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Found 196 results

  1. markntracey

    Practical Passed Quickest Reply?

    :biglaugh:Hooray Mark only did his Mechanics practical in accrington on Monday 27th October, he's just checked online and he's been successful. Just 4 days Is this the quickest reply so far?. We will apply for the Visa ASAP. :jiggy:
  2. Just to let all you guys know that i have just gone onto Vetassess website and checked my profile and it has got a lovely green word in the all important bit and it said "SUCCESSFUL". Im totally over the moon not only for myself but for my family as i didnt want to let them down. Also to those that are waiting for there results or have got their practicals soon GOOD LUCK......... Now onto the next stage and to lodge that visa application.
  3. Hi Folks, Sent an email to my agent last night with some questions for her, she responded by the morning with the answers and saying that she'll give vetassess a chase up regarding my practical result. I then checked the tradeassess site and the final assessment status is now showing successful !!! No email from Tradeassess/Vetassess or my agent to confirm yet but it's good enough for me:biggrin: Gonna have a few days stress free now before launching into the next load of forms next week. All the best to those awaiting results still. Regards Martin
  4. Guest

    Practical results?????

    I did my Carpentry practical on the 28th Oct in Accrington and i was just wondering if anyone did theres on or around that date and have got there results ?
  5. Hi. Me and my fella are new to this, but just from reading other posts have learned a lot from other people's experiences. My chap did his vetassess on the 30th Oct for joinery. He found it a lot harder than he expected, mainly as it was bench joinery which he hasn't done for a while, as oppposed to on-site stuff he does now, so we are both on pins until we get the results through. :unsure: He was told 2-3wks for the result, but I read somewhere that someone heard within a week! Does anyone know how long it generally takes? Also, he was told that if you only fail on a couple of things you can just re-take those areas - I wondered if anyone else has been in this position, and does it mean you don't have to pay the full fee again??? Can anyone help??? I feel that we're still at such an early stage but I'm a nervous wreck already - goin to have to have another wine me thinks!! :err:
  6. Guest

    practical 19th feb

    hi,anyone been given february 19th for practical test in london?
  7. hi, we are trying to put the TRA through, what a nightmare, so much paperwork,:twitcy: but we just keep telling ourselves it is all worth it (IT IS!!) 1) Is there anybody out there who's qualification is a Higher National Diploma, which included a lot of practical training, who passed TRA on pathway B or C? I am applying for TRA as a fitter, my qual is HND in Mech Engineering, I was employed by the same employer who also sponsored me, I did 18 months of practical formal training (all fitter type skills), and lots of classes at a college. They are willing to say I am competetent as a fitter even though they classed me as a mech technician after I finished training. I worked for them for 6 years, first as trainee and later as technician/fitter. All my experience after this - 8 years - was as mech maintenance fitter. (i did a BSc Mech manufacturing degree recently but not related to exp, so not even worth mentioning at this stage) Is there anybody who also did this (no formal apprenticeship, almost over-qualified with theory), and put it through? would really like some advice, please. 2) As I was a fitter/technician trainee, do I put on the form I have done an informal apprenticeship, even though I don't have a formal fitter certificate? I only have a certificate stating I passed my National Diploma with all results and also a statement/list of all practical modules (which was fitter training) I have done with my employer. Will this be enough? Sorry for so many questions!:err: Bianca's hubby thanks
  8. Guest

    Vetassess Bricklaying Practical

    Oh yes! I'm getting more and more p***ed as I write this! I had my bricklaying practical in London on Monday. Wasn't expecting any results for at least 3 weeks, as per all other posts. I just checked the Tradeassess site, logged on and I've only bloody passed! Oh my god! Now to start getting really nervous. Is it really happening???? Bit bewildered now.......looking forward to the mrs coming home from trick or treating. Any tips on how to lose the kids.........:Randy-git: Damien
  9. Guest

    5 days to go to my Practical

    Hi all, I am doing my practical assessment on 28th October in Accrington. Im really starting to brick it (but im a joiner hahaha) cos i have one day to change the life of my family even though im an experienced joiner i think you will all agree it aint a nice thought to have a guy sat on your shoulder putting extra pressure on you.. I was wondering if there was any others out there that are due to do theres too on that date?
  10. Hi everyone, I have got my bricklaying practical this Thursday in London, are there any other brickies doing the same day, and anyone out there already done theirs and can let me know what to expect, any imformation would be gratfully recieved. Thanks andrewepepin
  11. Hi guys Just a couple of quick questions for you all. Have any carpenters online recently taken the VETASSESS practical test? Can you give me an idea of the sort of questions and practical tasks you were given? How did you find it? Easy or Hard?? All the best guys Duncan and Lubica
  12. Guest

    carpentry practical hip roof

    When building the hip roof on the carpentry practical is the ridge already set for you and you have to install the common rafters ,hips and jacks or do they just give you the pitch of the roof and you have to do all the calculations yourself from scratch? Thanks in advance. Mark
  13. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has done their practical assessment for VETASSESS. My OH is a Joiner and will be hopefully doing his practical in February. We would be grateful for any feedback from anyone who has completed theirs or anyone who knows what might be awaiting him. Thanks Cathy & Paul :wubclub:
  14. suze&lee

    Carpentry Practical

    Hi first of all I would like to say well done to all the people who have already taken this test and good luck to all who haven't. Basically just want bit of advice really. My husband is due to take the test tomorrow at Accrington and wondered if anyone can tell me what the day consists of. He has been polishing up on roofs as this is what seems to be worrying most people including my oh. He is very nervouse at the moment. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Anyone else doing this practical? My hb is coming from London for this and just wondered if anyone knew a good place to stay? He'll be getting the train up on 29th. :mask:
  16. Hi all :spinny: Hubby is doing the Bricklayers practical in Glasgow on Tues 13th October. WooHoo !!!!! As there is quite a lot ridding on the result he is so nervous but he really has nothing to worry about. Just wondering if there are any other Brickies set for the same torture. Paul, Sharon, Ben (6) & Helen (4)
  17. Guest

    Trade Assess Practical??

    Hello, My OH has completed his online trade assessment for Bricklaying. He sent it in approx 10days ago. I understand that it can take upto 4 weeks to process. I have looked at the dates for the practical assessment & it seems that the last one this year is at the end of October? :no: Does anyone know if this is right? Thank you, Robyn
  18. Hey everyone, I was told i would find out if my application was successful to Australia in November. Last week my agent called and told me that my TRA was not being accepted so i needed to pay £1500 asap for a place on the VETASSESS practical in October in Glasgow. The amount of £350 which i had paid for TRA was deducted from the VETASSESS amount which was £1850. Is this normal? My agent is a bit fluffy on the reason why TRA was refused. I told my agent i couldn't pay £1500 just like that he told me i could take it out of my savings for Australia. I paid it but this doesn't seem fair. I was refused a place in the February practical. Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks :no:
  19. Hi All, Just wondered if there was any plumbers out there scheduled to attend the October 27th Plumbing Practical in Accrington?
  20. Hey, i'm heading to Glasgow on the 17th of October for my VETASSESS practical. I'm a carpenter. Anyone have any advice or tips? Haven't a clue what to expect. Thanks.:wideeyed:
  21. what is this paper, does it apply to anyone. i am nurse and need to know if i need to do this paper. Also what monies to you need in order to go to Australia
  22. Is there anyone out there that has done the Carpentry practical in Accrington - Is the practical based over 1 day or 2? Cheers
  23. Hi, Hubby is having practical Joinery exam in Oct, anybody done this and could tell him what to expect. Cheers Claire.
  24. Hi, :jiggy: Im a Carpenter who has got my practical date of 28th October in Accrington, and i was wondering : 1) What everybody elses feelings were when leading upto the test? 2) What tasks did you do during the test? 3) How long did it take for your pass or fail result? 4) Have you got any contacts for jobs/agency over in Oz?
  25. Well received great news via email this morning - passed vetassess paper assessment! yippee!! Quickly booked practical in october 17th - as next one is in feb and really want to get cracking now. Only spaces left were in glasgow (quite far as we live in bournemouth!) Any managed to book flights, which were only £40 for us both there and back. Now need to book a hotel/travel in for a couple of nights. Having never been really anywhere in uk can anyone whos done practical in glasgow reccomend a place to stay which is close to North Glasgow college, where practical is being held? Practical starts at 8.00am so dont want to be miles away and dont know area! Any help will be greatly appreciated. :notworthy: