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Found 196 results

  1. Hi just found out that I have got on to the Aug 1st practical test only bad news is that I have to travel to Glasgow to do it, is any body else on this test if so do you know where it is how far it is from the airport etc and whats involved would be nice to chat to some people who will be on the same test:spinny:
  2. Hi all, just wondering if anyone else hasn't got their practical dates yet from Vetassess. Not sure weather to ring them on Monday. Am an electrician, weather they've not sent them yet I dont know!:arghh:
  3. Guest

    Brickies practical - 15th July?

    Hi, Just wondered whether there are any other brickies that are booked onto the practical in Accrington on 15th July? Andrea
  4. Guest

    Sparky Practical Next Week

    Just a quick thread for all the sparks who are to undertake the practical next week. If any one has any suggestions or areas that could be improved prior to the date please drop a line and we could all help each other.. For myself the only thing to worry me is a DOL starter... Only ever done one in my career so any advise or links would help me. Best of luck to you all...fingers crossed..
  5. Guest

    Failed Practical

    I got my electrical skills test on the 1st of aug, and am now starting to worry, has any 1 failed the test and if so whats the process do you have to resit it and pay out even more money or can you sit the parts you have failed any advice would be good:chatterbox:
  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have finally been given a date....17th July at college of north west london....clint said he doesn't know if it is a good sign being given a date on Fri 13th:wacko: lucky for us our eldest was born on a friday 13th so i see is as brilliant luck. Hope all you others waiting are getting your dates through fingers crossed and good luck all. Lou.
  7. Hi.I have been looking at this great forum for a few months and it has been a great source of information but now I am ready to apply for my visa I would appriciate some direction. I have been speaking to a few agents about which visa would suit us as a family.I am a car mechanic by trade but have moved up the management ladder to a dealer principal position of a main dealership.I have not had hands on with the tools for some years so the thought of a practical assessment is daunting.Has any body out there done the vetassess skill test yet and what was involved.I am prepared to brush up on my skills but I can not return to the shop floor which has been suggested by the agents. Any info would be appriciated. My wifes sister lives in Queensland and we visited in April for a month and loved the place and the people and we cant wait to return for good!!!!!
  8. Is there any plumbers out there booked onto the july practical in London on the 21st July.? I would like to hear your thoughts and fears Gary
  9. Guest

    carpenter practical

    i got the date for my carpenter practical today via e-mail from agent acrington 14 july i thougt i was not going to get on good luck everyone leon:biglaugh:
  10. Guest

    practical in july

    Hi - At last we have received out date for the practical in july.My husband is a carpenter and a bit worried about some of the things expected of him.Are there any chippies out there on the London course in July?if so do you have any worries because alot rides on this(no pressure) Natasha and rob:cool:
  11. Hi there does anyone know of a decent B&B or Hotel near to acrrington ????????? so i can get a good night :SLEEP::SLEEP: before the test
  12. Guest

    carpentry practical

    hi there does anybody know on the carpentry practical test if the dovetail joints are multiple or a single? and are they made out of plywood or timber. also on the mini hip roof is there a set pitch or do they differ,and what size timbers are used (3x2,2x2,etc....)? thanks leon
  13. carlos66

    practical tests

    Hi was wondering if anyone has sat the practical test for motor mechanics lately, and could you tell me what they are like ( long time since I've sat any tests) feeling a bit nervous about it!
  14. Hello, I thought I'd let you know that according to Vetassess (Tradeassess) most of the spots for the July practical tests in the UK are just about filled in! So if you wanted to get your paper applications in for the July practical exams, you should hurry! The 2nd of June was the deadline to get paper applications/payments in but this has been extended for some trades until June 16! The cut off date for receipt of payments for the October practical exams (in late October) is 8 September! Cheers
  15. Guest

    Help With Joinery Practical

    Hi I'm just about to apply for immigration and will have to sit the joinery practical test and was wondering if anyone out there has already sat this, as a heads up on what to expect in the examination would be a great help. yours gratefully Cam
  16. My Husband is a carpenter and although Vetassess has passed him on to take the practical skills assessment, they have advised that there is a risk that he wont pass! Well, we are gutted as he has been a carpenter for over 22 years! Vetassess have advised because my Husband has no roofing experience; formwork; setting out & levelling operations; erecting roof trusses; constructing ceiling frames etc which apparently is Australia's requirements for carpenters, they feel he wont pass theyre wonderful test, as they will bascially test him on all of these things!!! Can anyone out there advise him what is involved, as he has lost all his confidence and feels he has failed at the first hurdle, and doesnt want to waste our money anymore? Thanks in advance for your help.:huh:
  17. Guest

    Vetassess practical test.

    Im absolutly gutted. I didn't get on the July test date. I am still waiting to hear from my Agent, (Thinking Australia) as to how my theory part went. That should be a doddle as I have all the proof they require. Got to wait till Oct now. Even more waiting. Is anyone else in the same boat as me. I am thinking of emailing them direct to see if I can get more joy than my agent. Patiance REALLY is a virtue.
  18. can anyone help please ive just passed the paper assessment from vattesse and now ive got to do a 2 day practical in london or glasgow,can anyone let me know what is involved :arghh:cheers
  19. Hi everyone. Can you be 100% sure you are in the correct skill listing????????? I am posting this in the hope that no-one else gets caught out like my OH did. I am not putting this on to panic any one, or stress people out, but only that you are 100% sure you are under the correct category. My OH sat his practical under joiner in April. Some people may remember I had put a post in before he did his test, saying that we were worried, and not sure if our agents had put him through in the right skill. The reason we were very concerned, was when we looked at what the joiners had to do, it became very obvious to us that he would be required to use static workshop machinery, and my OH has never used this in his line of work, we began to feel that carpenter better suited his trade skill, but when we asked our agent, we were told that they had put OH through as both, but vetassess decided he should be joiner!!! we explained what we had found, and said if OH was tested in this area he would fail the test. During the build up to the test, we were getting more and more concerned about what he was having to do, but were asured it was fine, as vetassess had categorised him. During the test OH had to show skills etc with these machines, he explained to the examiner that he had no experience at all in this field, and asked what would happen, and was told he could not comment at this time. My OH felt very unsure of his outcome, and said if the machinery side of this is a big part of it he is likely to be unsuccessful. Taday after just under four weeks of waiting, we were told the bad news that he was unsuccessful, and we were able to see what he failed on, it was all four points on using the machinery. We were so upset, and wanted to know what was going on. Our main agent could not speak to us today, and the girl in the office had to give us the bad news. I explained that right from the beginning of this we were very worried about the machines, and could not understand that if he had been put through as both why vetassess would put him under this trade. We then had it confirmed, she had put OH down as a joiner and not both. You can probably guess how upset I was finding out this, not only will we have to pay for him to go through as carpenter now, but its all the other expenses that go with it, not to mention the delay we now have making the next step towards our visas. So to finish on this all I want to say is please please check you are 100% in the right section, as this simple mistake could cost you your pass result. I don't wish to worry people, I just don't want any one else making the same mistake our agents did on our behalf. But also there may be other joiners out there who have also done the test, but did not face this same problem as us. Would be interesting to find out their opinions on this!! :cry: Thanks. Andi.
  20. hi to all brickies, first of all, wish you get positive assessment very soon. here please post your assessment experience to help and guide othere brickies in future. write you experience that exactly how did you spend whole day at assessment venu. what was your feeling. what was your job. how did you complited your job. how did you feel with assessment officer. what was your technical interview questations. did you feel any difficults during you practical exam. inshort describe your whole day at assessment venu. thanks in advance to help othere brickes . and wish you very good luck.
  21. HI Just to let you all know that Alex got the letter today to say that he has passed his practical,:yes: and that the Australian qualification is on its way. Well at least thats the first part over, all we have to do is wait for our new passports so we can send off our visa forms. Bring on the golden ticket. yippee. Good luck to the rest who took their test in april and hope you get good results. debs
  22. Hi, sorry to be a pain, but have noticed some of you getting results for Practical in April, are there many others still waiting for the results??? Thanks Andi.
  23. Just wanted to let those of you know who are doing your building practical test @ Rossendale College, Lancashire 14.04.08 that I have just found a Travel lodge 6 miles away from the college for a bargain price of £19 for 1 night!!! If you go on Travelodge - Great value accommodation across the UK and Ireland it's 'Travelodge, Calvary Barracks, Barracks Rd, Burley, BB11 4AS. They have an easter special offer on at the moment, and we got a family room for the bargain price of £19!! :yes: As the start time of the test is 7.30am, at least you haven't got to worry about travelling to the college and getting stuck in traffic, as it's only 6 miles away (10 mins) - You'll have enough on your mind with your day ahead than worrying about getting to the college on time :err: Good luck to everyone doing their practicals Jenny
  24. paklaihung

    practical test

    Hi,any brickies got their practical test on 11th April.make contact ,if your like me Im dreading it.Why do they make you feel like your being pressurised into proving you can lay a brick and do your job you've done for yrs.Ive got to leave home at 5am to get there for 7.30.hope someone else is feeling the same as me.would be nice to make contact before we face the firing squad.These people could end our dreams.
  25. Guest

    practical test for a joiner

    Hi I am new on here, my OH is putting in to do the practical for a joiner with vetassess does anyone know what he will have to do in this test.