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Found 211 results

  1. Hi everyone out there, Finally taken the plunge and joined the forum! Very glad that I did. I'm a teacher in one of the GPS private schools out here in Brisbane, so if you guys have any specific education questions I might be able to help! I've lived out here four years now with my Aussie wife, who is originally from Brisbane. I emigrated pretty much on a whim, but (the odd dark day aside) I have never really regretted my decision. Now that we have a little 2 year old daughter, the original decision to move has been put into even greater perspective.......I keep a very close eye on happenings in the Old Dart and it seems that the standard of living there has dropped even further. Tell me if I'm wrong, of course! I live in Springfield Lakes, in the western suburbs of Brisbane (or East Ipswich, depending on your viewpoint)! The area has a lot to commend it, though the blocks of available housing are becoming more and more scarce. Most decent blocks, you are looking at 350,000 Aussie dollars plus now. Anyway, that'll do for now. Hope to hear from some of my countrymen very soon.....fingers crossed!
  2. Has anybody out there posted their visa application off by courier so they can track it? if so, have you any advice on the best/cheapest one to use? Data Post at the Post Office would cost nearly £50 to send off the visa. Sounds quite expensive! :goofy: Emmy B
  3. johnd

    read this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    read my post in' rugby lad returns home', i should of put it as a post in its own right, but anyway, it makes for interesting reading. johnd
  4. Guest

    Post GCSE Teenager question

    We are hoping to migrate shortly after our son finishes his GCSE's. If we were to stay here he would go to 6th Form college to do A levels. How would this work out in Australia? He is an October birthday so will be touching 17. Would he be expected to go to a college immediately in September or would he be behind or in front of his peers. I know the school year is different over there and that children start school at 5 instead of 4 but am still a tad confused. (doesn't take much!!) Also, is there a legal requirement to put your children in school straight away? Our daughter will be 13 and have just finished year 8. We were hoping to have 3 months or so travelling around first before we settle. I look forward to your answers. Andrea xx
  5. You may find that a visit or two to some of the Opportunity shops will pay off. There are a number on Chapel Street (St. Vinnie's etc) which have had some lovely pieces in at unbelievable prices! If you have transport, there are two massive warehouses in Hoppers Crossing. I understand renting furniture to be an expensive idea but other people may have had different experiences.. All the best for a good flight and a great life in Melbourne. As an aside, I heard that Uni Lecturers get the highest Super at 17%.... Lucky you!
  6. Guest

    First post- TRA

    HI all, Neil (resaurant manager/head cook), Katie (P.A)here, Visited The greatland of Aus Sep 2003 for a 12 Month working holiday, Fell in love with it and since coming home have spent every waking thought dreaming of a life out there. We were accepted by ******migration agents 2 months a go with a total of 125 points, our easiest way of getting through is me as a cook., We are in the process of putting my TRA together (nightmare) is it as frightening as it first looks??? any copies or draft TRA's would be grat visa-go have been great and will go through my TRA to check it but would like to see how the lay outshould be. We want this TRA sent off this month, Visa-go are very confident that we will have visa by July- August 2007.
  7. Well Guys this is it, container arrives tomorrow morning so this will be my last post from the UK. :lol: I just want to say a really big THANKYOU to you all, I feel I have made many friends on this forum and will miss you all. :wink: Good Luck if you are still waiting for that news, DO NOT give up, it will all be worth it in the end, I expect to see and hear from many of you in the near future. Good bye, and good luck LOVE TO YOU ALL Mo x
  8. Guest

    visa in the post....

    so the day finally arrives - sent partner app to australia houe on thursday...wish me luck..didn't use an agent - so no idea if application is right...but hoping that most bases are covered. bit scary really, but new phase of life is started...bring it on......
  9. Hi, This is my first post on this website. Just to say hi. Me, my hubby and my 15 month old son are waiting for our pre-grant letter. We applied for our visa in December and have done everything and are just waiting now. We are planning on moving to Melbourne. Is there anyone else planning on moving to Melbourne. Thanks for any replies. Steph x
  10. Hi All First post but thanks for all the really useful info I've read so far. Just got word this AM that I've got a job in Melbourne, they are sponsoring me and they want me to start in January. Good job we managed to exchange on our house today as well. All I've got left to do is panic over shipping us, our cats and worldy posessions not to mention getting around all our friends, throwing a big New Years Eve party and packing up our house to move into rented for a couple of months. Still all feels surreal and I'm not getting excited till the visas in place but hey, here we go! I'm going to be a Recruitment Consultant for IT Sales people, so if there are of you out there, be sure to get in touch. My other half is a Building Surveyor and stepping into the unknown a bit as his job seems to be a bit different out there or could be called a number of things and different duties expected. Still, I'm sure we'll figure it out. Can't wait to see the sun, have a garden which isn't overlooked by another 52 people (not to mention ditchinig our constantly rowing neighbours). I've been out to visit my sister 3 times and seen a bit of Darwin, Cairns, Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne but living there will be a whole different ballgame. Keep up the posts as it means a lot to know you're not alone and saves so much time and stress researches every little detail when there are posts of real experiences. Best of luck to everyone and may all your dreams come true. Pj xx
  11. Guest

    Christmas Post

    Hi I am travelling over to Sydney on my own (very scared) at the beginning of December. I know this problem sounds like a really dumb question, but I want to send my family xmas cards, does anybody know the last posting date from Sydney to England? I am worrying about a million things and this is just one worry I would like solved! Hope someone can help