of visa after a defferal? Advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. Kind regards Tom
  17. jillabong

    Medicals and pregnancy

    Hi All Was just looking for some advice on medicals and pregnancy. We have come to the point were we are looking to get pregnant again, but obviously (being optimistic) don't want to delay our medicals and xrays. But on the other hand don't want to put off getting pregnant as we may then be waiting till 2012!!! -As we are only Cat 5 processing it might be quite a while before we are called to have medicals done. So was wondering if I should just go and get mine done now, and hope that they ask for them within the next year. Asked our agent but she just said obviously we might have to pay again, so no help. Was just wondering what others would do in our situation? What a dilemma!!!! Any opinions, advice or peeps in same boat? Many Thanks and Kind Regards __________________ Jill (30), Sam (34) and William (16mnths) Agent appointed: 23 March 2009 ACS Skills Assessment: 7 July 2009 Positive Skills Assessment: 7 August 2009 SA SS Applied: 15 September 2009 All paperwork received by SA: 28 September 2009 SA SS Granted: 9 November 2009 475 Visa Application Submitted: 24 November 2009
  18. emma&vas

    Unexpected pregnancy!

    Hi all, Have just found out that i am pregnant! I am 1 of the people who have been affected by the changes of the 23rd the most (176 non csl). How will this affect my application will i just have to let them know nearer to the time? Being as weve got till 2012 i'm hoping it wont change anything! Thanks Emma :smile:
  19. All, My wife has fallen pregnant and we obviously need to inform the immigration department case officer. We do want this to hold up our application as little as possible. What is the best way to go about informing them. Thanks Garth and Jen
  20. Guest

    looking for advice

    hello all..i was reffered here from the sister site pomms in adelaide my name is matthew bell and im here in australia on a 12 month tourist visa and basically im looking into staying..ive been here since the start of may..i will explain the situation..... i came here to be with family and my girlfriend...we plan on getting married and having a wonderful future together...since my posts on pomms in adelaide there has been further development because now ive found out we are having a baby:)...we couldnt be happier, but of course now our concerns are that if we go for the prospective partner visa (which was the plan) i will be apart from my partner for up to 6 months while it is being processed asnd i will miss out on the majority of the pregnancy:(...also just skipping that and just getting married means i cant work for 6 months:(..hmmmm im in a dilemma and really really need to sort our future out and be able to support my partner during this....has anyone been in similar situation and can advise me?....or know of any other option i can go for as we need a bit of peace of mind and get the ball rolling so to speak? i will greatly appreciate any help or advice:) yours hopefully...and excitedly matt
  21. Hi - I am on a 457 visa here (and am the main sponsor) - Can anyone clarify for me(as I don't have private health insurance) would I be ok to use the public health system here if I got pregnant and would all costs be taken care of by Medicare (as it would by the NHS at home) - is that right? I have a full medicare card (as does my family). Also does anyone know how much mat leave I can take on that visa? I know I wouldn't get the Govt paid lump sum baby bonus nor any other money from my employer, apart from any holiday leave I had accrued, but I just wondered if you were only allowed to take a certain amount of time off - is it also true that you cannot work part time on a 457 visa... so that wouldn't be an option on return to work either would it? Can't seem to find the answers anywhere and its not something I can easily ask my employer! Thanks
  22. Hi All, First time poster so please forgive any mistakes! Here's the situation: we are currently in the process of applying for PR with an agent. We're going based on my partners 10 years + IT experience and we're just at the stage of submitting our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to the ACS Board and then we can submit our permanent visa. Our agent has informed us that once we have our RPL approved we can go to Oz on a temp work visa until our PR Visa is approved, at which time we would just have to leave Oz for a day or two and then re-enter the country. We are now just about to submit our RPL and then that takes around 3 months for approval then we hope to (try to) get my partner a job and apply for a temporary work visa so we're hoping to get there by Jan/Feb/March next year (or sooner if possible !!!!).:jiggy: The problem is that we are now talking about having another baby (2nd) so I'm not sure how this would affect our visa application and the cost of medical care when we get there. If my child is born in Australia will he be an Australian Citizen? Would they allow this? My sister has been in Perth for 5 years now and that's where we're planning to go so I'd have all the family support I need and hopefully wouldn't have to worry too much about getting a job straight away but I would hate for our temp work permit or permanent residency application to be rejected because I am or get pregnant.... The idea would be to have the baby over there as the plans are already in motion for us to get over there as soon as we can.... we are eager little oz bunnies!!!! Any help or clarification anyone can give would be really useful so many thanks in advance! Lausy
  23. Hello Everybody, Greetings of the day ! We are expecting our 175 PR very soon as all of our document status is MET since 04-June-2009. As we are eagerly waiting for our visa, my wife got to know that she is already 5 weeks pregnant. We would like to have our baby born while we will be in Australia so our baby will be Oz citizen by birth. However, I'm concerned about Medical expenses related to the pregnancy and child birth in Australia and I think that it will cost me a fortune and jeopardize our entire savings. Is there any financial aid given by Oz Govt to the PR visa holder for the pregnancy and child birth related medical expenses ? Any link or tips would be really helpful. Any private insurance would cover such expenses ? What if we decide to have a birth in our own country ? Do I have to apply for any visa for my child ? If so which class and how long(approx.) it is gonna take to get a grant for child visa ? Is medical test necessary for a new born baby ? If granted PR visa, our initial entry date would be somewhere in the first week of March-2010 and baby is expected to arrive in Feb-2010, kind of close !! I don't wish to rush to Oz with my wife, leaving our new born baby behind, to validate the visa ... Is there any better and pro-active option for me ? Please share your valuable experience as this new development in our life has put us in a surprised state and we are running out of ideas on what to do ! Thanks for your valuable time and info.
  24. What is the situation with the visa/DIAC if you find out you are pregnant after your visa is granted? Do you have to apply for a visa for the new baby or can it just be added to the original? Anyone been through this? Our visa was granted Dec 08 but we are not likely to be emigrating until end of 2010. This would mean baby is born in UK then we move to Oz but what do you do about getting visa for new baby? Sorry if this is stupid question that has been answered before but I can't seem to find what I need using the search facility. Thanks
  25. Hi ya, We arrived three weeks ago in Melbourne and are having fun settling in and discovering places, not having fun trying to find work but hey that's never fun. We need to register with a GP and wonder if there are any centres or sources of info where we can get advice on which GP to go to as we don't know anyone yet locally to ask? Do you have to register like you do in the UK? Also we have just found out that my wife is pregnant and having done some research into the system over here we are a little confused, I am sure it will become clear in time. Can anyone shed any light on it? Any advice and help appreciated? Thanks for reading DonnyBren