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Found 211 results

  1. hi as title states i am a midwife with almost 2 years post reg experience. I am hoping to be in australia by the end of this year. we have applied for a 175 visa based on oh trade (boilermaker/plater). when we eventually get there i want to be able to work as a midwife, will be either nsw or perth area. i havent applied for the ielts yet. numerous posts that i have read state conflicting information. some say you dont need it if you trained/worked in uk. THEREFORE CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CLARIFY ONCE AND FOR ALL. do i need to get this booked and passed. or would it be better to wait until we get our visa, get over to australia and apply for it over there. my second question is when is best to apply to APHRA. now or when i get over to oz. i really dont know what to do for the best. please help before my head explodes. thanks nicola
  2. Guest

    Problems with post

    Hi everyone, I am having major problems with stuff being sent from the UK and just wondered if anyone else has had similar problems and if anything can be done about it? Unfortunately the letters I'm waiting for are things I need for me to start teaching The first is my police check from the UK which was sent out from them on the 22nd Feb, and I paid for the secure courier service to prevent this kind of thing! I understand it has to come all the way over here but surely 2 weeks for a courier delivered letter is way too long? I've phoned the police check people and she's going to follow it up and email so hopefully that will bring something up. The only problem I can think of with that is that I had to send it to a hostel address, and it would have arrived after I left. However, I phoned them to tell them it was coming, and their policy is to check any mail that arrives against past guests for a month after they leave and get in touch to say they have it. The second thing is my reference from my last school which was sent on the 25th feb by my mum via airmail, and again, it should surely have arrived by now? I thought airmail was only meant to take a week. Am I being unreasonable in expecting these letters to have arrived by now? Surely not if I've paid for the services and they haven't been delivered within the timeframe they claim? Getting really wound up about it now because I can't start teaching without them
  3. BrisDubBris

    Why do you post here?

    Hi all, I am pretty new here & I have noticed there seems to be four types of users. People that are looking for advice about moving to Aus, people that have moved to Aus & are happy, people that have moved back to the UK & people that are in Aus but seem to hate the place. Bearing in mind the purpose & name of the site, I can understand why the first 2 groups post, for advice or networking etc. I have no idea why the 3rd & 4th types bother to stick around. If you are happy back in the UK, why do you bother to post here? If you are glad to be out of Aus, why frequent a forum dedicated to it? If you are in Aus & are unhappy, why do you feel the need to constantly complain about it on an internet forum? I am not looking to pick a fight & I am genuinely interested. I just find it funny that you can predict the tone of post without reading it based on who posted it. I had to listen to a lady GA GA CD once, I didn't like it but I don't feel the need to join a lady ga ga forum & tell everyone.
  4. Hello all, been reading up on here for a while now. Registered today as am looking at the possibility of moving to Oz. Lived there in 89/90/91 and have been back twice since. Still have some good mates there. My question is about the visa application process. I had a recent PNC check/ same as basic CRB check for work recently, which came back OK. Is this used in the process of applying for permanent residency/emigrating ? Or is there some other check they use, on the application forms, theres no mention of any checks at all, unless they come further down the line. Also, at 44 am I too old. Although I am a qualified chef, I`ve run my own catering business for 10 years, and although I would`nt have loads of cash to take with me I would have the proceeds of house sale and business sale (maybe $200,000), and my other half is a teacher with good experience. Might it be better for her to apply and me to be the `partner`, she`s 35. Any advice greatly appreciated. Tony
  5. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone out there has been through their medical yet? I have absolutely no idea what it entails, where you go for it etc. Our visa application is about to sent, and it's something that keeps playing on my mind. Just curious I guess. If anyone could let me know what it's like, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Gem
  6. Guest

    My first post

    Hi All I am new member here. I am from India and an IT professional. I read many posts in this site and joined today. I started my process of immigration to Australia and my ACS application is in process. Wanted to be connected with others over here. Cheers.:biggrin: Harikishan
  7. Hi, has anyone recently used the post office international signed for service to have any documentation delivered to Oz. The university where the OH did her nurse training have sent a transcript using this method on the 19th January and they (AHPRA) still haven't received it. You can track the package up until it leaves the UK, and this has told me that it was on a plane on the 20th Jan for delivery to Oz, for what use that is !!!! Just wondering if anybody has any experience or knows of realistic timescales I should allow ? cheers
  8. :confused:Hi, how long do you have to hold your breath in NSW to know if you got caught on a speed camera? Not sure about one over the Christmas period.
  9. Middy08

    First post

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. Married with a daughter, we're looking in to moving to queensland and have just started the application process. I'm a registered nurse. Unfortunately I was not able to do the degree training so its all panic stations trying to get our application ready before the points system changes in July. Its the 176 visa. I've go my IELTS test on the 22nd of January, I dont really know what to expect, trying to get some practice in with a prep book. Does anyone know if visa buero are any good, we've decided to go with them, its been ok so far. Just a bit worried at the mo because we can only submit the application in may as ive only been qualified 8 months. tryin to get as much done as possible before then. Hope to get hints and tips from anyone to help us along the way. Thanks
  10. Guest

    last ever post

    Iam now in oz n i have done,was a great source of info in the early day,although the thicko's never learn,believe there so called 2.2 if u wish then land and reality will really hit home...forget work/life balance it dont exist its an aussie kebab has no kick nor even proper salad. now dont get me wrong work hard n do ur best you will get along like all the rest...whinge n grime and buy the best u will end back in england like all the rest..... bye all thanks for the earlier people that did answer things i will add that they was from oz some some pratt from hampshire who knew sod all........Perth hmm its quiet suits me and nah it aint cheap.... Bye Me .Myself n family...have a good adventure
  11. Hi All I have lodged evisa ( SA SS 176) application at 3rd Dec, 2010. I made a big mistake, forgot to provide my family members information in the application who are non migrating. But last week i have uploaded/attached all required docs to website. There in Form_80 i have given all necessary family members information. I actually found the mistake when i was submitting form 80. Now i do not know what to do? Is it a big mistake? or how DIAC will treat this mistake? Anybody has faced this kind of problem before? If so, then what is the way to add further info in a lodged application. Please help.:sad: BR// Scorpio123 Skill Assessment: 5/06/2010, SA SS Applied: 09/11/2010, SA SS Recvd: 24/11/2010, Visa Application (176) Lodged: 03/12/2010.
  12. Hi Everyone Im 39 and will be moving to Melbourne mid March for a new life. I have no idea where Im gonna live or what job Im gonna do.. just know there is a bigger world out there and want to experience it. If anyone has any advice or help to me.. all will be accepted.. and it might be nice to make a few new friends along the way. As for my background... I was a production manager for the last 10 years of my professional life, posses an MBA in business and after obtaining my residential visa (skilled migration) I went travellin for the next 4 years throughout the world. Now its time to settle down again and get a job Hope to talk to some of u in the coming months Thanks to all that contribute in advance Antony
  13. Hi, Has anybody in the UK received there ACS assessment recently, apparently mine was sent on the 2nd November but it still hasn’t turned up. Just wondered if anybody else has received there’s recently and how long it took, there doesn’t seem to be anyway of tracking international registered post on the Australia Post Website? Also one quick question, who delivers them in the UK? Is it the Royal Mail? Thanks for any answers Lee
  14. Wildrover

    First Post Hello

    Just a first post to say Hi to all, already finding out loads from you PIOers :notworthy: So thank you. Finding the way around the visa system is much easier since we have been reading up here.:cool: Very early doors for us yet probably looking to start appyling for visa in 20 months time.
  15. The Pom Queen

    Heartbreaking Post - Cat Available

    We have a lilac point Birman cat who is available to a good home, we never really thought of checking out the covenants on our new property but cats are not available, even if they are indoor. My youngest son is heartbroken. He is free to a good home if anyone is interested. I know there are shelters but having first hand experience of treating cats in a shelter environment I know how easy it is for that perfectly healthy cat to go down with cat flu and be put to sleep and I don't want that for my baby, hence the free to good home. The move is stressful enough without finding out this, it's a reminder to everyone to check the small print when buying a property. :cry:
  16. Guest

    Hey!! My first post...

    Hello there! I'm a 34 yr old single mum, working in finance, with some family in Victoria. I'm interested in moving to Melbourne with my 13 yr old son. I literally do not know WHERE to begin. Joining this forum is the first actual step I've taken, after spending 3 weeks in Victoria recently. If anyone can suggest initial reading, or a forum to start with, I'd be really grateful. I have limited time because I work long hours and the remainder of my free time is spent on my son, so I want to be sure I am getting valuable info. My son and I are not 100% sure we want to move, but I am really keen to gain an understanding of the whole process, and more about living in Australia as a Brit. Thanks so much in advance for any tips
  17. Guest

    First post- PR visa question

    Hello, This is my first post here so hello to all. I have applied for a partner permanent resident visa to Australia (due to be processed next month) and I have a question. I am thinking of moving to NZ instead of Aus. I was thinking of going to Aus to validate my visa and going straight out to NZ. If I do this will I be able to live and work in NZ? Thanks.
  18. Hi all, just wondered if anyone can give me some advice on the quickest way to get post to Oz? Until now we have not had to send too much, but what we have done so far has taken about 2 weeks! As we have now just applied for SS from South Australia off their interim list we are now up against deadlines for getting paperwork there and i'm getting quite frustrated that what i sent on the 28th September still hasn't arrived with our agent! AAgghh!! :arghh:
  19. Hey to all Haven't been on much since I took up (nursing) bank work at my 'old' place of work back in UK. Ppl have been really friendly and welcoming since we returned from SA just over a year ago to deal with our daughter's illness. Now, I choose where i work and with whom, and if I want a day off I'll plan for one:biggrin:. Downsides are that i don't get paid for sickness or (not in any great way) annual leave either. Anyway, whatever. This time, my wife is going to apply for a visa (457) and although I'll probably do bank work rather than join the same organisation as she does (which was mistake no 1 in SA), I have had enough of nursing and I am thinking of a complete change. Does anyone work at the airport in Tasmania or for Australia Post and if so, how would one go about applying for a job in organisations such as this, once we get out there? As I say I will have to continue nursing for a while but I'm looking for a job change eventually. Just thought I'd put the feelers out. As always, Kind Regards and Best Wishes. PS :wink: Daughter is good now, and has set up her own theatre company called 'HanRick Theatre Company' which is based in Leeds UK if anyone is interested in any of her productions. I think Hanrick is also available to sign up for on FB aswell. Cheers :hug: Jasp
  20. Guest

    17.34 post a day

    that your average brit chick--i wuz just messing around with the heaps of stuff on here,and come accross statisics--i just wundered what the .34 wuz all about--i dont know what mine is,any one care to tell me--i wunder who has got the daily post record--or am i being a:GEEK:
  21. Hello my name is Sam. I would like to apologise because I know that this is a completely different topic to what this forum is about. But I could not find anything to do with health and things like that. (I am fairly new to this) I am moving to Australia in the next 2 years or so and I am on Diabetic tablets called Metformin. I am on a 500mg dose and I get it free in England for obvious reasons. But I am on this tablet for life. I also cannot go on any other form of diabetic treatment. Could you please answer me these questions as it is quite important... How do I go about getting this tablet over in Australia? Would it be free? Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your help. It is much appreciated. Take care everybody :cute:
  22. Guest

    The last post

    Dear PIOers, This will be my last post. I havent posted for a while now...I feel PIO has run its course for me, a lot of the posts are 're-runs', a lot of the in-fighting is frankly boring and I just don't have the interest I used to in the site. I can't go without bringing our story to it's conclusion though, I know a few of you have followed our adventures from the start. We've bought a house, our first in Australia and the world for that matter...we've been here for 19 months now, we came with only a few grand (believe me it CAN be done!) and we've worked hard to save and prosper. We move into our own little piece of Perth in 3 weeks. It's a lovely 4x1, 15 mins from the coast and a 'good investment' or so they tell me. My closest Aunty and her family will be joining us here to live in 7 weeks time too. We have made lots of new friends through PIO, you know who you are! and I expect we will all have many more very happy years in Australia. So that's me..signing off for the last time...Bye, bye, good luck and THANK YOU ONE AND ALL for the PIO experience, my journey to Oz would not have been the same without you:cute:
  23. Dawny

    First ever post?

    Ok yes i admit it! I am having a 5 minute boredom loop in my busy day! So i have been trying to find the first ever post written on pio? Can anyone remember when it was, what it was about and who by? Just so i can be nosey and read it?????:jiggy:
  24. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this matter As we are based in Germany right now, we don't have the same deals on shipping tea chests as in the UK, but so far we have found some that are pretty reasonable. However, a quick check on the DHL website shows that we could send a larger (maximum 120 x 60 x 60cm compared to the 41 x 51 x 61cm tea chest) but not heavier chest for less. My question is: has anyone shipped their personal effects via the post, and what was your experience like? The idea of having a shipper take care of all the customs is nice, but as we'd only be sending stuff that was ours to a residential address there might be less hold-ups than with stuff coming out of a shipping container... Any help would be great
  25. hedgehog

    post cost? Uk to oz

    How much does it cost to send a package from uk to oz? max weight of 1kg I was going to order an item via internet less than that weight. value of item = £5, and they quoted £55 postage yikes! That's a $100