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Found 204 results

  1. OMG what has happened to PIO, I only posted one little news article and now all CTF has gone sex mad, maybe we need to have an XRated Forum:tongue::laugh:
  2. hi we are from Hornchurch (Essex) and moving to Brisbane, the gap, in january! :biggrin: are there any other young familys (pommys) in Brisbane looking to meet other poms? my husbands 34 im 24 and by the time we get out there we will have an 8 weeks old son :biggrin:
  3. perfectmax

    Hoping to be Poms in Oz :)

    Hi all I thought I would introduce myself....I am Sian, married to Danny and we have 3 children to take to Oz. We have completed all our paperwork ready to lodge (that seemed to take forever) I passed the IELTS (8.5 phew!) and I am waiting on one work reference before we lodge for our visa 175. I would love any advise about the process, what happens next, when medicals might be asked for, generally any thoughts you wish you had known about. I am reading the forum and getting very exicted, I really hope this happens as its cost a ruddy fortune to get this far. How long did anyone on a 175 wait and what happens in the meantime? I have read that some people really advise taking white goods with you, mine are built in but is it worth considering buying new and taking them? Also some have said they wish they took their cars....what do you think? It will be good to get to know people here and hear of the pitfalls and fun along the way. Thanks Sian x
  4. Hello can anyone help me find copies of these study books: Australian/New Zealand Standards 3017:2001 Electrical installations - Testing and inspection guidelines Australian/New Zealand Standards 3012:2010 Electrical installations - Construction and demolition sites Any help finding these will be gratefully received. I already have some study material if anyone is interested. Many thanks Duggy 281
  5. Hi We are emigrating over from scotland in a few months, my wife Julie is a a singer (very good) and im a guitarist looking to see if there are any expat musicians interested in starting a band. Got a few songs on my youtube page if you want to have a listen its geetarmanbaxter. Cheers steven
  6. please remember when in australia its there country not yours so they have there ways of doing things work--please dont say in the uk we dont do it like that,we do it like this:no: weather--please dont say its to hot--thats what your there for:no: sport--please dont say football-its called soccer,and argue the point:no: history/culture--please dont say oz has none of this--its offensive to them,and you are there guests:no: these are just a few things that will have you down as a whinging pom:yes: any more ideas from members to help people when in oz not to become whinging poms:wink:
  7. ruthy

    New to poms in oz

    Hello everyone New member here. I've been a long time reader but this is my first post My husband and I are hoping to go to QLD. It's good reading about others experiences of the migration process. I feel like I'm not alone:biggrin:
  8. Well we're finally here in Sunny Darwin. :jiggy: After packing up two houses, selling our house in liverpool (or trying to) and shipping all our worldly goods including the car to Darwin i can safely say i'm done with moving! I'm originally from Liverpool and Married to a fellow Scouser. We have two Children - Ethan aged 7 and Chloe aged 4. Over the past 12 Years we have lived in various African Countries due to my husbands job, most recently Tanzania in East Africa where we spent the last 5 years which we thouroughly loved........... well apart from the daily 12 hour power cuts, water shortages and fuel shortages. Ha ha! In November last year, we decided that whilst we loved Africa, we didn't want to spend another 10 years in a developing country while the children were at an age were education was not the best, and my husbands job would only ever offer African countries. We therefore decided to explore other options such as Canada and Australia and thankfully a job offer came up in Darwin which we obviously decided to go for. We then had to pack up our rented house in Tanzania and have it shipped to the UK where we could consolidate all our goods as we would then have to pack up our house in Liverpool and send altogether to Darwin (which we are hoping to receive soon) We then said goodbye to some good friends who were also moving on to new pastures around the world and took the kids out of their school and finally left for the UK before Easter. Once we arrived back in Liverpool we then had our house to sell and pack up. We knew that we wouldn't be going out to Darwin till End July so i decided to put the kids into a local school which they settled into really quickly and seemed to love. My husband then travelled to Australia for 12 weeks to start his job as well as sort a house for us etc. while i sorted things back in Liverpool. He then returned for a week to pick us all up and finally get out to Australia. We finally said our goodbye's to family and friends who were so supportive through this whole process but sad to see us go again. We finally arrived in Darwin about 10 days ago and so far things are looking good although i'm sure there will be ups and downs. I have managed to work my way around town and elsewhere in a hire car and it seems relatively easy to find places as it's well sign posted (unlike Tanzania with bad roads and roads with no names) :wacko: The kids are enjoying all the lovely parks which are so clean and tidy and generally well looked after. The kids will be starting school in the next week or two which will give us the opportunity to meet new people as we've not really met anybody yet although we've not been here long. So if there are any people out there living in Darwin or are new to Darwin who have kids let me know as i'd love to find out more about darwin life and meet new people..... plus the kids are driving me mad. Ha Ha! Love em really! :chatterbox: The weather here is gorgeous and very similar to Tanzania as they too have a dry season and wet season which gets particularly hot and humid towards the end of the year with lots of tropical storms etc so hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a shock to us but you never know. I had a look at the poms in oz website on numerous occasions while we were waiting for visa's etc and read some interesteing and funny threads keeping me motivated through the what seemed like a long wait. Now we are here i've finally got my backside into gear to join. Woohoo! Anyway looking forward to starting our new adventure down under and enjoying life. shell
  9. Hello everyone Just thought I would start this thread to see if anyone else gets grief off their other half for being on POI all the time or is it just me?!!!:err: I just tell him there's loads of research to be done if we are to move to Aus (if we ever get our visa that is!!!!:biglaugh:)
  10. My husband and I are moving in august to the gold coast with our 5 month daughter ! We are moving from Christchurch NZ and have been here two years, but due to the earthquakes and ongoing aftershocks need to get away!! We are really keen to meet other couples/ families! Also I am wondering what there is for young children to do ? Are there kids/ baby groups I could join ? Would really appreciate some help as want to settle as quickly asnpossible !
  11. Ok chaps the season will soon be upon us , time to put down the iron and take our cooking aprons off........kick the women off the settee and fill the fridge with ale and Berris fine wines ....ive been doing the B fantasy league for the past 2 seasons and its pretty good fun .....so if i open up our Poms in Oz very own league who would be interested , it simple to do , some of you already do it ......anyone interested then just send me a quick thanks ect and i will sort the league out and get back to you .......
  12. hi all :biggrin: just joined poms in oz as my wife and i have come to the conclusion that a life in aus is something that we need to achieve, for our children aswell as us. about a year ago we decided to do it and looked into a 175 visa, cost of doing it ( plus other things ) probably put us off + 4 children and a mortgage bit hard to find the money to save to proceed but now we are thinking a company sponsorship maybe a better way to go. we do realise there will still be costs involved. if anyone has advice all will be appreciated.
  13. Does anyone know if there is an equlivant to Poms in Oz...Aussies in the UK?? POI has been invaludable for me and my partner but I would like to visit a similar site for Aussies moving to the UK. Cheers and bring on the weekend!!! :biglaugh:
  14. aharcall

    Ping Pong Poms

    Hi We moved to Oz in Sept 2009 and moved back to the Uk in April 2010. Been home over a year now and having thoughts of giving Oz another go next year before our Permanent visa runs out in Jan 2013. Would really love to hear the stories of other ping pong poms who have been back and forth to Oz and whether things have finally worked out how they wanted or envisaged and what made it work the second (or third) time around, if it did. Our sons are due to finish A levels and GCSEs in July next year and that feels a much better time for us to try again. There were a number of reasons it didn't work out for us at the time but we feel that we have a better understanding now of the whole process and hope we can overcome the feelings of home sickness with the benefit of hindsight and make a good go of it second time around.
  15. Gaffneyclan

    Hello/New to poms in Oz

    Hello We have been in Melbourne for 11 days now.:biggrin: We are moving into our rental on Thursday this week in Cranbourne North.:biggrin: We have been really busy getting medicare, tax file numbers (which haven't arrived yet!!!!):confused: and house hunting and car hunting and looking for jobs for my Husband Jeremy, I already have a job as a Midwife in Berwick. We have 2 boys , one 18 (he going to Uni in Melbourne in Feb) and one 20 - he gonna finish Uni in UK - 2 yrs to go... We on 457 visa. Would be great to know if anyone around Berwick - tips/local knowledge/ etc:idea: Sam & Family
  16. shirleyt

    Poms in Paradise

    Loving my weekly episodes of Poms in Paradise. Want to gate crash one of Lorraines parties when we eventually arrive, seems like a right laugh. Felt abit sorry for the couple that couldn't sell their house but cant help but think they are looking back with rose tinted sun glasses, the smells? of Stoke on Trent. More like wake up and smell the coffee , after being in Oz 20 years, I think she'll be in for a bit of a shock. I think it was a good example of people who make the effort to join in and make friends and those who find it harder and blame other people.
  17. Hi everyone, new to the site and after a little help. Myself and family are due to arrive in Perth early Sep and are looking in the Karrinyup area. Can anyone shed any light on Karrinyup Primary and it's feeder Secondary. I've found info on surrounding schools but cant seem to work out where the kids from Karrinyup move onto. I've been reasearching all the primary schools in this area so any advice or information would be great. Have loads more to ask you all but one thing at a time and the school thing is at the top of my list!! Many thanks
  18. Guest

    Next Step, Job Offer!!

    Hi everyone!! Thanks for reading this post. My husband and I have found out that we are able to get a Family VISA for NZ. We can apply for this as soon as we have a job offer for my husband!! The trouble is the Family VISA's can take a long time to process and it's finding a job that will stay open for, possibly, a long time! Does anyone know where we can start looking? Or, are there any Poms in NZ at the moment with businesses who are looking for people to start in the future? Any comments would be gratefully received! :laugh: Thanks for reading.
  19. Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all, I am Kevin and I am moving to Australia on the 6th of July, initially on a working holiday visa. I am really excited about it and have been watching Poms in Paradise every week and getting hyped up! Has anyone else been watching it? My goal in Australia is to do or see at least one new thing everyday and I am going to be making a video blog about it, sort of like my own Poms in Paradise to help others making the move and also make my friends at home a little bit jealous Anyway just wanted to introduce myself here and speak to you all soon!
  20. ghost

    Poms in paradise tonight.

    Looking forward to tonights episode. Lets keep the comments respectful people !!!!
  21. jimithechew

    Poms In Paradise ITV @1930 Ep 2

    Episode two now on ITV, tune in... And after last week 'comments' on PIO lets all be nice.......:wink: :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
  22. Just wanted to give anyone interested the heads up about a new ex-pat documentary show starting on ITV in the next few weeks. It was filmed early this year and is set in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. More info here - http://uk-tv-guide.com/programme-details/ITV1+London/11+May+2011/18%3A30/Poms+in+Paradise/Documentary/ Cal x
  23. young2682

    Poms in Paradise??!!!!!

    Hey all, We are currently in the process of the big move 'down under', should be there by August this year! We are moving to the Bentleigh East area in Victoria. Has anyone seen the adverts for this new tv show in UK starting Wedesday evening called 'Poms in paradise'? I am nervous about what the show is going to be about and have a feeling its going to expose Australia and its bad sides...... Nothing wil change my mind about emmigrating, I know that nowhere in the world is perfect but dont want to feel less positive about the move! :swoon:
  24. Guest

    Poms in Oz ?????

    Hi, We are a family of 4 from the North of England , and currently in the early stages of looking to try out life in Oz, we are currently looking at maybe Melbourne or Brisbane as we have Australian friends who currently live over here but are looking to move back in the near future. My wife is a District Nurse and I am a Architectural Technologist, if anyone could point me in the right direction in regards to applying for potential jobs that would be a great help, and even any advise in regards to the type of visa we would require. Thanks for any help. :wink: C
  25. paulswin

    Poms in Paradise!

    Just thought I'd let everyone know Poms in Paradise is on ITV 1 at 7.30 on Wednesday!!! I'll be watching lol!!