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Found 196 results

  1. Guest

    Carpenter Vetassess

    Hi, My name is Gary and I have been a joiner/carpenter for 8 years. I am fully qualified and am currently working for a bespoke joinery company currently specialising in museums. At the moment I am working as a benchhand joiner and have been doing so for 18 months. I have completed the paper part of my vetassess assessment. I am now looking at sitting my practical assessment. If anyone can give me any information or examples of what I am required to do, I would be very grateful as the information on this seems to be very dated and inadequate. Cheers
  2. Hi Everyone, im an electrician waiting to do my practical vetassess exam in February, I was wondering if anyone could let me know what to expect and what to revise? especially for the theory part?. ive worked in perth for 2 years on a holiday visa on 2 mine sites, also i have a WA and a SA electrical licence, so if i can help anyone with information i will....
  3. :biggrin: Hello just wondering if any peeps will be there and got any sound advise on passing first time??!! seen alot of stuff on the net, is there anything that needs brushing up on?
  4. Hi My husband is a Joiner and we have passed the first stage of the Vetassess application, however we have come to stage two and there are no available dates for a practical assessment in the UK until Feb 2012!! We have looked at possibly doing the technical interview but we are not sure what this involves or whether you still need to do the practical - any advice!? We dont want to wait until February to get this sorted! Thanks Lisa
  5. Hi I have been given 3 potential dates, 24 Sept / 8 Oct / 22 Oct, to carry out my Bench Joiners practical Assessment (ANZSCO 331213) at a college in North London. Is anyone else going and if so have you any idea what we might be expected to do ?
  6. i'm a bit confused about what they mean by," prepare,mark and cut raking brickwork".can anyone help me out please? Lewis
  7. i'm a bit confused about what they mean by, prepare,mark and cut raking brickwork.can anyone help me out please?
  8. Hi, I succesfully passed the Trades Evidence Assessment Form recently (fantastic) and given the go ahead for the 2nd stage, Skype interview or practical test. I am now preparing to consider either option. Has anyone done the Bench Joiner practical test during the last 6 months? If so, what was the format and what were you asked to do?
  9. :biggrin:Hi all i am looking for advice from electricians that came from Durban and had to do a practical assessment for electricians i am booked for my assessment in august 2011.Please help me with guidlines.
  10. Doing the GE practical at Blackburn College. I've done plenty of swatting on the listed topics but any advice would be appreciated. Just hoping for a general idea from someone who's done it as this is my one and only chance due to age. Thanks
  11. Hi, My other half has a practical test for carpentary booked for Saturday and is really stressed about it. I think the added presure of giving up smoking and redundances at work is starting to take its toll. He has been a carpenter for 10 years now and I keep trying to reasure him everything will be fine, but if someone could give us an idea of what happens it might set his mind at ease. In our information nothing was writen about taking tools but I found a 'candidate kit' for 2008 and there was a list of tools to take. Should we go by this and take these just in case.:sad:
  12. Hi anyone in process of moving back - we are in our 4th month back (after 13 plus years in Perth) and no regrets at all I will do a separate post about the emotional stuff but here is some boring practical stuff that may be helpful and save you some hassle 1. Working in UK -If you plan to work within 6 months of landing - get a recent Australian Police Clearance before you leave (has to be within last 6 months). I had to have a security check for my new employer but because I have not been back for 6 months they cannot do one so I had to apply for a recent Aussie one. Not easy from here as it has to go via Canberra and you have to pay in Aussie dollars and it takes over 3 weeks to get which delays employment etc. Just get one if you are gonna work in case you need to be vetted. 2. Car insurance - we struggled to get a company to acknowledge our no claims coz it was earned overseas. Get a letter from your car insurers confirming your no claims (RAC will do one for you ) as it may help - we found Saga insurance UK(oops...can I mention names ??) were good (if you are over 50 of course!!)and they recognised the no claims. Otherwise lot more expensive 3. Landline and internet - lots of different companies vying for business so some good deals but beware it can take 3 weeks to get connected. I had to keep going to brothers to access internet Could buy a mobile dongle but can be expensive depending on what you are using it for 4. Mobile phones - again if you did not leave a UK bank account open and you open a new one (which we did) then you may struggle getting a contract coz no credit history. I have had to tag on to my Mums contract to get a monthly deal. Pay as you go is expensive so ask family and friends for advice 5. Buying house/providing ID - we had to produce certified copies of passports etc - worth getting some copies done and signed by a 'professional' so you have them ready 6. Pets - we bought our springer spaniel back and she is in her element! Just a tip - the Customs people at Heathrow will actually deliver your pet to your home. yes at a cost - we live in lancashire and it cost 175 pound. But consider that if you are on the same plane as your pet - it takes up to 5 hours to clear them through the animal customs so long time to wait when you are knackered after the flight. A few more hours wont hurt them! Our dog arrived at my Mums house (3 weeks after I landed and 1 week before hubby landed) in clean crate and none the worse except just tired - dont think she slept the whole journey but she was healthy and happy and paying for the delivery saved us the stress of driving down to Heathrow and having to stay over etc so the cost for us was worth it. Another thing to watch - make sure you have the original rabies cert to give to the collector so they travel with your pet. The carrier we used failed to tell us this and I wont go into the panic we had or name and shame them as I hope it was a one-off mistake but it is probably THE most important bit of the process. (I had to send originals to London to be there when she landed but it was touch and go whether this would be OK - phew!) Hope this helps - let me know if I can help with anything else - believe me things have changed if you have been away for a while but the best thing is that family and friends rally round and help See separate post for 'how are we feeling 4 months on' ....but it's positive!
  13. Hi, I am wondering if any of the other bricklayers who were in London with me to do there practical assessment on April 11th have heard anything officially as yet? I have logged into VETASSESS which shows i was successful on the practical but have no evidence to send to WA until they officially send me something by email or post!!! Time is running out for us guys and am hoping i simply have not been skipped in some kind of clerical error!!
  14. Guest

    Vetassess Practical test

    Hi, Has anybody taken the Vetassess Practical exam in London in the last couple of months, can only find old stuff giving information for Electricians, would be nice to see if the exam details are the same thanks guys:wacko:
  15. So, who is coming along for a fun day out at the college of north west London for their practical tests, Im doing the Joinery one start at 0800hrs sharp, luckily for me I live a grand total of 15 mins away from the college so happy days,:biggrin:, but no doubt people will be coming down from all over the country, Any joiners out there doing the practical on the same day let me know! Cheers
  16. Hi, for the life of me I cant find on the vetassess website anywhere where it says how long it will take for a result to come through once we have completed the practical assessment can anyone help me out??
  17. thepallis

    Bricklaying Practical

    Hi all, OH just done his practical, after a very long sleepless night worrying over whether he was up to the job (only done it for 23 years). He has said if you are a competant bricklayer who knows their stuff you will be fine. If anyone needs any info send me a PM and I will help all I can. The paperwork itself was worse, practical should be a walk in the park for good brickies.:wink: Also met some guys who will hopefully become good friends both here and in OZ... Practical result successful. 4 Weeks to wait, not long but felt like a lifetime. Life's Good.:v_SPIN:
  18. Guest

    Plumbing Vetasses Practical

    Woohoo all done and dusted. Just got to wait for those all important results now :eek: Darren says his only advice to any plumbers about to do the test, dont stress over it. If you are a time served Plumber and have all your training certificates and work experience etc,you shouldnt find it too hard. They arent there to fail you, they are only there to make sure you are what you say you are. Although UK Plumbers dont do septic tanks and sprinkler systems etc, Darren just did some research online so he knew the basics and the health and safety issues. They know you dont do it everyday,if at all, and are happy that you have atleast read up on it. If anyone needs any advice, please feel free to PM him. We met some great people from POI yesterday, so although it was an expensive weekend, it was worth it. We are now one step closer to the big move down under, fingers crossed :wub: Mandi
  19. thepallis

    Bricklaying Practical April 2011

    Hi Guys, Is anyone booked to do practical 11th April. Just wondered if anyone else is going to London from Yorkshire..
  20. Just saw these on the website Practical assessment schedule (Trade Occupation) - VETASSESS Mandi
  21. Hi Everyone, Me my husband & 3 girls are waiting to apply for 176 visa SS to WA as soon as his vetassess results are back which may be anyday now. We are off to Perth, im feeling excited, nervous, happy, sad and all the other emotions that come with moving to the other side of the world. Anyone else waiting for Vetassess?
  22. Hi my husband is currently filling in the paper forms for the electricians trade test, however when we've looked on the vetasses website, there are no more dates for the practical before the new rules apply on 1st July. As he doesnt have a degree and only an apprentership (worked as electrician for 17.5 yrs), have we missed out or will vetasses release new dates?
  23. Hi We are currently going through the paper based assessment with VETASSESS and my partner is a qualified electrician although he doesn't have experience of problem solving in multiple DC circuits or electromagnetic circuits? Are we reading too much into this or is it easier than it sounds. When we look on the internet it seems that this is something that is required to qualify as an Aussie electrician, but not something that UK electricians need to know. Is it something he could research before the practical? You now have to complete a TradeSET form before applying for a visa and this is where it gets difficult. We aren't sure whether or not we are going to pass, but we need to know whether any questions are asked in the practical theory or interview in relation to these circuits? Thankful for any advice. Donna
  24. Hi all, We're in the very early stages of obtaining a skilled visa after taking 12months to decide this is what we want (The wife, our 2 kids and myself) After reading on this site that the vestasses practical assessment is no longer a requirement can anybody confirm this for me please, the test itself doesn't worry me, the cost involved (travelling, hotel and lost wages) does if i don't have to do the practical, the money could be put to better use such as towards flights, the agent we're using has told us the cost of just obtaining the visa wil be £7500, then we need flights, removals and all other costs etc etc any advice gratefully recieved. Gazn family, p.s i'm a apprentice served sheet metal worker with 20yrs experience working across a variety of industries (currently food industry)
  25. BricklayerBirmingham

    Bricklaying Vetassess Practical 2011

    Hi Just seeing if anyone else has their bricklaying practical in London next week? If so have you received any plans yet? Thanks