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Found 196 results

  1. Guest

    Vetassess Practical test

    Hi, Has anybody taken the Vetassess Practical exam in London in the last couple of months, can only find old stuff giving information for Electricians, would be nice to see if the exam details are the same thanks guys:wacko:
  2. thepallis

    Bricklaying Practical

    Hi all, OH just done his practical, after a very long sleepless night worrying over whether he was up to the job (only done it for 23 years). He has said if you are a competant bricklayer who knows their stuff you will be fine. If anyone needs any info send me a PM and I will help all I can. The paperwork itself was worse, practical should be a walk in the park for good brickies.:wink: Also met some guys who will hopefully become good friends both here and in OZ... Practical result successful. 4 Weeks to wait, not long but felt like a lifetime. Life's Good.:v_SPIN:
  3. Guest

    Carpenters practical assessment

    Hi all... Im a carpenter ready to book in for my practical exam..I have read all the posts on here which have been very helpful...i noticed all the posts concerning this topic are over a year old now. Can anyone shed any light on more recent experiences...and the content of the exam... thank you for your help..
  4. Hi, for the life of me I cant find on the vetassess website anywhere where it says how long it will take for a result to come through once we have completed the practical assessment can anyone help me out??
  5. Guest

    Plumbing Vetasses Practical

    Woohoo all done and dusted. Just got to wait for those all important results now :eek: Darren says his only advice to any plumbers about to do the test, dont stress over it. If you are a time served Plumber and have all your training certificates and work experience etc,you shouldnt find it too hard. They arent there to fail you, they are only there to make sure you are what you say you are. Although UK Plumbers dont do septic tanks and sprinkler systems etc, Darren just did some research online so he knew the basics and the health and safety issues. They know you dont do it everyday,if at all, and are happy that you have atleast read up on it. If anyone needs any advice, please feel free to PM him. We met some great people from POI yesterday, so although it was an expensive weekend, it was worth it. We are now one step closer to the big move down under, fingers crossed :wub: Mandi
  6. thepallis

    Bricklaying Practical April 2011

    Hi Guys, Is anyone booked to do practical 11th April. Just wondered if anyone else is going to London from Yorkshire..
  7. winkle100

    Carpentry Practical!!!!!! 2011

    Good Morning all, Im new to this site, so you will have to bear with me!!!! Me, my wife Hayley and boys Ellis 3.5 and Joseph 1.5 have just started the migration process!!!! The paperwork side of the Vetasses has been issued, just waiting on a reply - this week we hope! I know this question has been raised numerous times but I cant find anything that is recent. What can I expect in the skills test? what kind of questions do they ask?is it only carpentry questions? I've moved slightly way from my carpentry roots into more of a site / project manager role so my overall knowledge is ok, just a little nervous with the carpentry bits as you would expect. Are they not looking for someone that has a good all round knowledge Or just carpentry and thats that! Im getting a little nervous, if the paperwork comes back ok the skills test will be this month? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, all you carpenters out there I'm sure you remember what it was like.. Thanks
  8. Just saw these on the website Practical assessment schedule (Trade Occupation) - VETASSESS Mandi
  9. Hi We are currently going through the paper based assessment with VETASSESS and my partner is a qualified electrician although he doesn't have experience of problem solving in multiple DC circuits or electromagnetic circuits? Are we reading too much into this or is it easier than it sounds. When we look on the internet it seems that this is something that is required to qualify as an Aussie electrician, but not something that UK electricians need to know. Is it something he could research before the practical? You now have to complete a TradeSET form before applying for a visa and this is where it gets difficult. We aren't sure whether or not we are going to pass, but we need to know whether any questions are asked in the practical theory or interview in relation to these circuits? Thankful for any advice. Donna
  10. Hi my husband is currently filling in the paper forms for the electricians trade test, however when we've looked on the vetasses website, there are no more dates for the practical before the new rules apply on 1st July. As he doesnt have a degree and only an apprentership (worked as electrician for 17.5 yrs), have we missed out or will vetasses release new dates?
  11. Hello We are new to this forum! Myself, my husband and 3 children are hoping to migrate to Oz... My husband is a plumber & bathroom fitter, trained for 22 years and we have been running our own small business for the last 16. We are going for a state sponsored visa (WA) and are fortunate to have passed the first stage of the Vetassess procedure - which means we have the practical to come. We have discovered that due to the changes in migration law due to come in next year, we would not qualify to go through on points alone and therefore feel an enormous pressure to pass the next practical assessment in February 2011. We are very worried about the whole procedure (I am sure anyone who is in the same boat understands the implications on young children and financially) and would really appreciate any words of wisdom about the practical day/assessment. In particular we are a small domestic plumbing firm, specialising in bathrooms and tiling. Although trained in gas work many years ago, my husband does not fit or test gas appliances. We are not up-to-date with every gas regulation and it is a worry! We were wondering how non gas-fitting plumbers cope with this side of things? Similarly, we have no demand here for air-conditioning/sprinkler systems and haven't worked in these areas. Can anyone help us? We will put in all the work, but it's a minefield to know where to start! Thanks for reading. Rachel
  12. Hi all, We're in the very early stages of obtaining a skilled visa after taking 12months to decide this is what we want (The wife, our 2 kids and myself) After reading on this site that the vestasses practical assessment is no longer a requirement can anybody confirm this for me please, the test itself doesn't worry me, the cost involved (travelling, hotel and lost wages) does if i don't have to do the practical, the money could be put to better use such as towards flights, the agent we're using has told us the cost of just obtaining the visa wil be £7500, then we need flights, removals and all other costs etc etc any advice gratefully recieved. Gazn family, p.s i'm a apprentice served sheet metal worker with 20yrs experience working across a variety of industries (currently food industry)
  13. Hi, Just wondered if anybody who has already completed the bricklaying practical can tell me what questions to expect on the day?? Cheers
  14. Hi, has anyone got any info on any more vetassess practical assessment dates in the UK for this year? As on the schedule I can only see dates for Jan and Feb?? Although we are still waiting on our outcome letter I am trying to figure out a realistic timeline of when would be able to apply for our visa if we are successful.
  15. Guest

    Vetassess paperwork passed....

    Hi All, My OH has just had his vetassess paperwork passed as a brickie which we are so pleased about, it was a long struggle to get it all together!!! We have now found out that the next stage (Practical) dates may not be until the end of this year or even beginning of next year!!!! So were just wondering if anyone knows if there is anything we can be doing towards our visa in the meantime......or if we have to just be patient and wait????:arghh: Thanks
  16. Guest

    Carpenter Practical Test

    Just received notice to do practical test in 3 weeks. I have read some of what is required, but wondered if anyone has done the carpenter practical test recently?? I have to go down to London for this and am now trying to swat up on some info! Dont want to mess it up... Some people are saying its easy ....Im not so sure!!. Any info would be great. Cheers:skeptical:
  17. Guest

    Vetassess Practical Skills Test

    :smile: Hi Husband hoping to pass practical skills test in London next week. Airconditioning Refrigeration `Mechanic' He's very nervous as not sure what to expect, whether to take tools, as listed in sample guide on net, but not on voucher info. Engineer for 20 years so I don't think he has too much to worry about. Anyone out there in same trade completed the test? How was it for you?:confused: Thanks. MKL
  18. Hi, I have now got my bricklaying practical test booked in a few weeks time, can anybody who has done it give me any advice/tips/help etc.....Not really sure what to expect? Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers:err:
  19. Hi all, My name is Jason, i am new to this forum and looking at making the move with my wife and new daughter very soon, i am currently waiting for my vetassess general electricians practical assessment exam on the 22nd of feb 2011. I have looked at previous posts and been reading the requirements by Vetassess,but really dont know what to expect on the day????? Electrical units Ohms Law single and three phase calculations impedance, inductive reactance calculations power factor rms values transformer turns ratios measure current and voltage in an ELV circuit Can anyone give me some advice on what they expect?(ie how in depth questions and pratical), and how complicated are the questions? Many thanks:arghh:
  20. My other half is waiting for a date for his practical date with Vetassess. Anyone else waiting for this in the UK? We are so eager to start the visa.
  21. Hi all, My name is Shawn. Im moving to Adelaide in April and looking to take me car with me Im hoping to get some advice on importing my car - BMW120d 2005. I have all the paper work etc in progress but this is a more practical question. Who do I contact to find out what modifications are required eg air conditioning (cfc issue), seat belts, fire protection etc. Yes I know all very exciting stuff. Thanks for your help Shawn
  22. Hi guys, I am booked onto the april 09 practical (having just missed the feb test). Just wondering if any of you guys could let me know what i am in for? I have been a site manager for the past 9yrs so i'm a bit rusty (just like my trowel). Any help would be grateful ! Good luck for feb guys cheers Mark
  23. Guest

    Practical assessment passed??!!

    Hi, Does anybody know how vetassess notify you of practical assessment results.......Email, post etc?? I have looked on the vetassess website and it says successful but not sure if this means successfully booked or passed.......Probably me being thick, just don't want to get my hopes up!!:confused: Cheers
  24. Just wanted to share the news that OH has passed the first stage of his vetassess and is booked onto the bricklaying practical in Preston on Tuesday 30th November :biggrin: Really happy as our agent thought it would probably be February ...... anybody else heading to Preston on that day ????? Tracey :biggrin:
  25. Hi, Just noticed the Trade practical assessment dates have been released for November/December this year for the UK!!! Just wondered if anybody has managed to get booked on???