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Found 196 results

  1. i have my practical july 17th at accrington,is there any1 from the south west travelling up? maybe wana share a lift.
  2. hello all im very happy and would like to say to all those who attended the 8th april date congrats to you all who passed. and a big thank you goes out to tallyho your great and wish you well ?
  3. PLEASE HELP. 5 Feb 2008 Lodged Vetassess Paper-Based Competency profile assessment 22 Feb 2008 Received "level 1 - successful outcome" from Vetassess for Paper-Based Competency profile assessment 22 Apr 2008 Attended Vetassess Practical skills assessment in Cape Town 01 May 2008 Received Unsuccessful Outcome for Vetassess Practical skills assessment 10 June 2008 Received Record of Assessment from Vetassess for Vetassess Practical skills assessment 25 Aug 2008 Received Review of Vetassess Practical skills assessment :arghh: Review reads : Below is a provisional list of units that u were demmed as not to have met the aquivalent technical skills: * UEENEEC001A - Maintain Documentation * UEENEEC003A - Install Wiring and Accessories for Low voltage Circuits * UEENEEC005A - Verify Comliance and Functionality of General Electric Installations WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ? My husband is an apprenticed Electrical Artisan working 12+ years as an electrician artisan at Matla Coal Central Engineering Workshop. How can he take 20 tests fail the 3 above and be denied the out come necessary to proceed with PR Application !!!!!!! Has anyone else failed the Vetassess Practical Skills Assessment ? what do we do next ? My husband is refusing to redo Vetassess Practical he is convinced that they are a money making scheme and passing the test relys purely on how vetassess feels that particular day !!! we do no even understand what he did wrong in the first place !!!
  4. Just got back today after a stressful couple of days! As title says took practical on friday (well i didnt oh did!). Hopefully all ok, he did say it was pretty hard and glad he revised. Just have that horrible wait now to see if we have passed, they said 10 days but looking at other posts on here its taking people up to a month to get results.:wideeyed: If you have any questions them pm me. Good luck to everyone else taking practicals x
  5. Anyone else attending the vetassess practical at Blackburn college on the 13th june? Have you already been there? I live on the south coast so have got a 5 hour train journey to get there. Can anyone give me any tips on what to expect on the day and recommend a good place to get your head down? I know there are heaps of threads on the practical, but there are sooooo many I dont know where to start, so any advice will be greatly appreciated. :hug:
  6. Proview220

    Vetassess ( Practical)

    Hi to all on PIO, just got email form my agent to say my practical taken for capenter up at accrington college on the 14th April 2009 was successful, so to all who are still waiting keep your chin up the results will come.:biglaugh::spinny:
  7. Hi guys Today I received notification from Vetassess that I have attained a Level 1 in my application for General Electrician, and I can now proceed to the practical stage. I have heard there are companies in the UK that offer a training course to enable people to brush up on what you are to be assessed on. I've tried googling it but cant find any information, can anybody help? Ta
  8. Just wondering if someone could shed some light on the booking vetasses practical process. My OH passed the paper side of it and we had the email advising this yesterday, but how do we go about booking the practical do you have to do it online or via form? Im sure I am missing something very simple!:yes:
  9. jimroo2

    Passed practical assessment

    :biggrin: I am soooo hungover today. I passed my practical assessment for AQFIII in Painting and Decorating. Yippee!!! Now the battle for middle earth that is TRA! Booked in for hair transplant next week.
  10. If anyone did the Vetassess assessment in London last week I would check the website as we checked ours this morning and my o/h passed!! We are so pleased and can finally move on in the next stage of the process! I wish everyone else luck who are waiting for their results!:biggrin:
  11. As of this morning - my husband passed his Vetassess Practical - now what - do we have to wait for a letter or .............? We want to get stuck into applying for state sponsership but only have a successful status on the vetassess website. Has anybody else who did their practical last week heard anything?
  12. Proview220

    Vetassess practical today

    Taken practical test today, all seems straight forward enough. Has any one else taken this test for carpenters, what did you think of it. The worst part about it now is waiting for results. Alan.
  13. Guest

    Plumbing practical booked!!!!

    Hi all, New to this site and looking for a little advice. Just booked practical for accrington in July and am suddenly very VERY nervous:chatterbox:. Anyone got any information about whats involved, the interviews sound daunting. Thanks very much and hello to all
  14. Guest

    Vetassess practical venue

    Does anybody know where the Glasgow venue is for the Vetassess Refrigeration practical? Oh and what the practical entails. My poor husband is more nervous for the practical than for anything else - I've tried to tell him to treat it as a normal day at work but..................
  15. Hi, I am a formwork joiner and have just had a job offer from a company in Queensland who are willing to sponser me on a ENS121 visa. Do i still need to have a practical test as part of the skills assesment or by having the sponsership does this mean it is only paper based? Can anyone help clear this up as its very confusing. Many thanks Ross
  16. Hi all, Well he made it home. Tired and hungry. They did not get offered the option of a break, so worked through. He says the men testing them were really friendly and helpful, so just have to wait and see now, so fingers crossed. I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who gave him the good wishes and were thinking of him today, he is just glad it is all over. He took a big hammer to his practice roof in the garden and he said it felt good. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting to do the test, and all those who are waiting for results. Take care. Andi.x:wubclub:
  17. Guest

    Practical assessment

    Hi out there, Is there anyone who could give me a bit of info regarding what to expect when i go for my practical assessment and how long it usually takes. I am being tested for the Australian Roof Plumber qualification,but can`t find much info on the related web sites. Any replies would be a bonus, CHEERS !:unsure:
  18. Hi there, I am doing my practical on the 19th of February '09. I am looking to know any information on the scaffolding component questions ie. what kind of questions will be asked but any other help would also be appreciated Thanks in advance John
  19. Guest

    Plumbing Vetassess Practical

    Hi everyone We`re new to this forum and was wondering if anyone can help me. I`m due to take my plumbing practical at Accrington next month and am taking the roofing option. Was just hoping if anyone has taken this option could they give me some information about it. I know it requires you to fab box guttering but was wondering if it`s lead,copper tin etc. I can`t find any info about it and if anyone can give me some help then I would be very grateful. Should I email Vetassess and ask them or is that a bad idea? The firm where I work employs roofers so they tend to do all the leadwork and I haven`t really done much leadwork since serving my time (22 years ago). Everyone keeps telling me I`m worrying too much and maybe that`s so but I don`t want to risk failing due to cost and delaying the visa application. Thanking you all in advance Ozzie and Lea
  20. hi all, Is there any other sparks out there that have been given thurs 19th february for their practical test in london? cheers dick
  21. just so we all know, how exactly do they cut and pitch a roof on a sheet of ply. do you do the hip in one stage and gable in an other or does it have to be done together on the one sheet any answers will be great thanks. :unsure:
  22. Yippeeee...found out this morning that Ians passed the practical. Good luck to everyone whos still waiting for results! Beer and wines chilling ready for later!! :wubclub:
  23. Hi All, I am in the process of applying to emmigrate as a motor mechanic, I dont expect any real problems with the paper side of things but can anyone shed any light on exactly what is tested in the practical and how is it tested. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  24. Guest

    plumbing practical

    Hi, I was assessed on my plumbing practicals at Accrington on the 28th Oct so if anyone wants to ask any questions about whats involved feel free to drop a line. Cheers Ian:smile:
  25. Guest

    vetassess practical passed!!!

    Hi checked emails this morning and we have passed practical for electrician!!! Practical taken oct 17th in glasgow so got results pretty quick compared to others, so pleased with my man. Just need to get some paperwork together and we can put in our visa. Thanks to everyone who helped us out with info the stressful weeks leading up to test. Good luck to everyone else who have took/taken theirs. :jiggy: