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Found 196 results

  1. Hi All. Can anyone help - Am due to take the skills assessment in Glasgow on October 14th :arghh:scary!!!!! I've had a letter from vetassess, they've said there are questions on power factor, inductive reactance - do i need to be really up to speed on these subjects? Is there also a paper based test?:unsure: I've been told it's a slimmed down AM2 - is this correct??????? Many regards
  2. Guest

    TRA and Practical Assessment

    Hi All I have just joined the forum. Myself and OH about to start the process of applying to go to Victoria and have a couple of questions I need to ask. Not using an agent. A lot of people seem to be putting their houses on the market as soon as the TRA has been passed. Does this mean you are virtually guaranteed acceptance, even though you have not applied for visa yet? Bit worried about selling house and not being accepted. :spinny: One other question, husband is a plumber/heating engineer and is getting the paperwork together for VETASSESS. I think its safe to say he is too late for the practical assessments in October. Any idea when the next practicals would be - not showing on the VETASSESS website as yet. Any reply would be helpful. Ta
  3. hi. has anybody gone through these tests and can give some advice on what is involved? i work as a maintenance electrician in the uk, and the jobs in perth i have looked at want you to be endorsed as an electrical fitter. i have quite a lot of info on the artc certificate process but not much on the next step i.e. getting the electrical license. can you do a short course (like 16th edition?) or do you just have to take the exam and see how you get on? any help greatly appreciated. also someone told me you have to do the electrical mechanic license first before you can do the electrical fitter one? thanks.
  4. Guest


    hi all is there any other joiners going to lancashire on the 30th oct to do there practical or any other trades. jay
  5. Hi guys Just heard today that OH (who is a bricklayer) has got his vetassess practical date in Accrington on 14th July 2008 Any other brickies going on that date?
  6. Guest

    carpentry practical 28th oct

    any one else doing the carpentry practical in london on the 28th oct. paul
  7. Guest

    October Practical

    Hi all, Finally got confirmation that I'm attending the VETASSESS pratical for bricklaying on 27th Oct in London. Anyone else going to ne there for that date? I am going to travel down the night before, have a relaxing evening, a nice meal , couple of beers and then an early night ready for the big day. Anyone wanna join me for support? Damo
  8. Can anybody tell us exactly what you did for the Carpentry Practical Assessment.? Hubby hopefully doing the October 08 assessment and needs more info! 1. Exactly what practical tests did they ask you to perform.? 2. Did you take all your own tools.? 3. What questions were they asking you.? Thanks very much for your help - all info we can get is much appreciated! :wubclub:
  9. I am about to on the carpentry practical assessment in warrington - can anyone please give any pointers as to what to expect? - I would be very grateful for any assistance stuart
  10. Not heard a thing yet from the sparky practical on the 15th July, has any one else had their results yet? Plumbers and Brickies are all coming through but not sparks..... Arghhhhhhh:arghh:
  11. Hi folks, I'm in the very early stages of looking at immigrating and am a joiner (in Scotland) with 8 years experience. I was trained by my Dad so have no formal qualification (apart from an NVQ 2). As in the title will the AQF level 3 mean that I don't have to do the practical for VETASSESS?? or do I still have to sit that. I'm looking at paying £3,750 to ACTS tradetrain and want to know if this is gonna be money wasted? (as the VETASSESS costs another grand!)
  12. Hi, After passing the 1st round of these practicals back in December I have been inundated with questions from fellow brickies wanting information so I have decided to post this thread in the hope it might help. The Assessment lasted 2 days and was held at Accrington and Rossendale College in Lancs. You are required to take your basic bricklaying tools, hard hat and high visibility vest (although we didn't wear them). There was 6 of us taking part and the 1st day consisted of : Sitting in classroom introducing ourselves and meeting of the Assessor - then given set of plans. Inside the workshop we set about constructing the gable end as on plan - basically 2.7m wide x 1.8m high. First four courses in 9" English Bond, then became 4" wall. Window opening in the middle of the wall with a course of soldiers on the sill and lintel above. Wall ties at appropriate spacings. Simple 2 course corbelling at the end of the gables and cuts up the gable end and a row of stretchers above the cuts to the peak. Next practical was a 9" pillar, 4 bricks high. Work was checked very thoroughly - the first thing checked was your spirit level and you were asked if you knew how to check it, ie up a door jambe and reversing it round, sounds basic stuff but two brickies levels were quite far out !! Wall was checked for plumb at various points, Guage checked carefully, levellness of courses, etc etc. The Assessor even plumbed every individual soldier with my small level !!!! There were also one to one interviews with the Assessor - asked questions about yourself, and what you had put in your application forms ie. experience, skills etc. Asked questions like "What do you see when you look at a set of plans ?" - "What problems have you come across? How have you overcome them ? ". They are basically looking at whether you can actually do what you say you can and that you have the experience of the trade. It is very pressurised we all felt under pressure - there was not much talking going on during the practicals!!. We left not really sure of the results - whether we had passed or not - they don't give anything away. Last word of warning we were told we would have a result within 5 days - 4 weeks later I rec'd letter saying I had passed. Hope this gives a bit of insight and Good Luck to everyone.
  13. Hi, OH sat july plumbers practicals and are waiting on results like soooo many others just now. :wacko: Can anyone tell me what happens if you fail it? I have heard different stories like if you fail one part, you go back and re-sit that part again at next practicals, or if you fail one part they recommend you re-train in it when you get to oz, or if you fail one part you fail it all. Does anyone know for sure what happens and if you fail what other options is there? :cry: Thanks for any advice Maz x
  14. Going back to my previous thread,where are all the other brickies .I cant be the only one doing my test on Friday 11th at Acrington college.Make contact I would feel more relaxed and sure you would, knowing people before we get there.Daz
  15. Just had confirmation this morning from our agent that the Practical Assessment (General Electrician) was successful... Whoo Hoo "Celebrate good times come on" :yes: Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House up for sale 28.03.08 sold 14.04.08 Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 Practical Passed 11.08.08
  16. hi to all joiners has anyone done the practical yet and what sort of things do you need to do and do you need to take any tools. thanks in advanced. jay.
  17. Sarah and Paul

