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Found 204 results

  1. my hubby and i moved from the UK (Isle of Man) 4 weeks ago, we have a 21 month old son and need to make friends! im finding it very hard finding any mum and toddler groups in the area and hubby is at Tafe 3 days a week. Anyone in a similiar situation message me!
  2. :cute: Hi everyone, my name is katie and i want to make new freinds with other girls who are moving to queensland, does anyone know what the schools are like, or what its like to live over there. . . . . . . .
  3. Hi guys, I am moving over to melbourne in october on a permanent visa and looking to join the police, just wondered if anyone is currently serving or going tIhrough the selection process?
  4. Guest

    Ten Pound Poms

    I'm writing this due to a conservation I had recently with another member of PIO, and they raised a very valid point in my opinion. Firstly this is NOT a thread that is meant to start yet another argument, I hope it is taken in the way that it is meant. I used to work with a fella by the name of Kevin, we worked together in Hyde Park, Perth, a great time in my life and one that I really enjoyed, I have digressed again, sorry. Anyway it turned out that Kev's parents were one of the original ten pound pom influx. He would often make me laugh, and at times the stories he told me about the sacrifices his parents made me really think about what had gone before. I and I guess some of us forget what it must have been like back in those days. (Created as part of the "Populate or Perish" policy, the scheme was designed to substantially increase the population of Australia and to supply workers for the country's booming industries. In return for subsidising the cost of travelling to Australia adult migrants were charged only ten pound sterling for the fare (hence the name), and children were allowed to travel for free, the Government promised employment prospects, housing and a generally more optimistic lifestyle. However, on arrival, migrants were placed in basic hostels and the expected job opportunities were not always readily available) The above was nicked this from Wikipedia as it explains much more about the actual policy than I can, sorry for that. Anyway, what I am trying to say is this. From my conversations with Kev, and having read nearly every book about Australia and the ten pound poms I have come to realise that maybe, just maybe we do not in this present day realise how bloody lucky we are to have been given the opportunity to live and work in Australia. I know we can all have a moan and a bitch about Australia, I will be the first to admit that I occasionally find something to moan about, but in the main I appreciate what Australia and the Aussies have given me. Lets face it, we are 'generally' far better of monetary wise when we emigrate. The job opportunities are far greater, (well at least greater than back in the ten pound pom days). We are far better equipped to deal with the transition, both emotionally and financially. And in no small measure we should remain thankful to the 'original' ten pound poms for the trail they blazed. I realise that we can all find the whole process rather daunting and worrying, but compare your own situation the 'tenners'. Very often they were promised far better jobs, housing, health care, etc. But in reality they often found themselves in a country that was not what they had expected and for 'some' it became a living nightmare. No blame is being put here, none, but I think we can lose sight at times of how good Australia has been to us and how far we have all come in a several decades. We have every right to say that some things in Australia may not be to our liking, BUT. I think at times we forget that the Australian authorities 'DID NOT' have to let us in. If we go with preconceived ideas then that is not the Aussies fault. To a degree the ten pound poms were given unrealistic expectations of their future lives, BUT. They endured far greater hardship upon their first arrival and most of them got their head down and made a life for themselves. The grit and determination this must have taken at times is I expect beyond our imagination. Migrants owe an awful lot to Australia and the Australians, but more importantly we owe a great deal to the original ten pound poms. Fair play to them, after hearing and reading a lot of their stories I admire them greatly, and realise the next time I want to have a 'whinge' or moan I should take a step back and be thankful that Australia is now the country it is now and has given us opportunities that our ancestors could only dream about. Cheers Tony:wink:
  5. :biggrin:Myself (22), my husband (24) and our 9 month old babygirl would like to meet some poms in the bayside. I have been here for 4 years and hubby for 2. We seem to be struggling with making any good friendships when it comes to the aussies. We are looking for regular meet-ups...anything to take our minds off what friendships and family we have and miss in the U.K .
  6. John Gilfillan


    Can someone on here please settle an argument and tell me the correct interpretation of POMS? Is it prisoner of mother England? John:hug:
  7. Hi just wondering if there are any fellow poms out there in a simular situation trying to find friends on the central coast to hang out with. Me and my girlfriend have been living here nearly 2 years and havent made any good aussie friends as they dont let you into there little groups. small minded some of them. So any poms out there just want a good old chat over a fews beers some time get in touch. stuart and olivia
  8. Guest

    Hello Poms

    Hi there, just want to introduce ourselves to this great forum..... we are Jo (34) Dave (37) and have two children aged 12 from Nott's. After few years of dreaming we have NOW finally decided to pursue a new life in Oz.....thinking South of Perth. i.e Mandurah or Bunbury. Just looking around at the mo, so any area's worth recommending are appreciated. I am a midwife here and we currently debating which visa to apply for? Initially thought the 175, but have friends who got there quicker through sponsorship so bit unsure what to do. Just seen the freeze on visa's at the moment??? how typical !!! Anyway, need to sit this IELTS English test before registering with the ANMC eeeek, they also mention the Occupational English test (OET) Does anyone know if I have to sit both? We are seeing a migration agent next week as we feel a bit bombarded with all the paperwork and the order to do things ! Would love to hear from anyone. :hug: Cheers Jo xxx
  9. Hi everyone, Me and my partner been here 4 months, I have a very good job however no employers want to sponsor right now!! Plus there are so many employment agencies telling me different things. I need to see a migration lawyer who is approved by other people. Any advice?? also we are planning on doing our farming work for 3 months in July, we don't want to go to the scummy backpacker hostels, I’ve heard so many bad things about the owners and what they do to you, taking money from your wages, charging you high rates, and sometimes you don't even get work. We want to go with maybe a private farmer who doesn't use them and work for them. Even if it means working for free and getting food and accomm paid for. I'd rather do that then go the other way about it. Does anyone know of any good farming places you have been, where you have been treated with respect? Or of any farmers you may live near or know that do this type of thing? We're really hard workers and just want to stay in Aus and experience the outback!! I hope someone can throw us some advice :-) :err: Thank you Kim & Ryan
  10. And still not there lol :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
  11. Hi everyone,:cute: I'm molly and i'm 10 years old and I would really like some friends to speak to. Were planning on moving to the sunshine coast in queensland this year (hopefully!). I'm a bit worried about starting at a new school there, can anyone tell me what its like and are the children friendly there?? I'm also excited about going as we had a fantastic four week holiday there and i enjoyed body-boarding, the weather and all the nice places!! Look forward to hearing from you if your in Oz or UK!! Best wishes from Molly xx :biggrin: :biggrin:
  12. Calling anyone in the Berwick area who fancy a night out this Sunday 25th April. Rob is one of our fellow Poms who moved to Melbourne in Sept 2008. Rob is an altogether fab guy, always happy and sociable and a real gent. Rob works as the bar manager in the Lava lounge and before this worked at No 81. Unfortunatley Rob had a very bad accident two weeks ago and has sustained brain and facial injuries, as well as a broken pelvis. He is currently in the Royal Melbourne having undergone brain surgery. He will be undergoing surgery on his skull soon and will need to undergo extensive rehabilitation over the coming months. A fundraiser is being held to assist with the rehab costs. This is being orgainised by Rob's boss at the Lava Lounge, and will take place at the Lava Lounge in Berwick Town Centre on Sunday 25th April 9pm to 1.00am. Entry is $10 with a raffle also being held. Entry fees and half of the nights takings will be donated to the fundraiser. If you live in the area, please go along and support this fundraising event. I am sure that when he is better, Rob would be more than happy to say thanks to every one of you!!! Thanks Guys.:smile:
  13. Hey Gday mates arrived in Newcastle a few weeks ago and the whole experience so far is not what I expected. I thought I was going to love Newcastle and the Aussies. Have been out and about with hubbie shaol bay etc and currently living in Merewether (rental) and love the beaches. But there does not seem to be many jobs the main high street is run down and it seems like im living in 70's aussies are way behind the uk with banking fashion etc.... Hubbie has started a job in Maitland which he is plodding on with at mo, and I have had a few trials for jobs but not what I wanted. one being telesales (had to escape after 1 1/2 hours and the other being a coffee shop but was thrown in the deep end on a busy day and told I would be paid on day but wasnt, all fun and games!! Ideally I want day shifts during the week (admin role) I could maybe have a coffee shop job but want more. I worked for a local council in my previous job- business support officer. If anyone in Newcastle knows of any jobs going please let me know. Also if any of you guys fancy meeting up for a toohies please let me know my hubbie and I would love to meet some likeminded people. :huh: Sorry to rabbit on.... bye for now-Kirstie x
  14. Guest

    Perth Poms

    Hello to all our new members,:jiggy: Just wanted to let you know Poms in Oz has another smaller more 'intimate' site called Perth Poms especially for all those in or wanting to move to Perth and it's surrounds! This site has been up and running for ages but it is still underused. Just a head up to let you know that it's there and worth a look! Hope to see you there soon! Cheers Fiona!:cute: http://www.perthpoms.com/forum/
  15. Immigration figures suggest Australia is becoming less attractive for Brits and that many are going home due to the cheaper pound. SOURCE
  16. Guest

    How can we be called poms ?

    Just a bit of useless information but how can we be called a pom. Apart from the abarigines from australia the word pom means "prisoners of mother earth" wich comes from the english criminals been sent over to oz for commiting crime years and years ago so there generations born in oz who are the current australian original citizens they are the poms not us lol The law abiding citizens stayed in england were us lot generate from so them calling us poms is a joke when really there the poms not us ! hehe if only my great great great grandfather would have nicked a loaf of bread or summet back in them days i could have been born in oz instead of here bloody shame thats all i can say lol and who says crime dosent pay it certainley did for there future generations ! And if its true that those 2 boys who killed jamie bulger have been sent over to oz to embrace a new life with a new identity then all i can say is history may be repeating itself then. Wonder if i commit a crime they would send me to oz save all the hassle of a visa application !
  17. Wealthy migrants pricing locals out of Sydney property market | The Daily Telegraph Is it a reason to feel guilty or is it natural selection?
  18. Guest

    New to Poms in Oz

    Just checking out the forum. I have a husband and 4 month old daughter and we are deciding or not whether to move down under. I am a social worker and he is a plasterer and we are both 35, we fancy Perth. We have not started the Visa process as yet but do have all the paperwork. Does anyone have any advice about moving to Perth and about availability of jobs, i understand that a BA in Social Work is not a high enough qualification to work as a Social Worker in Oz and therefore does anyone know about welfare work instead? Thanks Karen
  19. Guest

    Poms in adelaide

    Hi Anyone else having problems getting on POMS IN ADELAIDE site Anyone help me Jim
  20. Every day we see other pommies in Oz already made the move trying to put other poms off wanting to move over to Oz why?? Why are they trying to discourage us so much????
  21. Recently returned to Gold Coast after several years in UK. I came originally 10 years ago with parents, but despite loving it, i didnt settle, so i went back. After too-ing and frow-ing, i have returned to be close to my parents and hope to settle! Would like to make friends, anyone like to meet? xx
  22. Gday We're Welsh family of four (we've got a couple of Aussie crumb snatchers 2 & 6mths) who live in Mitchelton. We would love to meet up with anyone who lives in the area, or are thinking of moving out here. We've got a barbie and beer fridge, so we're probably not that bad to know.
  23. Hi I've been in Perth WA for just over a mth I will be listing important info for all you people coming to live here from England right lets get started:- 1. If bringing mobile phones with you make sure before leaving England you have your Lock Out Code with you otherwise they cannot get onto your phone to change your Sim card for an Aussie one (We had to buy a new phone as still waiting from England for our codes) 2. Any LCD Digital TV's all work over here just make sure your DTV is switched on after Auto Find its nomaly in your menu (D.Menu) this will pick up Aussie Digital channells & you need them as the TV Reception isn't to good without it. 3. Bring references with you for rental agencies - from either previously landlords, neighbours, banks etc otherwise its hard to rent without as you have NO credit ratings when you first get here. 4. To buy a car is very very expensive £5000.00 only gets you a very very small second hand car. so be prepared. 5. All food is more expensive so dont let people tell you otherwise the only thing that is cheap is the beef - steaks of all discription are so so cheap but other meats like pork are expensive & cold meats most are processed or smoked & not much selection. 6. MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR PASSPORT STAMPED WHEN COMING THROUGH EMIGRATION if you dont it causes all sorts of trouble when registering with banks, medicare etc., they need to know when you entered Aussie. Well thats all the important things I can think of at present please read I wish I'd have known this when I came out it would have made the transition better. Trojon
  24. TaniaColin

    Thank you Poms in Oz

    Just would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who has sent us kind messages of support, it certainly has been a bumpy ride since we arrived here nearly 4 months ago, Colin and i are feeling better now that we have employment which has been the main problem. The kids are sorted at nursery, kinder and schools. We are hoping to have a nice Christmas and New Year here and then decide on what to do. I still miss family and friends, and i am trying to persuade my mum to come out and stay for a few weeks. It is so nice to log on most days and find messages its nice to know that people care and are trying to help Thanks again poms in oz Tania x:hug:
  25. Hi Am possibly moving to Port Hedland in the near future. I have been there, know its the ugliest place i've seen in a long time........but with a sense of community. Anyone there or nearabouts?? got any info/advice?? Cheers