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Found 211 results

  1. Is it possible that a 175 application made after July 2010 can be converted to a 176 application when SMPs come out ?
  2. Hi please can someone help. I will be moving to perth around september next year, and was wondering, what is the best thing to do to get a job, Can i post my CV on a job website before I arrive and if so will anyone look at it, if im not already living in Oz.I am a territory manager and clinical trainer working on critical care patients, Any advice on what i should do would be great. Thankyou look forward to hearing from you
  3. Guest

    My 10,000th PIO post.

    I don't like to start threads about myself generally but I hope you will all forgive me a moment of indulgence,this is my 10,000th PIO post. It seems like yesterday since I joined,I think my first post was in response to a post about moving back to the UK,at the time I joined I was in the process of arranging a move to the UK but things have happened in the meantime and I'm here for the foreseeable future. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me since I joined,and who has also supported my work as a moderator,I try to do the job fairly and with a sense of balance,I don't always get everything right but I do my best. I hope the members here have appreciated my contributions and have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them (well MOST of them anyway !lol) here's to the next 10000 Thanks. Nigel
  4. Metoo

    pictures on my post

    Don't all boo me, but how do I put a picture thats on my computer into my post, I have this problem with many forums. Thanks for any help.
  5. Please post your application status ALL COOK,CHEF,HAIRDRESSER for visa 885/886/887 (175/176 are welcome as well) in the fromat below: your name(optional): date of lodgement: Occupation: (cook/chef/hairdresser?) visa subclass: (885/886/887?) visa status: (granted/ waiting) How the proposed visa capping bill/visa rejection plan will impact on ur life/future/dreams? (note more than 50 words. cheers
  6. Just need some advice to what to send after successful ANMC (which has all the relevant docs). Do i just need my fee 252 dollars, declaration with witness and my already sent IELTS:biggrin:
  7. I'm sure many PIOers have been affected by the suspension of GSM till June, and even more by uncertainty of the new SOL. Is anyone considering dropping their migration plans to Australia, and planning a move to NZ or Canada instead? Or perhaps maybe a backdoor entry to Oz through NZ PR?
  8. Guest

    Nursing Post Qualifying Visa?

    Hi Can anyone help my wife with a query she has about Nursing Visas? She is about to attend College/University to study Adult Nursing and hopefully will graduate with Honours Degree, Does Australia Immigration require 1-2 year post qualifying experience before a visa would be granted? Thank You
  9. motherof2

    Tattoos post visa

    It's been a long long time since I posted here as our plans to migrate went **** up two years ago thanks to the credit crunch and I found it all too frustrating & at times depressing lurkng around on forums. We're back on track now and are migrating next year. :jiggy: My OH and I are going through a joint mid life crisis and thinking of getting tattoos - too much Miami Ink me thinks! Do we have to tell anyone if we do go ahead and get them done as I seem to recall you had do 'declare' any exiting tats when you had your meds done? I may be wrong so help on this would be really appriciated. Thanks
  10. Guest

    Post 4 yrs on 457 visa

    Hi, I am currently on a 457 visa for the past 2 yrs. The max period for 457 visa is 4ys - with the new changes to immigrtation does anyone know what my options are after 4 years - does the completion of 4 years entitle me to PR?? I have looked into applying for PR now but the duration of my contract is not long enough for ENS PR Would love soem advice as DIAC website is not giving me enough info Cheers
  11. First i would like to know that if a letter deliver from Australia through Australia post service so how much it will take time to deliver in Pakistan? The second most important thing which i would like to know that how to track this post when we have its registered post number? I think sincere responses require that can help me as soon as possible..............:hug:
  12. heyyu

    stolen post

    Member Group: Members Posts: 25 Joined: 18-February 10 From: Durbanville, ZA Member No.: 14,174 SA Location: Cape Town Durbanville Language: English A Northern Territories (Oz) farm-hand radio's back to the farm manager: 'Boss, I got one helluva problem here... I hit a ruddy pig with the truck. The pig seems OK, but he's stuck in the roo-bars on the front and is wriggling and squealing so bloody much, I can't get him out.' The manager says,'Ok, there's a 303 Rifle behind the seat in the rack, just shoot the pig and you'll be able to remove it.' Five minutes later the farm hand calls back, 'I did what you said Boss. Took the gun, shot the pig in the head and removed him from the bull-bars. No problem there, but I still can't move the truck.' 'So what's the f**king problem now mate?' raged the Manager. 'Well boss, it's his motor-bike.... it's stuck under the wheel arch and the bloody blue light wont stop flashing....... 'ullo - you still there Boss?' :biggrin:
  13. tracy123

    A well balanced post!

    What do you think a post needs to be balanced, what are you looking for when reading peoples thoughts on a subject? Whether that be about politics, religion or God forbid the pros and cons of Australia....... What makes 1 persons post bitter and twisted, while anothers well thought out, meaningful and thought provoking? I know there will be some that won’t care what anybody writes, they have their views and that’s, that!!! But every now and again an epiphany happens and you sit up and take notice, so what will it take????
  14. Guest

    Reccie Update! LONG POST!

    Hi Everyone, I have been back a week now and thought it was time to post about our validation trip! We were primarily there for a friend's wedding so spent most of our time in Sydney but visited Melbourne too. I have to say I was having niggling doubts about our move but after the reccie trip I have been re-inspired and it has reminded me of all the reasons why we chose to emigrate in the first place. We flew with Singapore and as always I would highly recommend them, the flight home wasn't so good as there was a lot of turbulence so they didn't serve food for 7 hours! Other than that it was brilliant. We arrived in Sydney in a thuderstrom and it rained for 2 days, but it was very warm so still in summer clothes so you don't mind the rain! Sydney is very expensive, especially clothes, so stock up before you go! Food is expensive apart from fruit and veg which is cheaper and so much nicer than the UK. Australian wine is very cheap and a bottle of Jacob's creak sparkling rose was only $7! Brill! There was a lot of graffiti which is a shame really, I think it really stands out compared to the UK as everywhere is so clean and litter free so you notice it more. One other thing I noticed were toilets in restaurants and bars were horrible! Even in nice places. Also cockraoches everywhere at night which is disgusting but expected really. The things I loved was the different lifetstyle, going to the beach for a swim or a walk, having bbq's at the weekend and walking around the clean streets where you feel so much safer. We went out on a girls night the same evening as the good vibrations music festival and there were no taxi's so I had to walk back on my own, something I would never do in the UK, I felt very safe. How beautiful it is never ceases to amaze me, surrounded by water and beaches everywhere. People are really friendly and happy to speak to you and also much more laid back than London where people won't even look you in the eye! Even though property is very expensive in Sydney, it is cheaper than in London. As an example, Paddington and Woolhara are similar to Kensington and Notting Hill and you can buy a two bed unit for around $600k-700k, in Kensington you are looking at a couple of million pounds for an apartment, even though it is expensive in these areas it could be possible to buy. The people are proud of their city, something that unfortunately lacks in London. I absolutley love London, but it is overpopulated and can seem miserable and everyone always in a rush (this is my experience!) but it is still a fantastic city and I will miss it terribly when we leave. I watched the news daily and there are the same problems in Australia as there is in the UK. Whilst we were there an 11 year boy was stabbed and killed in a nice school in Brisbane and a mother stabbed another mother outiside a primary school in Sydney. We even watched the "Oz gangs" programme! I would say the difference is they pretty much report everything in Australia as the population is smaller, whereas in London they choose what to report and if they reported all the stabbings and murders, you would be terrified and never leave the house! This is just my opinion though! I think its more of a population thing, more population in UK equals more crime etc. Melbourne was a lovely city and so much more laid back than Sydney! I have never felt more relaxed than I did in Melbourne! Melbourne has a real European feel and reminded me of Amsterdam with the buildings and tram network. What I really liked was that trop fest festival was on and they had big screens up and everyone was sitting and watching it. I really loved St Kilda too, lovely beach, cafes and really relaxed. The beaches in Melbourne are more picturesque, white sand and more swim friendly than in Sydney which are mainly surfer beaches. My favourite thing about Australia is the outdoor lifestyle, there was so much activity going on which is more suited to Josh and I at this moment. There was a lot more to do and more relaxed and fun and cheaper! My friend kindly did me a cost breakdown for me. This is based on her living in Woolhara which is a very posh suburb of Sydney. When you rent you do not pay council tax and water bills. Here goes. Her salary is $65,000 and she takes home $3900 per month, her husband is a bit less and they have no kids. They have a really nice lifestyle and more money left over than in the UK. Rent- $400-$600 per week (2 bed) Gym- $100 per month (premium gym) Mobile phone bill- $70 per month Internet- $30 per month Foxtel- Max $90 per month for all packages Electricity- $200 max per quarter Car Permit- $45 pr year Car Insurance (no garage)- $500 per year Food- $400 per month Content insurance- $40 per month Travel- $60 per month We did a cost comparison and worked we were better off at £150 per month in Australia than the UK. This was mostly because of no council tax (£130 per month) no water and TV license (£40 per month) and my travel (£160 month). We have similar income and no kids either. Sorry for the long! I hope this has been helpful! Please PM me if anyone has any further questions on Sydney or Melbourne! Shreen
  15. Hi New to the forum and hope you guys can give me some advice. I have worked as an IT systems manager continuously (full-time) for the last 8 years and hold an IT degree. I’d been hoping to apply as a skilled independent on a 175 however, having spoken to an agent at an emigration show, I’ve been advised that I will need to go through the rigmarole of the RPL route as my degree was only obtained last year meaning my experience will only count from the date my degree was awarded. Is this accurate? The date of degree award doesn’t appear to be quoted as a factor in any of the sites I have used for online assessments? I’m aware that I could still go down the RPL route but would hope to avoid this if at all possible? Many Thanks Iain
  16. Silly question time, but after watching many episodes of Nothing To Declare, felt it best to ask!! Can I send a (big) bar of Cadburys in the post to my friends in Brisbane? Guessing it may melt though - Alternatively doe anyone know of a website that I could get chocolate delivered from ?? Thanks Lynda
  17. Guest

