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Found 204 results

  1. Guest

    Hi fellow poms!

    New to this site so thought I would say a big hello to everybody!! I'm Kerry and counting down the days until I move to Melbourne in May! Sooooooo excited and I can't think of anything else! I'm a nurse and moving back with my husband Nick (who's a Ozzie). This site looks great and I'm looking forward to meeting new people down under!
  2. Guest

    Any Poms in Adelaide?

    I'm off there with my South Australian wife and our two kids end of Feb. We have friends and Juliettes family over there, we won't be alone but how many Poms on here are over there? What do you like about Adelaide and SA, what do you hate? Spill the beans and don't spare the blushes!
  3. :idea:Hi everyone My 27 yearold daughter has just gone to Sydney on a year's working visa - totally all by herself. Things are only moviing slowly and there have been a few unexpected glitches. She needs to meet up with people in a similar position and network/keep each other positive/social etc. How should she go about this? Concerned Mum!
  4. We have been living in Perth for the last 2 years and have decided to visit Melbourne with the intention to move there. The problem is all our family are in perth and we don't know a soul in victoria .So if any one out there knows area's where brits move to then atleast we will be in the same boat with other people. Thanks
  5. Guest

    Hi all were new to poms

    Hi me and my husband and our two sons are hope to move to Australia Brisbane . My husband is a carpenter and he will be taking his skill test on the 20 feb fingers crossed he will pass. This site is great, very helpfull :v_SPIN::wub:
  6. Guest

    ten pound poms

    :jiggy:I have just ordered a book called the "ten pound poms" about migration to australia in the 60's, just want to read about their experiences?? Do you think they should do the £100.00 pom today? If they did, would their be anyone left in Britain? Any ten pound poms on here?? Tell us all? Your thoughts please??
  7. Guest

    Ten Pound Poms

    Hi Folks, im researching a TV show for Channel 4 in the UK and im looking to talk to any peoiple who emigrated to Australia on the 'Ten Pound Pom' assisted passage scheme. If you sailed into Melbourne and stayed in the area i'd love to hear from you. ross.sinclair@hotmail.com Many Thanks
  8. Just some pictures of the Xmas day meet.:biggrin: More to follow
  9. Guest

    Poms beat Aussies AGAIN

    World News Australia - Brits steal Aussies' extreme ironing title
  10. Hi we are the Steer family just landed last week! We have two children Lucy 8 and Alex 6 we are in Mornington at the moment and looking for a rental in the surroundng area's. Which we have just found is a really bad time to try and find something as not alot around! Interested in meeting any families in the area. :chatterbox:Caroline and family
  11. Guest

    Im new to POMs in OZ

    Hey all, Just wanted to introduce myself. Im Audrey, 29 and formerly from Glasgow. Im living in Melb at the moment and have only just came across this site. I've been here over a year now. Please dont be shy and say hi
  12. For all us sad and lonely people who are away from the UK and want to spend Christmas day having fun and raising their glasses to them at home and celebrate Aussie style! Please add your name and where you are based so we can organise a Christmas day meet that will hopefully accommodate everyone. We are Sarah & Colin and we are in Narre Warren South Looking forward to a Merry Christmas - 'Put another shrimp on the barbie'!! Have also posted this on Britvics site.
  13. Guest

    Sunny Coast Poms

    Well we have been here just over a year now and we have only just discovered PIO So lets hear from any poms near to us,,
  14. I have just read this in the courier mail ,mightbe able to afford a visit back at these prices, QUEENSLANDERS will be able to fly from Coolangatta to London from March next year with tickets costing about $552 one way and going on sale from today. AirAsia X, which flies four times a week from the Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur, last night announced flights from Malaysia to London. The move makes the Gold Coast Australia's budget-price gateway to the world, with other airlines already flying out of Coolangatta on routes that take passengers to Osaka in Japan, Fiji, the US and New Zealand.
  15. Guest

    fellow poms in albany wa

    looking to meet or catch up with fellow poms in albany wa or surrounding areas ive been over here for 7 years and was married to an australian which ended a year ago. have some gret aussie mates but no pommie mates and get homesick for the uk or having somebody i can chat to about the uk and they under stand what im going on about! hope to hear from you soon.
  16. I had a bit of a disturbing conversation with a guy who said that Poms are being turned away for jobs on building sites and Australians are going straight on. He told me of his friend who has just returned from Oz after 3 months (he's a plumber/gas fitter). He went through all the tests and qualifications to work. He applied for jobs and got the impression that as soon as they heard the UK accent they didn't want to know. It was the same with his Wife as soon as she opened her mouth the job was gone. What's the deal here??? Are we being victimised for being Poms??? I'm not going to go through all the hassle and expense of getting to Oz if there's going to be nothing there for me!!! Has anyone else heard anything like this???
  17. Guest

    Prejudice against POMS

    I am thinking seriously about relocating to Perth as a general builder after my current run of contracts ends in Autumn 2009, and was wondering is there any "prejudice" against the English ex pats in WA as far as work is concerned? do you think it is a handicap being an Immigrant or a bit of a blessing. I'm used to a fair bit of hard work to integrate into a new community having moved about a bit since leaving Newcastle upon tyne as a youngster 20 odd yrs ago! any info would be appreciated :spinny: neil.nawtydawg.morgan - Morgan's Building; Renovation and Repair
  18. Guest

    New to Poms in Oz

    Hi folks. This is my first time on the PIO site. We moved over here about 2 months ago with our 4 kids aged 8, 10, 14 & 16. My agency engineering contract eventually came to an end in June back in the UK and I decided to do somthing that I had been thinking about for a few years - moving to Oz. Fortunately there is a shortage of skills in my field of engineering over here so finding a job was a lot easier and quicker than I had expected. Looking at some of the messages regarding times waiting for the visas to be processed on PIO I think I did pretty well. Offered job in early July 2008, 457 visa applied for in 2nd week of July through the employers migration lawyer. Visas granted 6th August, leaving do on the 16th, all our worldly goods in the shipping container 20th August and on the flight from Heathrow on 21st August. We had a short term apartment in Essendon arranged by my employer for the first 3 weeks while we got a house rental arranged in Werribee. Kids got places in the local schools with no problems and started last week. One of the things we need to do now is try and meet some people, so we're hoping this is a good place to start. We look forward to hearing from other 'newbies' Mark, Amanda & children
  19. Hello Coming over 15th Sept! Cannot wait! My girlfriend & I (19 & 25) Would love to meet up with some fellow Pom's for a beer & a natter, just to get a general feel for the place & some much needed advice! Im from Blackpool but willing to meet up with any1! Cheers, An excited Scott :biglaugh:
  20. The climate is fantastic, not too hot in summer, can get to 0 in winter (depending on where you are), it has a huge range of lifestyles up and down the coast. Prices for houses are more than respectable. 3-5 hours from Sydney depending on where you live, 2-3 hours from Canberra depending on where you live. Hi everyone. I'm not a Pom but have plenty of international friends who live around me. I live on the Sapphire Coast of NSW in a beautiful historical village called Pambula. If you want some links for information about the Sapphire Coast of NSW Australia then I suggest you use the following. Sapphire Coast Tourism - this is my free directory for any business who wants to advertise. Some of the local realestate agents have their links here, but you will find information on most of the towns in the area right from the homepage Comments Welcome :idea:
  21. Hi everyone, If , like me , you are curious as to how you will be viewed as a migrant in a new country , i was reading the west .com to try and get more insight into the State which i am going to in less than 2 weeks! It did make me feel so much better and positive about how we are welcomed and yes i know it is only a few replies and doesn't represent everyones views but i viewed it as positive and i hope you will too. It is in Perth. blogs.thewest.com.au Blog Archive NEWS BLOG - Too many Poms?
  22. johnd

    no poms!!

    hello all, been a long time since i posted, been busy plodding through life, etc,etc. i have just been reading through various posts on this site and i noticed, ( in particular perth ), that a lot of people are keen to meet up and socialise with other brits in their new life in oz. i suppose that is natural. i thought i would just say that i have no pommy mates, ( my aunt and uncle are poms just about & one irishman , does that count ), and i have only really met a few poms here, ( i live in the illawarra nsw ), and all my work mates are aussies. my wife knows a few poms through work. we have been here coming up a year and a half, and we had the choice of perth or here as we have relatives on both sides of the country. i know we 'might' have settled easier if we had gone to perth as there are so many english there it would be hard not to make friends, but we feel quite happy here, although if our circumstances change we would move to anywhere in oz rather than go back to the uk. it was really hard for us for the first 6 months but we feel as if we fit in with the aussies, and that we live an aussie life. we both found that the aussies were harder to get to know than the equivalent people in uk, but that could have been our frame of mind at the time.i suppose the point of my post is that you dont always have to go with the option of living where all the poms do. having family here helped a lot but we got our own full time jobs out of the paper, and have both made our own friends outside our jobs and family....thats all for now.
  23. Hi, I'm new to all this but feel like desperation is setting in?! :unsure: so I thought I'd better post and see if I can make some new ex-pat friends? I moved to Wollongong, NSW, in December last year, with my husband and our 3 year old son and I haven't 'bumped' into another Pom?? I think they must have all moved to Perth or Brisbane??? I would love to meet up with another mum for a cuppa and chat My husband works in South Sydney so I'm on my own most of the time I've been to most of the parks, playgroups etc around here and have made some new Aussie friends but they have got their own families and friends, so I feel a lot like an 'outsider':GEEK: Hope to hear from someone soon )
  24. cartertucker

    £10 Poms- Tv Prog- History Channel

    Ok, I admit, I dont usually watch the History channel...:SLEEP: I only know this show is on, because it was advertised in the back Tv pages of my Heat magazine! :biglaugh: 'Ten pound Poms' 9am History Channel Thursday 25th September Kelly :0)
  25. Just wondered if there were any POMs on the Gold Coast who surf and fancied catching up with fellow POMs for a regular wave? If we got enough POMs interested might even make it in to a small social/surf club with friendly comps, bbqs, road trips etc? :-)