    vetassess - passed practical 14.07.08

    Hi Just thought I would share our news, we heard yesterday Paul passed his practical in Bricklaying. (Accrington) Next step is applying for state nomination - either Perth or Victoria.. any advice where might be the best place to go if you are a bricklayer? We are thinking Victoria - I like the sound of the Geelong area and also Mornington area - not sure if either would place us where there is likely to be work for Paul. thanks & good luck to all you still waiting for your results -
  18. Guest

    Vetassess Practical Result

    Hi Everyone, Just found out that Andy has passed his vetassess practical, what a bloody good feeling!!!:jiggy: On with the visa now:jiggy: Yvonne & Andy
  19. Guest

    21st July Practical Passed

    Hi, just wanted to let you all know that the letters are on there way, got mine today .i passesd the plumbing practical on the 21st July. Good luck to all of you still waiting for your results Gary & Heather
  20. This question is for the people who have already sat thier practical it says to take with you a lock and tag is this just a normal lock to lock of the isolator and has any body got any ideas on the questions asked thanks got my pract on fri in glasgow any 1 going there see u soon
  21. Agent phoned this morning with the good news passed my vetassess practical, what a relief was going out of my mind:arghh:.Gives me a bit of time to sort out the visa as i turn 45 the 17th august, still young at heart though. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank every one that has given me advice, and the support that this site has given me :notworthy:. Good luck to everyone else that is waiting for their results Dave, Julie, jake, Chloe and Tyler
  22. boogaloo

    Brickie passed vetasses practical

    Hi all OH, who is a brickie, did his vetasses practical in Accrington on 14th July and we got an e-mail from our agent today to say he has passed!!!! Hooray Feel excited and scared now Good luck to all of you waiting to hear
  23. Guest

    July Sparky Practical Done!

    Just done the electrical practical on Tuesday. Really struggled with the theory side. A lot of 3 phase questions which im not to well up on. My advice is to do plenty of revision on ohms law including 3 phase.. The DOL starter was quite hard as i do not do these every day... Everything else is a doddle. Fingers crossed, i will keep you posted.
  24. My OH (Bricklayer) has done his practical test today in Accrington. He was finished by 3.30pm! He says it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be but is aching all over now! The assessors told him they would let him know in about 10 days so fingers crossed!!!! :jiggy:
  25. Hello to all, Yesterday was the big day of the Vetassess General Electrician test (sorry-assessment)and thank God it's done. The day had been looming for some time and it has been a bit of a worry. I didn't sleep too well, what with a bit of nerves and some noisy hotel neighbours, all I needed for an important day like this! For anyone who is going to do this, do plenty of revision on Ohms Law and power equations for the multiple guess questions is my advice.The practical installation was straight forward enough having been given a drawing with measurements etc to work to. Just a 2 way light and single socket circuit with a bit of plastic conduit work completed with an earth continuity and insulation test. Thrown in with this was the wiring of a DOL motor circuit, a safe disconnect, test and reconnect of a tubular heater, and the connection and measurement of a resistor circuit. A few general questions were thrown in through the day and the last thing was to write a description of the main work that I do. All the lads on the course finished a couple of hours ahead of schedule and seemed as relieved as I was to have finished. So now what... a wait for the letter to arrive with a positive outcome so we can proceed with the visa. Hopefully not too long a wait as we were advised we should know in approx 10 days. Woohoo!! Good luck to all who were there on the day and to all those that have there day to come. Fingers crossed - look out Oz!!!! Mark