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Found 218 results

  1. Hi all, Can anyone advise me? I sent my application to Nursing Board of South Australia by 'signed for' post, but they say they haven't received it. I tracked it in the UK online, which said that it has left the UK for Australia. But how do I go about tracking whether it did arrive and whether it was signed for? I've been on Austalian Post website but can only track post sent internal - please help. Thanks, Heather
  2. Hi, I am about to post my parents CPV visa application and the immigration website provides the information below. I am planning to post by "International Signed For" so should I use the address for Courier as I am assuming that this is a manned office? Or should I use the "By Mail" address? Thanks Kirsti Outside Australia You must lodge your application by mail or courier at the following addresses: By mail: Perth Offshore Parents Centre Locked Bag 7 Northbridge WA 6865 AUSTRALIA By courier: Perth Offshore Parents Centre Level 3 166 Murray Street Perth WA 6000 AUSTRALIA
  3. escape

    post question

    Sorry for being stupid but this is my question. How do you wriite your visa progress at the bottom of your posts? Do you edit it somewhere in user cp tab? Thanks :GEEK:
  4. Hi everyone, we recently were granted our visas and were planning to more to Perth in the middle of July, OH was granted a 5 year career break and then when it came to jobs they were a bit scarce and far away from the away we wanted to be so it looked like a FIFO. The thing is I am pregnant and we already have 3 yr old and didnt like the idea of newly migrating and being on my own for long periods of time without him. So we decided to wait until next year so we could take our time finding a job and have the baby here so that I have my family around me. Now we hear that there could be a really well paid job in the area we like but its unlikely that they will wait till we can get there (earliest Nov) OH hasnt been given it yet or anything and we have already booked our return flights for the end of the month to validate our visa so no refund. If he got it it would mean coming back from our trip, packing up and then going back all before the baby is due in Oct. The other thing is that OH promised his boss that he wouldnt leave till the end of the year. We dont want to mess them around as they are still going to give him a career break but if we drop them in it its unlikely he'll get it, and thats our safety net in case after 18mths or so we want to come home. Our friend in Perth is telling us to just go if we get the job and not worry about it but thats not OH's way. Are we letting a golden opportunity go or doing the right thing? HELP!! :arghh:
  5. Hi, I will, in a few months, be applying for a de-facto spouse 309 offshore visa (my 8503 condition probably negates the potential of applying for the onshore 820) and am thinking about the communication process between CO and myself. If I have to exit oz and spend up to 4 months waiting for a decision, during which time I'd expect to receive some correspondence from immigration, I'd like to travel some in Europe. If correspondence were by post, I'd then not get it, hence I need to plan things correctly from the start. So I am wondering if correspondence, during the application process and then the subsequent decision, comes by email or in the post - can anyone tell me? Alexandra
  6. We should be getting our pccs back next week and i was wondering if anyone knows if you have to post the originals to diac?
  7. Dawny

    Where to post medicals????

    Maybe a bit of a dumb question, but it is niggling me anyway! We have always done what our agent has advised, however this time we are going against the grain... She advised not to go ahead with meds and pc checks until we have a c/o, But we have booked them anyway.. X-rays tomorrow and meds next week (just as well as they say they are getting booked very quickly). After reading the paper work it asks where they are to be posted, agent in london or straight to Australia, Any ideas guys, what do you think we should say, im assuming if they post to oz they will go straight to Diac????:wacko:
  8. Hi all, Sorry I have not been on for a while, but have been looking in, just not saying much. Things have been a bit hectic over the last few weeks with the removals coming and taking our furniture away and we moved out of our house and tennants moved in (which felt weird) so we have been living with friends for the past five weeks and they have just flown by. So much to do, but if it has not been done now, then, oh well, tough!!! We fly from Glasgow tomorrow, heading for Dubai, then we land in Melbourne. It has not been the easiest of journeys as some may know, but we are just about there now, so I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been there for us offering us advice and listening to us when we were at our lowest and thought we would never get our visa. Good luck to everyone still waiting, I am sure it will be your turn soon. Take care, and we will post as soon as we are settled. Thanks again. Best wishes. Andi, Tam and the girls. x x x x
  9. DaveS

    First post!

    Hi pomsinoz.com members :-) I have been stealing from this wealth of information for too long and it is time for me to get more involved. It has been my dream to try another way of life for a few years now. I am a couple years out of University and currently work as a Linux system administrator. Anyway, thanks for reading.. and good luck in your applications & job hunting for those in a similar position.
  10. 1000 Posts! Would you beleive it! :no: Must be bonkers!:confused: Looking forward to the next 1000 now! Best wishes Chris
  11. Hi, Does anyone know if a 1yr Post grad diploma studied in the UK, is equivalent to an AQF diploma for a 40 point occupation? Thanks
  12. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help i am just about to complete my PGCE post compulsory and i need to know wether this is recognised in Oz. Also do i need to do my QTLS or would i be able to do this in Oz. I am starting to think i have done the course and that i should have gone into primary teaching as all my experience is within Special Educational needs. I have worked with Autistic children, EBD children all aspects of learning difficulties and physical disability. My degree is in Special Educational Needs and Sports studies and my PGCE specialism is Disability studies and British Sign Language. I am also qualified to Level 3 in British Sign Language. Can anyone tell me what my job prospects are, wether i need to do further training in Oz or what my options are?? Thanks a million Lindsey x:hug:
  13. Hi there As the title says, I'm a qualified OT (since 2007) but unfortunately I have not been able to secure an OT job for various reasons, ie, my location in the UK, lack of opportunity, etc. I am currently employed in a job that does utilise some of my OT skills and have been in this role for nearly a year. I have also kept up my HPC registration. My question is, because I have not been employed as an OT in the true sense here in UK, is this therefore a non-starter to be considered for OT positions in Australia and ultimately for a visa application (not sure which visa would apply in my case)? Many thanks for reading.
  14. I want to play on the woolworths website but its asking me for a postcode in order to enter. Ive tried a few central perth ones that I knew of but they dont deliver there, ive also made random ones up but thats not working either. Does anyone know a post code they deliver to so i can play please? :hug:Thanks Emma x
  15. Dawny

    post codes!

    Can any one point me in the right direction as to where to find the post code area for state sponsorship for Adelaide, or can you live any where within the state, Many thanks
  16. Hi, Does anyone know the approximate processing time for a visa decision once police clearances and requests for further information have been submitted and assuming all was ok with the information provided? We are state sponsored on 176 and obtained co in January 09. Thanks
  17. Hi. We are getting our visa application together and was wondering which way is best to send the application and if anyone has had any issues with their application. Myself and my partner are not yet married but intend to do so before we go. What sort of supporting documents can we send as proof of our relationship? Will our kids birth certificates be enough? thanks
  18. Guest

    Post lodgement query?

    Hi all. Please send the detail if any one lfilled the pst lodgement query form to DIAC and what reply the got and timeline of that reply?
  19. kellyjamie

    new QLD regional post codes?????

    hi all when i was looking at the new regional skills list yesterday for QLD on the left hand side they have a list of the postcodes they class as regional so i wrote them down and checked where they all are and low and behold theres a few on the gold coast? i always thought brisbane and the gold coast were exempt from being regional? included is pacific pines, jimboomba and some others? can anyone double check this or verify im correct becoz if thats the case then it gives us other places to consider? many thanks kelly and jamie
  20. Hi all, This is my first post so please be kind!! I'm looking for help, from any members that have or are applying for electrician special class assessment with TRA At this moment in time i have worked for Glaxosmithkline for 18 years as an Electrical/instrumentation tradesman, the special class job description matches my job better than the General electrician, But what sort of information should i included in the TRA assessment? Any advice would be gratefully accepted many thanks Paul
  21. Just wanted to get a general idea of how long it took everyone to receive their tax refunds, thanks and clicks for all replies :hug:
  22. Hi all, Would really appreciate your opinions on my dilema. I had a job interview for a brisbane hospital last tues night, it went ok (i bumbled my way through some of it as that is my nature! but it was ok) At end of interview they (yes there were 2 of them!!) asked for my references and i know my referees had requests by next morning which they filled in and emailed straight away (not that i was harrassing them or anything) Dilema is i STILL havent heard anything, TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wacko: the posts i found on here from nurses said they were told on phone straight after interview, originally thought they would tell me if i was unsuccessful but what do you think?? know they more laid back and im not after sponsorship but surely a week is too long?AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH now dont know whether to email them and ask?? head is spinning and am a bit feared:wideeyed: if anyone been in the same situation would appreciate any info - all general opinions also gratefully welcomed Thanx Tracy ;0)
  23. thekevjones

    Post VE:175 approval

    Hi folks, Obviously obtaining one of these babies is difficult and costly enough as it is but no doubt (although we're not there yet) the post approval plans, I can imagine are equally complex and costly... What I'm looking for is a list of the kind of things we should start thinking about NOW (in advance)? Obviously house sale/rental is up there as high priority as is a trip to Oz within first 12 months to get the visa validated. Whether you treat the trip as a rekkie or actually emigrate is down to personal circumstances BUT what else can and should we start planning NOW? Those who have already made the move should have heaps of advice?? Any comments or advice welcome.... Thanks Kev
  24. Hi, I have applied for Victoria State Sponsorship (Oct 08) and was just wondering if anyone knows how they inform you of their decision. I have been checking my emails but nothing so far, do they inform people by email or in the post? I would be very grateful if anyone knows the answer. Thanks, Claire
  25. Guest

    First Post

    Hi. Yes it's my first one! I've often posted on the other sites but stumbled on this one today... I just read some of the posts... everyone counting down the days...waiting for the big day... It's so exciting... but once you're here away from your friends, parents, sisters, it's really very different to how you imagine the 'dream' to be and I felt a bit dishonest NOT to say something! I'm glad to give any help/info/advice to anyone heading here!! Good luck peeps!! I'm happy to give information if I can help. I'm a teacher and have worked here for almost four years now.