    perth now post info

    perth now post are sayiny that building is up by nearly 41% and lists the top 20 growth areas. Andy
  18. I am so FED UP now! :mad: Can someone let me know that has spoken to VETASSESS that I DEFINITELY need this year post experience now after getting Business Admin Diploma please!? If I find a Company to sponsor me - which visa is that a 457? Does that change things for me? Do I still need a year post experience?:unsure: Can somone also layout for me the timescales as obtaining Diploma now. Can I follow up with qualification later in the visa process? Or has to be done first? I've been told that once worked through the documentation cautiously, my year would be up anyway :unsure: Have I left this too late?? Mark
  19. Hi all, I am an Band 5 OT with one years experience. However before I re-trainned I worked as a support worker, working in Mental Health settings for over 10 years. I am currently on a physical health rotation with experience in eldery acute & social services so far. Hopefully moving to Paeds in March. I am 36, single with property here to sell/rent. I'm keen to get over to Oz. So my question is is it worth applying now or continuing with my rotation until I get to Band 6? Are there roles for juniors? Secondly what is the situation with mental health OTs over there as ideally I would like to go back to Mental Health? I have no family sponsership but have friends in Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra (which seem to be the hardest places to get too!) In this case is the professionals visa the way to go? Thanks for any help/advice, Nicki
  20. Hi, Used TCP over 10yrs ago when backpacking and just wondering if anybody has used them as a redirection from UK when they first moved as I know the Oz post have to see you in person so no good for us? Plus looking at their website is seems they only set up one persons name so anything in our joint names not sure what would happen to it?:confused: Thanks
  21. Guest

    Newbie post on migration

    Hi there everyone! Ok here goes, im 33 and im currently a furniture finisher (8) years now, before that i was a wood machinist (5) years, i have an nvq level 2 and 3 in wood machining and an nvq 1 and 2 in carpentry and joinery from way back in 1996, i have tried to do a finishing course but they dont do them so organised a work based course at my work and did a nvq 2 in finishing. Im single and rent and have saved up 100k so far. Just wondered if anyone out there thinks i stand a chance? Much thanks in advance.
  22. A year ago today we arrived in Melbourne, wow! what a year it has been. We found a rental home and basically set up a new life within the first 10 days including buying cars etc. The only things we didn’t have was friends, infact we knew no one. We moved into to our rental house only to move back out again to the holiday rental 3 times in the first week due to the threat of the terrible bushfires that were going on around us. Truly awful experience and one I never hope to repeat. Then we had a minor earthquake and began to wonder what we had done! Our half container arrived in March and it was wonderful to have all of our familiar things with us. My advice if you are shipping some stuff, send it all, I have lost count of the times we needed things we had binned, given away or just been too lazy to bring, the cost soon adds up. My husband found a job within 6 weeks (he was offered 3 within that time) he enjoys his job, is well paid and has family friendly hours that mean he is home by 5 every night and is able to pick our son up from school one day a week. Don’t be fooled into thinking Australians work short hours, they don’t many work very long hours, especially those in management/senior roles. Our son started prep at the start of the school year and that was very strange for him as he had been at school for a term short of 2 years in the UK. He was in a mixed prep/grade 1 class that I think helped a little. Schools in Australia (from our experience) are very, very different and it takes a while to get used to it. It is much more I feel, a “whole” teaching system here rather than a purely academic education that my son had in the UK. He has become much more confident in himself and his ability. Our school really encourages parental involvement in the classroom so I volunteered one morning a week and it helped me meet other parents. Before this I found it very clicky and not a soul spoke to me. Our youngest child joined the local occasional care 4 mornings a week and it has been a lifesaver, this is where I have met my wonderful Australian friends and it gave me a bit of me time each day. He loves it there so much, he runs in everyday without a second glance. We decided about 6 months in that we needed our own home, so set about buying here. We looked at over 5 homes a week for about 2 /12 months. My advice is not to try and find your dream home rather buy a suitable sized home and make it your dream home. Property here in Melbourne sells fast, sometimes within just a day or two. Still we found our home and moved in November. It is fantastic to have your own space and to be able to do things you choose. Take advantage of being in a rental and get out and about every weekend that you can. It doesn’t have to cost anything other than a bit of petrol and a picnic. So now to the settling in bit, my husband joined the local footie club (soccer) and has made some great friends, I too have made a couple of friends whom I know I will be friends with for the rest of my days, they are fabulous and have supported and helped us at the drop of a hat. Does it stop me missing our family and friends in the UK, well no it doesn’t. There have been many times when I honestly thought I was going mad/depressed, both! Many times I could have packed us all up and returned to life in the UK. My husband offered to return altogether, pay for me to go alone infact do what ever I wanted so in the end we contributed to my best friend coming out for just 9 days. It was wonderful to see her; it is people I miss and not the UK itself. We have had visitors stay with us for just over 4 months out of the first 12 which is not great in helping you settle but still we were very fortunate that they were both able to and wanted to. Saying goodbye all over again is hard but I have to say got easier with each one. I am glad we are still here and feel settled and the whole family is happy. Will it be our home forever? That I wouldn’t like to say but it is for now and we are very fortunate to have made wonderful friends and have a nice life here. I know it is not easy for everyone and I admire those who battle through everything that is thrown at them. I suppose I should say how I see Australia and what I think of various things, remember they are just my opinions. The radio is crap! The TV is awful. You think BT are bad wait until you deal with Telstra They can’t drive! Houses are not cheap (ahh the deluded dream of being mortgage free!) Cars, especially 2nd hand are not cheap. Food shopping, you can get everything that you could in the UK and more; it just takes time to find what you like. Food shopping can be more expensive but I think that is because when you first arrive you do all your shopping in one place. Clothes are rubbish on the whole, thank goodness for M & S There is crime/graffiti and everything else that you get everywhere else in the world but I don’t feel it is a bad as some other countries. I never feel uncomfortable walking alone in the city. It’s very hard to begin with, slowly you make friends, I found the minute I stopped looking for everything I had with my UK friends I made some wonderful pals. So, take it easy on yourself, it is a monumental move and takes time to adjust and settle. Best of luck to everyone in the process of moving, our family at least think it has been worth it. Treat it as we have done, like an adventure rather than we must be here for 2,4…years! Michelle
  23. Hi all I received this reply Dear Mr H Thank you for your email in relation to your visa application under Australia's General Skilled Migration program. As a case officer has requested health checks for your family and it is state nominated we MIGHT consider processing this application. The time of processing is likely to be related to when the health checks expire and as they don,t expire until October next year then it MIGHT be a long time before any more processing if any happens. If you read the following policy statement you will hopefully understand the reason for my answer. The Department is processing applications according to Ministerial Direction No. 42 - Order of consideration - certain Skilled Migration visas. The Department anticipates that a small number of State sponsored non-CSL applications will be finalised this program year. Finalisations will focus on applications where health and character checks have been requested by the case officer. I must re-iterate that there are no guarantees on allocation of or decision on your application. Yours sincerely, R Butler for General Skilled Migration Department of Immigration and Citizenship Has anyone had a similar reply to this and what does 'MIGHT' mean and 'any more processing, if any'........ Can anyone shed any light on this.:confused: Many thanks Helen x
  24. Woofyhugger

    Passport Photos from Australia Post

    Hi Guys. Just wondering if anyone has had passport photos taken at Australia Post at all? If so, did you cut them in to 4? The woman at the post office told me not to cut them, but that goes against sending two correctly sized photos to the passport mob. I ended up cutting them in 4 (the Aus Post ones have a black guideline to cut the 4), and sending two (one countersigned on back) off with my application. Anyway just wondering if anyone used Australia Post for their passport photos and if you had any issues at all. I'm off to the UK in about 8 weeks. Can't wait. Cheers Matt
  25. supa

    Last post

    Just thought I'd mention it, but the last day for post to reach Oz for Christmas is Friday.