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Found 17 results

  1. I felt sick and angry that things have got so bad in a supposedly 'rich' country. I felt sick that 5% of the people own over 90% of the wealth. Glad I don't live there and hope it never gets that bad here. Why would anyone want or need the amount of money these very rich have? They should pay 90% tax on it not 20% as they do now. Shame Great Britain . Shame.
  2. Guest

    Poor Bugger!

    :biglaugh: Pensioner Alf, aged 91 has been posting his letters in a dog poo bin for two years. The colour and shape of the bin are remarkably similar to the post-box located mere meters from the dog poo bin. An easy mistake to make for someone of like Alf, who is partially blind, but perhaps something that the council should have realised when they put it up. Alf is now going to have to follow up his two years worth of misplaced letters. He had allegedly been complaining to the post office, telling them their services were essentially dogsh#t. North Yorkshire District Council have a lot to answer for, poor old Alf needs some compensation, not only for his embarrassment but for the stupidity of placing such similar looking boxes, with such drastically different uses, so close to each other. We are with you Alf, take em to the cleaners. Poor bugger lol
  3. Was just having a nosey to see if I could afford my dream home in oz (i wish) and was gobsmacked to find the following. 12 months ago for £125,000 I would have had $218,750 1.75 dollars to the pound Now for £125,000 I would get...... $186.251 :0( 1.49 dollars to the pound
  4. Hi I'm new here & this is my first post :wideeyed: Excuse me if I ramble too much :wacko: I'm from the UK & married my wonderful Aussie Husband 19 months ago, in Australia. we met online & I travelled to OZ initially on a tourist Visa as advised by the Visa authorities. We married & enquired about a Partner Visa & I was told there was a huge waiting list & advised to return to the UK & apply from here. My husband returned to the UK with me for three months, but had to return for an operation he'd been waiting for. Unfortunately when he got back to Oz his operation was delayed & then our circumstances turned upside down when his Landlady had drastically & suddenly altered her plans & effectively made my husband homeless. Aswell as having no accomodation this halted our being able to submit my Visa. After endless battling my husband was house after ten months. Also during that time he had his operation, which didn't go as planed & further surgery was required, delaying his recovery & ultimately search for work. Atm he's getting a pension but he desperately wants a job. As soon as he was recovered he started voluntary work at a charity depot hoping to get taken on as an employee but he's been there for four months & they haven't given him a proper job as yet. I'm not currently working in the UK. By trade I'm an Artist & this is not something on the skills list. I can work as a specialist in the interior design end of painting & decorating & have many skills & talents that dont fit into any specific boxes on the skills list. I DO NOT expect to claim anything whilst in Australia. I have every intention of establishing myself as an Artist & will ultimately start a small business but until that can be established I'm happy to work in retail or anything else. ATM my husband & I are not in a great position financially, all the delays aswell as our wedding, flights back & forth, my medical checks now have to be redone & are causing additional expense, the Visa itself, shipping costs, & flights back to Oz , aswell as maintaining two households for us whilst apart has pretty much wiped out all we had. I'm concerned my Visa will be rejected on financial grounds. We do have a friend who said they may offer additional sponsorship if required but we'd rather not have to rely on anyone else if at all possible. My husband took our documents to an immigration lawyer who said we should submit our application, but I'm very nervous incase its rejected on financial grounds & we'd be back at square one having invested all we have. I haven't seen my husband for a year now, even though we speak everyday by phone & computer. Our relationship is very loving & solid I had no thought of moving to Australia before meeting my husband. I just hope our current lack of finance will keep us apart much longer. We are so desperate to be together & start a productive married life but we keep getting caught in catch 22 dilemas. I'd appreciate hearing if anyone else has had similar experiences or any advice to offer ? Excuse the really long post :unsure:
  5. It takes a lot to shock me these days, but this awful story about this poor 62 year old British lady being killed in Los Cristianos in Tenerife is really shocking. 3 people have been found murdered in Bradford this week and theres a murder regular there, so it was no shock to me, but the brutality of this poor ladies death, is horrendous, especially because we used to holiday there every year in Febuary to get some winter sun and it is the most easy going peaceful holiday destination. Its just terrible. British woman stabbed and beheaded in Tenerife supermarket Madrid : Spain | May 13, 2011 By ethelsmith 13 0 Views: 717 13th May 2011, Los Christianos, Tenerife Tenerife is a popular holiday destination, especially for Brits. It enjoys a good climate for most of the year and is a safe and friendly island. As one of the Canary Islands it boasts all year tourism. Today in a Chinese supermarket in Los Christianos an appalling attack left a 60 odd year old British woman dead. She was working in the supermarket at the time of the attack. A man, thought to be a Bulgarian, homeless person, grabbed a huge knife from the supermarket. He then stabbed the as yet un-named woman multiple times. In front of horrified shoppers he decapitated the woman in the supermarket. He ran out of the shop carrying the woman's head by the hair. A onlooker, seeing the blood soaked head, thought at first the man was carrying a joke head. The attacker was soon overcome by security officials. When grappled to the ground he threw the head into the road. The incident has understandably shocked locals and tourists. People in the area at the time of the attack ran for cover and office workers locked themselves in their places of work.
  6. Guest

    Our Poor Experience

    PM me for info on our poor experience.
  7. Hi all! I am 21 years old and in my final year at uni studying Accounting and financial management here in England. Being a student I have built up fairly large debt I will need to pay off once (or if) i'm lucky enough to find a job! I have little cash in my bank accounts apart from a few savings I made when I was younger. I have recently applied for Australian citizenship as my Dad was born in Australia. Assuming my citizenship goes through - fingers crossed, I will then be eligible to apply for a passport. I was wondering if anyone could point out or offer some guidance on what the next step I should make to be able to work and live in Oz? Also with my financial situation as it is, do you think me moving to Oz is realistic or am I getting excited about something which is unlikely to happen? Any views and thoughts would be gratefully received. Thanks Mark
  8. matjones

    Poor Steve

    Has anyone seen Olivia? | The RiotACT Lets hope that Steve isn't a case officer for anyone here :biggrin:
  9. Hi I've read a number of the threads about teenagers and their foibles. We are fairly early down the road to migration, and due to age it has to be on ENS or 457. Our extended family is not very close so our move may not have a great impact on them. However it's the children who are the problem. Our 18 yr old daughter is going to uni in September and doesn't want to come. As she's effectively leaving home we don't have much issue with that, and she's even starting to try to be less dependent on us for the basics such as cooking and cleaning. Our son is 15 and although 2 years ago he was more than happy about a move, is now refusing point blank to consider it, saying we must wait until he's 18. Normally we wouldn't consider a move for him at this stage in his education, but although he is very bright and capable of excellent grades, he doesn't see the point of school, and the school has done very little to dispel this. He also doesn't want to leave his friends behind. The opportunities for migration will become less as we get older, so to wait another 3 years to meet his "demands" is unreasonable. However are they just demands based on teenage uncertainty or is it really a bad move? His nature is such that he seems to be popular in lots of things he takes part in, so I have no worries about his making friends, but since the education system in the UK seems to have failed him, is the Australian system really that much worse? There are lots of things done or not done in life that we regret, but I don't want to resent any of them. I'd appreciate any opinions. Thanks Pete
  10. Hi All, Im going crazy trying to find some answers to my questions, i recently went to oz on a working holiday visa where i meet my now fiance, im currently back in the uk due to my then visa expiring Jan 2010 so i have now applied for a prospective marriage visa (300) im currently gathering the required info (there is alot) :confused: However i noticed it states they can carry out external checks with any relevant agency including financial which im slightly worried about as i have a really poor credit history and existing debts including a home reposession early 2008 which are unpaid. Im worried this may cause a problem for me to migrate and be with my fiance, does anyone have information on this?? i have no criminal convictions but dont want debt problems to be the reason i cannot move to be married now i have found the man i love!! :sad: Please help!
  11. Guest

    Poor Credit

    Hi, Just a quick qestion . . . . Will a poor credit rating affect a 457 visa application?? Thanks Emma x
  12. xTINKSx

    Panel Doctor - Poor Service?

    I am finding myself increasing frustrated as today I discovered our medical reports and xrays have still not been courier'ed to Oz even though we had them done on the 17th Nov. I have discovered that the Panel Doctor rents a hospital room and is only at her desk there one day per week. I have contacted the xray department of the hospital and they said the reports were sent up to her within a day of our xrays. All my children had to have medicals with her and she requested consultants reports regarding one of my children. The next day I contacted her consultants secretary and she was kind enough to have these reports faxed over directly to the panel doctor that same day (the medicals admin office contacted the consultants secretary confirming their safe arrival). The next time the panel doctor would have been in woud have been Monday last, 24th Nov, and she has still not send our meds off!!! She will not be in again until Monday next, 1st December. I asked the admin office whether it was usual for her to send them herself and they said they do it from their office via DHL. Time is getting on now, Im so frustrated..... Upon leaving her office, and paying her her fee's she said she would call me with the DHL tracking number and to confirm that everything was OK - no call to date. I have looked on her website and there is not even a contact number I can call her on - just the hospital number to make appointments. They have said that they can leave a message for her when she is next in. arrrrgggghhhhh!!!! Im getting myself so wound up now - if there was a problem, surely she would have contacted me Monday last, if not, why have they not been sent. Someone please tell me I have a right to be frustrated - I feel its such a poor service and so expensive - is she taking the pee or what??? I so wish we had gone done the emedical route now - but we are counting the pennies and thought they would be dispatched well within a week - well you know what thought done dont you - gets you nowhere!!!! Sorry Rant over - had to get it out of my system before I exploded.:mad:
  13. Guest

    Us Poor Sales Guys!

    Hello all! Newbie here; hoping for some good news... My wife and I are planning to move out to the Gold Coast in (maybe) 12 months. She's a neonatal nurse so shouldn't struggle to find work (fingers crossed!). Trouble is, I'm an industrial sales guy and I can't imagine for a moment that Australia desperately needs the likes of me!! As my wife will only be looking for a part time job, I'm becoming a bit concerned that I won't be able to find work! Does Oz have a place for little old me??
  14. I have spend many hours on this website complaining about one thing and another. eg, I don't like australia etc etc. however, when something like this happens to Braveheart and family going through this ordeal it puts everything into perspective. We all want what is best for us and the family but what is life about when there is no family? I just cannot imagine anything happening to my husband or sons. Cherish what we do have not what we haven't. Live life to the full. Appreciate life for what it is. Sorry just feeling a little emotional at present. I wish them all the best in the world. I just wish I could be of more practical use but I am in Melbourne. Thinking of you all Braveheart and family. Karen
  15. I have no luck with my native currency. when I moved to the UK in 98, It was $2.80 to the GBP, now Im ready to go back with all my £££ and its $2.30. What is everyone thinking of doing with their money? I think we will need most of ours when we get there, so I guess you just cut your losses. Any pearls of wisdom? Anyone had a good idea? Damn that Aussie Dollar. Can't we start a conspiracy theory to make the dollar plummet?? Ramblings of a mad man Cheers JP..
  16. Guest

    Poor Penguins

    :sad: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,21721805-5005961,00.html How sad... If any of you have seen this natural phenomena, you will probably be thinking of the partners and chicks waiting outside their houses.... For those who haven't been to Phillip Island.. it is well worth the trip!
  17. This is the mentality I was alluding to in an earlier thread. Absolute madness :? http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,20581474-5006010,00.html I'd strongly disagree with this though Retailers haven't greated it. Consumers have by not being patient enough to save any money and not understanding what they are signing. I have to say I will not give to 'Vinnies' any more. I want my charitable donations to go to the genuinely needy, not the genuinely greedy.